An Anthology of Wizard Wheezes!

(Funny Tales from the Magical World!)

Hen Night Aftermath!

It was three in the morning and the streets were deserted, except for two women who were staggering along, each one using the other as a support.

Angelina and Alicia were far too drunk to apparate home, so they had opted to make the trip on foot.

The pair had just come from the hen night (or bachelorette party, if you prefer) of Katie Bell, who was getting married the following Saturday.

"That was one hell of a party!" slurred Alicia.

"Sure was," replied Angelina.

"That DJ was fantastic!" Alicia added.

"Sure was," replied Angelina.

"And that stripper! Boy, was he something else!" continued Alicia.

"Sure was," replied Angelina.

Alicia paused for a moment before announcing "Uh oh! I need to pee!"

"Sure was," replied Angelina.

Alicia shook her head and pulled out her wand "I'll have to use that spell…"

Angelina turned to her friend and her eyes widened at the sight of a wand in her hand.

Before Alicia could cast a spell, Angelina had snatched the wand out of her hand.

"Hey!" protested Alicia "Give that back!"

"If we're too drunk to apparate then we are too drunk to be casting spells," said Angelina "especially ones on ourselves."

"But I really have to pee!" protested Alicia.

Angelina looked around at the area surrounding them and spotted the gates to the graveyard up ahead.

"Come on," she said "You can squat behind a tomb stone."

The two witches staggered up the road and into the graveyard, by which time Angelina needed to pee as well.

They each picked a tomb stone and crouched down behind it to do what they had to do.

"Angelina?" asked Alicia.

"Yes?" Angelina asked back.

"How am I… you know, going to tidy myself up?"

"Just use your panties and throw them away. That's what I'm doing."

Alicia was scandalised "I can't do that! These are one of my best pairs of panties!"

"Well," said Angelina looking around "Well, have a look around for a bunch of flowers to use, then."

"That's disgusting!" exclaimed Alicia.

"You got a better idea?" asked Angelina.

After a moment Alicia gave an audible grumble of "Fine!" and reached out for the nearest bunch of flowers.

Business done, they left the graveyard and staggered off again, eventually arriving that their respective homes.

The following morning Fred Weasley was standing behind the counter in the joke shop that he owned with his twin brother, George.

The shop wasn't open yet, and Fred had gotten in a little early to catch up on some paperwork, but despite being there for half an hour so far with his quill poised, ready to go above a sheet of parchment, he had yet to write anything.

His mind was elsewhere.

He heard the fireplace in the back room roar into life as someone arrived via the floo network and a few moments later a rather worried George entered the shop floor.

Noticing that something was wrong with his brother, Fred asked "What up George?"

George shook his head and replied "It's that bloody hen night the girls' went on last night. I want to know what happened. Angelina came home last night and she wasn't wearing any panties!"

Fred snorted derisively before replying "You think you've got problems? When I got up this morning I saw that Alicia had a sticker on her ass that read "It's been a blast and we shall miss you, lots of love, all the boys at the fire station!""

A/N: I make no apologies for this! All I will say is that I hope that this at least got a smile out of you!

Anyway, this begins my new mini-series, which is essentially turning many jokes into Harry Potter stories to make people laugh.

Some of these will be as old as time itself, others will be new(ish). I myself first heard this joke years ago, but hopefully some of you will be getting to experience it for the first time.

If this one didn't tickle your fancy, I encourage you to read on, as there might just be something up ahead that will cheer you up!