Silver Brokt lounged on his executive cushion by the window of his office and watched the live security feed on the monitor in front of him through four tiny black eyes. Whilst he sat he lazily stroked the vocal pouch on his chin with all three digits on the end of one of his long, multi jointed upper limbs and idly dipped the end of his longest tail into his personal filtered floor stream, absorbing the cool refreshing liquid as it bubbled past. The image he was watching so carefully showed a dark spherical room with a single occupant who was showing early signs of recovering from unconsciousness. Silver quivered and shook his long neck, he hated to admit it but these humans had impressed him and this one in particular, despite struggling to breathe in the low oxygen atmosphere of Silver's home planet, was proving to be extremely resilient. The human had almost escaped twice before they had managed to get him into that secured room.

For now though the Captain of the Enterprise appeared suitably subdued and while Silver watched him stagger to his feet and look around, a messaging chime rang out inside Silver's office followed by the high pitched chirp of his personal assistant.

"My Better, the Enterprise Officers have arrived."

"Thank you Saf. Send them immediately."

The message cut off and Silver reached forward towards the screen to replace the security feed with files from the latest intelligence reports before stretching his large egg shaped head forward in feigned interest ready for the imminent arrival of the two Starship officers.

A few moments later and the door hissed open. Silver looked up and appraised the aliens as they entered the room; one human and one Vulcan, both wearing matching blue and black clothing that covered almost their entire bodies. Silver eyed them and their funny little breathing tubes with masked curiosity. The human used his quite frequently, lifting the small metallic object to his mouth and inhaling deeply but the Vulcan carried his breather by his side and appeared to have little or no intention of using it at all. Silver had dealt with Vulcans before and he particularly admired their stoic abilities, they naturally appeared so unreadable to a calibre Silver had only seen in the best Neywayian politicians. The human however displayed a variety of expressions almost simultaneously; its eyes widened and its facial hair jumped as it looked around Silver's office. It was clear he was agitated, but Silver did not yet know the species well enough to determine what this meant.

"Orderer Prime." Said the Vulcan in greeting

"Commander Spock! Thank you for coming." Silver rose from his cushion in one fluid movement

"You stated in your message that you had urgent information for us?"

"I do! Most certainly I do."

Silver coiled his long muscly torso outwards as much as possible in a practiced stance of dominance meant to both impress and intimidate. He was easily taller than either of the Starfleet officers and he swept the larger of his two tails forward while using his short tail as a third arm to gesture towards his anti-gravity monitor screen that had just risen to a convenient height for viewing. It was vital that the aliens think Silver was doing everything he could to help them while they searched for their missing Captain and so Silver rushed to show them his evidence.

"This footage my intelligence network captured this morning from Sector twelve trading district. You want to view it straight away."

Silver didn't wait for a response before signalling for the footage to begin. This seemed to further agitate the human who made a small noise and crossed his upper limbs across his torso, while the Vulcan tilted his head and watched silently.

The footage was grainy and the image jumped and swivelled as the operator was frequently forced to reposition themselves when the view of what at first would appear to be a brawl between traders was obscured by folds of material or hurrying figures. For the first few moments it was unclear by the angle exactly what was going on but then the fight moved outside and the camera followed, eventually obtaining a clear shot of one of the many darkened alleyways on the Moonbase trading post close to the Captains last known location, the floors were dry indicating it was on Nonah's side of the moon. Then the camera zoomed in on the mustard uniform of a Starfleet Captain.

"That's Jim! Where…"

"Quiet Doctor."

The Vulcan interrupted, apparently engrossed as he watched his Captain fighting quite skilfully Silver thought given that his adversary was a highly trained Nonian Quintet.

Now standing behind the Starfleet officers Silver couldn't help but twist at the sight of his planet's greatest enemy; Nonians made his skin flutter furiously. The Quintet was actually one individual or unit, on their backwards planet most of the creatures had evolved the same way. Each unit, which varied in number anything from two to eleven, shared the same thought patterns simultaneously like they were separate limbs of the same body. It meant that despite their disadvantages in height and strength they were able to overpower the Captain by attacking from multiple angles with unparalleled coordination and speed. One of the quintet was able to knock the breathing tube from the Captains mouth and the fight was over soon after. The camera then followed the Quintet as they carried the Captain further down the alley and round a corner at the end. When the camera caught up, the Quintet had bundled the unconscious Captain onto a waiting shuttle which sped away before the doors had fully closed. Then, as the shuttle disappeared from view the Quintet turned. They noticed the camera and its operator almost immediately and then they suddenly rushed forward as one. The screen went black and the footage ended.

Commander Spock lifted a single eyebrow

"Where exactly was this footage taken?"

"I can show you exactly, these charts here…" Silver gestured again at the screen which on his command instantly displayed maps and grid references. There were little red dots which indicated the route the camera operator had taken "… there, see? Here is where I met your other officers for our meeting and here is where your Captain was taken."

"Hmm" The Vulcan nodded "Do you know the identity of the assailants?"

"They are Nonians." Said Silver, sounding a little surprised. He wasn't expecting such a stupid question from a Vulcan

"Yes, but do you know the identity of the individual? Have you confirmed their affiliations or motives?"

"Nonians are Nonians, Commander Spock! They are a blight to existence! They want to see the ruin of Neiway. They will tell you Neiway took your Captain but my intelligence shows the truth! Do you see?"

"I have witnessed the footage as you did, and if what you say is true then your argument would suggest one possible motive however I would prefer to consider the situation from every perspective. Do you have more data regarding the footage we saw?"

Silver thrashed his larger tail in a gesture of frustration

"My Orderer was attacked for taking footage! Her back up squad did not arrive in time. I am sorry she could not get more information."

"Orderer Prime, I meant no disrespect…"

"What he's trying to say is that he's as anxious as I'm sure you are of finding out exactly what really happened. "

Silver briefly eyed the human that had just spoken. This species never did anything properly, they couldn't even let their commanders finish talking

"Then Neiway is equally anxious to resolve this… this terrible happening quickly." Silver said carefully, "That is why I also have this to show you."

The maps were swept from the screen and a picture of an unfamiliar starship was displayed

"This ship: 'The Latinum Star', a trading ship belonging to Khalic traders, they have an… an understanding with both the Grand Ruling Council of Neiway and with Nonah also. No other outside traders have agreement with both Neiway and Nonah but for many, many years Neiway has their trusted assurance they are here only to trade. My Orderers and myself have for long time suspected they are actually working for Nonah. Spies for Nonah. I do not trust them."

"And what exactly does this have to do with the Captain?" Said the human in his annoying voice

"They will bring your Captain to Neiway today, this I am sure. But we will be ready and we will…"

"Now hang on there, just explain to me how you could possibly know this for sure?"

Silver looked at the human and fluttered his skin irritably.

"Do you not see? I see sabotage Human! Sabotage! Nonah will bring your Captain to Neiway, this is the only way they can! Nonah will say Neiway took your Captain but we would never, we are peaceful which is why I explain in meeting that this is what Nonah will do. But even I did not think they would go this far. Your Captain? It is inconceivable. "

"Do you have any evidence that the Nonah's are in fact working with the Khalic traders?"

"Evidence? No, no evidence. Khalics are too clever. This is the only way, Neywei will not allow Nonah or Nonah allies to pollute our borders. Khalic trade routes are the only exception. They are the only way."

"So what you're really saying is that your whole investigation is based on some ancestral, prejudiced hunch?"

"Hunch? What is meaning for; "hunch"?" Now the human was making up words.

"It's like a… a feeling you can get sometimes when you know you're right even though you can't prove it." McCoy explained "We sometimes call it a gut feeling."

"Gut feeling? Hunch? Yes, it is a hunch I have! I know where your Captain will be but we must travel now."

Silver reached with his large tail for a small button on his workstation which opened an intercom with his personal secretary

"Saffire, has the land transporter arrived?"

"It is just arriving now My Better."

"Then escort Commander Spock and the Starfleet Doctor there now, I will join you at the destination."

The intercom switched off as Saffire made her way to the office

"Now hold on there, we're not going anywhere on some half assed theory when we have an actual investigation to conduct!"

"Doctor, perhaps…"

"I do not… you want to… you do not believe me?"

"You're damn right I don't…"

"Doctor!" Spock said loudly, placing a hand on the doctor's shoulder and squeezing briefly "Have you considered that the Orderer Prime may be right? This could be the best opportunity to find the Captain quickly before the Nonah's plot is fully carried out."

The Doctor eyed his Vulcan commander intently and for a moment Silver wondered if these humans were telepathic. Or at least trying to be.

"So you believe this cock and bull story? You, a stone blooded, logic obsessed Vulcan is going to drop tools and run off because of one short movie and a hunch from someone who until now didn't even know what a hunch was?"

"Your description is a little inaccurate Doctor but yes, I intend to find out if the Orderer Prime's theory is correct."

Just then Saf entered the office

"This way please." She said, not at all registering the tension in the room

"Thank you." Said Spock, finally breaking eye contact with the Doctor and heading for the door

"Unbelievable!" Said the human, before taking a deep breath through his breathing tube, shooting a wide eyed stare at Silver and following his commander out of the office. Silver could hear them arguing again as they walked away.

And then the doors closed and Silver was alone in his office, his excitement and anticipation gone. That had not gone according to his expectations, these humans and their Vulcan were very unpredictable and for a while he had started to become concerned that they would not go to the landing site and witness the staged rescue of their Captain. It had taken him and his top orderers all night to prepare. Silver shook his neck and splashed his tail into his private floor stream again. At least they were now on their way, and once Neiway was seen to have foiled yet another Nonah plot, Starfleet would be sure to approve their application and not that of Nonah. It was a shame though that the Captain would not be found alive, there was no telling what he may have over heard or witnessed while trying to escape. He should have stayed subdued.

Just then a warning light appeared on his desk and he hit the button with his large tail causing the view screen to float in front of him and one of his orderers to appear on screen.

"What is happening?"

"Orderer Prime, it's the human, he has escaped again!"