I walked through the woods. Due to Phoebe having a major headache, Luka wasn't with me. That's okay because even I need some alone time. Not that I don't like him, but things aren't what they use to be.

"Jahara…" I turned fast towards the direction that I thought the voice came from. I hoped I was just imagining it because something about that voice… It sounded familiar from somewhere, I didn't remember where though.

"Who's there?" I said. There was silence. Maybe it was just me hearing things. I walked on.

"Jahara, please remember me…" At that I pulled out my activator and a card.

"Tai Chi Don Break!" I sent it at the voice then ran. I got very far but I still wore out easily. I stopped so I could breathe for a few moments and possibly regain a little bit of strength. Nothing was heard so I assumed that things were alright and that whoever it was, was gone. I walked on.

When I got home, I didn't mention that to Luka as it would cause him to worry and not let me go out on my own. The thing that was starting to be creepy is that the voice sounded a lot like… No it couldn't be. He's dead and I resolved not to think a lot or let something remind me of him. Still, I didn't like it a lot.

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