Hey hey hey sorry about the very lengthy wait, but I'm back! Hopefully I'll be more regular this time around, but between job interviews, schoolwork, and the foreign exchange students around here I might be a little busy. I'll try as hard as I can to get out new chapter, aight?


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And thank y'all, I did think putting Goosefeather in as the crazy dressmaker was pretty good. I'm glad ya liked it! And all your dress choices sounded stunning, I'm sure if Brokenstar wasn't in jail again he'd be sold out! XD anyway, on to the show...

"Oh, the bridesmaid dresses are lovely!" Silverstream gushes, watching as the other she-cats try theirs on.

"This color is so complementary!" Cinderpelt grinned, twirling. The dark blue fabric swishes around her paws, revealing the black sati pumps Mapleshade had stolen from Sweetbriar's Shoe Emporium.

"It is, isn't it?" Hollyleaf purrs, having gotten over her tattle-taling thanks to her brother. Mapleshade still isn't thrilled with having the black she-cat as her bridesmaid, but figures it's better than nothing. Along with the fact that Firestar would arrest her if his precious granddaughter wasn't in the bridal party.

"I think it really compliments my fur," Ivypool grins, sashaying over to the mirror. Mapleshade nods approvingly toward her old Darkforest buddy.

"It really does," She muses. The silver-gray tabby giggles and pretends to waltz with an imaginary tom, most likely her boyfriend Bumblestripe.

"I feel like a princess!" Nutmeg giggles, twirling until she's so dizzy she falls back onto Mapleshade's couch. The entire bridesmaid party is at Mapleshade and Jayfeather's apartment trying on their dresses. Crammed into the little living room, they spin and dance about the faded blue sofa and traipse over the worn carpet in their clicking, clacking stolen heels.

"This really accentuates my curves," Cinderheart purrs, "I'm loving it! Pre-kit body, here I come!"

"The little flower girl dresses are great, Mapleshade!" Nutmeg coos as she slips each of her little she-kits into the adorable Starless Sky-Blue princess-type dresses with large, pleated skirts. Tammy smoothens her skirt while the other two admire themselves in the full-length mirror. Mitzi curtsies to herself.

"Bonjour, mademoiselle!" She giggles to her reflection, "Oh, these dresses are perfect!"

"I like this dress a lot more than Silverstream's dresses last time," Tammy agrees, "Too bad they're not red, though."

"Hey! I thought my flower-girl dresses were adorable!" Silverstream says indignantly, shooting the kits a sharp glare. Nutmeg matches it, and the pretty silver tabby backs off.

"Well, they were too prissy." Tammy maintains.

"This clashes with my fur!" Jasmine squeaks, frowning in the mirror at her brown and white pelt.

"I think I look sophisticated," Mitzi grins, smoothing her brown tabby pelt and making eyes at herself in the mirror, "Think any toms will ask me to dance?"

"If they ask anyone, they'll ask me!" Mapleshade's little daughter, Petalkit, mews as her mother adjusts the tiny bridesmaid dress. Her other daughter, Larchkit, looks up at her mother with the same fiery amber eyes.

"Mama, my dress is too tight!" she complains, tugging at the waistline.

"Just hold on a minute, and I'll get to it!" Mapleshade says exasperatedly.

"I've got it, Mapleshade." Silverstream laughs, leaning over to help the tiny she-kit. Mapleshade's third kit, Patchkit, is getting fitted for his tuxedo with the other members of the groomsmen, along with the ring bearers, Domino, Bartleby, and Timmy. Hawkfrost, Lionblaze, Bumblestripe, and even Luka are there as well. Seeing as Crowfeather and Breezepelt are banned from the wedding, Jayfeather has chosen Bramblestar to walk down the aisle with him, alongside both Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Lionblaze is his best man. Mapleshade hasn't quite decided on who she wants to walk her down the aisle, though she's thinking about breaking either Tigerstar or Brokenstar out of jail again for it.

"This color is universally flattering," Silverstream comments, taking in the bridal party.

"Not for me," Jasmine mutters.

"When is your dress coming in, Mapleshade?" Tammy inquires eagerly, "Is it red?" the tortie she-cat laughs.

"All that is a secret!" Mapleshade says, "Only Streamy knows, and I've sworn her to secrecy."

"With a fair amount of threats included." Silverstream adds nervously, glancing at Mapleshade. The tortie glares at her.

"What happens in Goosefeather's secret lair stays in Goosefeather's secret lair!" She hisses ominously.

"Anyone want some tea?" Silverstream squeaks, hurrying away.

"Oh, no!" Nutmeg exclaims, wringing her paws in distress.

"What? Would you rather have some coffee? We've got decaf." Silverstream offers.

"No, no, it's not that! We're late for Quince's hearing! She tried to murder me, you see, and I really want that disaster of a she-cat thrown in prison!" Nutmeg growls eagerly, "Come on, kits! Time to catch a cab, I told your father we'd meet them there!"

"Coming, mama!" The little she-kits chorus while rolling their eyes.

"Bye, Mapleshade! See you soon!" Tammy squeaks as her mother drags her out the door.

"Bye!" Mapleshade purrs, "Remember, don't get anything on that dress! But cold water washes away blood the best!" the door slams, and Silverstream stares incredulously at Mapleshade.

"Really?" She mews.

"Well, everyone needs to know the basics." The tortie shrugs.

"I should probably go too. I'm meeting Bumblestripe at Daisy's Ye Olde Muffin Shoppe for brunch." Ivypool says, shimmying out of her dress and handing it to Mapleshade, "I guess I'll see you guys later!"

"Bye Ivypool, have fun!" Silverstream purrs as the tabby leaves.

"And I left the kits with a sitter. They'll be missing their mommy! I should head home too. Thank you for the lovely time, Mapleshade, Silverstream. I'll talk to you soon!" Cinderpelt mews, taking off her dress and putting on her green army jacket from when she was in the Airforce. Mapleshade sighs when she remembers the ours spent listening to her boring old stories: 'Back when I was in the Airforce, aiding starving kittens and eliminating the Dark Forest…' What a bunch of blah. She thinks to herself.

"Are we still on for lunch on Sunday?" Silverstream calls from the kitchen over the loud whistle of the teapot.

"Of course!" Cinderpelt purrs as she opens the door, letting in a frigid gust of wind, "Bye, guys!"

"Bye!" Mapleshade and Silverstream say in unison.

"Mapleshade, I've got to run. This was great, thanks for forgiving me." Hollyleaf says, handing the bridesmaid dress back.

"No problem," Mapleshade mutters, still frustrated with the black she-cat.

"Auntie Hollyleaf is taking us to Dave and Busters, Mama." Larchkit and Petalkit say, hugging their mother's legs, "So we have to go, too."

"Dave and Busters…" Mapleshade muses, "Make sure to play all the zombie games, kits, those are fun. And the shooting and clawing games too. I don't want to see you out of practice!"

"Practice?!" Silverstream squawks.

"We'll remember! Bye, Mama!" the kits squeal, running out the door ahead of Hollyleaf.

"Take good care of my little angels, you hear?" Mapleshade growls to her soon to be sister in-law, "Or I'll practice on you!"

"I'll take care of them!" Hollyleaf assures her nervously, backing away toward the door.

"Good." Mapleshade grunts. The door slams shut and Silverstream bangs her paw on the counter.

"Practice?!" She repeats.

"Yes, practice. Now before we go, I want to take a nap." Mapleshade mews, changing the subject quickly.

"But-" Silverstream protests.

"G'night!" Mapleshade says, flopping down onto the couch and closing her eyes.

"Mapleshade! Wake up!" Silverstream mews, shaking the tortie, "I made us lunch!"

"Huh?" Mapleshade mumbles, rolling over on the couch. She shoves her face into a pillow sleepily, and gropes the cushions for her phone. Lifting it up, she glances at the time. "Don't we have a couple today?"

"Their flight's a little delayed." Silverstream shrugs, "So, practice?!"

"Oh, you're not still on that old thing!" The tortie mumbles groggily, "What number is the flight?" She asks innocently, typing into her phone.

"Flight 90867 from Skyclan. But honestly, stop changing the subject! You can't train your kits to be killing machines!" Silverstream screeches.

"Holy nuggets of rotten flesh!" Mapleshade exclaims, "Streamy, the flight in from Shadowclan is delayed, not theirs! Theirs is early!"

"Get a cab!" Silverstream shouts, grabbing her coat, eyes wide, "And you still haven't answered me!"

"Billystorm? What kind of a name is Billystorm?" Mapleshade is ranting as they wait at the baggage claim. Silverstream rolls her eyes for what seems to be the hundredth time, and Mapleshade ignores her. "Honestly, who in their right mind would name someone Billykit?"

"I've told you, he wasn't called Billykit! Mapleshade, he was a kittypet made into a warrior who wanted to keep his name." Silverstream explains impatiently.

"Well, he shouldn't have. A real warrior gets a real warrior name! Why not Blizzardstorm, or Blazestorm? Brackenstorm, even! And who lets kittypets into a Clan anyway?" The tortie rambles on and on, no longer watching the baggage claim as she flings her paws up into the air in exasperation. Silverstream tunes her out, instead watching the carousel go round and round, housing hundreds of different suitcases. She begins to play the game her father had once taught her, they would play it every time he left on a business trip. She would find a suitcase, and make up the cat who owns it. She was nearly always right. Look, that one's got polka dots. Silverstream notices, watching a pink and green spotted bag go by, I bet a kit owns that, a little brown tabby with big yellow eyes who wants to be a movie star. And behind it, there's a banana shaped thing. I bet that cat's an adventurer, off to explore the untamed wilderness of the Alps, and he's only in New York to catch a connecting flight from…Canada! From Canada to France. She smiles to herself and continues with the game, oblivious to Mapleshade's droning voice. Silverstream watches carefully, waiting for some cat to pick up a suitcase. The banana colored one is taken first.

He's a handsome, rugged dark brown tom with blazing green eyes. He wears a rabbit fur bomber-style hat and chunky hiking boots. As he lifts up the banana-bag, she overhears him say to his comrade: "Nice place, eh? Too bad we're only here for an hour, eh? I could use some coffee, couldn't you, eh?" His friend nods. "Well alright then, eh? Brazil, here we come! Eh!" Silverstream can't help but laugh, and it attracts their attention.

"What're you lookin' at, eh?" The Canadian tom with the banana bag looks her up and down, his friend close behind him.

"Nothing, sorry!" Silverstream giggles, "I just love your accent."

"Well, thank you." He grins, "I don't think I caught your name, eh miss?" Silverstream smiles.

"My name is Silverstream. And you are?" She replies eagerly.

"The name's Canuck, miss. An' this 'ere is my tour guide, eh?" He punches his pal playfully, " 'E's from Montreal. Name's Pierre. Doesn't speak much English, eh?"

"More zan you theenk, monsieur." The other tom says indignantly. His voice is husky, and matches his appearance. The large, well-muscled white tom winks at Silverstream, and she looks away coyly under his amber gaze. It was not a fiery, angry amber like Mapleshade's, it was passionate and deep.

"I love your accent too. J'adore!" She purrs. Pierre laughs.

"Maybee I weel zee you around, mademoiselle." He grins gallantly before walking away with Canuck. As soon as they're out of sight, Silverstream slumps into an airport chair and fans herself wildly.

"He was so hot!" She pants.

"Who?" Mapleshade asks, pausing in her never-ending monologue.

"Pierre!" Silverstream exclaims.

"Don't you have a mate?" Mapleshade mews suspiciously, narrowing her eyes.

"Maybe," Silverstream mumbles.

"Well, then-" Mapleshade begins, only to be cut off by a brilliant squeal:

"MAPLESHADE! SILVERSTREAM!" A pretty brown and cream tabby she-cat calls eagerly. Beside her pads a ginger and white tom, whose leaf-green eyes dart suspiciously around the airport.

"They're here! Let's go!" Silvertsream mews quickly, changing the subject.

"I've got my eye on you, missy…" Mapleshade mutters, "Or should I say, mademoiselle?"

"Luka! Get off your fat ass and get their bags!" Mapleshade howls as she steps through the large glass doors of WCC, her back aching and creaking, "I'm not as young as I used to be!"

"I'm coming! Jeez, old-timer, no need to be so cranky!" The tawny tom growls, hurrying to fetch the luggage.

"I'm not old!" Mapleshade snarls. Luka skids to a halt.

"But-you just…you said-" He stammers, confused.

"Don't even bother," Silverstream gripes, trudging through the doors as well, the couple following, "She thinks she knows everything!"

"I do! And I know you shouldn't be mooning over some French guy when you're happily mated!" Mapleshade snaps irritably, "Hawkfrost! Get me some tea!" No response.

"Maybe he's in your hot tub again?" Silverstream supplies.

"He better not be, or I'll claw off whatever he's soaking in my precious bubbly water. HAWKFROST!" She bellows.

"Maybe he's just not back from the tuxedo fitting?" Silverstream offers.

"No, if Luka's back, then he's back. HAWKFROST GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" Mapleshade screeches.

"Oh yeah, he said he was going out for Froyo. Probably won't be back anytime soon." Luka mews, lugging the couple's suitcases inside like a pack mule, "What do you guys have in here? Rocks? Bricks? Barbells?" He grunts, dropping them down into the lobby.

"No, silly! Leafstar purrs, "We have all of our New York things!"

"As in?" Luka huffs, not looking up at her as he clutches his back.

"Brochures, money, snacks, clothes for daytime, clothes for the evening, clothes for clubbing, clothes for business, clothes for casual wear, clothes for professional wear, clothes for formal events, oh! And clothes for clubbing! I mentioned clubbing, right?" Leafstar grins, "I'm a leader! I've gotta get WILD!"

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were a sl-" Luka begins, looking up at her shrewdly, but his voice gets caught in his throat and dies. He finds himself staring up at a beautiful brown tabby and cream she-cat with sparkling amber eyes. A light flickers above her, as if Starclan themselves were shining down onto her glorious fur, and angels were singing…

"Oops! Sorry, that's Gray-baby, gotta take this." Silverstream says quickly, answering her phone: immediately the New York Clanners Chorus hit 'Starclan's Only Angels' shuts off. "Hey babe!"

"Damn light switch, I can never figure this out!" Mapleshade grumbles, flicking off the switch that lit up the spotlight above Leafstar. Luka hisses. The ruined his moment. He catches Billystorm glaring at him warily.

"C'mere darling, let's go." He mews, coming over to wrap his tail over the leader's shoulders.

"But I was just talking to-" she protests, and Billystorm nods.

"I don't like the way he was looking at you. C'mon lets go!" Billystorm insists.

"See, this is the problem! You're so jealous!" Leafstar exclaims, flustered, as she pulls away from her mate.

"What?!" Billystorm cries out, "Jealous?!"

"Why don't we take this into the counseling room…" Mapleshade grumbles, "Luka, unfortunately you're my Hawkfrost for the day."

"Sweet!" the tawny tom grins, staring after Leafstar.

"And no funny business," The tortie warns him darkly. The secretary nods, and follows her into the counseling room, closing the door carefully behind them.

"So you're here because he's jealous, is that correct?" Mapleshade asks, reclining in her purple chair and adjusting her spectacles. She perches her clipboard in her lap and poises her pen.

"Yes, that's right." Leafstar sighs, "It's all so stressful. Any tom I talk to, he's all over them! 'I'm her mate, y'know that punk? Get outta here before I crush your tail!' and ugh, I just can't take it anymore!" She whines.

"There, there…" Luka mews, rubbing her shoulders sensually, eliciting a purr from the tabby leader.

"That feels wonderful…" She sighs. Luka shivers, her voice sending tingles up his spine.

"Hey!" Billystorm shouts.

"Luka, paws off the customer!" Mapleshade snaps.

"Sorry!" He squeaks, skittering away, "Tea, Mapleshade?"

"With extra sugar." She grunts, glaring at him, "Now get outta here!" Luka nods quickly and scampers out the large oak door like a frightened mouse.

"Where were we?" Mapleshade continues sweetly, "Ah, yes. Jealousy."

"I'm not jealous! I'm just protective, y'know?" Billystorm mews defensively.

"Overprotective!" Leafstar huffs.

"Ah, shut up. It's his turn to talk!" Mapleshade growls.

"Hey!" Leafstar whimpers.

"She thinks I'm jealous, but I'm just protective. And wary. And cautious. And possessive. Ok, so, fine! Maybe I am a little jealous. But I have a right, don't I?" Billystorm argues.

"No you don't! I'm a perfectly independent she-cat. I do love you, and our kits. But that doesn't mean you need to keep tabs on me every single day!" Leafstar mews bitterly.

"Why not?" Mapleshade asks slyly, "I do that to my Jay-bae! Have you ever tried baby monitors?" She turns to Billystorm, who listens intently, "And I hired out Nightcloud's Super Sneaky Agency of Super Sneaky Spies. She made it originally to track down Crowfeather at all times, but they really do have all the best equipment. They have telescopes, radarscopes, sniperscopes, horoscopes, sneakoscopes,"

"Hey, aren't those from Harry Potter?" Billystorm asks suspiciously.

"Yeah!" Mapleshade grins, "Crookshanks is the supplier. Love that guy."

"Cool!" Billystorm replies excitedly, "I should totally call them up…"

"No you totally shouldn't!" Leafstar protests.

"But baby, it's for your own good!" Billystorm says, "Besides, if you have nothing to hide, then it shouldn't even bother you!"

"Yeah, well…uh…but…" Leafstar glances away.

"You have been cheating on me! I knew it!" Billystorm wails, "How do I even know if those three are my kits? How long has this been happening? Oh my Starclan!" the tom collapses on the ground dramatically.

"I swear, it was only one time!" Leafstar pleads, "It didn't mean anything!"

"Who was it? Who was it?!" Billystorm thunders, glaring at his mate, "I'll beat him to a pulp! You won't recognize his sorry ass when I'm finished with him! WHO WAS IT?!"

"It was-" Leafstar pauses dramatically, "Sol!"

"Luka! Get me popcorn!" Mapleshade screams gleefully.

"SOL?!" Billystorm shrieks like a wounded kit, "SOL?! HOW COULD YOU!"

"And you should know...the kits are his, not yours!" Leafstar whimpers, "That's why I named one Harrykit! I'd been seeing him for moons before his twoleg captured me."


"No! Don't do it, I can love you both!" Leafstar begs, "Please!"

"Never! I can't believe you!" Billystorm cries.

"The popcorn, Luka, get me the popcorn!" Mapleshade screeches. All of a sudden, the tawny tom bursts into the room, wearing a dashing back suit and crimson tie, a rose between his teeth and a sombrero on his head. Lustfully, he stares at Leafstar.

"Beautiful, beautiful Leafstar..." He mews softly, whipping a ukulele out of nowhere and strumming it gently.

"Wait a second…is that my sombrero?" Mapleshade squawks, her head spinning, "Why are you wearing my sombrero?!"

"Aw, shut up." Luka snaps at her before turning back to Leafstar, "My beautiful Leafstar, your eyes sparkle and shine like a thousand amber moonstones…"

"You don't even know what a moonstone is! Either of you!" Mapleshade howls.

"I know right!" Billystorm wails in distress.

"Your fur shines like moonlight on the lake,"

"You guys don't know what that is either!"

"And your smile is as bright as Mapleshade's flaming temper…"

"Damn right! Now give me back my sombrero!" Mapleshade lunges at the tawny tom, tearing at his black suit with merciless claws.

"Don't hurt him! He is my one true love!" Leafstar gushes, leaping into the fight.

"No, I am! Love me!" Billystorm shrieks, jumping in after him.

"You were just my beard! I never loved you!" Leafstar hisses to Billystorm, who has suddenly grown a large, bushy black lumberjack beard.

"Why me?!" He howls, scratching her face and running away, "I must now go join my bearded fellows in the lumberjack kingdom!" Ashfur pops up from behind the doorframe, eyes blazing. He, too, wears a bushy beard.

"Come, join us brother! I too was a beard for a she-cat I loved! Now, we must chop trees for eternity! To the lumberjack kingdom!" I a flash of light, surrounded by rainbows and sparkles and axes, the two toms had vanished. Mapleshade continued to tear at her secretary.

"Give me my sombrero! Jay-bae bought me that for our one week anniversary!" She snarls, snatching the hat off of his head. A few little feather and tassels come off as he clings to it.

"No! Not the tassels!" Mapleshade wails.

"Darling, leave the sombrero! I love you just as much without it!" Leafstar purrs, flinging her paws around Luka's neck. "You are my one true love!"

"Really?!" Luka squeaks happily, spitting out the rose. Unfortunately it lands on her face.

"My eyes, my eyes, my beautiful eyes! There are thorns in my eyes!" Leafstar howls.

"The sombrero will heal you, my darling!" Luka shouts, leaping at Mapleshade, "Give me the all-powerful Mexican hat!"

"No! My sombrero, mine mine mine!" Mapleshade hisses, swatting his face.

"Mapleshade!" Silverstream appears in the doorway, paws on her hips, "Mapleshade!"

"What do you want? I need my sombrero!" The tortie growls.

"Mapleshade wake up!" Silverstream shouts.

"I'm not asleep, fool, cant you see I need my sombrero?!" She snaps angrily.

"Mapleshade, wake up!" Silverstream screams. All of sudden, Mapleshade feels like the building is in a earthquake. Everything is shaking, shaking, shaking…

"Mapleshade, Mapleshade wake up!" Silverstream's voice calls her out of the blackness. She opens her eyes. She's still on the couch.

"Huh? She mumbles, "The couple…the sombrero…Luka, Hawkfrost…Pierre…" Silverstream smiles.

"You've had a rough couple of days, so I let you sleep. The couple's fine, Hawkfrost and I took care of them without any fuss. Don't worry, everything's alright. And you don't even own a sombrero.

"Thank Tigerstar," Mapleshade sits up, her head pounding, "That sombrero really screwed me over. So none of it was real? It was all a dream?"

"Yep. Oh! But I want you to meet someone I found at the airport." Silverstream grins.

"Oh, fine. Who is it?" Mapleshade mutters, relieved it was a dream.

"Mapleshade, meet Moose," Silverstream purrs as an enormous tan tabby tom emerges from the kitchen. He grins and waves his tail.

"How ya doin', eh?" He says cheerfully. Silverstream leans in giddily and whispers:

"He's Canadian!"

Poor, poor Mapleshade...

I thought he dream thing was pretty creative: you guys had said this was a sort of dull, chemistry-lacking couple so I tried to keep it interesting.

Y'all still have the contest going! Due date is coming up: April 20th! I wait to see what some of y'all have come up with, you're all so creative and funny. Already I've had some great entries.

QOTD: If Luka stole your sombrero...would things get ugly?

Squirrels: Our next couple is also flying in from across the globe...I hear they're a heck of a lot cuter together than this sorry pair. One is bouncy and bubbly, while the other is sharp with a softer side. Guess who!

I'll see y'all around,