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Ultimate Spiderman: Rise of the Brotherhood


Castle Doom – Doomstadt, Latveria – Night

Located between Hungary, Serbia and Romania is the kingdom of Latveria. To the average traveller it seems like a very peaceful country in the middle of Eastern Europe, unaffected by international affairs and economic downturns. However this country is also one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world.

Its boarders are protected by a vast arsenal of weaponry, from anti-aircraft technology, armoured vehicles and an army of guardian robots (Doombots) that also police the nation. All of this has been made possible due to the scientific genius of it reigning monarch; Dr Victor von Doom, one of the most feared and powerful criminal masterminds this world has ever seen. His intellect is matched only by his wrath...which one unfortunate Doombot is experiencing right now.


Doombot: But Lord Doom how would an individual's internal fluid be an appropriate trade of the destruction of you Embassy?

In a swift motion Doom turned to face the Doombot, raises his hand and blasts the robot into pieces with his energy beam.

Dr Doom: Whoever is responsible for this, will feel the full wrath of Doom.

He gets up from his throne and makes his way through Castle Doom, towards his main laboratory. As he enters this room filled with the most advanced technology in the world, he uses the interface built into his glove to bring up a large holographic model of his ruined embassy in the centre of the room.

Dr Doom: Download all data from my internal security network and every Doombot assigned to the embassy.

After a few moments, the relevant data is downloaded and Dr Doom begins his investigation. He raises his arms and suddenly the holographic building starts to repair itself, like he's rewinding the imagines before him. Walls being rebuilt, broken glass returning to the windows, broken doors lift up of the ground and returns to their original place, destroyed Doombots are repairing themselves and start walking backwards, suddenly the entire embassy has returned to its former glory.

Computer: Recording rewound to 11:42pm, Tuesday 31st December.

Dr Doom: Begin recording.

As if he was standing inside the embassy itself, Dr Doom watches as holographic Doombots begin to patrol the hallways once more. Soon the explosion occurs and the entire building is reduced to rubble again.

Dr Doom: Rewind recording to 12:00pm and hold.

The hologram rewinds to the point where the explosion occurs.

Dr Doom: The explosion seemed to originate from the upper floor.

He "climbs" the stairs and makes his way towards the large hallway.

Dr Doom: Resume play at X0.5 speed.

The Image resumes play in slow motion, allowing Dr Doom to pinpoint the source of the explosion.

Dr Doom: It came from the west wing, but...MY LABORATORY!

He runs along the holographic hallway towards his main lab, he enters the room just as the explosion goes off, the scene frozen in place.

Dr Doom: Rewind recording at X0.1 speed.

The entire scene plays out in reverse, the explosion returns to its epicentre, revealing a masked intruder.

Dr Doom: Freeze! How did this intruder get past MY security?

Computer: Security protocols overridden by an outside source. Analyses suggest a highly advanced worm cluster was placed into security network and activated externally.

Dr Doom: And how was my network hacked?


Dr Doom: No one can override my superior technology...NO ONE! Doom is supreme! Rewind recording by 2 minutes and resume at x0.1 speed.

The holograms do so and Dr Doom watches at the intruder enters from the above air shaft. Drops down into the centre of the lab and presses a button on his wrist. The intruder explodes and the lab bursts into flames.

Dr Doom: A suicide bomber? Reverse and hold at 11:59pm.

The entire scene changes and freezes, the intruder standing frozen in the centre of the room, Dr Doom moves in closer to examine the intruder. First of all it is clear from the holograms physique that the intruder is clearly a woman, covered from head to toe in black with a mask that completely concealed her identity.

Dr Doom: Activate internal X-Ray imagery, focus on the intruders face.

The woman's mask disappears, to show her dark skinned, bald headed, tattooed faced features.

Dr Doom: A Wakandan? Perform retinal scan immediately!

Computer: Analyzing.

While he waits, he walks round the Wakandan, examining every detail until he notices something unusual.

Dr Doom: Where is the bomb? Analyse the Wakandan, report any peculiarities.

Computer: Analyzing...Individuals outfit is generating an unstable amount ofvibratory energy.

Dr Doom: Vibratory energy?...Vibranium! Most likely woven within the material of the outfit, the intruders wrist device must have released the stored energy... the Wakandan was the bomb!

Computer: Retinal scan complete...individual identified as Teela; Wakandan – female – 24 – Leader of the Dora Milaje secret commando team; The Midnight Angels.

Dr Doom: Dora Milaje?...T'CHALLA!

The holographic imagines surrounding him disappears and Dr Doom makes his way back though his castle and back into his throne room.

Dr Doom: T'Challa thinks that he has deceived me, weakened me. But in his arrogance he has sealed his fate. And as a result I will do what no one else has managed in ten thousand years. I will conquer Wakanda itself!

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