Hi, so I know I haven't posted anything in a while, I blame these things called mocks and this government guy called Michael Gove... Anyway, enjoy! :) Summer x


That was the first thing he was sure of; it was raining. He could smell it, the scent of muddy water on concrete as it pooled around his shoulders, splashing off his face and soaking his clothes. Then he felt the cold, seeping through his skin and freezing his bones. Which, by the way, really ached.

He groaned, disorientated, forcing his eyes open and then only seeing darkness. But it was a darkness permeated with tiny dots of glowing light. Wait… they were stars, and he was staring at the sky.

He lying was on his back. At night.

He pushed himself up on his elbows, feeling every muscle in his body protest as he did so. Glancing around him, he realised he was sitting in the middle of a street. The buildings on either side of him were imposing and faceless, giving him no clue as to where he actually was. He glanced around desperately for a minute for some kind of sign, because he really had no idea.

Blinding lights flashed in his face, and he threw himself to the side of the road as a car skidded past him. Dirty water sprayed over his back and into his mouth and down his neck, and he would have started shivering and coughing if he hadn't been doing so already. From the pavement, he clambered to his feet and stared down at himself. His jeans, recently bought, were now torn and stained, and even singed in places. And his t-shirt had a massive slash right down the centre of it.

What the..?

He scanned the area, growing more confused by the minute. Where was he? The place was so plain, ordinary, without signposts or anything remotely helpful. More to the point, how had he even got here? The last thing he could remember was, well, he wasn't even sure. Everything was so foggy at the moment. He rubbed his temples hard, in the vain hope that that would do any good. All it did was highlight how icy his fingertips were.

He hugged his arms to himself in an attempt to keep warm. What was that last thing he'd done? He tried to organise his thoughts but it was like trying to grab at handfuls of water. He'd been… Well, he'd been in the lab. And Adam had been there, because he'd been making fun of him. And Bree, she'd been there too, because when he'd asked her for help she'd just smacked both of them over the head and carried on setting up a twitter profile. Had Chase been there? No, he'd arrived later with Mr D because they had been working together on something. What had they been working on? Oh, God knows…

The wind was starting to pick up, biting into his already freezing skin to the point where he was feeling sick. He still had no idea where he was, but he knew he needed to get indoors before hypothermia set in. He choose a random direction and forced his tired, aching body to start moving, hoping desperately that he'd find a signpost somewhere before the rain got too heavy for him to see.

After a few minutes, a deep burning pain started radiating from his leg, making him limp and forcing him to slow down. He reached down to pull the ruined fabric away from his shin and saw a long, ugly burn mark tracing its way over his skin. Well, brilliant. He would normally have started retching at that point but he was too cold to care. And he didn't need to be told that being too cold to properly feel a second-degree burn was a very bad thing.

He had to figure out where he was. Fast.