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It was a year later and everything was going just great.

Melanie had had a tough time at first - she hadn't escaped the total effects of brain damage. She had to get rehabilitation to learn how to walk again and sometimes she got lost in her own world but it was still a much better outcome than expected. She was also expecting her first child as well as being a happily married wife. Jared had given her all the letters that he had written and she had read them all, countless times, smiling, laughing, crying. But she was alive and happy and that was all that counted.

Wanda and Ian were also very happy, being the cheesey couple they are. They are engaged - even though Melanie insisted that it was too fast and they were to wait until after she had had the baby so she could be the bridesmaid. She wasn't taking no for an answer. Wanda moved into Ian's apartment and all is happy, as it should be.

Jamie visits often and is very protective of Mel, for example, promising that if she ever tries to be a heroine again that he will tie her down with rope. Jared agreed that he would happily help. And Jamie finally grew another couple of inches so Wanda can't ruffle his hair without standing on a chair. Life is good.

The End...