A/N: Okay so my bad. Its been like a year since I wrote anything for this and no one is probably even left reading this by now but if you are I am soooooo sorry. I have the next chapter finished and will be longer than this one. I had like no inspiration to write for a long time but I am back and will do better!

With Zane and Cleo:

"Okay, school work is done! Please can we go out on the boat now?" Cleo asked as she walked into Zanes in home office. Having agreed to take the day off with Cleo, only if she finished her final essay and let him finish looking over the final contract for buying Mako Island, "Of course, just finished signing the contract. We are good to go, but first why don't you finish getting the boat ready while I grab us lunch to take." Cleo smiled and quickly agreed before heading out to their private dock.

Slowly Zanes returning smile slipped of his face as her looked at the photo of Cleo and himself on his desk. He had finally finished buying the island so the could protect it to some degree but Zane still had no idea on how to protect Cleo from the pain the old gang would bring or if he should just tell her and let her make up her own mind.

With a final sigh, Zane got up and headed to their kitchen to grab their lunch and head to the boat. "At least I am getting her out of the town for the day so we wont have to worry right now." Zane thought to himself as he got onto the boat.

Rikki and the gang:

"That will make us look insane guys!" Will exclaimed after Lewis and Rikki had finished telling them her plan to find Cleo. "Lost and found posters are a bit strange to be putting up for a person who technically isn't lost Rikki." Emma said in agreement. Looking around the room at everyone's face, she knew they all felt the same way. With a sigh, Rikki sat down. "I know it's just... I don't know. That was all I could come up with. Anyone else got a better one?" She asked.

"Lunch!" Ash suddenly called out as he looked up. All at once every ones eyes were on him. "I'm hungry and none of us have ate yet." He finished. "He's right, no good thinking comes from empty stomachs. Lets grab lunch and keep brain storming and asking around." Will said. Nodding everyone went to get ready. Before going Lewis turned to Rikki, "Maybe you should try ringing Zane, see if he wants to join us today."

"That's a great idea, I'll invite his new sister too. Maybe she or one of her friends and help find Cleo." Rikki smiled going to grab her phone. "Or maybe you can ask him out?" Lewis said. Blushing, Rikki stumbled over her reply. "Don't even try denying it. I saw the way you talked about him before we got here and the way you looked at him last night." Lewis said again before she could try. Rikki in way of answering stuck out her tongue at him and pushing him out of her room said, "Oh shut it and go get ready! Who knows we might end up just bumping into Cleo!" At that with a giant smile Lewis left the room.

Once at a local dinner the gang sat waiting for their food, as Rikki watched people pass the window of the restaurant she gasped suddenly as a familiar face passed by. "Charlotte!" She yelled.

Turning at the sound of her name, Charlotte was shocked to see who had called it and all the people sat next to Rikki. By then everyone else in the group had turned to look out the window and were waving her in though she didn't recognize two of them. With a tight smile she walked inside.