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Chapter 1

UNSC Forward Unto Dawn...

"Wake me when you need me."

The UNSC Smart A.I. Cortana thought to herself as she continued monitoring the condition of the severed vessel, she dropped signals in hopes of one of them being located by the UNSC and following them until they are eventually rescued and so far, it was not working.

It had been years since the Battle of the Ark, but she was not going to lose hope just yet, she did her best to monitor their immediate surrounding area, but this was proving to be a dauting task as the Forward Unto Dawn was continously losing what little power it had left. Cortana herself wasn't in any better condition than the ship, she was way beyond the average Smart A.I.'s lifespan of seven years, and there were a lot of signs that she would not survive another year, but she clung on to life with the thought of working together with her protector again, who was peacefully sleeping inside his cryotube. She had definetely not forgotten the sacrifices that he had made for her, especially during the events in High Charity, when rescuing her was deemed an impossible and hopeless cause as she was captured and tortured by the Gravemind, the horrendous central intelligence of the parasitic lifeform known as the flood, yet the man before her continued on and defied all odds, eventually saving her from the clutches of the Gravemind, it was one of the things that she would remember for the remained of her lifespan.

Once again, she reviewed the scans, fully convinced that all she would be met with was nothing but empty space, however, this time she was wrong.

The look of amazement became apparent on the A.I.'s features and she began to activate the cryotube in which John-117 had been resting, fortunately, there was enough remaining power to allow her to open the cryotube and soon enough, the frost that covered the surface of the glass began to melt, she still had some concerns about the conditions of the Spartan and glanced at his vital signs, all of which were gradually increasing and began stabilizing as the defrosting sequence had been successfully carried out without incident.

The Master Chief gently pushed open the cryotube seal that he could tell he had been in for an exceedingly long time, and turned to his longtime partner hovering above a pedestal.

"Something come up?" Chief said as he looked around the ship, but found everything to be in order, no explosions or noises at all, it was as if he had only woken up a few seconds after he entered cryosleep as there were no changes in scenario.

"Well, For one,you haven't given me the opportunity to greet you good morning yet." Cortana said in her usually teasing personality that she always had when the two were along and had few things to concern themselves with.

"Now, on the serious side, I believe have encountered a planet that contains a huge amount of Forerunner artifacts and structures... in fact, I should say that we may have encountered a Forerunner planet that was part of the Forerunner equivalent of inner colonies."

"How are you sure?"

"I've detected a signal that is similar to that in the Installations that we have encountered, and aside from that, I can see multiple large structures in the planet, so large that they are visible despite the rather weak magnification systems we have here."

The Chief knew what that meant: A possible way home.

"Let's get moving then."

30 minutes later...

The Spartan and his A.I. were now ready to leave the ship that they were trapped in for many years and head towards this new planet inside the cockpit of a Pelican. It was a blue and green planet, it slightly reminded both occupants of the homeworld of the UNSC, Earth, but it was noticably different, the geography is completely different from that of Earth and the athmosphere was very different in more ways than one, presumably because it was colonized by the Forerunners a hundred thousand years ago, they were now eager to visit this planet in search of a way home, or at least a new and faster ship that they could use.

They began their descent in a steady pace, their selected landing zone was on top of the largest Forerunner structure on the planet, it was unlike anything they have ever seen before, but Cortana choose it because that was where the signal was at it's strongest, without anything else to go with, that was naturally where they headed to.

Once they got off from the Pelican, Chief had his MA5C and two M7S ready for any threats, thankfully there was not, he traversed through the large hallways of the structure, it only went through one main direction with multiple hallways at the right and left, he continued through the quiet path with only the heavy footsteps made by the heavy armor as a sound.

"It's quiet.."

"Too quiet."

The Spartan kept on going for a few more minutes until they finally reached the end of the hallway, and saw what seemed to be a large pedestal with a spherical object in the middle, a large white circular object were sticking out of the pedestal and looked like they were some kind of activating mechanism.

"Chief, Forerunner technology reacts to humans remember? Try putting your hands on top of that white object." Cortana said as she analyzed the device.

Her protector did so, but unfortunately, nothing happened.


"Give me a few seconds, there may be a switch or-" Cortana was stopped mid-sentence as John forcefully pushed the object down, and then the pedestal began to shake.

"or we could just do that." Chief said as he noticed the spherical object lighting up.

"Wait... is that what I think it is?" Cortana said as she saw the object starting to rise into the air.

"A Monitor."

The Monitor began to glow and fully activate... and it just floated there, of course Chief and Cortana were shocked and cautious of what it may do, but it was a full minute of silence before the Monitor began to speak to them.

"Greetings reclaimer, I am 119 Provident Guardian, I am the assigned watcher of the planet A-512. For what purpose have you come here to manually awaken me?"

"You are a watcher?"

"Yes, all Forerunner planets have a watcher to handle the planet's development and defenses, this was implemented by our creators during the great war with the Flood."

"Interesting... Provident, do this planet have any ships that are space-worthy?"

"Unfortunately, no, all that is left here on the planet is nothing but scraps aside from this structure, this was formerly a headquarters for the Prometheans, the most prominent members of the Warrior-Servant caste, however, if passage from this planet is what you seek, we have an experimental teleporter on the depths of this structure."

"Oh yes, passage from this planet is in fact what we seek." a voice rang out from the external speakers of the MJOLNIR.

"I see, you have a ancilla with you? Very impressive for a class 2 combat skin." The monitor commented.


"I believe it is what you call an "A.I." now, if you are done, please follow me to the armory, the device lies there, as well as a few other weapons that I had developed over the millennia." Provident said as it hovered over the hallways.

After what felt like an eternity of walking through many different areas of Forerunner designs, they eventually reached the armory, it was not as eye-catching as the other rooms, it was only a hallway a few dozen meters long filled with Forerunner weaponry.

"Now that we are here, I'd like to recommend you to the weapons I have created." The Monitor said as it picked up some of the weapons via a magnetic wave.

It finish picking the weapons and dumped it all at the Master Chief's feet, who in turn, picked up some of the weapons, he knew he couldn't bring all of it but Provident thought otherwise.

"Reclaimer, I have developed a special system that would allow this weapons to be carried by you without taking up a considerable amount of space, please sit down here on this device, it shall grant you permission to use the device that I mentioned earlier as well as grant you the special system that I have also previously mentioned." the A.I. sagely said.

"Chief, are you sure about this?"

"I see no other way."

The Master Chief sat down on the strange contraption that looked like a human-figured cast with wires attached to it.

"The operation is complete."

"That fast?" Chief said as he had barely sat down for two seconds.

"I have been studying and reviewing this technology for years so it is no wonder that it functions beyond your expectations." the monitor proudly stated.

"Amazing... Chief, your armor.. it's data capacity has been increased exponentially, I feel more in control!" Cortana exclaimed.

"I apologize that I could not increase your processing speed ancilla, since I do not know how you function, attempting to increase yourr processing speed could have disastrous results, so the best I could do was increase the data storage for the reclaimer's combat skin."

"Are you kidding? You saved me! I could at last at least thirty more years with this much data!" Cortana said, still very satisfied.

"I have? Then that is all I could do, I give my gratitude to your praise. Now reclaimer, pick up those weapons."

The Master Chief did accordingly, and strangely enough, he could make the weapons appear and disappear whenever he wanted by his mere thoughts.

"Chief... How do you?"

"I don't know, it was like I knew how to do it the whole time, like it was natural." The Spartan said as he picked up a Hardlight beam sword, and a Supressor then made them disappear.

"Where do the weapons go Chief?"

"A list somehow appears on my HUD, do you not see it?"

"Nope." Cortana flatly replied.

"Let me explain, this is called, the Interspace system, it allows you to store an unlimited amount of items inside it and creates a list on your HUD, but your ancilla can not see it as it is not advanced enough... no offense."

"None taken."

"Now, we shall proceed to the device." The monitor said as it continued through the door on the other end of the armory.

Behind the door, they saw an all-blue room with two circles floating vertically and emitting a beam of light between them.

"This is the device?"

"Yes, if you step inside that beam, you shall be teleported back to your home planet, what you called Earth." The monitor said.

"Easy enough." The Chief said as he went closer.

"However, you must know that there are a few glitches in the machine, there is a small chance that it may lead you to another... dimension." The Monitor warned.

"What?" The Chief and Cortana said in unison.

"Yes, it is possible, now hurry along now, It is only a small chance after all." Provident Guardian said.

"I give my thanks for the hospitality you have shown us, Provident Guardian." John turned to the monitor and saluted.

"I live to serve, now, if you allow me, I shall move on to study your reclaimer ships." Provident Guardian said as it left the area.

"I guess it's you and me now Chief, nice to work with you again caveman." Cortana said as the Spartan began to walk towards the light and disappeared with his newfound abilities and Cortana's renewed lifespan.

End of Chapter.

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