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The black cloaked figure walked down the pathway to the small cottage, it's steps slow and predatory, silent and cautious. It stilled as it encountered the front door until the only part of it that was moving was a slim hand that was making complicated patterns in the air with a wand. A small smile graced its face as it got the wanted result and it stood up straighter abandoning all caution as it blasted the door open carelessly and walked inside, its previously quite gait replaced by a powerful stride that was entirely silent.

The inside of the house was quite nicely furnished with a small fire in the caged grate. The floor was covered in toys and story books and the sofa had a large blanket on it, still warm from its previous occupants.

A black haired man stood at the opposite doorway his wand out menacingly but with a look of fear on his face "Get away from here," he said his voice surprisingly steady as the figure walked closer the toys moving out of the way of their own will. The terror on the mans face grew making his voice inadvertently louder "Go. Go away, please. Shoo." The figure laughed, a high cold cackle that only one person would later remember. "Why, James?" the figure said, earning nervous stutters from the man as he got even closer. This time it didn't laugh James was getting a little boring but he would be good fun later. It flicked its wand and a red beam of light collided with James squarely in the chest knocking him over and leaving him lying motionless on the ground.

The figure carried on by and seemed to flow up the stairs a white hand trailing carelessly along the handrail behind it. Once it reached the summit it carried straight onward to the first door on the right following the whimpers that had sprung up after James had fallen. It blasted this door open as well and seemed slightly disappointed as he saw that the woman, Lily, was knocked unconscious on the floor by the flying door her hair spread about her pretty face like the halo of a guardian angel, which was what she was.

It had been planning to shock her with its image knowing it would find the knowing screams amusing but there would be none of them now. But it brought down its hood anyway seeing no reason to leave himself in it's stuffy confines, it tumbled down around his shoulders revealing a head so white it glowed. It was a man, that much was obvious, but he was not an ordinary man.

His bald white scalp was interrupted by blue veins, like cracked ice showing the water beneath. His lips, thin and drawn, were used to smiling with out humor stood out below the slitted snake nose in the center of his face. His cheekbones were sharp and clearly defined along with his jaw, but the most prominent thing were his eyes.

They were large and red, like bloody rubies, cradling thin reptilian pupils that would kill you even much easier than leave you alive. They could cause you a million years of pain or desert you with nothing but a nightmarishly bad memory. These killer eyes were now gazing at the small, white crib in which two baby boys were sitting.

One of them had short dark red hair and baby blue unfocused eyes that had still not yet matured to their proper color even though he was almost a year old, while the other had longer messier black hair that flopped over his forehead, inherited from James,the man who had been downstairs, and pale green eyes that were slightly more defined than his twins. They shared the usual family resemblance but the black haired one was slightly slimmer in body structure whilst the blue eyed one was more stocky.

The dark lord, for what else could he be, frowned, worried. He had hoped that he would know who his rival would be when the time came but now he regretted that childish dream. He had been overconfident, something he would not do again, and now he was faced with a knew he could just kill both but he had had such good, fun, plans for the other to completely ruin the spirit of those who were still fighting him.

He looked closely once again, aware that the stunner he had shot earlier would not last long, the two boys had now realized that the stranger lurking over them was not friendly and were reacting differently. It was now obvious who was who. The dark lord reached out to push the crying babe aside but was overtaken by the other boy, his rival, who gently pushed his brother aside with a fierce caring, handing him a little stuffed lion in the colors of Gryffindor house immediately quietening him.

He returned his gaze to the Dark Lord glaring fiercely at the spot where the Lord had touched is brother until Lord Voldemort felt a sharp pain in his finger and saw a small blister appear. He chuckled, actual laughter this time, and wondered how this small blister would kill him exactly, sure, it stung a hell of a lot for it's size but was he going to drop dead from pain? No. And if he did he had made precautions.

He would not die permanently. He raised his arm letting a smallish snake slither out. It was still quite young but was very intelligent and had killed its entire litter making it the vicious killer it was supposed to be and instead of killing it, like he should have when it wandered in during a meeting, he kept it and now it would become one of his most valuable possessions. The boy glared even harder as it tumbled down near his brother and this time a cut appeared on the Lords flat nose. He frowned healing himself with a simple tap, there were noises downstairs James was waking and the first thing he would do is called Dumbldore he took someone he was not willing to face right now.

The Lord took two swift steps backwards and raised his wand preparing for one of the biggest moments of his soon-to-be-eternal life. His wand slashed downwards at the baby accompanied by the quietly spoken words of his most used spell "Avada Kedavera"

The jet of green light hit the baby on the forehead knocking him over but he didn't seem to be dead! The Dark Lord lent over the boy to check if he was alive when a wave of energy pulsated outwards breaking everything in its way. As soon as it touched him Lord Voldemort disintegrated into white ash.

Not dead, never dead, but not quite alive either. As the wave hit the snake got thrown away but the tip of its tail dragged along the other child neck leaving a perfectly straight gash there. The baby instantly started wailing once again, climbing on top of his brother to get the attention of his still parents. At the sound there was a pounding on the stairs as James Potter raced up to see with his own eyes that his sons were still alive and had defeated the Dark Lord.

Just as he came in the boy slipped falling on his brother and making it look as if he had protected him. James picked up his conscious son and hugged him deeply sobbing in terror. He swiftly healed the cut on his sons throat and said to him gently, with great awe "You're a very very special person aren't you? Everyone else died when they met You-Know-Who but you, you didn't, you can't. Because you lived, didn't you? You're The-Boy-Who-Lived."

The red head gurgled happily at the name, the scar on his throat standing out against his still flawless skin, not knowing that the scar and him combined would ruin his brothers life as his brother took the credit for an act anyone who tried, could see he could never do, but why would they check, the evidence was right in front of them. The-Boy-Who-Lived was Micheal Bryce Potter. Who else could it be?

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