Predictably Unpredictable

Or: Unhappy Reunion Continued

By Lady Peter

Chapter Four

The story "Endor Walk" comes between the action of the last chapter and this one. Leia and Han have left the party at the Endor base and are headed back to Leia's quarters when they get sidetracked by romantic nonsense. Although it's not necessary, you can read "Endor Walk" for said romantic nonsense. Otherwise, suffice it to say that along their path, progress is halted by making out. To wit:

"Their eyes met again and Leia felt the magnetic pull towards Han that meant things were about to get serious between them. But they were still a good 500 yards from the hut that was reserved for her, and she might have just felt a raindrop, so she attempted a good faith effort at turning away and continuing along the path, but Han was having none of it. The moment she broke the spell between them by starting to pull away, he gave a brief shake of his head and pulled her to him, and then they were kissing and Leia really didn't care any more that they were on the path, or that it was about to rain."

Han began to walk them into the trees, and settled her against a broad trunk a few yards from the path, not completely hidden, but out of the notice of any passers-by. Leia heard another distant rumble of thunder and giggled as Han pressed against her. She leaned her head against the tree and asked, "So is this the night you make my romantic thunderstorm fantasy come true?"


Between kisses and nips to his earlobe, she whispered, "Funny. I don't remember that any of those fantasies involved getting drenched."

His voice was growing rough, but he pulled out a signature grin and replied, "Be flexible. I promise, I'll get you inside soon enough, but I can't wait for a taste of you." He began with her ear, then moved downward. On his knees Han was still of a height to nuzzle between her breasts with a pleased hum that almost tickled. She started to laugh but it came out as a gasp; he had found how simple it was to free her breasts from the loose blouse she'd worn that evening. The air was growing chill around them, but as quickly as he exposed her to the night air, he brought his mouth to her breast. Leia looked at his face, so intent, and stroked his cheek. The slight movement of his jaw was compelling: she stared at it as if it was something completely unknown to her. Her breathing grew uneven, and it felt like the tree trunk at her back was beginning to sway improbably. She held onto his shoulders: the only stable thing she could find all of a sudden. She forced her eyes open for a moment and looked up. Above her head she could just see branches swaying, and a faint glow against the clouds from the landing pad not far to their west. It was so exquisite, everything around her: the trees, the air full of the promise of a storm, the dirt under her feet, and the man kneeling in front of her. She felt a strange moment of dissociation, feeling small underneath the trees, but as big as the sky, too. A few more fat raindrops fall on her face and shoulders.

Han continued to kiss, suckle, and nip, and showed no signs of stopping. Perhaps he was seeing just how far he could take her with this: she'd wondered herself if it was possible for her to actually reach orgasm from his mouth on her breasts alone. It certainly felt like it wasn't impossible at moments like this. The ley lines between her breasts and vulva were singing, and Leia's hips swayed in a promise of things to come. Eventually impatience ended the experiment, and Leia took Han's hand from her other breast and drew it between her legs. Together they pulled her skirts out of the way, and she wasn't sure whether it was his fingers or her own she felt as they mingled among her folds. But then that was definitely him rolling his thumb and forefinger around her center. He lips drew urgently on her nipple now, he moaned into her, and just as she came she thought she saw the first flash of lightning, but she couldn't be sure.

After shivering against Han's kneeling form for a long moment, Leia planted a grateful kiss on his lips, and said, "I'm afraid we're stuck here. I don't think I can walk!" Han chuckled and heaved them both up off the damp ground, bringing her up into his arms. He shifted her against his chest and starting walking toward her quarters again.

"Don't worry about your reputation, Princess. If anyone sees us, they'll just think you're drunk off your ass."

"Do you expect an argument out of me now? Impossible," she murmured in his ear. "I'm too busy getting my strength back. And I hope you've sobered up: I don't want this evening to end with you dropping me. Everything needs to be up, in fact - no dropping." She giggled in mingled embarrassment and hilarity at her sophomoric joke.

"You have absolutely no worries on that score, I guarantee."
Rain began to patter on them more insistently.

"Good," she whispered, suddenly seductive. "Because I want you so deep inside me..."


They arrived at Leia's cabin without anyone being dropped, until Han dropped her on the bed with a ceremonial plop and a giddy laugh from her. Their clothes disappeared in a flurry of hands and kisses to bared skin. In no time at all there was nothing between them and they were skin to skin.

When he entered her at last, Leia uttered a soft "ohhh." This was what had been missing last night: the ignition that happened when they came together. Han rested his forehead on hers for a long moment as they shared breath. He gasped at the insistent pull on him that had already started inside her. Han raised up to kneel, and drew her hips forward until she was resting on his thighs. It was so deep this way, it always made her wild. Sometimes she felt exposed lying naked before him, but the pleasure they shared like this was so great that fear and vulnerability evaporated before they even began. And the second that Han had them arranged to his liking, he started to make love to her in earnest, establishing a rhythm of shallow and deep that sent her into spiral of pleasure.

For just a moment, Leia saw herself from the outside, and wondered at herself: shaking, crying out, begging Han, telling him everything he was making her feel, telling him how good he was at pleasing her. For that moment, she felt amazement that this was really her. But she'd learned that self-reflection killed the mood like nothing else. So instead of thinking about herself, she watched Han. He was sheened with sweat, and a lock of hair was plastered to his forehead. His breathing was hard but steady, and he had a look of intense concentration. Her eyes drifted to his stomach muscles flexing each time he thrust into her. The sight made her own stomach turn over. He adjusted, moving his hands down her waist and shifting her hips higher. She began to feel the floating sensation, and, not for the first time, very frank words came spilling from her. "I love watching you fuck me." His eyes jumped to hers and his jaw tightened. With an ambiguous movement of his head which seemed to express some sort of inarticulate confirmation, he began an insistent stoke that drove her to an entirely new level of pleasure. Outside, a hard rain had begun driving at the cabin, and lightning came more and more frequently. It was romantic, she thought: she felt some connection between their bodies and the booming thunder and flashing light.

This position, him on his haunches with her spread before him, created unique sensations: they would begin sweet and pleasing, then build to a sharp intensity. The pleasure and pressure would grow until Han struggled to stay inside her. At the touch of Leia's fingers on his wrist, he'd pull back, and the pressure would be released in a long, wonderful gush. The best part, she truly thought, was Han's response: first was the string of loving vulgarities when he felt her fluid warmth on his cock. Then as he slid into her again-so impossibly slick and wet-a litany of every term of endearment, every nickname he'd ever called her, even the ones that drove her crazy. "What did you call me?"

"Nothing-forget it."

"Tell me," she said in her best tone of command.

"Your Worship." In his tone, Leia heard a desire to kick himself. His rhythm slacked off a hair.

"Don't stop!...That's the last thing I thought could ever sound sexy!" Their laughter rang out for an instant, but was cut off abruptly by another turn of the cycle. It went on and on, this delicious cycle, until she was panting and crying with the need for release. She could see in his face and hear in his voice that he was near the edge too, and when he shifted his thumb to reach her clit and draw rough circles there, it was almost a relief to feel her climax coming. It began with a feeling in her belly like a huge sea creature rising to the surface, and kept growing past what she'd ever felt before. Han had pulled out almost completely and was making teasing passes at her entrance, attempting to cool his own desire, but she needed to feel him inside. She communicated this through a pleading moan and a wiggle of her hips. When he drove back in all the way to her cervix, and then again, it swept her up completely. Her climax broke the surface and she barely had the chance to cry out "I'm coming" before Han began a desperate rhythm that made her scream out her pleasure. The hardest bursts of her climax had finally abated just as she felt him tense all over and then yell her name as he spilled himself into her in several last, deep thrusts. Gods, she loved to feel him come inside her. She savored the look on his face: amazement and anguish and love all together. He shuddered and buried his face in her shoulder as they relaxed into utter languor. Leia became aware again of the cabin around them, the moon they were on. There was a steady rain pounding outside, and intermittent flashes of lightning. She wasn't even aware of falling asleep.


When Leia woke hours later, she was neatly tucked into Han's side, surrounded by his warmth and scent. He was sprawled on his back in seeming abandon, the only part of him not completely boneless the arm that kept her so close. Without thinking, she turned her face to his skin, kissing and nuzzling every inch within reach- his chest, shoulder, the curve into his armpit, then back to his nipple, lost in the pleasures of exploring his unusually still body. She should have known she would wake him up, but it still surprised her when Han stirred and then smoothed her hair away from her face. She looked up to his face and ruefully rested her cheek on his chest. "Oh-I woke you again. I didn't mean to." She smiled apologetically at him, looking at his bleary-eyed face for the first time. His expression betrayed a certain skepticism. "Really," she continued, "I wasn't planning on disturbing you, I just…" Almost never at a loss for words, Leia hoped her attempt at one of Han's eloquent shrugs would communicate her mix of embarrassment and remorselessness.

"S'okay." Han dropped his head back on the pillow, but didn't stop stroking her hair.

"Han, What about you? What do you think is romantic?"

"Mmm, I don't know if I think in those terms."

"Well, what are your fantasies? You must have some of those, right?" She encouraged him with another delicate, moist kiss to his chest. He shifted again, really waking up now, and looked back down at her with one of his lazy smiles.

"Fantasies? What kind?"

"I don't know. Anything. What excites you?"

"Well, there is one thing that gets me…" Han casually put his arms behind his head and gave her a slow wink. "Let's say there's this girl," he began. "This absolute spitfire of a girl. She's gorgeous, and she's not afraid of anything." Now this is getting interesting, Leia thought as she blushed scarlet. She rested her chin on Han's chest in rapt attention. Her hand wandered to his stomach to trace the hair leading from chest to groin. Han's voice was steady, but his muscles jumped under her palm.

"She could have any guy she wanted, but she wants me. She doesn't just want me: she can't get enough of me. She trembles when I kiss her, and you wouldn't believe how she kisses me-like there's nothing else in the universe." Her hand strayed lower. My stars, had that been there this whole time? His cock was rock-hard, and she felt a pearl of moisture already at the tip. Her breaths instantly became shallow and fast. Interesting? this was getting downright exciting.

"And in bed, the way she looks, the sounds she makes, I feel like I could die right there and I'd be happy. This amazing girl, and I'm the guy she wants, I'm the guy she's crazy about." She nodded and gave him a little smile over a gulp. Her mouth was dry. This was what he dreamed about?

Now the smallest grin made Han's eyes gleam with playful intent. "She wants me so much, she wakes me up in the middle of the night just to ride me." Just like that, the room was 20 degrees hotter. How did he do it? How could he simply say these things and make her stomach do flips?

She took a moment to stretch languorously against Han's side, then gamely threw a leg over and sat astride him. With little delay she bent over his chest, eased him into herself, and then sat up. She was a little tender from earlier, and the deepest penetration didn't feel as good as it should, so Leia just rocked and tilted her hips a bit until she felt the sweet friction that made her smile and bite her lower lip. Hearing a strangled groan from Han, she looked down to see his own eyes shutting tight, his hands clenched by his sides, and his jaw muscles tensed. "Han-look at me," she said in a gentle voice.

His lips opened to speak, but his teeth remained clenched tight. "Can't: It's too much. I'll let go too soon." At that moment she was glad his eyes were shut, so that he didn't see her incredulous and triumphant grin. She leaned back down over his chest, so that her nipples just grazed him. He took in breath with a hiss.

"Are you telling me that seeing me up here is really that-exciting?" Leia was afraid she hadn't kept all the giddiness out of her voice, because when Han cracked his eyes open he looked the tiniest bit perturbed.

"That's what I'm saying-what I've been saying." Feeling some remorse, Leia gave him a kiss that quickly turned more passionate than she'd intended. "Shit-like that. Do you do that on purpose?"

"What: that?"

"Yes," he barely ground out.

"That was involuntary. But, it's on purpose."

"Leia-the way you feel, the way you look. You're the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen." The strain in his voice just then was the most satisfying thing she'd ever heard, Leia thought. She kissed him once more, then sat back up.

"Then look at me. I'll take my chances with you." And he did. Leia started to rock again, loving the freedom to move just as she pleased. She took Han's hand in hers and kissed it, watching his eyes grow wide. He really didn't look like he'd last long at this rate. Then she had an idea. She drew his fingers together and whispered "make a fist." She took Han's hand and placed it palm down where their bodies met, nestling it in between her folds. "Don't move it." Then she experimented, pressing against his knuckles as she went to and fro. Oh, this was going to be good.

A few moments' movement made Han's knuckles slick, and the feeling they created was sublime. She loved everything his hands could do to her, and this was no exception. Knowing that this hand that she'd seen pilot the Falcon, make repairs, adjust his belt, fix caf, or punch a guy in the jaw, was the same hand buried against her flesh was incredibly sexy.

She almost laughed at her next thought-that she must be a sexual genius. How had she never heard of this? If she had the guts, she'd tell everyone she knew about the glory of a male fist between the legs. As Leia's mind wandered, she'd been moving this way and that, seeing what felt best, where the sweet spot lay between Han's cock and his hand-then he applied more pressure and tilted his fist, and there it was. All idle thoughts fled, and she threw her head back with a pleased moan. Now she was in the perfect spot to feel him inside and grind against him at the same time. She started to get that feeling like running down a hill too fast, along with a rippling, exquisite pleasure. It was quickly so intense that she bent over Han and rested her forehead on his chest. "I missed you so much."

Han obligingly kept his right hand still, but brought his left around to hold her to him. She thought she heard him say he loved her, and she smiled against him, keeping up a rhythm that made them both pant. When the rippling inside her reached the point of no return, Leia called out his name, and he somehow knew, or maybe only hoped, that this was his signal to let go. He brought up his knees and drove into her until she wailed into his chest, until she thought she'd tumble down from her perch. But he held her in an iron grip until they'd both spent themselves utterly: then they both collapsed, still shaking from head to foot. Leia scooted up until their faces were level and looked into Han's eyes.

Sometimes Leia wondered when their sexual honeymoon would end, but tonight she looked at Han and felt a new level of understanding, of intimacy with him. Tonight she sensed a universe of knowledge and pleasure still to be shared. There were a million more things they had to learn about each other, and a million more ways to learn them.

This was the truth that she'd been seeking and missing these past few days: that as different as they may be, as far as they might wander from each other, at their core they were one. This was why she so seldom felt insecurity about their relationship: because when they were together, really together, there was no doubt, only things they hadn't learned yet. She opened her mouth to say something along these lines, but nothing came out. All the words had been said, and a new wave of bone-deep weariness overcame her. Instead she just kissed his lips and cheek and returned to the shelter of his side.


Han shifted to his side and nuzzled Leia's shoulder. "How long 'till it's light, do you think?" he asked softly.

"Um-mm," was her only response. She used the last of her energy to pull the covers back over them, then snuggled herself down with her back against him and his arm held close.

"Well, do you have to be up early?" he said around a yawn.

"Hm-mm." One shrug was all she had left before falling utterly and completely asleep.

Han smiled with complete satisfaction, hoped that Leia had taken care of setting an alarm for herself earlier, then followed her into slumber.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the story. There is more in store for this series, so stay tuned! All gratitude goes to the women who tirelessly beta read this story for me: AnnaFan, FettsOnTop, and Push (good to have you back, Push!).