"My youth was...complex" I stuttered, trying to find the appropriate word without expressing my dearest of emotions. The emotions that boiled behind my mental barriers at the upsetting events of my childhood.

She stared deep into my eyes, her soul searching mine, she knew that I was hiding things from her, omitting the truth. Nevertheless she did not question it. She stayed, her dark brown irises bore into my face. I felt the sudden urge to tell her, to reveal how my childhood was of upset and isolation. I would tell her. she, the one who could only be described as beautiful, none other knew her as well as I did. It was illogical of me to not allow her to know me, to the extent that I know her and her beauty.

"I wish to tell you, of the difficulties that I faced." I struggled out, the sentence had come out crude and robotic, like the logical way that I force myself to portray. I wished that I could have made it sound as heartfelt as Nyota could. But, I am not Human, I am Vulcan and so I am correct in my speech.

She nods in a gesture of support, her cool hand lay absently upon my bicep. Her lips quirk into the familiar smile that I have become most pleasantly accustomed to. Thus causing her eyes to gather small minute wrinkles at either edge, three upon her left and four upon her right, it is always like this. Her smile.

"My Mother and I were close. My Father and I were, well... I was not the son he had wanted... I do not think. Nevertheless he treated me with an admiral amount of respect most of the time. It was only up until my 19th year that it became apparent of his distaste of mine person."

"I wish, to show you. It would be easier than words." I gushed out, the muddle of words mixed with concise conclusions had clearly hit Nyota; the way her eyebrows had shifted by two point five millimetres told me this.

She nodded, "I understand that things like this are difficult for you. And i'll make sure that if you really want to tell me, then you are as comfortable as you possibly can be." She reached over and lay a small kiss upon my brow. My eyes darted to meet hers, I pressed my head to hers. In our opposing symmetry. Human,Vulcan. Reddened Iron, Greened copper. Nyota, Spock.


"Ah, t'nash-veh t'du"

In her acceptance I pressed my fingers to her psi-points upon her face, and joined our minds.

Authors note:

HI i'm baaaaaack.

I've decided to go on a Spock childhood pov route, dont know why but hey here I go!:P

by the way:

Kash-novh=mind meld

Ah, t'nash-veh t'du= yes, I am yours

Hope you enjoy this fic and opinions, reviews and constructive criticism is always welcome:P

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