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Gohan arrived back at his house. It was close to 5 o'clock, and Zangya was home.

After unwinding a bit, Gohan turned on the TV.

"How was your day?" Zangya finally asked. She was cooking something that smelled good in the kitchen.

"Kind of a mess really!" Gohan began.

"I guess I didn't really get blackmailed, but I also didn't really not get blackmailed either." he continued.

"Huh?" Zangya said with a grin.

Gohan explained how his father had talked to him and how Videl had sort of made him join the World Martial Arts Tournament of that year.

"Wasn't that the girl you knocked out by her pressure point?" Zangya giggled.

"Yeah, it hasn't made her lose any zeal." Gohan laughed.

"You should compete as well. You're much stronger than when you first met us." Gohan added.

"Hmm...maybe." Zangya thought aloud.

Because the two had been sparring partners and trained for six years, Gohan had fully mastered SSJ3, and Zangya's power level was close to that of Perfect Cell (but not Super Perfect Cell.)

"It's almost done, I hope you like chicken!" she said cheerfully.

Zangya was so good to him. Gohan couldn't help but feel guilty about having Erasa with him the other night.

Gohan went into the kitchen and then hugged her from behind.

She smelled nice.

"What's wrong?" Zangya asked sweetly.

"Nothing, I just...hmmm." Gohan wasn't sure himself.

He then went over and sat down.

"I tried to talk to my mom again today." Gohan began.

"Oh, how'd that go?" Zangya asked.

"She's still pissed. And I think she still thinks you're the root cause." Gohan sighed.

"That's too bad." Zangya replied.

"Well, after this week, I'm gonna be dedicated to more training. I want you to train with me too." Gohan asked.

"No problem." Zangya replied.

"Oh, and Videl might come over for flying lessons." Gohan added.

He and Zangya weren't a full on couple, but he still lived with her and they did get intimate on occasion. Gohan didn't know what to do. He liked Erasa too, and Videl a little, but he also had feelings for Zangya.

The next few weeks passed like a blur, and Gohan was ready to begin his training.

But then, in his backyard, a yellow jet copter landed.

Videl walked out with a determined look.

She made her way to his back door and knocked loudly.

She was surprised when Zangya opened the door.

"Uh, Hi, I'm looking for Gohan." she once again sounded angry. Likely because she was intimidated somewhat.

Zangya was on her way to work as a model for the day, so she was putting in an earring. "Oh, you're his friend that wants to fly, just a minute."

Zangya went back into the house, and she could hear Gohan talking. She thought she heard a kiss, but wasn't sure.

Outside, Zangya tossed a capsule that turned into a car, then drove away.

Gohan walked outside and greeted Videl.

"Well, here I am. Teach me how to fly." Videl demanded.

"Alright, this way." Gohan grinned trying to be nice.

((Like in the anime, Gohan sat on the grass and taught Videl the basic's of energy and flying. This time around however, he was a bit more direct and blunt.))

"Like this." Gohan explained and he fired a ki blast at a rock.

Videl was wide eyed.

"Isn't that a trick?" Videl protested.

"No, it's not." Gohan said cooly. He was more serious this time around than in the anime.

"But my dad said...hmmm." Videl trailed off.

Gohan didn't want to hurt her feelings like he did the other day. But overtime, Hercule's fraudulence will become apparent.

Videl was confused but still focused her time. After a few more minutes, eventually she was able to levitate a bit.

"Uh-ha! I did it!" she was the happiest she had been in a long time.

Gohan was happy for her and relieved that he could train in peace now.

As he turned to leave Videl grabbed his arm.

"Wait, I didn't reward you yet." she sounded different.

She hugged Gohan.

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