Warning: This is not standard Pokemon fanfiction. It contains scenes of
violence and some inappropriate language.


Pokemon Master

Fanfiction by Ace Sanchez.

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Note: Pokemon and its associated characters are copyright by Nintendo,
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Part 1 - Returns

An icy chill pervaded through the black night; cold except for the
unnatural hot wind blowing south with the scent of acrid smoke.
Through the dark starless sky slightly covered by clouds, intermittent
moonlight shone on to the thick green forest revealing, little by little,
a snaking trail of destruction. Burnt and broken tree stumps lay on the
ravaged path - some still burning with small flickering flames - as well
as fallen branches and other debris interspaced with giant animalistic

A dark figure wrapped in a long hooded black cloak ran through the
woodland almost silently, the robe-like mantle's folds flapping gently
behind like a floating shadow. The only sound was the dry vegetation
softly crunching beneath thick black boots as it followed the trail
onward. Golden-brown eyes took wide sweeps, observing the desecrated
area. A small, brown backpack was adjusted briefly by a hand as it sped
up the pace. The quarry was close...

Flames crackled and fires burned. The small town settlement lit up the
night, its modest structures engulfed like the pyres of a bonfire.
Everywhere, screaming and smoke filled the heated air as dozens and
dozens of people ran, all seeking escape from the terror of attacking
raiders. Appearing from the south without warning, burning and pillaging
without mercy, huge, hostile pokemon assisted their trainers in the
merciless and violent raid. Totally unprepared for the assault,
towns-people and their pokemon were cut down and destroyed almost as soon
as they were called out.

The huge, red two-storey-tall charizard took another long breath before
continuing to spit out a long and melting-hot burst of flame which
turned the school house into glowing crimson embers. At the opposite end
of town, an angry tauros smashed through houses with its dagger-sharp
bull horns at the direction of its trainer, trampling over possessions
and structures alike. Meanwhile, almost matching it in damage, the
sharp-bladed, green scythers and the massively-horned pinsirs rampaged
through the town hall and community buildings. Little by little, the
attackers slowly advanced towards the supply buildings in the centre of
the town where the food and water was stored.

Behind a slowly burning house, a young dark-haired girl screamed as a
grinning male raider grabbed and pinned her against the wall. Nearby, his
kangaskhan watched in fascination.

The raider slapped the girl across the mouth hard. "Shut up with the
screaming, bitch, and take this like a woman!" He began to work his fly
open and loosen his pants.

A shadow shifted.

Suddenly an explosion of pain erupted in the raider's head and the next
thing he knew was the feel of the rushing air as he was picked up and
thrown violently away from the girl. The hard dirt ground met his back
all too abruptly and the breath exploded out of his lungs.

"Bastard!" he coughed furiously as he rolled to his feet and opened his
eyes to see who had dared attack him. Several feet away, a tall figure
wrapped in darkness stood watching him, its silhouette all but invisible
if it weren't for the background of burning houses and hazy grey smoke
behind it.

All of a sudden he felt a cold stab of fear enter his heart. There was
something familiar about this...

Then he growled in anger. He was mistaken. This was just a poor fool who
was trying to be a hero. "Kangaskhan, take him!" He laughed. "Chew his
bones, nice and slow."

Already hissing in anger because of the attack to its master, the large
bipedal pokemon needed no second order. It gave an inhuman snarl and
extended its sharp, bony claws before leaping towards the shadow.

However, a rapid spin kick stopped the charging pokemon's attack, while
one of its claws was seized and used against it, stabbing into its own
chest like a knife. The kangaskhan blinked in confusion before toppling
over, its chest a puddle of oozing dark blood.

"Kangaskhan?" the man said in shock. No man could be strong enough to do
what the figure had just done. He continued to stare, dumbfounded, before
a hard booted foot smashed into his jaw and everything went black.

Puffing a large cloud of dark smoke, the huge charizard eyed the supply
structures in hunger as even more raiders surrounded the area in a
half-ring of hostile forces. It snorted questioningly to its master in a
rough nasal tone.

"No," the tall bald woman answered with a slight chuckle. "The supplies
we were raiding for in the first place would be destroyed." She looked
over to one of the other raiders. "You! Use your tauros to break the
walls down. Then we'll have some fun." She chuckled deep in her throat
as her sub-ordinate directed his bull pokemon to charge through.

A sudden wet splattering sound sounded from behind them. Turning
instantly, they discovered a dead, bleeding scyther still sliding
toward them along the dirt ground from the momentum of being thrown, its
blood acting as lubricant. It was shockingly mutilated. Somehow both of
its own sharp, blade-like arms had been twisted around to fatally impale
itself while its serpent-like head hung from its neck by a thin string of
red tendon, almost decapitated. The mangled green corpse gradually came
to a stop before their feet.

For a short moment there was silence.

Then one of the raiders shouted in anger. "My scyther! Whoever did this,
I'll kill him!"

From behind a burning building, a tall figure wrapped in a long, black
hooded cloak abruptly stepped out into sight. The cloak was flapping
sinuously, slightly open in the hot wind, revealing a man's lean but
muscular body, shrouded in darkness. His face was concealed in the
deep shadows of the hooded cowl, leaving only bright, golden-brown eyes
visible. They seemed to glow in the dark; two points of flaring yellow
light. Which narrowed threateningly.

"Arrogant bastard, isn't he? Think you're a Pokemon Master with that
cloak?" the bald woman raider mocked. "Surround him!" The huge
charizard, tauros, pinsirs, and their trainers walked around to slowly
encircle the cloaked stranger. The frightened towns-people scattered
about the area watched in terrified silence, thoughts of escape

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" the woman raider asked
scornfully. "Before you are roasted alive?" Her charizard snorted in
anticipation, leaving rings of smoke to shine in the moonlight before
they dissipated into the darkness.

The black-cloaked figure snapped his fingers. A tiny, shadowy form leaped
out of the small brown backpack he wore to land by his feet.
"Pikachu... I choose you." The voice was soft but deep; the order barely
carrying to them so it could be heard. There was a dangerous quality to
it that sent a feeling of apprehension down the raiders' necks.

Then they looked down at the cloaked stranger's pokemon. Next to its tall
master it looked contrastingly small as it crouched, its head barely
reaching the man's shin. It seemed to be an ordinary pikachu, an electric
mouse with pointed ears and a long tail the shape of a lightning bolt.
Except this one's colour was not a bright yellow with orange stripes, but
a full-bodied, matt black. If it weren't for its round eyes glowing a
bright cobalt-blue and the light from the fires, it might have been
perfectly camouflaged in the dark night as it crouched on all fours,
jagged tail in the air.

She laughed out loud. "That's a weird pikachu, stranger, but Charizard
will still roast that puny thing into oblivion! Charizard, Flamethrower!"

The huge, red winged-dragon rose up to its full height of twenty feet
and inhaled sharply. A powerful wind arose, the air ruffling the
stranger's cloak and causing the pointed ears of the black pikachu to
sway back and forth. Then the charizard leaned forward and exploded a
huge tongue of bright red flame towards the little black pokemon and its

But suddenly the sound of electricity crackled in the night air and the
fire was repelled by a shield of black electrical energy. It sparked and
hissed violently as it deflected the flame harmlessly to the sides before
winking out.

"Pikachu. Lightning Vortex."

The little black pikachu nodded. Abruptly, the crackle of electricity
returned and a dark eerie glow surrounded the small, strange pokemon.
The raiders stepped backwards, startled. They had never seen the like of
this attack before.

A sharp wind began to kick up and rotate around the pikachu and its
master. Dust, leaves and debris from the destruction of the town's
buildings began to stir and rise. Rocks and planks of wood lifted into
the air.

The charizard began to slide forward despite its huge weight. It grunted
in confusion, then fear as it began to slide faster. It flapped its wings
to take off, but that was a mistake as it was only pulled into the
powerful winds that much faster. The raiders themselves began to get
inhaled, as well as everything around them that wasn't securely attached
to the ground. The tauros squealed as it scrabbled backward, hooves
digging into the dirt. However the wind was becoming much too strong.

"What the devil of an attack is this?" the charizard's trainer shouted in
confusion as she tried to claw herself through the air and back to the
ground. It was useless. The velocity of the pokemon-made tornado picked
up speed and soon the town was just a revolving blur to the raiders and
their pokemon as they spun around wildly.

Then the pikachu screamed, "PIKA!" and a ring of destructive lightning
exploded from the centre of the vortex - from the pikachu itself. A flash
of darkest energy was seen and the raiders and their pokemon knew no

The cloaked figure and the pikachu stood in silence. Around them, the
ring of raiders and their pokemon lay unconscious, if not dead, smoking,
some even on fire. The charizard was definitely dead, its body ripped in
two distinct pieces, the severed ends, blackened and frayed. The smell
of cooked meat and dissipated electricity hung heavily in the night air.

"Good work, Pikachu."

The little black electric mouse stood up on its hind legs. "Pii." It
jumped back into the backpack, its small head poking out the top.

The towns-people began to approach them wearily despite their instincts
to just flee from a man who revealed himself as so dangerous. A
white-haired older man who was most probably their leader or Mayor was in
the lead.

"T-That was most impressive." He looked at the pikachu staring curiously
at him from its perch on the stranger's backpack and shivered. How could
such a small pokemon be that powerful? He shook his head and regarded the
cloaked stranger again. "B-But, who are you?"

The stranger lifted his hand towards the hood covering his head and
slowly removed it, settling it back behind his shoulders. It revealed a
handsome, young man's face, who seemed to be in his early twenties,
although his golden-brown eyes seemed older than their time.

The night wind picked up again, blowing the smoke of the ruined village
in the background. It ruffled the stranger's longish black hair, causing
it to fall half across his face and obscure part of his vision.

He blew the lock of hair out of his eyes with an upturned lip and a gust
of breath. He answered them. "I am Ash."

Warm healing light from the morning sun bathed itself over the small
half-destroyed town. Despite this the air was still freezing cold,
causing the villagers to shiver slightly as they worked hard at repairing
their homes. The raiders had caused such extensive damage that it would
be some time before the town recovered if at all. But at times like
these, people could only try. The sound of hammers ringing on anvils
reverberated loudly in the still air and the sawing of wood echoed among
the destroyed buildings.

Ash sighed as he warmed one of his hands on the fire and sipped
some tea from a mug in the other. Leaning back on to the rough
trunk of a tall tree, he combed the hair out of his eyes. Hard to believe
this had once been Pallet Town. It had been so long. Now he knew no one.
They were all strangers.

He closed his eyes. He was a stranger.

A giggle interrupted his internal monologue and he sighed again. Would
these kids ever leave him alone? He opened his eyes to observe the crowds
of children, infants and teenagers alike as they scampered around his
campsite at the edge of the raided town and the forest.

"Does that cloak mean it's true you're a Pokemon Master?"

"Why don't you have any more poke-balls?"

"Silly, he's only got one pokemon."

"How come you only have one pokemon?"

"I've never heard of a Master with only one pokemon."

"Mister, why is your pikachu a weird colour?"

And the questions they asked. He couldn't believe he had been this
noisy as a kid. He must have really been annoying.

Pikachu, for his part, calmly munched on his apple as he stared into the
campfire. "Pika-pii..."

Then a new voice spoke up. "I've heard about the one with the black, or
'shadow' pikachu." It was a skeptical woman who had been observing them
from afar for some time but only now had come closer. She was a pretty,
blonde woman who most probably had turned the heads of many men.

Ash ignored her, his whimsical mood darkening, and looked down to
contemplate the bubbles in his tea.

"It is said that he was unbeatable and that he was once the top trainer
in the Pokemon League."

The kids hearing this, fell to silence. They began to look at him
fearfully. Some even began to step backward.

"Then one day he disappeared..."

Ash put his mug down, picked up his long cloak and stood up. It was time
for him to leave. It was always time for him to leave. He looked up to
find that all of the children had made their escape.

However, one of the teenagers was still there. "Mister, I don't believe
for one instant you were one of the evil Pokemon League," she said
forcefully. It was the girl he had saved from last night. "No one who was
one of them could be as heroic and handsome as you are..."

The blonde woman sucked in her breath. "You don't know who you're talking

Ash just began to roll up his sleeping bag impassively. "She is right.
You do not know me." He clenched his black-gloved fist and stared at it,
his thoughts a thousand miles away. "You do not know me at all."

Seemingly permanently hidden behind its dense layer of grey clouds, the
afternoon sun slowly slid across its downward trajectory along the sky.
Although the wind was beginning to pick up speed, ruffling Ash's cloak
and hood, the deserted ruins of the city were silent. Almost too silent.
Not even the insects were chirping their songs, though overgrown foliage
was plentiful among the stones. Ash shrugged his black cloak around his
shoulders slightly, loosening it. There might be a battle soon. Someone
was following him. And it seemed ... like with hostile intent.

"Chu..." Pikachu said sadly from atop Ash's left shoulder as he looked
around at the debris that used to be Viridian City. Ash understood
Pikachu's sadness. This place held memories for him too. It was the first
city he had reached back in his training days. If not for Nurse Joy,
Pikachu would not be here now, and most likely he would not be here
either. Most likely, dead. He and Pikachu had stuck by each other through
thick and thin.

Ash stared at the broken-down wall of one of the old buildings. In fact
that was probably part of the Pokemon Center which had saved Pikachu's
life. Now this city was nothing but a deserted forest of crumbling
rubble. Even the air smelled dead. It was just like all the other major
cities that had been destroyed back in the Dark Pokemon Wars. A cloud of
dust was picked up by the wind and he held his hand over his nose and
mouth as it passed.

He could still feel the itch on the back of his neck. Whoever it was, was
still following them. It kept a safe distance and didn't seem to be
advancing on them... Yet.

Pikachu's ears pricked up. "Pika?"

Ash turned to the little pokemon riding on his shoulder. "Yes, there's
someone following us, Pikachu. But they seem to be keeping back-"


The crumbling stone wall they had been walking parallel to abruptly
exploded with a hail of sharp rocks. Shrapnel and rubble showered over
them in a spiked, painful rain as a massive object crashed through with a
rumble the sound of thunder.

"What?" Ash grunted, as he quickly threw Pikachu away to safety, just in
time, before he was smashed back painfully, to roll sideways along the
gravel of the old road. After rolling away at what he thought a
sufficient distance, he swung to his feet, jumped and backflipped away
to land on top of the opposite wall. He threw the hood of his cloak back
and brushed his hand across his temple. He felt the slight stickiness of

"Pikachu! To me!" His small companion leaped to land on his left shoulder
once again. Then he turned to the scene of the attack with narrowed eyes.

Dust was floating around everywhere. It was hard to even make out the
wall they had been walking next to. He raised his hand to shelter his
face as he quickly searched. He had not even sensed this threat. Which
meant the attacker was one of *them*.

Finally the dust settled. There was a gaping trench in the wall and next
to it lay a huge, brown boulder about a dozen feet across. Then with a
loud creaking of stone, thick, grey limbs began to sprout from the
massive rock. Large claws as sharp as daggers extended from the
newly-made appendages and a snake-like head grew from the centre of what
would be its torso. The eyes on the rocky, serpent head, suddenly
swivelled open. They were an angry red - the colour of blood.

"TRAITOR," the head hissed.

"Golemdor," Ash acknowledged, turning his body slightly sideways in alert


"I think not."

The red serpentine eyes swivelled to Pikachu who was sitting on Ash's
focused on Pikachu completely. "YOU COULD HAVE HAD POWER LIKE THE REST

"Pika-pikachu!" Pikachu chattered angrily from atop his shoulder. Ash
narrowed his eyes at the mention of the name the Golem had called him.

"YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO POKEMON-KIND!" the Golem roared in response to
whatever Pikachu had said. "EARTHQUAKE!" It lifted a huge stone fist and
pounded the ground. The earth shook wildly as a large jagged crack
rapidly approached the wall he was standing on. Ash leaped high into the
air, tossing Pikachu to the side just before the quake reached it and
reduced the stone wall to dust.

As he landed softly upon the ground on one knee, a hand clutching a loose
fold of his cloak steady, the massive Golem again pounded the earth in
its Earthquake attack, this time using both of its fists. Ash was
hard-pressed to avoid the cracks of destruction heading his way as he
turned a backward somersault then hand-flipped smoothly across the ruins.
He barely dodged the wildly-shaking earth attacks that shredded the
ground behind and below him like a rapid jack-hammer.

Then he exhaled in pain as a piece of rock shaped like a dagger
flew up and embedded itself into his leg. He landed painfully and slid
along on his chest, the gravel digging into the palms of his hands.

"Chu!" Pikachu shouted in alarm, leaping to distract the huge Golem.
Black lightning began to spark from his cheeks. "Pika pi!"

The Golem grunted as it stopped its Earthquake attack. "DIE," it
rasped as the huge animalistic boulder began to charge the small pokemon.
The ground rumbled from its immense weight.

Ash looked up in apprehension. "Pikachu!"

"PIKA!" Pikachu cried, body crackling violently as it sent a powerful
black thunderbolt toward the oncoming Golem. However, despite the extreme
strength of the dark electric attack, it dissipated harmlessly over the
rock pokemon's stony-hard body. The huge, limbed boulder continued
forward in its mad charge.

"No!" Ash called out desperately. Exhaling a breath in pain, he ripped
out the piece of stone shrapnel from his leg, then leaped forward,
knocking Pikachu out of the way. The Golem careened past and screamed in
frustration at missing its intended target. After skidding to a stop, it
looked at Ash lying on the ground nearby with a malevolent
gleam in its blood-red eyes. It grabbed him with one of its huge
rock-like fists and pain exploded in his torso as its tight grip began
to squeeze the life out of him.

"NOW YOU DIE," the Golem chuckled. It opened its palm slightly to allow
access to the front of Ash's body and then, snorting in rough laughter,
gave him two massive punches into his chest with its free arm before
tossing him away like a broken toy. Ash uncontrollably flipped in midair
then crashed on the hard ground with a muted thump on his back and
continued to slide painfully away. His cloak ripped in several places as
the rocky and jagged ground's friction took its toll, before a large
piece of stony rubble stopped his momentum with a crunching sound.

Feeling like his chest had caved in and died, Ash coughed and spat out a
mixture of blood and saliva as he lay on the ground and rolled over.
Slowly, he got up on his hands and knees, shaking furiously. "Now you've
gotten me angry, Golemdor. And you'll see just why they called me the
Assassin." His voice was low and calm. His voice was death.

The Golem looked at him in confusion. It had expected the human to be
lifeless. Dead. Granted, this one had once been a Pokemon Master in the
Pokemon League, but at the heart of things, he was still a puny human.
It had given enough blows into its chest to shatter concrete, let alone


"That's a question you'll soon be asking yourself!' Ash cried, before
flipping to his feet and streaking forward so fast that his form
blurred into a live shadow. The Golem tried to dodge, but it was much
to slow to avoid the massive step-roundhouse kick aimed at its legs,
then another and another. Dust rose as with each hit, the Golem was
knocked backward.

But the Golem seemed unperturbed. "FOOL! YOU CANNOT HOPE TO DAMAGE ME,"
it taunted as each hit seemed to fail to affect it. But it began to feel
apprehension at the furious attack the human displayed. After all, back
in the Dark Pokemon Wars, this one had gained a reputation...

Ash paused in his rapid attack, standing on one heel, before seeming to
make the very light bend around his fore-knuckle fist as he struck
forward with a single massive blow, scoring directly across both thick,
rocky legs. Then he leaped backward, high in the air, before flipping
around with a one and a half twist and landing lightly on an intact
section of the wall. The sound of his boots striking the stone was

"You were already dead from the first hit," he stated calmly, as the
folds of his cloak settled around him.

Too calmly, the Golem suddenly worried. Time seemed to stand still. "WHAT
HAVE YOU DONE - NOOO!" Its legs abruptly gave way from underneath it as
they crumbled into dust like the fine sand of an hourglass. The torso of
the boulder-like pokemon cracked at the loss of its support and toppled
over to land on its back. "IMPOSSIBLE! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! I AM
INDESTRUCTIBLE!" It tried to lift itself up by the use of its remaining
arms, but lost balance and fell over again.

Ash held his right arm out horizontally and Pikachu landed on it.
"We shall see." He threw Pikachu high into the air. "Finish it! Thunder

Midair, the little pikachu rolled into ball and began to emit a dark


"PIKA!" The air around the pikachu suddenly roared with thunder and began
to spark black lightning as it descended towards the Golem.

"WHA-WHAT IS THIS?" it shouted in alarm as the small pokemon collided
into its chest with a spray of stone shrapnel and shot into its body like
a bullet through flesh. When the pikachu had fully entered its rocky
torso, the Golem started to vibrate madly, pebbles and rocks falling away

It didn't get to finish its question. The Golem's body turned black and
its body began to invert into itself as if it were trying to implode.
Then the rumble of thunderclaps and flashes of black lightning exploded
from within it and instead the Golem was ripped apart into countless tiny
pieces of rock and dust.

When the thunder stopped cracking, all that was left in the centre of the
explosion was the little black pikachu. A ring of grey and brown dust and
rock lay piled around in a circle. The Golem's snake-like head rested a
dozen feet away, before it too crumbled, like wet sand, into a fine dark

"Pikachu... Return." The small electric mouse leaped back onto Ash's

There was the sound of clapping. Ash quickly turned around from his
position standing on the wall to see a person dressed and hooded in a
long Master's cloak like his save it was blue. He or she was leaning on
one of the toppled walls of a destroyed building lazily applauding him
with their hands. He studied the slender figure more closely. She.

"Only a true Pokemon Master could defeat one of the eight Master Pokemons
of the Pokemon League."

That voice. His eyes narrowed even as something he had thought long
forgotten began to arise within his chest. No, it couldn't be. "And who
are you to make such observations?" he asked softly.

Not answering him, the blue-cloaked figure slowly began to approach, aqua
eyes beginning to become visible within the depths of her shadowy hood.
Suddenly she leaped up to join him on the wall so abruptly that he was
completely unprepared for what she did next.

She kissed him.

But it was not a loving kiss, nor even one of liking. It was a hard kiss,
the type that punished.

He broke away from her, feeling the slight coppery taste of his own
blood upon his tongue and maybe some of hers, and stood still. He gave no
outward reaction.

The aqua eyes studied him for a while with an emotion he couldn't
identify. Finally she answered him. "You know who I am." The hood was
pushed back to reveal glorious long red hair to float behind a hauntingly
beautiful face.

And then the hurt was fully remembered, unbidden, before it changed. To
hatred. It welled up in his chest, so powerful it seemed to consume his
soul. Abruptly it was replaced by emptiness. He had thought he would
never see her again.

His voice when it came was a dead tone. "Hello, Misty."

Her eyes, framed by long dark lashes, flashed as cold as an iceberg.
"Mistaria," she corrected. "And I see you haven't forgotten me."

*** End of Part 1



Type 1 - Shadow
Type 2 - Electricity

Attack : Lightning Vortex
Type : Electricity / Flying

A powerful hurricane is formed around the Pikachu. When the opponents are
sucked inside, a ring of destructive electrical energy is exploded

Attack : Thunder Shatter
Type : Electricity / Normal

Pikachu rolls into a ball and glows with a black light before entering
the victim's body. The victim then vibrates and explodes, leaving the
Pikachu in its place. Effective against rock.



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