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Pairings: Puck/Kurt Santana/Dani

Conjunctio (Con-junk-te-o) origins: Latin for Connection.



From the minute your heart begins to beat within your mother's womb, destiny has sealed your fate.

Every human is born either Alpha or Beta and the selection process is just as random and natural as gender assignment. While a person is either male or female, a person is also either Alpha or Beta.

Gender and Genetic Status have been linked together throughout history for many a reason, usually tainting a Beta with the same stigma and therefore treatment as a female. This is because until recent development over the past 150 years, all females were born Beta and all males were Alpha.

In recent times however, while the Alpha remains physically strong, mentally dominant and emits masculine energy, the Alpha gene is no longer limited exclusively to a male. Also, although the Beta is still a natural nurturer, predominantly submissive and emits feminine energy, the gene no longer only resides in females. Throughout the years, Women and Beta's have gone from being significantly lesser than their counterparts to becoming very much their equal.

However, unlike gender, the status gene has no physical evidence to confirm which category you fall into, and people assume (often accurately) what a person is, simply from their attitude, behavior and opinions. Both Alpha and Beta have no verification of their Genetic Status until an Alpha turns eighteenth and experiences the Soul Mate Dream.

Every Alpha is fated with a Beta. Combined they are Soul Mates. Their equal life partner is chosen for them long before birth and is not revealed until the Conjunctio Hormone is activated. On the night of the Alpha's eighteenth birthday, the first sunrise of adulthood, he or she will have a dream. That dream will show the face of their fated Beta, all the while, their bodies will active the Conjunctio Hormone. The fated Beta, who is always of a similar age, will also experience a similar dream on that night, depicting the face of their Alpha as their body activates the soul mate hormone.

Conjunctio is initially a beckoning call, each unique and each requiring its partner, as so, the Beta and the Alpha will seek out each other forever until they officially bond and tie themselves to each other. It is very common for Soul Mates to be already acquainted prior to the Soul Mate Dream; whether as established lovers, friends, enemies or mere acquaintances. However, once Conjunctio is activated, the Alpha and Beta -who may have been practically strangers the day before- will be instantly attracted to each other emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally. Their unique Conjunctio make them the perfect match for each other and begs for them to connect in unity until death do them part. However, it isn't unheard of to ignore the summoning call your body puts out.

In fact, only 70% of the world's adult population are bonded with their chosen mates. The other 30% contend with any of the four following hurdles; Love, Pride, Orientation and Death.

There are many cases of high school sweethearts staying together even after the Alpha dream deems them not fated. It is entirely possible to love someone else entirely; although the love between the fated is more powerful. A lot of people, especially Alpha's, refuse to let their Conjunctio control their life and for the sake of their masculine energy and pride, they ignore their fated. Another massive problem can occur when an Alpha finds out their Beta Mate is of the same gender as them when they had classed themselves heterosexual. The Confused Alpha rejects their Beta (or vice versa) out of fear and humiliation. The last thing that separates Mates is death. You only get one Soul Mate per life time. When you fated partner passes away, Conjunctio dies as well.

But even if Soul Mates mutually agree not to bond, their bodies will remain forever trying to unite them no matter what. For a fate partnership equals true love and nothing is stronger than that.


"It's Official. I'm a Beta." Mercedes Jones, a black girl with a love of food and fashion declared as she took her place at the table in the cafeteria. Her statement was met with a varied response. Mercedes had always been a tricky one to place.

"But-but, you're so sassy and angry." Artie, a wheelchair bound Beta with a love of comics and porn stuttered in disbelief. Most people around the table agreed with the evaluation, Mercedes two best friends however, did not.

"Being 'sassy and angry' does not make an Alpha, Arthur." Rachel Berry, a petite brunette girl corrected, complete with air quotations. "Look at me, I'm ridiculously talented, leader of our Glee club and will throw any of you under the bus in order to come out on top, yet I'm still a Beta." she flipped her long hair over her shoulder and shared a loving glance at her Alpha Soul Mate Finn Hudson. Rachel and Finn had been dating on and off since they were 15; they were 'off' when Finn had his dream two months ago and the Soul Mates wasted no time in consummating their bond, linking them together til death do them part. "And look at Kurt." Rachel pointed to Mercedes other best friend, who was slightly preoccupied with being feed by his boyfriend, Blaine. "He's strong willed, determined, bitchy and self absorbed and he is still a Beta." she rambled on unfiltered, even when said boy looked at her through narrowed glasz eyes.

"But that's because he's a gay." Puck, a muscular, athletic 17 year old stated, pointing his fork in the direction of the pale boy and his curly haired boyfriend.

"As will be his Alpha Mate, Dumbass." Mercedes snapped, her low tolerance for the boy she deemed an idiot evident in her tone. Rachel gave the black girl a disapproving look. She had a connection with Puck whether she liked it or not. As the best friend of her Soul Mate, Rachel's natural instinct was to defend the 17 year old, even though she completely agreed with Mercedes statement. Kurt ignored Puck completely like he always did. They were from two completely different worlds, connected only through Glee club and mutual friends.

The group around the table consisted of most of the Glee club members; Confirmed Beta's Kurt and Blaine, Rachel, Artie, Brittany and -as of today- Mercedes. Sam Evans and Finn Hudson were the only two confirmed Alpha's around the table, each knowing the identity of their Soul Mate. Finn had already claimed Rachel while Sam's attempts to woo Brittany were a work in progress. The only two unconfirmed were Puck and Santana, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that they had all the traits of strong Alpha's. Puck being the town's Lothario and all round bad boy while Santana openly challenged and verbally attacked anyone and everyone, especially Sam, the fated Alpha to her girlfriend.

"Who's next?" Finn asked with a mouthful of cheeseburger, causing Rachel to cringe and dab his chin with a wrinkled napkin. The tall Alpha looked around the table at everyone.

"Me." Santana huffed irritably, knowing what Finn was referring to. She had been super excited about her 18th until fucking Ken-doll Sam Evans came along with his big mouth and stole Brittany from her. Now she didn't care for who her mate was and opted instead to ignore fate and continue to pursue her indecisive girlfriend.

"Then me." Puck said in a tone of indifference. He felt two ways about having his dream. On one hand he would have a chick love him unconditional but on the other, the thought of Puckzilla becoming exclusive wasn't appealing at all. "Mine and Tana's birthday's are only a day apart and we are having a massive joint party for it. It's gonna be awesome."

"How come this is the first we are hearing of it?" Blaine asked unimpressed from the end of the table, his boyfriend sitting comfortably in his lap, nuzzling into his neck.

Not two years ago, the open act of PDA between two boys would have sent the student body into a frenzy. Now however, with football and hockey star Dave Karofsky coming out as Gay and the two captains of the Cheerio's were dating –Brittany and Santana- the school had no choice but to accept that some people were gay and nothing they did or said would change that.

"Because you're not invited" Santana replied bluntly. Blaine looked positively crest fallen, while Kurt gave him a look that read: What did you expect? "I'm so sick and tired of everyone assuming we should do everything together just because we are in the same club." Santana had always been a bitch, but as each day got closer to her birthday, she had gotten more nasty and vicious. "For the record, before everyone starts asking, none of you are invited apart from Finn and Brittany."

"And Sam." Puck added with a mouthful of fries, throwing his blonde friend a cheesy grin that made the girls cringe. "Gonna bring sorority girls."

"Poor girls."

"What's that suppose to mean Aretha?" the hazel eyed 17 year old snapped at the black girl.

"You're penis is dirty Puckerman. You have unprotected sex with every girl going and I have it on authority that you don't wash down there."

"Who the hell told you that?"


Everyone turned to the pale lithe boy who had climbed off of Blaine's lap and instead sat on the actually table. Kurt merely shrugged. Finn had been the source of such information. Being stepbrothers, Finn felt obligated in informing Kurt of everything, no matter how disturbing or gross.

"I'll show you if you want." Puck offered Mercedes. His tone was challenging but his eyes were seductive. Mercedes was not impressed.

"I wouldn't't know what I would be looking at." Mercedes confessed. "I have no shame in admitting I've never seen a penis is real life."

"We had a face full of Kurt's yesterday." Rachel reminded her friend. Blaine looked at Kurt through narrowed eyes, who simply rolled his own. Rachel and Mercedes were his girls; he had no issue in changing his outfit or underwear in front of them.

"Wanky." Santana said automatically, her go-to word whenever anyone brought up anything remotely sexual.

"He doesn't't count." Mercedes scoffed and flipped her dark weave over her shoulder.

"Yeah it does." Blaine defended in an irritated voice and shuffled closer to his boyfriend with a pout on his face.

"How did this turn from parties to genitalia?" Kurt asked in amusement.

"Oh Yeah! Santana, Noah, I invited both of you to my party last year." Rachel exclaimed, hurt seeping in her words.

"Just because you invited us doesn't't mean we have to return the favor. Besides that Party was disgusting. Not only did I have to endure Sam and Brittany making out but also you and Blaine getting your wanky on. No mi gusta."

"Fine!" Rachel snapped angrily, jumping from her seat, rubbing down her skirt and clearing her throat. "In two weeks time, the Alpha's will be celebrating their cave man ways in a Neanderthal gathering." she announced loudly, throwing all confirmed and predicted Alpha's at the table a dirty look, including her Mate. "But never fear as I, Rachel Barbara Berry shall be throwing my own Beta party that very same day and urge all off you to come along. Including you, Brittany."

"You can't steal our guests." Puck laughed, causing Finn to nod and snigger. Rachel's dark eyes flickered with anger; Finn's total lack of respect enraging her.

"You stole my Soul Mate!" Rachel screeched dramatically with tears gathering in her eyes and stormed out of the cafeteria. Blaine, Mercedes and Kurt jumped up to follow and comfort her, Kurt casting his stepbrother a disapproving look.

"Oh no, Frankenteen!" Santana warned Finn, using the nickname referring to his gigantic height of 6ft 3. "Don't you even think about being sorry. Man-Hands Berry and Lady Hummel do not own you." Finn shuddered visibly as Rachel's rage flooded their bonded connection. He didn't need to be in the same room as her to know his Mate was crying.

"I can't come." Finn sighed to Puck, who looked like he had just been slapped in the face. "Dude, she's my Soul Mate, I can't reject her like that."

"What the fuck dude? It's only a party. Don't even think about choosing that piece of pussy over your best friend, we've known each other 15 years." Puck growled. Artie, Sam, Brittany and Santana's eyes all found Finn immediately.

"Don't talk about her like that." Finn warned in a low, dark voice that didn't suit him at all. "Talk smack about anyone else, but not her. Not to me."

"Can't you just invite them to keep the peace?" Brittany asked Puck and Santana in a pleading tone.

"Fine. Rachel can come." Puck relented in a huff as an apology to Finn, who seemed the recognise it and calmed down dramatically. Santana however gaped at the man beside her.

"Hell no! If I had to choose between one of those dweebs, it would be Mercedes." Santana scoffed in frustration, shaking her head.

"Plus I kind of feel bad for leaving my brother out of all this." Finn mumbled, loud enough for everyone to hear. He knew he was pushing his luck, Rachel had barely been invited, they had absolutely no obligation to his little brother.

"Kurt doesn't't even like us. If anything, he'll be relieved that we didn't invite him or his boy toy."

Ahh well, nobody could blame Finn for not at least trying.

In the girls bathroom, Kurt, Blaine and Mercedes huddled around a weeping Rachel. This scene wasn't uncommon to any of them seeing as Rachel was always one for dramatics. But they did sympathize with her. Finn shouldn't have laughed at Puck's statement and should have instead either defended Rachel or at the very least, remained neutral.

"I'm just furious at how they attacked us just because we are Beta's. Like we are second class citizens or something." Rachel choked out. Kurt decided to remain tightlipped and not remind his upset friend that the only person who made it an Alpha vs Beta issue was herself. They hadn't been rejected an invitation because of their Genetic Status, they had been neglected because they weren't friends with the birthday girl and boy. Made sense to Kurt, and according to Mercedes and Blaine's silence at Rachel's words, they agreed with him.

"Rachel, shut up." Kurt huffed and instantly went wide eyed. He had meant to say that in his head. Rachel, in her defense, did actually stop crying immediately.

"Excuse me?" she asked, obviously scandalized by Kurt's traitorous ways. "Are you defending them?"

"No." Kurt back tracked. "But it's Mercedes birthday and us gathering in this dirty cramped room comforting you probably isn't the best way to spend it."

Rachel sniffed and looked guiltily over at Mercedes who seemed to find the metal faucet on the basin incredibly interesting.

"Well it's a Friday, so we should all do something after school to celebrate." The brunet girl suggested quietly as she wiped away her tears.

"There's a carnival in town at the moment. That could be fun?" Blaine proposed and his recommendation with immediately jumped on by the girls who let out excited screams.

"I love you." Kurt whispered into Blaine's ear simply because he could and it was true. So what if they were both Beta's and fate hadn't aligned them. They were in love with each other no matter what and no Alpha would ever change that.

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