The rain was hitting the window of Vi's bedroom in a slow repetetive rhythm, and she lay on her bed listening to it. Her cell phone was open to the last text message, from Caitlyn. "I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can return your affections the way you would like me too. I am so sorry." It read, and dried tears lingered on the young pink haired enforcers cheeks. She didn't understand, she couldn't comprehend, how something so simple could be so complicated.

A knock at the door broke her silent, painful contemplation. Leaning up, Vi glowered at the living room and the door beyond. No one should see her like this, she had an appearance to uphold afterall, and whoever was beyond that door was in for a prompt kick in the groin. Making her way to her front door, wiping her cheeks as she went, Vi opened it to an unexpected guest. A robot stood there, holding a small note with a pink skull and crossbones on the outside. "Just fuckin great..." Vi muttered, snatching the note out of the robots hand and opening it.

"Meet me at the river, down in the Lower Sector, by sunset. We need to have a nice long talk Fathands." Jinx's handwriting spelled out. Nothing about it felt good, not from the psychotic ex girlfriend. Sighing heavily, Vi turned and grabbed her jacket off of the coffee table. "Lead the way, bucket of bolts." She said to the robot before following it down the winding stairs to the outisde world.

It was cold, and very few of the Lower Sector denizens were venturing out. Vi remembered sitting under the porch of the bakery, clutching her knees to her chest as a child. The sign had long since fallen off of the decrepit structure, and for some reason it cause a pang in her chest. So many memories of the slums and her childhood, falling apart around her. As they approached the river, Vi saw a blue haired girl sitting with a cigar dangling on her lip, pink eyes watching the two figures approach.

"Heya Fathands." Jinx called out softly, waving an arm in the air. Vi returned the wave half heartedly, questioning the motives behind Jinx's sudden invitation to 'hang out'. "What's up Jinx? Destroyed any media com towers today?" Vi asked with a smirk, causing the blue haired woman to smile at an apparently fond memory. "Nahh, heard someone was having a bad day, and decided to put aside Fishbones and be the friend I was before... All of this." Jinx replied, gesturing to Vi's badge. Vi turned and faced the river, her back to her ex/old friend.

"Thanks for that..." Vi responded, looking down, "Who did you hear it from?" Jinx didn't answer for a moment, slipping down off of her perch and tossing the cigar off to the side. "I didn't have to really hear it from anyone. I always know when you're upset. It's crazy... Much crazier than I can be.."

The two of them stood side by side for a long moment, both staring at the gray sun sink lower in the horizon. Jinx tucked a loose hair behind her ear and turned to her old companion. "I still think about us, sometimes. Even if you chose her over me." The younger woman said finally, her pink eyes meeting Vi's.

"I know I can't meassure up to her, but.. I still think we could still have a chance." Vi was taken a back by those final words, nothing coming to her mind to say in response as Jinx kissed her on the cheek. "I thought we were happy once... Before we got separated."

The scene replayed in Vi's head: The old crazed man grabbing Jinx from the heist, promising her more riches else where, leaving Vi behind broken hearted. Jinx hadn't looked back, making it even worse. Snapping back to reality, she looked at the woman standing closely before her. Jinx was smiling weakly, as if hoping for something. "I.. I don't know what to say Jinx. I feel like this would be horrible... Going back to how things used to be after everything that has happened." Pausing before continuing, Vi pushed her hair back out of her face, "I mean, you're a wanted terrorist. I don't know what I was thinking coming here."

Thunder bellowed in the distance, making the silence between them even more severe for a moment. Jinx had tears in her eyes, and she quickly turned from Vi. "I don't know. Maybe you wanted some kind of comfort for Caitlyn rejecting you. Wanted me to tell you it would be okay? I really don't know. I miss you... And I wanted to..." Jinx started to sob, making Vi feel guilty.

"C'mon now. That's no way for you to act..." Vi's voice trailed off, and she placed a hand on Jinx's arm, noticing how cold it was. "You're freezing! How long had you been in the rain?" Jinx didn't answer, just kept her face in her hands. Vi pulled her jacket off and placed it on the young womans shoulders. "Let's go somewhere dry... My place is nearby if that's alright."

Jinx nodded slowly, leaning into Vi as they walked. The older pink haired woman kept her gaze ahead, lost in thought as they ventured onward. How did this happen? Jinx really knows how to pick the absolute BEST time for this shit. Vi thought, turning into her apartment complex, and up the stairs to her front door.