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"Whisper/Internal communications in MJOLNIR/Thoughts and contemplations."


Chapter 4

After the news report earlier, the group decided to move out in the daylight hours as their safehouse wouldn't remain safe for long, they also had a plan to do go with it, in the form of a humvee that they discovered in the garage which made them suspicious to who Shizuka's friend was. Nonetheless, they were very much thankful for the ride though the Master Chief new that the chances of it all of them were very low due to the fact that him and his armor weighed a little over a ton.

The group had been contemplating amongst themselves about the Spartan, wondering if they could really trust him, but so far, they had no reason to believe otherwise, so they allowed him to stay with them.


Said Spartan was currently sitting on the floor cross-legged as he carefully checked his on-screen inventory with his suprressed M4A1 by his side, he managed to find the M4A1 earlier when he left the building to search for supplies for the group should they feel the need to stay in the duplex for too long. Unfortunately, all the nearby stores were completely empty as they were ransacked sometime before the zombie density in the area got too large, he decided to look further and saw a middle-aged man armed with the Suprressed M4A1, he attempted to help the man by alerting him to some zombies directly behind him but unfortunately the man shot at the Chief instead, apparently the man knew the people that the Chief gruesomely decapitated earlier in the day and wanted revenge, unfortunately for him, the zombies heard the supprressed gunshot due to the sheer amount of bullets he sprayed and ate him with the Chief suffering a 60% drain in shields, but if he fired back then all the zombies in the area would have come for him instead and he would have to waste valuable and unreplenishable ammo, so he opted to pick of the gun that the man dropped when his was grabbed and walked away ignoring his cries for help as the weapon is compatible with the bullets in the time period he was in, he also decided to keep all the weapons he had in the Interspace system unless he required major firepower.

"Looks like you have a lot of new toys to play with, too bad I can't see just what those toys are and how many." Cortana complained.

"To give you a brief rundown, I have all of the known current weapons that the UNSC has in service, as well as Covenant weapons and of course Forerunner ones."

"So the weapon that you used to dispose of the bodies earlier in the day was a Forerunner weapon?"

"Yes, they have the special properties of turning living tissue into digital data, supposedly it made the weapons far more effective in facing the flood than our weapons, and according to the data that I received to back up the weapons, they fire hard-light, the same substance that the Forerunners make their bridges and structures." Chief said as he recalled the first time they saw Hard light back at Installation 04, also known as the Alpha Halo when they activated a hardlight bridge to cross a chasm, but of course it was after before he massacred a considerable amount of Covenant troops and navigating through the cave.


Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, startling some of the survivors inside. Though the Spartan didn't bother as he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about it, there was only one gunshot, meaning one person and there were just too many infected out there to get to whoever the shooter was, and the noise caused by the weapon must have sealed his fate. Which all proved to be true a moment later when a scream was heard.

A few minutes a passed by in silence as A.I. and Spartan talked to each other while Takashi and Kohta were scanning the perimeter for anything that would warrant their attention, which they would find all too soon.

"What was that?" The Master Chief said as he immediately grabbed his M4A1 and stood up then went to Kohta and Takashi.

"What was what?" Kohta asked, half-surprised as his unaugmented ears were not able to hear what the Master Chief did.

"Someone is banging on a door somewhere reasonably far from here... they seem to be asking to enter the house but the people inside seems hesitant to letting him in... there!" The Chief could clearly hear the conversation, but it took him a few seconds to configure the zoom and pinpoint the exact area where it was coming from.

He could see a man and a little girl, possibly hs daughter, trying to gain entrance to the house for safety, but don't seem to be making much headway as evidenced when the light near the door that the man the Chief was observing was suddenly turned off, though It did very little to deter the Spartan's augmented eyes and his helmet's night vision.

He could clearly see that the man was ready to break the door down, but the door was opened and out came a makeshift spear that stabbed the guy in the chest, a fatal wound for an ordinary human, though the Master Chief could not see the person who did that to the man, he was very much pissed as they could have helped the man judging by the look and size of the house, they could have helped him and his daughter and vice-versa, but they choose to kill him instead and leave his daughter for dead, to the Spartan's eyes, this was just as worse as a betrayal to the UNSC. He made a mental note in his mind to massacre everyone inside that house as they would likely worsen the new world order if a new one were to be formed.

The man stumbled back and slumped towards the gate as his clothes became completely blood-soaked and the gate creaked completely open as the girl reacted as expected and ran to the man as a typical scene for tragedy-themed movies played between the two as the girl's crying attracted zombies all around.

At this point, Kohta, who readied his SR-25 for this specific moment, began firing on the zombies to provide cover fire for the girl.

After killing the first few zombies, the Master Chief placed his M4A1 in the magnetic clamps on his back, jumped from the balcony, and pulled out his UNSC-made Titanium Combat knife, the knife strong enough to support his weight while dangling from mid-air, he dashed through the zombie hoard at full speed, massacring zombies left and right, Kohta mopped up whatever the Chief left behind that still managed to move and there were very few of them.

In a few seconds, every last one of the zombies blocking the way to his destination were all body parts and blood stains as he killed them systematically and with lethal precision and speed.

He finally got to the immediate area outside the house and made contact with the girl that he saw earlier, she was sitting next to her presumed father's corpse almost being surrounded by zombies until the Master Chief arrived and proceeded to simply toss the zombies outside as he didn't want the girl to be any more scared than she already was, and Arisu on the other hand was pretty damn surprised at the sight of the Spartan tossing the zombies away with one hand as if the zombies didn't weight anything at all.

After tossing away most of the zombies that he could see, John turned to the girl and spoke.

"Are you alright?" The Spartan was geniunely concerned as he had seen many children suffering fates like this and worse during the human and Covenant war. Hell, the Spartan-IIIs were also war orphans, they were used to deadly efficiency during the war, though most of them were used in suicide missions, the ones that were deployed in actual combat were proven to be very effective against Covenant forces, despite the fact that some of the Spartan-IIIs were as young as 12 years old. Which brought up an idea on Chief's mind that went something like "What if this girl could become a Spartan-III?"

Arisu was about to answer until she saw one of them coming up from behind the Chief, so she decided to alert him about it. Not that the zombies could do anything to him anyway.

"Behind you!"

Even before he received the warning, the Chief already heard the zombie moaning the moment it saw him, but it didn't register in his motion sensor until the moment it lunged as zombies walked too slowly to register on his motion sensor when they were idling so he could not rely on his motion sensor to see all the zombies in the vicinity.

He swiftly backhanded the zombie and sent it flying into a section of the wall with it's skull crushed, never to walk the Earth again.

He still thanked Arisu out of courtesy as he planned to get back to their hideout and commence an escape as the zombies in the areas around them were multiplying and could make it impossible for them to escape, however, the zombies piled up to the closed gate near the two humans, trapping them inside, though it wouldn't be a problem for the Master Chief, it was a totally different story for Arisu as she didn't have the MJOLNIR armor that the Master Chief had and only one bite and she would go into the history books along with her father.

"You're gonna get me out of here right?" She was worried that her savior might end up abandoning her because of she knew that he was more than capable of doing so without a scratch, but she was very vulnerable.

The giant walked towards her and got down to her height. "I promise I will." he then stared into the house at he caught one of the people inside staring at him. "I have some friends on the way, you'll be safe here, just don't make any noise that could prompt "them" into breaking the door down, in the meantime I have some business to take care of." The Master Chief remembered that he had to pay back some of the people in the house for what they've done.


He proceeded to slowly pull out the door knob and opened the door into a hallway of darkness, he walked inside, silence ensued in a few minutes as imagined scenes of what the Master Chief was doing to the people inside filled Arisu's mind, the Chief finally walked out and pulled out the supressed M4A1.

"What do we do now?" Arisu asked the Chief, not bothering to ask what he did inside as she already felt the answer creeping up the back of her mind.

"We wait."

End of Chapter.

Well, I took a pretty long break from writing due to tending to some of the aspects in my life, but now that it's over with and graduation is only a week away, I've decided to end my break for now.

Reviewer response:


Well, I couldn't think of any other way to get the Chief into the HOTD universe without the use of the UNSC's warships which we all know would end up in a "Kinetic and Nuclear cleansing" of the Infected countries.

Now this I could really agree on, the weapons the Chief has in the Interspace system would be rather unnecessary, but it's actually a back-up plan for some of the ideas in the back of my mind that I may implement later, such as modern remnant Covenant making their way into the planet or Super-zombies like in left for dead, so the Chief could have effective weapons against them.

I don't think Cortana would be picking up a lot of Radio chatter or Wi-fi signals at all, as I'm guessing that the power would be knocked out and radio station would be evacuated anyway.

I already made-up a cover for Chief, plus, they have no reason to not be accepting of an undoubtably powerful ally in their ranks.