The Hunt, The Dawn, Destruction and Dreams

Harry is betrayed at the battle of the ministry and killed by Dumbledore. That, however was the gravest mistake the headmaster ever made. Reunited with his parents and godfather with an army and two loving woman at his back, the new Lord of Destruction will stop at nothing to get his revenge. My answer to one of DZ2s challenges

I really like the Elder Scrolls games. I especially like the Daedra and the way there depicted. So, I thought I'd do this. This will have a godly Harry considering he's gonna be a, ya know, god. I don't own Harry Potter or The Elder Scroll.

Chapter 1

Harry sat up and groaned as his head pounded. The last thing he remembered was pushing Voldemort from his body before... Harry's eyes snapped open as he remembered exactly what had happened. Dumbledore had spouted some nonsense about having to die for the Greater Good before stabbing him in the heart. The boy scowled as he thought of what he had seen on his supposed friend's faces as his life left him. Ron had a look of glee, while Neville looked conflicted, but resigned, agreeing with Dumbledore. Luna had her usual odd smile and had mouthed see you later at him, while Hermione and Ginny looked horrified and tried to stop the old goat fucker only to be petrified by Ron.

Harry broke from his musings, not wanting to get dragged into a pit of despair, in favourer of looking at his surroundings. The room he was in looked like something out of a fairy tale. The walls were made of silver marble and the lights were purple crystals. There was a scent of roses heavy in the air. The furniture of the room consisted of a writing desk, a chest of draws, a wardrobe and a king sized bed. All of the furniture was made of a red wood and carved with roses. He was distracted from his inspection as the door to the room opened and a familiar figure entered the room. She had red hair, emerald eyes and ivory skin. Her clothing was flowing, white robes embroided with roses. Sat around her head was a crown of roses. She was carrying a bowl of water and a cloth and had a worried look in her eyes. When she saw he was up, the woman rushed to his side, placed the bowl on the side table and grabbed him into a hug.

"Harry, you're finely awake," she said. Harry stiffened at the hug.

"Mom?" whispered Harry as the woman who resembled Lily Potter. The woman stepped away from him and nodded with a smile on her face. Harry's eyes began to tear up before he launched himself into his mother's arms. His mother simply held him as he cried, letting out fifteen years of pain and loneliness. After several minutes, Harry cried the last of his tears and sat back.

"So I really am dead," said Harry.

"Not exactly," said his Mother, getting a confused look from her son, "Your human body is dead, but that just means that your true form and power has been released."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"Let me explain," said his mother, "You see, your father and I are not mortals. Rather we are god like beings called Daedra. Immortality gets boring and the paperwork for ruling an entire realm is horrific, so to have a break from all that, a few of us placed our souls inside babies that would have been stillborn, sealed away our memories and powers and lived the life of a human. When we died, we would regain all that we sealed away and gone back home. My in my human life I was known as Lily Potter nee Evens, but my true name is Asura."

Harry sat there for a moment, absorbing what was said.

"So, you and dad are alive?" he asked, his eyes shadowed.

"Well, yes," answered Asura, "However, our power to affect the human world without someone invoking our presence it. Although we watched and helped where we could, without a champion or an Oblivion gate, there was nothing we could do to save you from the Dursleys, Dumbledores manipulations or anything really. I am so sorry for what you went through Harry."

Asura was crying at this point and hugged Harry tightly to her. The boy hugged her back and spoke up.

"Did you truly have no way of helping me?"
"No, all of our shrines are hidden or destroyed. No one even knows of the existence of the Daedra anymore. The only ones who still have followers are Sheogorath, but all of his are mad and Nocturnal, who is on Earth with her power and memories sealed."

After this, Harry quickly forgave his Mother and Father for being unable to help him and the mother and son duo sat talking in the room for a good few hours before one of Asuras servants informed them that Hircine and Sanguine were here to see them. Asura lead Harry through the halls of her palace and into a throne room where two people were waiting. The first was a very tall man who had the look of the traditional appearance of Satan. He had black skin with red markings on his face and four horns emerging from his head. He was dressed in spiky, black armour with red highlights.

His companion was slightly shorter and was dressed in a traditional hunter's garb, consisting of brown leathers. His head was covered by a hood from which a pair of antlers emerged. Strapped to his back was a bow and quiver and lying at his feet was a large hunting hound.

Asura walked up to the two and greeted them, kissing the hunter and glaring at the devil.

"I've got a bone to pick with you, Sanguine," she said, stalking towards the Prince of Debauchery, making him back away.

"Now, now Lily-flower, let's not do anything rash," he said, looking quite nervous as the Prince of the Dawn advanced on him. Seeing the look in Asuras eyes, Sanguine turned to the hunter.

"Come on Prongs, you're not going to let her kill me are you?" he pleaded.

"Sorry Padfoot, but there's no way I'm sticking my neck out for you," said Hircine, moving to stand next to Harry. The two watched as Asura beat the living snot out of the devil like deadric lord.

A little while later saw the Daedric family having dinner. Asura had finely calmed down, but not before beating Sanguine to a pulp. The devil like Lord of Debauchery was now sporting several bandages and plasters with teddy bear heads on them.

Harry had a great many questions about Daedra since he had never heard of them, and his parents and godfather were happy to comply. They told him all about the 17 Daedric princes and there spheres of influence and the history of their native world of Nirn. Apparently, Nirn existed alongside the Earth and could only be accessed by a Daedric Prince or an Elder Scroll.

The group were laughing at a joke told by Sanguine when a nerves looking servant entered the room and whispered something into Asuras ear. The woman's face became stony as she got to her feet.

"Excuse me for a moment, there's something I must attend to," she said before sweeping from the room. A few minutes later, she came back in accompanied by a tall, muscular, red skinned humanoid creature with four arms.

"Harry, this is Mehrunes Dagon," said Asura, introducing the Prince of Destruction to her son, "He has an offer for you."

The massive Prince looked Harry up and down before grunting slightly.

"Not very impressive, but I suppose Father chose you for a reason," he mused, getting confused looks from his fellows, "Kid, I'm old. We're all old, but me more than the others. See, I kept this to myself, but after the events of the Oblivion crisis and my attempted invasion of Tamriel, I lost the vast majority of my power. Not only that, but I'm board of this existence and want to move on. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to pass my powers onto someone else, who will in turn become the new Mehrunes Dagon. However, I can't give my power to just anyone. Sithis has to agree to it. The only reason Sheogorath got away with it is because he was also Jyggalag. It took a long time for Sithis to choose someone to take my place, but it's finally happened. You are to be the next Prince of Destruction."

This declaration was met with cries of shock from the other Daedric Princes in the room while Harry just sat there in shock. Mehrunes Dagon just watched Harry as the young Daedra thought about the offer.

"This won't change who you are," said Dagon, "You are already a Daedra, so all that will happen is you will gain my realm, powers and followers. Your personality will be your own and you can use your powers as you see fit."

Harry sat still for a moment before turning to his family, a look of confliction on his face. Seeing this, Asura swept her son into her arms.

"It's your choice Harry. Just know that, whatever you decide, you're still our son."

Harry nodded into her chest before he stepped away from his mother and turning back to Dagon.

"I'll do it. I'll become the next Prince of Destruction." He said, getting a relieved grin from the red skinned humanoid.

Said Prince walked forward and placed a hand on Harrys shoulder.

"I, Mehrunes Dagon, hereby name you the new Prince of Destruction and entrust my powers and realm to you, in Sithis' name. So mote it be."

Harry felt Dagon's power begin to enter him, and the words he had to say entered his mind.

"I, Harrison James Potter, son of Hircine and Asura, accept the title, Prince of Destruction and the powers and realm that come with it, in Sithis' name. So mote it be."

As the final syllable left his lips, the two were engulfed in red light before it faded, revealing Harrys new form. He was now a little taller and more muscled, with red skin and shoulder length black hair. He now sported two horns on his head that curled from his for-head back over his head and round, ending at his cheeks. His fingers now sported black claws and his teeth were now fangs.

Dagon meanwhile had turned transparent and was slowly fading away.

"Ah, finally, I can rest. Good look, Harry. I think you'll need it."

The former Prince of Destruction faded away completely, leaving the family staring at an empty patch of floor. Asura walked up behind her son and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How do you feel?" she asked.

"Great," said Harry, "I can feel all his power flowing through me."

"Well, I guess that means can skip the lessons on controlling your Daedric powers," said Hircine, coming up behind his son, "Princes have an instinctive understanding of their powers."

The Prince of the Hunt suddenly turned his head, as if listening before he grinned widely.

"Someone just invoked me! And what do you know, its Moony!"

Sanguine immediately, appeared at Heroine's side.

"OO, can I come with you?" he asked, "I want to scare the living daylights out of the old wolf!"

"Of cause, just let me get my Ring."

Harry remembered his father's explanation about his ring, how it allowed Werewolves to control the transformations. The two male Daedric Princes vanished as Asura lead her son to a pool of water that could be used to view the human worlds.

Remus Lupin was upset. Acctuy that was an understatement. The last remnant of his family was dead, killed by the man he had looked up to. That's why he was hear, back at his family home, a place he had not set foot in since his mother died. The reason he was hear was the shrine in the back garden. Supposedly it was to Hircine, some ancient god of the hunt. He had read in one of his family tomes that the Lupin family was descended from a group who had gained the gods favor and been granted the power to become wolves at will. That's why he was here. To pray to Hircine in the hopes that he would help him. And because of the large wine cellar. Anyway, he was sitting before the statue of the Huntsman, a half empty bottle of firewhisky in his hand, surrounded by empty bottles. In spite of the large amount of liquor he had consumed, he was still sober, werewolf constitution and all.

He looked up at the antlers that emerged the statues covered head and remembered someone else who had antlers.

"Oh Prongs, Padfoot, what would you two say if you could see me now?" he mused, taking another swig from the bottle in his hand.

"I'd say, put that bottle away and make something of yourself," said a voice, making Remus pull out his wand and look around franticly, backing up against the statue.

"And I'd say, 'Moony, drinking? Run away! It's the end of the world!" said another voice. This one Remus recognized at once, the owner of it having been killed by his cousin a few days ago.

The werewolf looked at the bottle in his hand suspiciously. It must be stronger than he thought.

"Come on Moony, use that head of yours," said the voice of his old friend, "You prayed at a shrine and now you're hearing the voices of your dead friends. You're really going to blame that on the firewhisky?"

"Shut up Padfoot, you can't talk what with the brews you make," said the first voice.

"Come on Prongs, aren't you a little insulted?" asked the voice of Sirius Black.

"No, not really," said the now identified voice of James Potter, "If we were in Tamriel I'd probably turn him into a deer and let some wolves loose on him, but this world has less experience with actually succeeding in manifesting Daedra."

Remus slowly turned around to look up at the statue of Hircine, the eyes of which were now glowing.

"Prongs?" he questioned, "is that you?"

"The one and only," said the voice of his friend, issuing from the statue.

Lupin immediately fell to his knees before the statue.

"I'm sorry, I failed your son," he said, bowing to the statue.

"There's no need to apologise, my friend," said James voice, "You did the best you could under the circumstances. But what are you doing here, preying Daedric Princes? What do you want to accomplish?"

Lupin sat up and looked up at the statues glowing eyes.

"I want to fight. Properly, not with Dumbledores none fatal tactics. That's not how you win a war. I want to hunt down every Death Eater I can find and tear out his heart!"

"AHAHAHA, that's what I wanted to hear, old friend," shouted Hircine, "And to help you along the way, I'll give you my ring and my blessing. The ring will allow you to change when you wish and control the bloodlust. My blessing will make you an Alpha among wolves, allowing you to command the lesser wolves. Now go, my hunter, take the hunt to the Death Eaters. Let them know the fear of the prey!"

Remus' eyes flashed yellow as a silver ring bearing a wolf's head appeared on his finger.

"It shall be done, lord Hircine," he said before shifting to wolf form and running off into the forest.

Back in Asuras realm, Harry and his mother turned away from the viewing pool.

"I should go and see my realm," said Harry, getting a nod from Asura.

"That you should," said Asura, "Just remember that your always welcome hear, and in your fathers realm."

"I won't," said Harry, hugging his mother, "I'll visit as often as I can."

Harry pulled away from his mother before he vanished in a plume of fire. He reappeared in a world of black rock and lava.

"Hmm, I don't think much of the décor," he mused as he looked around. On the hill was a large, demonic castle with a lot of rather large spikes coming from the walls.

"Defiantly don't think much of the décor," said Harry as he entered the castle. Moving around the halls were numerous Demora and Flame Atronachs, all of whom bowed when they saw their new Prince. Eventually, Harry reached the throne room and saw that the throne had spikes coming from it.

"Seriously, what is with this guy and spikes?" Harry demanded before waving his hand and changing the spikes into snakes, Along with removing most of them.

"That's better, now I just need to redesign the palace and I'm golden," said Harry, sitting on his throne. As soon as he did, his clothing shimmered and changed to black and red spiked armour (Skyrim Daedric. I can't think of how to describe it). As he got settled, he heard a voice echoing through his head. He recognised it as Ginny's voice and realised that she was somehow near a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon.

Please, I need help, said the voice Mother will be back soon with that potion. I liked Harry, and I don't want to be forced to bare his child just so Dumbledore and my mother can get there filthy hands on his money. Please, I don't care what the cost is. Help me.

Harry immediately closed his eyes and sent his essence to the shrine Ginny was praying at. The experience was rather like traveling by port key. A moment later, he found himself looking through the eyes of a small idol at a crying Ginny who seemed to be in her room at the Burrow. He made a quick decision to hide his identity for the time being before speaking up, his voice deep and echoing.

"So you're the one who invoked my presence," he said, making Ginny's head snap up. The girl looked at the glowing eyes of the statue for a moment before speaking.

"Please help me, Lord Dagon," she said, fisting her skirt in her hands as more tears leaked from her eyes, "My mother plans to use an illegal potion to impregnate me with my friend Harry's child so she can get her hands on his money!"

"Why do you ask for help though?" asked Harry, not pleased with the plan but curious as to why the girl wanted out, "Wouldn't you benefit from that as well?"

Ginny looked at the statuette of the Lord of Destruction with fury in her eyes.

"I wouldn't expect a Daedric Lord to understand, but I truly loved Harry," she hissed out, "Enough to be willing to shear him with Hermione! We had agreed to tell him after the Ministry incident and convince him to take us both. I may have wanted to carry his child one day, but not like this! I wanted him to be the one to impregnate me, not my own mother with a potion! All to get her hands on a bit of gold."

Dagon remained silent for a moment as Ginny fumed.

"Surly you know how foolish it can be to anger a Daedric Lord, especially me?" he questioned.

"Like I care if you kill me," she hissed, "I would rather die than be used to steal from a dead man, especially the man I loved."

After a moment of silence, Dagon spoke up again and Ginny could almost hear the smile in his voice.

"You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say those words, Ginny," he said, his voice changing slightly, losing its menacing edge. The girl raised her head and saw that the statuette of the Lord of Destruction was glowing.

"You said you'd do anything?" he questioned as the glow grew brighter.

Ginny gulped but steeled herself.

"Yes, I refuse to be used like a common whore," she said resolutely as she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the room.

"In that case, come join me in Oblivion. I think you'll like what I've done with the place since I took over. This'll feel weird; just don't throw up, K?"

The light grew blinding and a swirling orange portal opened underneath Ginny, pulling her in just as Mrs Weasley entered the room with a cup of steaming white potion.

To Ginny it was as if she was falling through a whirlpool of light and colour, the spinning colour making her feel nauseous. After a moment and just as she was about to be sick, the portal dumped her onto a black marble floor, a scream of rage echoing from the rapidly closing gateway. The red head sat up shakily, looking around her new location. She was in a large throne room with a black marble floor and walls, shot with glowing red lines. The vaulting roof was held up by similarly coloured pillars. At one end of the room, a pair of double doors made of black basalt stood, guarded by a pair of devil-like humanoids armed with massive battle axes. At the other, sat on a throne of black wood, carved with snakes and flames, was the Prince of Destruction himself.

The Daedric Prince stood at 6"5' and was clad in black, spiky armour with glowing red highlights. His skin was red and his hair as black as pitch. Two horns curled from his four-head, curling back around his ears and ending at his cheeks. His closed eyes were lined with black lines and the tips of fangs could be seen peaking from between his lips.

The girl got shakily to her feet and stumbled towards the throne to kneel at the feet of her saviour. As she bowed her head to the powerful being, she felt a hand on her chin, gently lifting her head up to look into the Princes face. Her eyes met his and her heart stopped at the sight of Dagon's bright green eyes.

"Don't bow to me Ginny," he said, "Not after what you said you were willing to die for me."

The girl stared into those green eyes she knew so well as her mouth opened and closed in shock.

"H-harry?" she finally asked, her voice horse.

"In the flesh," said Harry, giving his lopsided grin she loved so much.

The girl started trembling before she grabbed Harry into a fierce hug, crushing the new Prince of Destruction. The Daedra gasped before hugging her back. A moment later, Ginny stood up, only to be pulled down onto Harrys lap, making her blush. After a moment of getting her blush under control, Ginny asked Harry a question.

"Harry, how are you here? How are you a Daedric Prince and how are you alive? I saw Dumbledore stab you through the heart and burn your body!"

Harry sighed and told Ginny everything that had happened, from the truth of his parentage, to Mehrunes Dagon giving him his power, making Harry the new Lord of Destruction. At the end of the story, Ginny sat in silence for a moment, absorbing what she had been told, as well as enjoying the feeling of being in Harrys arms.

"What now?" she finally asked, wriggling in Harrys lap slightly, causing the boy to suck in his breath as her ass rubbed against something.

"That's up to you," he said, "I can drop you back to the human world anywhere you want and provide everything you may need."

"Couldn't I stay here?" asked Ginny, wriggling again, getting another suck of breath from Harry as she felt something twitch under her ass.

"You could, but you'd have to become a Daedra," he answered her, his voice slightly strained; "If you remained a human you'd probably get eaten by something. Could you please stop that?"

Ginny had wriggled again, grinding her ass against his crotch.

"Stop what?" she asked, innocently, although the grin she was sporting was anything but innocent, "but, Harry, I was willing to die for you. I would have killed myself to avoid being used to get at your fortune. I thought you were dead and my life lost all meaning. If you think I'm leaving you hear after I've found out your still alive, you've got another think coming."

"Even if you'd no longer be human?" asked Harry.

"Even if I'd no longer be human," said Ginny, cupping Harry's cheek, "Harry, I said it before and I'll say it again. I love you Harry. Enough to die for you."
The red head leaned forward and kissed Harry gently on the lips, wriggling her hips again and getting a moan from the red skinned Daedra beneath her.

"Minx," he said as they broke the kiss, getting a victory sign from Ginny, "Alright, when you put it like that, how can I refuse you."

The girl smiled and kissed Harry again. As Harry kissed her, he began to pour his power into Ginny's body, making her glow. Ginny broke of the kiss and moaned as she felt the power flow through her. She began to float up of Harrys lap, twisting in the air as her hair turned to fire before her form was hidden by a ball of fire. Harry watched as the ball continued to pulse. He had turned her into something to act as a general for his forces, an Atronach Queen. It was a type of Daedra that could only be created by a Prince gifting a mortal with the power. As such, there had never been one before and the only being who was close to being one was the Night Mother.

Finally, the orb of fire began to disperse, vanishing into motes of flame and revealing Ginny's new form. She stood at 5"4' and rather than looking like she was made of flame like regular Atronachs, Ginny had retained her human form. Her long, red hair was now a sheet of pure flames, floating gently in an unfelt breeze. Her brown eyes he been replaced with flames that burnt with a warm light and her skin now looked like it was lit from within by a fire. Her clothing now resembled a black armoured corset. On her feet were black, thigh high, armoured boots and she wore elbow length armoured gloves on her hands on her head rested a black crown that held her long hair away from her eyes. Her body was now highly toned, and her figure had become a perfect hourglass, with D-cup breasts and a firm, heart shaped behind.

The new Atronach Queen gently floated to the ground and bowed to Harry, still levitated a few feet of the ground.

"I told you not to bow to me," said Harry. Ginny looked up before flying forwards and landing on Harrys lap.

"It's only right I pay homage to you now, my lord," she said, her voice accompanied with the crackling of fire.

"You are the Atronach Queen," said Harry, wrapping his arms around her waist, "You are second to me here, and besides that, you're my friend."

Ginny looked into Harrys eyes and pouted.

"Just a friend?" she asked, batting her fiery eyelashes at Harry, still pouting cutely.

Harry sighed before smiling.

"I guess not," he said before kissing her, feeling the heat of her soft lips against his own. And when I say heat, I mean heat, considering she was now a creature that represented the primal essence of fire.

The fiery girl leaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as she turned to straddle his lap. She licked Harry's lips, asking for entrance, something that the Prince of Destruction gladly allowed, twining her tongue with his. Ginny could hear the Demora guards by the door giggling at the free show and kicked back her leg, shooting a large fireball in their direction, blasting them through the doors. Harry waved his hand and the door locked tight, not breaking the lip lock.

They would have continued with their activities if Ginny hadn't suddenly felt a tug at her essence. Her new Daedra instincts told her that someone was trying to summon her and she should answer. Reluctantly, she slid from Harrys lap before vanishing in an orb of violet light.

Molly Weasley smiled maliciously as the summoning ritual she had performed to bring back her wayward daughter did its work. She didn't know how the little slut had managed to escape, but she wouldn't get away. She would bring the Weasley family wealth beyond their wildest dreams by carrying the Potter brat's child, willingly or not. The mad-woman completed the chant required for the ritual and watched as a violet orb appeared in the circle. What came out was not what she was expecting. She expected to see the girl be dragged through, kicking and screaming. Instead, a creature that seemed to be comprised of fire stepped through the portal, glancing at its surroundings before levelling its gaze on Molly, its eyes full of blazing fire.

The two females locked eyes and Molly could clearly see the hate burning in those orbs of flame.

"Why are you hear creature?" demanded Molly, confident that the circle could protect her should the creature try to attack, "I used the ritual to summon my lost daughter, not some monster from a pit!"

Now, there's something to be known about the difference between Demons and Daedra. Although there's no real difference in their power, the methods of summoning them are different. Daedra are usually willing to help there summoned in exchange for a bit of Mana to feed on and the summoner is safe from there summoned ally so long as they don't piss it off. Demons, however, are always in a bad mood when summoned, creating the necessity of the binding circle and contracts when asking something from them. The circle Molly had used was designed for summoning Demons and protecting the summoner from said Demons wrath. It could be altered to summon any living thing, rendering the protection moot for the most part. It was still a part of the ritual of course as there's always a risk of pulling a Demon along for the ride by mistake. Molly had used the ritual to summon a Daedra. One who absolutely hated her guts. Not only that, but the stupid woman had just insulted her. Although the Ritual could protect from Demons, Daedra have entirely different magic, meaning the protection was useless. This was proven when the Atronach shot forward, grabbed Molly by the throat and slammed her into the wall.

"You should be careful what you wish for," said the creature in a voice that the twisted matriarch new all too well, "you called mother, and I answered, just not in the same form you were expecting. A weak little girl you could use to get her hands on a fortune that was never yours to begin with."
Molly's eyes were wide as she realised that the flaming creature that was holding her a foot of the ground with one hand was her daughter. It was at that point that her obsession with family and her puritan views on women kicked in as she saw Ginny's attire.

"WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" she screeched, making Ginny drop her and cover her ears having been much too close to the half mad matriarch, "DON'T YOU KNOW HOW IMPROPER IT IS TO SHOW THAT MUCH SKIN?"

The irate Atronach clamped a hand over Molly's mouth.

"Get with the times mother," she growled as the large woman struggled to get loose, "Your fashion sense is about a century out of date. Besides, I'm no longer human and so, am not bound by their social norms."

Molly tried to shout at the fiery girl, only succeeding in making a muffled squeak around the hand over her mouth. Ginny noticed this and guessed the reason.

"Oh, that's right, I'm no longer human. You see, I was desperate enough to contact a Daedric Prince to avoid your plan for me. He drew me to his realm and made me the leader of one of his minion factions."

Molly squeaked through Ginny's hand again while the Atronach adopted a thinking pose.

"Now, what shall I do with you?" she mused, "Maybe burn you to ash?"

She raised a hand and an orb of fire appeared in her palm, flickering menacingly, centimetres from Molly's skin.

"Or maybe I should drag you back to Oblivion and give you to the Demora. I'm sure they'd appreciate the gift."

That was said with a rather malicious grin. It was of cause, a mostly empty threat since her only interaction with the warrior Daedra was lobbing a fireball at a couple for watching her Harry time. But Molly didn't know that and her eyes widened in fear. At that moment, Ginny cocked her head on one side before sighing.

"Well, it seems our time together has been cut short mother dear. Just know, if you try to get anyone else with that potion, I will come back and burn you to ash."

The Daedric girl dropped her former mother and stepped back before vanishing in a purple orb, leaving a terrified Molly shaking on the floor.

Done. Wow, that just didn't want to end. Don't expect many other chapters this length in the future. Let me know what you think! Oh, and to clean up some problems, Nirn and earth are two separate worlds connected by Oblivion. Most Daedra haven't really interacted with Earth, the only ones with who do being Hircine and Molag Bol, the creators of werewolves and vampires. I may even have some Vampire lords show up later.