Bojack had taken a knee to the gut during his rush attempt on the now weakened Gohan.

He was furious that an underling would have the audacity to attack him. Former or not.

"Urrrhhh...You worthless traitor." Bojack growled as he rose to his feet.

Bujin (the midget in the red hood) and Bido (the one with the beard and mohawk) all had murderous scowls save for Kogu (the one with the sword), who only looked irritated.

"Where do you get off calling me a traitor after what you almost did to me!" Zangya fired back.

"What do you mean?" asked Kogu. They were rushing Gohan, not her, so he didn't understand.

"You would raise a sword against your own kind!?" Bujin asked in a bitter tone. He seemed most eager to serve Bojack and disregarded Kogu's question completely.

Gohan could only watch.

"Don't listen to her! She's been brainwashed by these earth dogs!" Bojack barked.

" you have to hear me out. Bojack isn't the man you think! You and the others were already dead when he tried to kill me! He was going to fire an attack through me! He doesn't value or care about any of you! Even now, he's only using you!" Zangya said as she powered up.

Bojack, Bido and Bujin only smiled.

Kogu put his hand on the handle of his sword but stopped.

"Is this true?...How can I tell if you're lying?" he asked looking at Zangya then back at his team.

"Remember when our parents died, and the rest of our planet? All we had left was each other, so we joined up with this crew. Brother, why would I lie to you about this? I haven't anything to gain!" Zangya pleaded.

A flashback ensued.

At the time of their joining up, Zangya and the other Galaxy Soldiers were so proud of Bojack's power, being the pinnacle of their race and happily pledged their allegiance to him because he promised them each entire worlds and riches.

It was selfish and naive, but with no one left, Zangya and Kogu eventually got use to and even began to incorporate some of Bojack's ruthlessness.

This however would prove to be their downfall once the Supreme Kai's got wind of it and sealed them within a star.

Kogu looked down in a thinking manner. He had seen his sister aid during a solar system destroying energy struggle. No doubt she had become more noble, and thus more likely to be telling the truth.

"We were in the wrong when we attacked earth. No one has the right to take away the life of another in cold blood. Neither do they have the right to take what isn't theirs by force." Zangya continued.

"Hahahaha! Do you hear yourself!? Look at what that boy has done to you! You sound like a wannabe saint!" Bujin hissed whilst pointing at Gohan when he refereed to him.

Zangya decided to just ignore the midget and continue talking to her sibling.

"Kogu! Please!" she pleaded.

Bojack was losing his patience and waiting for his underling's response.

"I...I believe you!" said Kogu as he drew his sword and jumped away from the remaining Galaxy Soldiers with his sword pointing toward them.

"You two were always the most foolish." Bojack grunted with his arms folded but also with a malicious smirk. Bido shared the expression.

Bojack was almost proud of his treacherous reputation.

"If lord Bojack was going to kill you he must have had a good reason." said Bujin as he moved part of his red hood to get a better view of his prey. He didn't care whether Bojack was right or Zangya. He wanted revenge on Gohan for killing him. Bido was the same.

"Bido, kill Kogu." Bojack barked, prompting Bido to teleport up. Kogu did the same and the explosions from their high speed exchanges could be felt.

"While we were in Hell, watching you train wasn't the only thing I could see. You really have fallen far, Zangya." said Bujin.

"You were trash to begin with, Bujin, so you're the last person who should be saying that to me." Zangya fired back sharply.

"Oh-ho-ho, still got that attitude I see. I saw more than you think heh heh heh. The way you let this earth boy ravage your body again and again and again. Only a woman could be that naive." Bujin sneered.

Zangya blushed in extreme embarrassment and Gohan looked slightly away, blushing as well.

Bojack could be heard chuckling.

"Enough, I'm sending you back to Hell!" said Zangya.

Bujin screeched and charged forward with teal colored energy spheres around both of his hands but Zangya seemed to have disappeared.

Gohan moved out of the way and then there was only silence.

Bujin turned around and Zangya reappeared behind Bojack, who quickly spun around and jumped away.

"YAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" Bujin screamed as several flashes and bruises appeared all over his body. The pupils in his eyes disappeared and he fell over.

"Because you still have your halo's that must mean this is still an otherworld body. If I kill you now, you'll cease to exist in this dimension, so I knocked you out instead." said Zangya, although her explanation literally fell on deaf ears, since he was already knocked out.

During her vanishing she had done the same to Bido.

Zangya's new Mystic powers made her speed beyond comprehension.

Bido fell on top of Bujin with blank white eyes and bruises also all over his body too.

Kogu was a bit winded and landed a few feet away from his sister.

"It's over, Bojack. I'm sickened that I ever served someone like you." said Zangya with her sword pointed toward him.

"HAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!" Bojack bellowed as he transformed to his lime green, red haired state.

"I'LL RIP YOUR TINY ARMS OFF!" he shouted like a wrestler.

Bujin and Bido's bodies turned into spirit clouds and rose away, presumably back to the check in station in Otherworld.

Zangya zoomed forward as did Bojack.

A large slash appeared across his chest and he bled purple.

"AARGH!" he grunted and leaped back, firing several Grand Smasher energy blasts in every direction.

Gohan was still tired, and so, could barely keep up. Oddly enough, it was Kogu who moved him to safety.

"Come on!" said Kogu as he lifted Gohan's arm over his shoulder and carried him off several meters.

Gohan was surprised to have him fighting on their side so quickly.

"Don't get the wrong idea. I only did that because my sister cares for you." said Kogu as he let Gohan down on a plateau like cliff. Gohan also noticed his accent was more pronounced where as Zangya didn't seem to have one at all.

Zangya smiled when she saw her brothers gesture and focused her attention back on Bojack.

She sent a great deal of energy into her sword.

"Just like you showed me no mercy, I will extend that same treatment to you!" she shouted as she charged up her aura and sword.

"LIKE I CARE! YOU WERE ALWAYS A WORTHLESS INSIGNIFICANT FOOOL!" Bojack roared, once again flying forward with his Galactic Buster.

Similarly to when he and Gohan charged forward toward one another those many years ago, Zangya did the same.

The lights flashed for miles and she reappeared on the other side of him with her sword in front.

But this time, Bojack was not disintegrated.

Zangya spat up a small bit of purplish blood and stumbled forward, using the sword to hold her up.

She had taken a hit to her cheek. Even though she was Mystic, she had still used up a great deal of energy assisting Gohan earlier. Bojack had refined his clashes, likely to defeat Gohan. He was also much stronger than those many years ago.

"No!" Kogu yelled.

Gohan looked shocked.


Zangya slowly put her sword away. She turned to him, wiping the side of her face and grinned.

"You missed what I did during that flash." said Zangya.

"WHAT!?" Bojack barked.

"Good bye, and good riddance, Bojack." Zangya waved.

"AAAAAHHH-WCKK!" Bojack's scream became a cough as a line appeared around his neck and his head shot off of his shoulders and into the air with a trail of purple blood similar to a rocket.

He kept an outraged, wide-eyed, open-mouthed expression the entire time his head was in the air and hit the ground.

It rolled over to Zangya's boots, then began to fade.

Bojack's body and blood began to fade into nothingness as well. He wasn't going back to the Otherworld.

Kogu was shocked at first, but then couldn't help but smirk at how strong his sister had become.

Zangya flew over to her brother and gave him a hug.

During Bojack's invasion those many years ago, no one informed her he had been killed. She had to feel it out herself after Bido and Bojack were defeated.

"You've become strong." said Kogu.

"Oh, Kogu, I wish things had turned out differently. We have so much to catch up on! I have so much to tell you." said Zangya.

"Looks like it's gonna have to wait." Kogu lamented with a disappointed half smirk.

"Why? What's wrong?" asked Zangya.

He pointed to his halo and his body began to look see through.

Zangya gasped and remembered that he wasn't allowed on earth now that the Otherworld was fully restored. Janembuu's magic must have finally run out.

"Kogu!" Zangya cried as she embraced her brother once again.

Seeing tears flow from her eyes made Gohan feel bad as well.

"Please take good care of her." said Kogu facing Gohan as he gave a genuine smile.

"I will. I promise!" said Gohan.

Kogu moved his hand on his sister's shoulder, then disappeared as an otherworld cloud, floating back up before completely vanishing to the check in station.

Gohan walked over to Zangya slowly and embraced her to let her know he was there for her.

"Looks like it's finally over." said Gohan.

Zangya wiped away her tears and smiled.

"Let's go and see the others." said Gohan.


After a few minutes of a little more rest, Gohan and Zangya made their way over to the remaining Z-Fighters.

"A Super Saiyan 4!? Wow Gohan! You've really grown! I'm so proud of you, son!" said Goku although he was still sore.

Vegeta was seething in jealousy.

("How could I be surpassed this far...and by a half breed!") he thought as he impatiently drummed his fingers on his arms while they were folded.

"You're the best, Gohan!" said Goten.

"Now I have no chance in heck at beating you! Please remind me not to make you angry!" joked Krillin

Which made the others laugh. (But for different reasons.)

Piccolo was also proud of how strong Gohan had become.


After a few arrangements, the Z-Fighters and their friends decided to celebrate Janembuu's defeat at Bulma's house.

It was to take place a few days later.

During the break, Gohan had to call Videl and Erasa and break the news of his relationship status.

A task he saw harder than fighting a Majin Legendary Super Saiyan 3.

Gohan didn't want to break their hearts, but convincing either to a harem would have been disrespectful. He realized that now and was trying to curve away any more of his uncontrollable addiction.

Erasa didn't seem like the type to mind sharing, but Videl on the other hand was very possessive.

Gohan liked both but after all he had been through with Zangya, he couldn't bring himself to replace her with one of them.


After a few more days, Gohan finally decided it was time to tell everyone.

The party at Bulma's house was what one would expect. Quite extravagant and with everyone invited.

Goku and Vegeta were having an eating contest, and Goten and Trunks were playing pranks on Krillin.

Bulma's mother and Chi-chi helped serve dishes, and Master Roshi kept his eyes wandering back to Android 18.

It was a bright day and for once, Gohan finally felt all the threats were dealt with.

Because Cell and Janembuu had been reincarnated, Hell would stay in place.

Bojack and Broly were wiped from existence, as unfortunate as that was.

The only real powerful enemies were King Cold and Frieza, and so long as they were in Hell, they were no threat. Pikkon could always keep them in check. (And as a rule of thumb, with King Yemma back in place, souls in hell lost their bodies.)

Gohan was wearing his dark blue martial arts gi similarly to Goku.

He was finally fully comfortable.

"I have an announcement to make everyone!" said Gohan, and the others stopped to look attentively. Gohan had developed quite the reputation over the years and so, they were eager to hear what he had to say.

He cleared his throat and blushed because he wasn't expecting to get everyone's attention so easily.

"As many of you know, I've been hanging around Zangya for these past few years." he began, prompting Zangya to blush.

"Well, to make a long story short, we are engaged to be married!" Gohan announced.

The Z-Fighters and their friends cheered and applauded. Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi weren't surprised but were happy for them nonetheless.

"It's about time!" said Chi-chi as she smiled and folded her arms. A very stark contrast to how she felt many years ago.

"All right, Gohan!" Goku cheered.

Gohan looked back to Zangya and she silently motioned for him to come closer with her finger, still blushing.

"What is it?" Gohan asked and got closer to hear her whisper in his ear.

"I'm pregnant." she said softly.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Gohan shouted unintentionally but the others heard it anyway.

They cheered and congratulated even louder now.

"Way to go, Gohan!" said Krillin

"Can't say I blame him heh heh." Master Roshi chuckled.

Goku was excited to be a grandfather.

"Heh heh, they had sex." Trunks giggled under his breath to which Goten scratched the back of his head not being familiar with the term.

"But I thought you only got pregnant if you wanted to. Not that I have a problem with this." Gohan whispered.

"I thought that too, but I guess your ummm...cells were super charged when you were a Super Saiyan 4..." she whispered with a more coy tone.

Piccolo could hear them and his eyes widened. He tried to shake the mental image from his head.

The group continued celebrating for several minutes, but then the Supreme Kai teleported in the center them.

"Oh! Hello everyone! Sorry to barge in like this!" said the Supreme Kai.

"Hey! What's up? Here to enjoy some of the food?" asked Goku.

"Maybe later Goku, but I must speak to Gohan! It is of the utmost importance!" Shin said excitedly.

"Well, if you say so." said Gohan as he rose from his seat.

"This way!" said Shin.

"I'll be back." Gohan whispered to Zangya as he left.

He grabbed The Supreme Kai's arm and they teleported away.

"Wonder what that's about." said Goku.

Vegeta's perception of Gohan had changed a lot. He was now obsessed with surpassing him instead of just Kakarot.


Shin must have learned the Instant Transmission (or similar) ability from Kibito in the days prior.

Shin teleported Gohan up to the check in station in King Yemma's office.

To the right, just a few meters away, was a strange man.

He had effeminate features and blue skin. His hair was white but stood up instead of down. Held in his hand was a scepter with a crystal that floated at the top like a small black planet, complete with a ring.

Around his neck and shoulders was a blue ring. The rest of his attire consists of a maroon robe, a black cuirass with white and orange diamond decorations and a blue sash. He also seemed to wear black high-heeled shoes with white spats.

He rested the scepter on his shoulder and slowly turned to Gohan.

"Hello." he spoke in a peaceful, and somewhat absent-minded tone.