Chapter seven

"Amanda!" My aunt cried as we exited the flitter, I and Father stepped coolly over to our relations whilst Mother ran into her sisters arms. "oh it has been too long!" her voice muffled by my Mothers own shoulder. My aunt and mother were flung around each other, I looked at Father and he simply raised a brow. I suppressed a smirk and neared to my Aunt, uncle and two cousins.

Their faces were alight with wonder, all wearing huge smiles upon their faces, just as Mother did, I however resumed my neutral demeanor in Father's image. My Father raised the Ta'al to my Uncle, "Live Long and Prosper Gregory Grayson", My Uncle laughed heartily he raised his palm flat, "Still can't do the hand acrobatics mate, aha, Hi Sarek your still as formal as ever, I agree with my wife it has been too long, and who is this." he pondered in false knowledge of who I was. My Father nodded at My Uncle's relaxed remark and answered unaware of My Uncles joke, "This is your nephew Spock"

Mother turned from her sister laughing, "Sarek he knows who he is!" resting her had upon his shoulder, a gesture of affection that would have been frowned upon Vulcan, yet here on Earth, was acceptable.
My Father looked at Mother confused, "Yet he sought knowledge on the identity of our son?"
Mother laughed again, "It's a joke, relax." I looked at Father equally as confused as he,

It appears humour is a thing to be accustomed to my son Father spoke through the bond, I allowed my brow to raise and responded, Indeed it seems that we shall be subject to it. Father allowed a slight amount of amusement to flow through the bond before focussing upon the humans surrounding him.

Mother laughed out loud catching our silent conversation, My Aunt looked puzzled, "My Husband and son were just discussing how the are going to cope with humour, " she explained for the human relatives that stood before me.

"Oh, the bond thing?" My Aunt questioned, "Don't answer that Sarek, it was rhetorical." Father nodded, My aunt bent down and called to me, "Come here Spock" I stepped over to her tentatively, "I haven't seen you since you were just a little baby, you have grown!" she exclaimed, tracing the sides of my face with her hands and straightening out my robes, just as Mother would.
My head tilted slightly, "Of course I have grown, years have past between our meetings."
My Uncle boomed out in laughter, "Like Father, Like Son! Come on inside you can get some tea and we can talk over things, Spock can play with his cousins if you like."

My Aunt and Uncle turned towards the house and my cousins followed close behind, each glancing over there shoulders to stare at me and Father. Mother smiled and nodded, me and Father set off behind her. The garden up the from of the house was unlike anything I had seen before, the ground was green and covered in a huge flat landscape of grass, each blade holding water droplets! Water was just laying around on the ground! There were flowers of every colour bursting from either side of the paved stone path like a border on each edge, I was fascinated by the colours and he vibrance of it all. A large tree sat in the center of the garden to my left and upon it's branch hung a rope with a tyre tied to it, curious, I would ask my cousins what it's use was, Maybe it was some sort of trap to guard the home from wild beasts?

My Aunt and Uncles home was thankfully warmer than outside, I took off my gloves, hat and thick outer robe and embraced the warmth with gratitude. The living room was small, but not cramped, it was what Mother would describe as 'cozy'. There was a large oversized chair by the roaring fire with a rug with old designs upon it, a large settee was placed at an obscure angle toward the vid-screen. Upon the fireplace was some photos of my human family and Mother in her younger years, My Father approached them and studied the photo's with great care. Mother rushed over and pulled the photo from his hands, "Don't oh god, you put these up on purpose didn't you!" She exclaimed looking at her sister, who simply laughed nodding
"I thought Sarek better see pimply teenage Mandy, rather than the dignified woman she is now!" My Aunt exclaimed, My mother pressed the obviously embarrassing photo to her chest so no one could see it.
My Father looked at my Aunt, "I would indeed find these photographs intriguing, are there more?" He asked clearly teasing his wife, "Why yes I have an entire album, I've got some photo's of you and Amanda before Spock was born if he wished to see them as well?" I nodded and moved over to Father.
My Mother's face was abashed, "Sarek, why now of all times do you gain a sense of humour, at a place where you can embarrass me!?" She flopped onto the settee still keeping the photo of her pressed to her hidden away.
Father's lips quirked into an almost smile, "Why it is only curiosity my wife" My Uncle laughed and slapped my Father's shoulder. "You do have some humour then!" My cousins popped heir heads around from behind my Uncle's legs and laughed, "You two, why don't you show Spock your toys?" My Uncle suggested, "Spock can see his parents photo's later"

My cousins seemed to gain some confidence and the taller of the two approached me, "He, Hello, I'm Annabel, and this is Jake, would you like to play?" I froze, my eyes darted to my Mother's immediately, she nodded in encouragement, Go on, they won't hurt you, they're family I nodded and spoke quietly, "Yes, okay"- "Good!" Annabel squealed, grabbing my hand, my shields flew up as she started pulling me out of the room up the stairs to her and her Brother's shared bedroom. She twirled in the middle of the room, "well what do you think to our room?" , Unaware how to answer Jake spoke up, "ignore my sister she's weird and smelly, come on i've got some cool cars that you could play with." Annabel grunted and moved over with Jake to where the cars were. I stood awkwardly in the door confused.

Jake started to make a strange noise and fly the car around in the air, whilst his sister drove them along the floor sensibly. "Come on, you can use the red one if you like?" jake asked his eyes wide. I stepped forward and folded my legs neatly beneath me in my comfortable medative position in front of Annabel and Jake, "woah, how can you sit like that!?" Annabel asked.
"I just do," I answered.
I think she was put off by my response as she looked at me confused, but quickly drew her attention back to the pink flower covered car that she was playing with. Jake passed me a car and I inspected it, it was composed of both metal and plastic and coated in a red paint. I flicked the wheels causing them to spin. "Look like this" Jake said, demonstrating, he rolled his own car along the floor making noises, "See they are like real race cars!"
I placed mine onto the floor and pushed it along, this was boring, why did the children obsess in pushing the cars when they could watch them move by inertia?

"Do you have a board of some sort and cardboard?" I asked Jake he nodded and dug under his bed pulling out some curved plastic boards, he said they were for his train set. "Would it be acceptable if I construct something?" "Erm, yeah I suppose as long as you don't break anything" Annabel replied warily.

I set to work placing the boards along their bookshelf and measuring the angles with the crude estimate of my mind. I borrowed a few other things whilst I built, some things called dominoes, i set up one behind the other in an intricate pattern each leading to a separate board with a separate car on, after some time I had completed my course and jake just stared at it with his eyes wide. "What does it do?"

I suppressed a smirk and replied, "observe" I climbed up on Annabel's bed and released the first red car. It flew down the ramp and looped upside down on the curved boards, it knocked into the dominoes which were split in two, one set knocked the pink car which curved off and zoomed down another ramp to knock into some books that fell onto a seesaw like contraption that flew a ball into the air, the ball landed in the basket I had set up 1.23 metres away. The second dominoes set knocked the green car which raced around a downward spiral and collided with a large set of building blocks, these knocked over the dominoes, once they had fallen one by one Annabel steppe around to read what they had spelt, "EARTH," she said aloud Jake was squealing with excitement, I nodded " Yes, Earth."

Jake was alight and bouncing around, "that was great!" , I nodded in thanks and started to put away the mess that I had created, as I did so Annabel asked, "Why have your cheeks gone green?"
"My blood is green" I replied, "Also I am rather cold, this planet is colder than what I am used to"
"but we warmed the house for you?" She asked
"Yes, but consider, I am from a planet where 40 degrees Celsius is considered cold" Her eyes widened at my statement. "Gosh, that's hot!"

Jake was staring at me, it had become apparent to me that I was now their subject of interest, "Your ears are pointy" He claimed I nodded, "and your eyebrows are slanted? it is strange"
I allowed a sight smirk to lift on my lips, "Indeed, just as yours are strange to me, for your ears are curved, and your eyebrows flat across your eyes, and your hair is tousled in a disorganised fashion."
"And your hair is symmetric," Annabel exclaimed. "yes, strange" She agreed with her brother.

"Earth is strange." I answered in retaliation, "here water falls from the sky, and green plants flourish, your cats are small and dainty"
"Dainty? What about tigers? they are huge" Annabel announced,
"Ah yes, but a Sehlat, is twice the muscular density of a tiger and dons 6 inch fangs. many Vulcan homes keep them as pets." Jake jumped on his bed, "Can I see one!" I nodded and put away the last of the dominoes.
I got out my PADD and showed hem T'Pring's pet Sehlat, T'Guhl, "Woah! You keep them as pets?" I nodded, "wow!"

"Why is there a tyre tied to your tree?" I asked remebering my earlier curiosity to the obscure contraption.
Annabel laughed, "Why it's a swing silly! Do you not know what a swing is?" I shook my head, "come on i'll show you" She and jake bounded out of the room and followed at a more sedate pace. "MUM! were going to show Spock the swing!" She shouted as they left out into the garden, I asked "Could I go on your swing aunt?" She laughed,
"oh you are so polite, yes of course you can I'm glad you three get on" I nodded in thanks and joined the other to outside, Annabel perched non the tyre and told me to push her.

We discussed many differences of Earth and Vulcan, I was surprised to note that human children did not start school until the age of five, I now understood why Annabel and Jake had not thought of inertia and angles, they were but six and were only in their second year of school. I was also intrigued to find out that they were twins, despite the fact Annabel was taller. She told me of her friends and how she loved dogs, and almost everything pink, throughout my time I could sense my Mother's happiness at my friendliness with my cousins. I had indeed deemed them illogical yes, but I did get along with them ad the swing was, I had to admit, fun.

"Aww, ain't that sweet," Greg said as he drank tea watching the kids playing on the swing,
"Yes is is indeed agreeable that Spock and his cousins get along with one another." Sarek answered, his son had needed some friends and he was glad that his cousins were proving to be helpful in this aspect.

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