The Hunt, The Dawn, Destruction and Dreams

Harry is betrayed at the battle of the ministry and killed by Dumbledore. That, however was the gravest mistake the headmaster ever made. Reunited with his parents and godfather with an army and two loving woman at his back, the new Lord of Destruction will stop at nothing to get his revenge. My answer to one of DZ2s challenges

You know, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get yelled at for killing Dobby. In fact, no one said anything about it at all, instead focusing on my question about giving Harry more girls. That just proves my theory that everyone on this site (me included) is a massive pervert. On a side note that I meant to make earlier, in this story, Alduin is more of a title than a name. Meh, let's get working!
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Chapter 5

Luna Lovegood skipped away from her house, humming to herself as the Rook shaped structure burned. Her father had finally given her permission to stop acting like a kooky school girl and start acting herself. A kooky dragon destined to bring about the end of the world. The blond skipped into the woods and, a moment later, the trees were blasted down as a massive, white Dragon erupted, leaving a ring of burning trees. Luna winged her way across England, staying in the clouds where possible, or high enough to be mistaken for a bird until she reached the first Dragon Mound, located at Stone Henge. She swooped down, scaring the crap out of several coach tours. She ignored the humans who were rushing around and opened her jaws.

"Sahloknir, ziil gro dovah ulse," she said, "Slen tiid vo!"

The mound erupted and the skeleton of a Dragon clawed its way out before its skin and muscles began to reappear.

"Alduin, thuri!" said the Dragon, "Boaan tiid vokriiha suleyksejun kruziik?"

"Geh, Sahloknir, kaali mir," replied Luna before the screaming humans caught her attention and annoyance, "Sahloknir, krii daar joorre."

(Sahloknir, I bind your dragon spirit for eternity!) (Flesh Time Undo!) (Alduin, my lord! The ancient undead rising again?) (Yes, Sahloknir, the Allegiance of Champions.) (Sahloknir, slay the mortals)

Luna flapped her wings and flew of, the screams of the screaming Mortals in her ears.

Snape walked into the Sanctuary and was immediately hit by a low flying missile. The assassin looked down and saw a head of black hair that backed up to reveal a ten year old girl with pale skin and red eyes, dressed in a child sized version of the Shrouded Armour.

"Hello Babette," said Snape, patting the girls head, making her pout slightly. Babette and Snape had an unusual relationship, since the girl was the person who taught him potions. Being a three hundred year old vampire and all, she had a lot of knowledge and experience on the subject. On the other hand, she looked like a ten year old and often acted like it, meaning that he viewed her as a younger sister as well as he teacher. Yes, they had an odd relationship.

"Hello Sev," replied the tiny vampire, "Astrid said you stopped by for a contract and never said hello. What gives?"

"Sorry, I had a lot of things on my mind and had to get it sorted out," apologised the Potions master before Babette grabbed his hand and tugged him into the Sanctuary proper. They headed into the underground building, past a forge being worked by Astrids husband, Arnbjorn, a large werewolf dressed in the red and black shrouded armour without gauntlets and boots. The large werewolf nodded to Snape with a greeting of "Beef stake" before going back to the dagger he was forging. A little further in was Veezara. He was an Argonean with green scales and two horns on his head, dressed in Shrouded Armour. The Shadowscale was practising with his twin daggers, slicing a training dummy to pieces.

Babette dragged Snape up into the Alchemy area of the Sanctuary where the Dark elf Gabrielle and the Mage Festus were talking. As the two Alchamists entered the room, the two occupants looked up.

"Sev!" cried Gabrielle, moving to embrace the man. Severus returned the embrace before sending a nod to the elderly mage who returned it.

"Its been so long since you've come to see us," said Gabrielle, "Didn't you miss me?"

Severus sighed.

"Of course I did, but the guilt I felt from Lilys death all hit me at once when her son entered Hogwarts, plus how Dumbledore forced me to act towards him, I couldn't look any of my family in the eye," replied Severus.

Gabrielle rubbed the mans back. She knew how he felt about Lily, seeing her as a sister, and knew that the man had a lot of guilt over her death and the fact he'd never managed to patch things up with the Marauders. Severus smiled at the Dark elf and the two headed into the living area to catch up on the last four years that Severus had been away.

Neville frowned as he dismissed the Cultist responsible for the death of Rodolphus Lestrange. He had given the person in question a reward of a twice the bounty that had been placed on the Death Eaters head. All of the Inner Circle had bountys on them. The leader of the Mythic Dawn was confused. He now knew that Bella couldn't really be blamed for what happened with his parents and yet, he couldn't let go of the hate he felt for the Black woman. The Cultest leader sighed as he slumped in his seat. This would take some thinking.

Lupin was sitting at his desk in the Cistern going over the Guilds coffers, making sure that everything was as it should be. He made a point of doing this, since the previous Guildmaster had stolen everything from the vault and very nearly caused the Guild to collapse in on itself. As he finished the last of the papers on his desk, Brynjolf approached him.

"Remus, I've got a wee lass outside who clames to know you," he said in his thick Scottish accent, "Says she needs to talk to you about something important."

Lupin nodded, getting to his feet and stretching before heading to the door to the Ragged Flagon. Outside, he shut the hidden door and looked around the bar room. The person here to see him stood out with her bright pink hair.

"Tonks? What are you doing here?" asked Lupin, attracting the Aurors attention. Said Auror gaped at the Werewolf having approached the Thieves Guild to ask for help in finding him after he vanished.

"What am I doing hear? What are you doing hear?" demanded the Metamorphmagi, "You suddenly dropped of the map after that meeting with the Order. You said you were going home and then completely vanish! Now I find you here in den of thieves? What the hell is going on?"

Remus winced as Tonks tore into him, her hair turning red in her anger. To make it worse, Vex, Delvin, Karliah and Brynjolf were all chuckling at there Guildmasters misfortune. He sent a glear there way before leading the still fuming Tonks to a nearby table and sitting her down.

"well, I guess I do owe you an explanation," said the Werewolf, getting a hrumph from the witch opposite him, "I joined the Guild shortly after I left Hogwarts, having been completely unable to find legitimate work. I was always pretty quick fingered and started out as a low time thief, stealing from the rich pure-bloods who looked down on werewolves or had done me wrong. That attracted Brynjolf's attention. He offered me a place in the Guild. At the time, the place was falling apart. It was as if our luck had dried up or something."

Lupin told Tonks about the adventures he had had with the Guild and how he'd discovered the truth about Mercer Fray and Karliah. (AN , basically the Thieves Guild Questline in Skyrim.)

"During the first war against Voldiemort and his Death Eaters, I made use of the Guilds resources to slow him down, having my Thieves steal from and discredit his main backers however possible, as well as to gather information. Sadly, it wasn't enough and the time I spent out of contact with the Order resulted in them thinking I was a traitor. When Dumbeledore offered me the teaching position I thought it was a chance to go straight. When I lost my job at the end of the year, I persevered for a while, for Harrys sake if nothing else. Then, Dumbledore killed Harry and forbade the Order from using Lethal spells. That was the last straw."

Tonks frowned at that.

"What do you mean?" she asked, "Surly it would be better to not sink to there level?"

"Tonks, this is war we are talking about," said Lupin tiredly, "A war cannot be won without killing the enemy. Sinking to the Death Eaters level would mean torturing and murdering innocents."

Tonks looked thoughtful at Lupins statement. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by the door to the tavern blowing open and a group of Aurors entered the establishment lead by a toad looking woman in hideous pink robes followed by a rather annoyed looking Dirge. Then again, annoyed was the mans default look.

"By order of the Ministry, this establishment is to be shut down due to suspicion of it being used as a base for illegal dealings," said the toad in a sickeningly sweet voice. This declaration was met with raucous laughter from the patrons, many of whom were swathed in cloaks to keep there spices hidden from the bigoted law enforcement.

"The Ministry has now power down here," purred one of the few non-human patrons who wasn't covered up, a tiger patterned, female Khajiit who was twirling a dagger around her fingers.

The woman simpered slightly at that.

"The Ministry has power everywhere, you silly half-breed," she said before one of the hulking Aurors spoke up.

"So be a good kitty and go play with some yarn."

now, anyone who knows anyone about Khajiit will know that, under no circumstance, does one refer to one as a cat. Particularly one that's well known for her temper and fighting skills. And this one certainly was. Aisha-do was a Berserker, one of a sect of powerful Khajiit warriors who entered a berserk rage in battle and were widely regarded as one of the most powerful sects of warriors out there. They were taught how to channel the ingrained animal instincts and primal powers that were buried deep within all Khajiit. I'm sure all of my fine readers can guess where this is going.

The feline berserker let out a growl before launching herself across the room, driving a fist into the Aurors gut, bending the man over. The man's companions went for there wands, only to find numerous blades pointed at them and the Berserker restrained by two of her companions as she snarled and tried to kill the man who had insulted her. The woman in pink was practicly foaming at the mouth and was screaming at the Aurors to do something before she felt the cold touch of steel at her throat.

"You should really know better than to come down here and demand things from us, Ministry lapdog," hissed a female voice in her ear.

"Sapphire, thats enough," said Lupin before the thief could slit the Ministry toadys throat, getting to his feet before raising his voice, "All of you, SHUT UP!"

the effect was immediate as everyone froze at the power in the Alphas voice. Hircine's blessing meant that even humans could tell that the werewolf was an Alpha and not to be messed with. It even snapped Aisha-do out of her berserk state.

"thank you," he said before turning his attention to the Ministry personal who were being held at knifepoint by the Thieves Guild members, "Now then, why are you here? The Ministry has no authority over the shops and establishments down here and most wouldn't be stupid enough to enter the Ratway."

Although Nocturne Ally was the most well known of the 'Dark' shopping district, it was actually only a small part of the warren of alleyways that criss-crossed London that were used by Thieves and Assassins of the hidden world of Magic. This hidden road was referred to as the Ratway and no sane Ministry member would enter it on 'official' business. Then again, Dolores Umbridge could never be accused of being sane.

The pink clad toad was quivering with rage, so much so that Sapphire was forced to move her knife away to prevent the woman from slitting her own throat in her rage.

"You have no right to do this!" she shrieked, "I am the Under-secretary to the Minister!"

"You do know that there's a bounty on you down here, right?" asked Lupin as Delvin passed him a rolled up piece of parchment, "The benefactor of the Thieves Guild was not pleased to discover that you used a Blood Quill to punish students, especially her daughter. 12000 gallons for your head on a pike. Its never a good idea to cross someone with connections to the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood."

Dolores suddenly went chalk white as everyone in the room suddenly looked at her with greed and disgust in there eyes. Greed, because of the easy fortune to be made, and disgust that she'd used something like a Blood Quill to punish children.

"Now, why dont we play a little game," said Lupin, smiling wolfishly, "We're going to let you go and you're going to have a two minet head start before I let everyone here try for that reward."

the pink toad looked around the room and saw nothing but bloodthirsty grins and razor sharp blades.


Sapphire dragged the toad to the door and tossed her into the street. She got to her feet and turned back to the bar, puffing up in rage.

"You cant do this to me!" she screamed before running off down the street. Five minuets later, she was followed by a bloodthirsty crowd of cut-throats all eager for a quick way to richs.

Lupin turned back to Tonks after the Aurors had been tossed out and threatened to keep quite. The pink haired woman seemed to be stuck between impressed and shocked at how the werewolf had handled it.

"So, who is the benefactor of the Guild?" she asked curiously, making Lupin laugh.

"Would you believe its your boss?" he said, "What's a little disconcerting is that Amelia Bones nee Black-brier may be the main financial backer of the Thieves Guild, but shes also the least corrupt member of the Ministry."

Tonks gaped at Lupin. Who would have thought that the woman who would not stand for any injustice would be in with a band of Thieves. Lupin laughed at her expresion before the two began to talk about all that had happened with the Order.

Dumbledore frowned as he went over the reports from his spies in the Ministry. Acording to the reports, there had been more attacks on Death Eater hideouts and not one of the DEs had survived. This Mythic Dawn was becoming a major problem. Didn't they know that the Death Eaters had to be allowed to see the error of there ways and come back to his Light? To make matters worse, people were beginging to stray from the True Path. In other words, his. First Remus had disappeared, followed by Severus, his main spy and now that Tonks girl had vanished as well. There were also reports of Dragon sightings at places of ancient magic, like Stone Henge. Things were rapidly spiralling out of control, but he would prevail. After all, how could he not? He was Albus Dumbledore, the Greatest Wizard to ever live!

Done. I hope you like this chapter. Well, now things are really going crazy. Lunas waking up the Dragons, Remus is flexing his muscles as the Head of the Underground and Umbrige gets her just deserves. We also get to see just how messed up Dumbledore is. if anyone has any ideas for portentual targets for Snape, send me them and I'll see what I can do. Please review and tell me what you think.