Another Chapter finally up and running. I particularly love this chapter and took a long time to write it. Of course it plagued my mind not being able to get this up sooner but I hope you enjoy. Its both fluffy and smutty just the way I like to write.

Chapter 6: The First Night as Newlyweds

The reception went off without a hitch. The décor wasn't over the top, and everyone loved the food and entertainment. When the speeches were made, Alice stepped up and made a tearful one about how much she loved her new wife. Of course Emmett made some comment about the 'after-party' and it made the human blush violently red, but other than that it was very sweet. Esme went to the stage as well and had tears in her eyes while speaking of her new daughter in law. Bella smiled as strangled sobs came out of the woman's mouth but it was ok because the tears that couldn't fall were happy ones.

After that the cake was brought out and because tradition commanded it, they did the ceremonial cutting while everyone awed and took pictures of the cute pair. Then there was music and dancing, and while Bella didn't want to ruin her perfect dress, she still slow danced with her father, Charlie.

Everything was perfect.

The only thing she couldn't wait for, was for everyone to leave. Bella really needed her wife to herself. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to do something special for her Alice, but she really had to think about what exactly she could do for a vampire that could see the future.

As the night wound down, Bella found a moment to separate from the party and sneak over to where the Denali sisters were sitting, observing everything that was going on. Tanya took these moments to sit with her sisters and converse before they went back to Alaska.

Kate was the first to spot the newly wedded human and spoke.

"Well, hello Bella. How does it feel to be married to a vampire?"

The blonde spoke with a genuine curiosity as well as a jest. She rested her beautiful chin on her knuckles and sized the young girl up with her golden gaze.

Bella shifted her weight under the scrutiny of the elder Denali sister. Tanya slapped her sister lightly on the shoulder trying to save her new sister in law from this torture.

"Kathryn, leave the poor girl alone. She is still human after all."

Irina snickered at her two older sisters' banter, especially at the fact that Tanya had used Kate's full name, but she couldn't help wondering the same thing. She looked over at the human and said.

"We're all curious Bella. You're the only human that has been married to a vampire ever in existence."

Bella gasped at that, not really knowing how to answer. This made her think about her life. About all of the times she felt as if something were missing. There was always a hole there in her chest but there was no way to determine what would fill it. She thought about all of the times that she and Alice were together and she thought about their time apart. It struck her in the chest forcefully and she covered the spot with her hand. The brunette only hoped that she would be changed. Changed into a vampire to truly live her life the way she was meant to. With Alice by her side.

"It's terrifying. To still be human and in love with a vampire. The fact that I'm married to one now doesn't change how terrifying it is, but not for the reasons you think." She took a moment to process her thoughts before continuing.

"I fear that Alice may still think of me as a fragile human that needs protecting. I fear that she may see how much I have missed in my life and not change me. But the one thing that scares me above all else is not the fact that she might not change me, but the fact that she won't and will eventually have to live out the rest of eternity without me someday."

Bella played with the simple white gold band on her ring finger and contemplated everything she had just said. She hoped it made sense because there was really no other way she could explain it.

Kate took this under consideration and spoke up.

"So you don't want to be changed into a vampire for your own selfish needs, but so that Alice won't have to bear the pain of living without her mate." It wasn't a question

Bella nodded her head.

"I will give up everything I have in this life just to save her that pain. Her and all of the other Cullen's. They are my family. My brothers and sisters." She looked to Tanya and grabbed her hand, remembering how well she and Edward looked after her after the whole birthday debacle a year prior. Bella smiled at the blonde and looked over to the rest of her siblings. Emmett and Rosalie dancing to the music that was slowly winding down. Jasper was sitting with Angela and they were just looking deeply into each other's eyes, not wanting to separate. "They're my mother and father." She looked to Esme and Carlisle who were also dancing.

Esme looked over then and smiled greatly at the girl. Bella smiled back, remembering how supportive the woman had been throughout this whole relationship. Never had she turned away from the human and she always treated her as if she were her own flesh and blood. And Carlisle was the ever doting father and mentor of every vampire in this family. If it wasn't for the man, none of them would be here at this moment.

Tears made their way down her face as the thought about how grateful she was to this family. For letting her into their world.

"I have to find Alice."

She spoke out and said her goodbyes to her in-laws. Bella lifted the bottom of her dress so that she wouldn't step on it while she looked for her wife. Wife. Mate. Those words made everything click in her head. There was so much fog inside for a long time and she didn't know what would clear it. But ever since she met Alice and the rest of her family, she knew that everything would be crystal clear.

Bella found Alice talking to one of the Volturi council members. Their cloak was shed and Bella could now see their face. Granted they were short in stature but that didn't discount for the reputation that followed her. Jane was a force to be reckoned with if you crossed her.

She and her wife were talking rather quietly about something and Bella wanted to know what. So she made her way over and put her arms around her wife, kissing her on the cheek lightly.

Alice shivered at the light touch and smiled. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she took in the sight of Bella. Even now she took her breath away. "Mi Bella." Alice spoke softly in her Italian accent, and nuzzled herself in Bella's neck.

"Hello Bella." Jane spoke up in her calm tone. The small blonde took in the sight of the human and chuckled slightly at the fact that she was quite a bit taller than the pixie herself. Bella declined her head slightly in respectful greeting toward the council member.

As she looked into her eyes however, Bella saw flecks of gold within the blood red.

"Jane, have you been…"

The tiny blonde huffed and crossed her arms in embarrassment.

"Yes, I have been hunting animals in the area for some sustenance."

Bella smiled lightly at the small but prideful confession coming from Jane. Who had only been supplied with human blood her entire vampire existence. That must have been a huge step for her.

"Aro thought it would be respectful not to hunt humans in your neck of the woods so he told us to hunt animals instead."

Alice wrapped her arm around Bella's waist and whispered in her wife's ear.

"She's slightly embarrassed because she quite likes the taste of Bear in our area."

Bella's eyes widened at the fact. That was the animal Emmett hunted often. Bears were huge here and that was no small feat to hunt those beasts.

"Are you alright? They are rather large here and it takes Emmett a good moment to take them down."

Jane scoffed waved off the concern coming from the human.

"You forget how long I've been around for dear. I have a little more skill, and patience than your brother."

Alice and Bella both laughed at the fact and nodded in agreement. Bella looked around and then decided to bring up the reason why she was there.

"What were you two talking about a moment ago, if you don't mind me asking?"

Alice looked thoughtful for a moment and breathed a heavy sigh.

"Jane says that Lord Aro has extended an invitation for us to visit Volterra during our honeymoon."

Bella's eyes widened at the thought of returning to the stronghold and wondered briefly if Alice had anything planned for the occasion already. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to go back if not to explore the town in more detail, but to also learn more of the older vampire coven's history.

"Well, you haven't told me much about what you have planned for our vacation Alice. I don't see any harm in going back. It would definitely be for a better reason than last time." The pixie visibly stiffened at the mention of their last 'trip' to see the Volturi.

As if sensing her wife's distress, Bella entwined their fingers and rubbed her arm with her free hand. The contact helped significantly. "We'll definitely take in into consideration Jane. Why don't you stay until morning and we will give you our answer in then?"

Jane always knew when to draw the line with her questions so she decided to take her leave. She nodded her head in agreement and turned to go speak with some of the other guests.

Bella gave her full attention to her wife after that. She turned to face her fully and picked Alice's chin up with her thumb and forefinger. "Alice?" Bella asked lightly to see if she was alright. She brought Alice's pale hand up to her cheek and kissed the palm of it. "I'm still here baby. Everything's fine." The pixie blinked away the memory of that day, finally seeing her wife's bright green eyes, and shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"I'm sorry mi amore." Bella liked it when she spoke Italian so she did it as often as she could. The human smiled brightly then and leaned down to kiss her soft lips.

Alice sighed at feeling the connection with her mate. Now they were finally married. Not in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would ever find Bella. Not with everything she had done in her past. The lives she had taken.

"Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore Bella." The girl smiled but made no move to reply. Meaning that she had no idea what Alice said. The pixie leaned up on her toes and spoke in her ear. "It means, I love you with all of my heart." Bella felt her heart ache with such love and devotion for her wife so she went on instinct and kissed her almost violently. Alice was surprised at the sudden reaction but made no move to stop it, she loved the feel of Bella's lips way too much for that.

Still in her predatory mode, Bella grabbed Alice by the hand and lead her back into the house with a speed that was fast for a human. Alice heard Emmett's laugh in the opposite direction and looked over her shoulder to see him with his arm around Rosalie's shoulder. Esme and Carlisle also saw the couple's interaction and smiled dearly at their youngest child. In the present moment, Alice knew that if she could blush she most likely would, for it seemed that Bella only had one thing in mind.

It was no time at all that the two were secluded in Alice's room with the door locked. Bella pushed Alice against the solid wood and kissed her passionately. Each pass of her lips made Alice moan louder as she wrapped her arms around her wife's neck.

Alice peeked her tongue out wanting access into her lover's mouth and Bella readily granted it. Both women groaned before Alice lifted her human into her arms and guided her over to the bed. Bella wrapped her legs around the lithe waist of her lover and began an onslaught of kisses on her neck. The pixie almost lost her balance thanks to the pleasure she felt. She dropped Bella on to the bed and told her to turn around.

"What for?" Bella asked with a slight whine in her voice.

Alice raised an eyebrow and had a predatory smile on her face. "Because my love, as much as I would enjoy ripping this dress to shreds, I do want to save it." Alice moved in close and used the tip of her tongue to lick up the expanse of Bella's neck. Before she could react, Alice left her body and twirled her finger.

Bella did as she was told and moved so that she was now laying on her stomach. Placing her hand on the lacy back of the dress, Alice dragged it up until she found the pearl clasp. Her touch was so light and soft that it made Bella squirm under it. It turned her on more than anything and the human expressed her pleasure in a moan that reverberated through the walls of the room.

Alice grinned and plucked the white pearl from its confines within the clasp. Once that was done, Alice slid the zipper down all of the way until it reached her lover's backside. She could tell Bella was blushing because she buried her face into the pillow beneath her. Alice giggled at the childlike innocence of her wife before moving back up to the bare skin where the dress had once been fastened. She lightly pressed her lips on that skin and she could feel Bella shiver.

Once the dress was open, Alice weaved her hand underneath the material to fully touch the warm pale skin of her mate.

"Alice…" Bella whispered wanting her closer. The pixie then pushed the dress to the side and pulled slightly to have Bella sit up. The human raised herself on her knees and honestly didn't care about the state of the dress. She knew it had to be at least a little sweaty and dirty from all of the dancing and other things during the reception.

Bella pulled her arms out of the dress and let it fall to her side. The white lacy lingerie revealed itself. She could hear Alice growl at the sight and made a mental reminder to thank Rosalie and Tanya later. Probably after the honeymoon. The pixie moved closer and placed her arms around her wife's waist. She whispered in her ear, "This I don't mind destroying." Alice hooked a finger through the clasp of the bra and only had to tug on it for the material to give way.

Bella moaned fully and grasped Alice's hands as the bra fell away from her body. The contrast of heated skin to ice cold turned her on even more. She turned her head to connect her lips to her wife's once more in a heated kiss. As the kissed Bella found the strength to turn around so that she was sitting with Alice straddling her legs. The pixie leaned back and took in the sight of her mate, and growled lowly in her throat.

Alice reached out and lightly touched Bella's flat stomach. She so wanted to take her wife, make her scream her name in utter ecstasy, but she knew that foreplay was what Bella really enjoyed. The pixie brunette pushed lightly on her wife's stomach and she fell back in a snap. Alice then moved to the bottom of the dress and pulled it off of her feet. It was a fast movement that made Bella moan. She then removed her own clothes all the way down to her underwear.

Bella could feel her pupils dilate and her arousal became more prominent. She reached for Alice and pulled her close. She kissed the pixie's flat abdomen and moved her hands to the waistband of her panties. Alice ran her fingers through Bella's hair and urged her to keep going.

Bella sneaked her hands inside of Alice's underwear and moved them down until they pooled at her feet. She then moved her kisses to her wife's hip bones and nipped at them. Alice moaned and pushed Bella back.

Bella fell back onto the bed with ease and watched as her wife crawled up her body like a panther or some other wild cat on the prowl. Alice swiped her nose against Bella's, giving her an Eskimo kiss before kissing her lips once more. Bella moaned loudly into her mouth for she had missed those lips against her own.

This went on for a few moments before Alice moved to Bella's neck and shoulder. She ground her bare pussy against the white lace of her wife's panties. Damn that felt good. Her breathing became ragged as her clit brushed against the material of the underwear. Alice could feel herself becoming wetter and more wanting of Bella's touch.

Bella used this as her chance to roll her wife over and begin her own attack on her skin. She ravished Alice's neck with open mouthed kisses and she swiped her tongue against the smooth column. The young vampire was very responsive to this attention and moved her cold hands over Bella's smooth back.

Knowing that Alice liked the feeling of her lace panties against her, Bella ground herself against her wife again and again, all while kissing her neck. "Bella, please baby, I need you inside me." Alice moaned as Bella did indeed take her time pleasuring her.

The girl smiled wickedly not really having any intention of stopping her ministrations. Bella continued her way down Alice's body, now coming up to her chest. She always thought Alice's breasts were perfect for her. Not too small but not overly large either. They were a good handful and in the bra, Bella massaged them. The material rubbed against Alice's nipples and she growled with pleasure.

She kissed the skin peeking out of the undergarment and hooked her finger through the front to pull Alice up. Alice did as she was told and Bella kissed her while unhooking the clasp and throwing the bra away off to the side of the room. The vampire watched with rapt attention as her wife leaned down and took one of her rock hard nipples into her mouth. Feeling that warm cavern of Bella's mouth made Alice's body go into over drive. She made sure not to hurt her as she gripped her by the hair and push her further onto her chest.

Alice could feel herself falling back onto the bed and the mattress welcomed her as Bella switched from one nipple to the other. The young girl licked, sucked and bit onto the pebbled flesh and loved the way that Alice moved her body into her. She could feel her wetness on her stomach and wanted so much to taste her.

Bella continued to move down Alice's body, she smiled as it writhed with each light kiss. She spent much time at the taught stomach she found beneath her lips. She kissed and worshiped each inch of skin there. Her hands moved up and down Alice's sides until they decided to ultimately move back to her breasts for the time being.

She molded and massaged them as the tip of her tongue moved over her abdomen.

"Bella, God please. I can't take much more baby.

Hearing the raw need on her wife's voice made Bella move her hands all the way down to Alice's center. Feeling the wetness all over her bare skin there made her moan as she moved her lips back up to meet in a kiss with her lover. Tongues battled for dominance as Bella rubbed her fingers all over Alice's clit.

"Let's do it together baby." Bella spoke with a passion in her voice that made Alice rip the lace panties off of Bella's body. There was little warning as both women entered each other. Both surprised at the wetness they found.

Each thrust was laced with a moan. Each moan had a name attached, whether it was God, or Alice, or Bella, both women were in ecstasy. It didn't take long for either of them to tumble over the edge and it was glorious.

Once Bella rode out her orgasm, she collapsed onto Alice-with her head on her chest-and let out a long blissful sigh. She began to draw unorganized shapes on her alabaster skin with the tip of her finger. Alice sighed from the soft feeling of Bella's warm fingers and held her close.

Alice weaved her fingers through her wife's long brown hair and stared at the ceiling with a huge smile on her face. It just seemed that everything was coming together. She began to think about her life. Or at least the start of her immortal one. Alice always believed that she was a monster for what she did to her own parents. Granted her father wasn't one that could be mourned but her mother was a different story.

Her mother was the saving grace of her entire family. She was so good and pure, like snow. She loved both of her children and always made sure that they were clothed and fed and happy. Alice always thought that she would never find either love or happiness ever again. But her Maker ensured that she found a family. That she would find some happiness in life.

Bella completed every part of her being. That girl was the love of her life. Now they were married and nothing would be able to tear them apart.

"I love you Bella." Alice spoke as she brought up the girls chin and lightly kissed her lips.

Bella moaned into the kiss and it quickly became heated. Hands traveled once more over soft bodies and Alice quickly gained the upper hand as she rolled Bella over onto her back.

"It's my turn, my love." She said with a heated gaze and a wild grin. She kissed Bella on the lips once more and then moved down her body. Bella giggled at the simple statement and then gripped the sheets ready for the best night of her life.