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Okay I had be dreaming, either that or I've gone insane. Maybe I was just hallucinating, hard to tell to be honest considering the circumstances.

Just a few minutes ago I was sat back on my sofa in my apartment, started up my Xbox and loaded up Mass Effect. Hadn't played in a while and thought I'd do a new femshep playthrough.

Caroline Shepard, yeah I never was creative with my characters names ( Richard, Alice .etc). She was gonna be an Infiltrator, always did like those over powered sniper rifle. She was going to be feminine looking but with a hint of badassness inherent in any Shepard character, she may look small and fragile but she can damn well kick your ass. She was a blonde with shoulder length hair, piercing emerald eyes, arched eyebrows, full crimson lips, a beauty like no other. It was when I got the choosing her background story... that was when it happened

I was reading the descriptions, I always used to forget what they all meant, sole survivor, spacer .etc. My eyelids began to feel heavy and they started to droop slightly, I looked over at my clock saying 9:30. " can't be feeling tired already?"I thought to myself, I assumed it would subside so I carried on trying to force my eyes to widen but I couldn't, there was some unseen force closing my eyes, and as they did I felt.. relaxed like I was weightless. I couldn't feel my sofa anymore or see the lights of my apartment through my closed eyes, I kept trying to open them but to no avail.

Then air was rushing by me, like I was... FALLING! My eyes opened in alarm and I looked, I could see nothing, just light rushing by as I traveled at a colossal rate and I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said it felt like the speed of light. I felt like my limbs were gonna be ripped off, But as quickly as it had begun I began slowing down and the rushing light began to form shapes around me. Before I knew it I was in a military grade on a hard metal framed bed in uncomfortable Armour surrounded by similarly dressed lads. They were all strapping on items to their Armour, grenades and the like, fumbling with shotguns and assault rifles. I noticed their Armour seemed much bulkier then mine, mine was much more lean. Then my mind was blown, the symbols on their armour, the weapons they were holding, they were Alliance marines... and this was mass effect!

But I don't remember any of this from the game? Where was I? What was I meant to be doing here. Before I could ask any one there was a loud thumbing of Armoured boots as another Marine entered the room. Everyone snapped to attention, I followed suit trying to fit in.

"Listen up marines, you've all been briefed on the situation." Umm I haven't "Now you all know the drill, there is not a snowballs chance in hell that we are gonna let those ugly four eyed bastards get their filthy claws on Elysium!" Elysium, this was the Skyllian blitz! Where Shepard gets the War Hero background, my ears suddenly became attuned to the loud sound of gun fire and the whistling of shuttles flying over head, the deafening crack of a main gun of a frigate firing, Jesus Christ I was in a war zone!

"Okay marines let's move out! Campbell!" Huh that's my name, I turned to see the apparent commander looking at me. "you've got first section! Now let's move out!" There was a loud reply of Ooh rah! before we all piled out of the door, I soon became aware of the Assault Rifle on my back, so I wasn't unarmed that's a good start... It's folded, how do I get it to open? I fumbled with the thing as I jogged with the group, I found a rather conspicuous button, I pressed it and the rifle suddenly sprung out in all it's full glory. It was just the standard M-8 avenger nothing special, but I had always preferred that to the others, I liked the look of it more.

"Campbell, take your section up that route, don't let a single batarian through you got it?" I just nodded in an unsure way. "Right the rest of you with me!"

Now here I was behind a makeshift barricade of crates and sky cars with three other marines. Twenty batarian slavers charging towards with their horrific guttural war cries brandishing shotguns and similarly lethal items.

"Permission to open up on these bastards sarge?" Oh so I was a sergeant? That's why these guys were with me. "uhh right, OPEN FIRE!" I tried to say it with as much authority as I could manage, not sure if it worked but it got the desired effect as they started blazing away with their Assault rifles. The Batarians returned in kind blasting away, they were getting awfully close, I could almost see the whites of those hideous four eyes. "Sarge can't you force them back or something?" One of them shouted to me, no idea what he meant though, what was he expecting me to do?


"Well your a biotic aren't you? Toss 'em around or something" He replied shredding one Batarian with his assault rifle only for another to take it's place.

Oh wicked biotics! I love biotics... how do I use biotics, Before it was just a click of a button, now what? I tried to visualize the throw attack I had so commonly used, I brought my right arm up to my face trying to command my biotics to what I wanted, my eyes widened as my hand was enveloped in blue energy. I thrust my arm ahead of me and a glowing blue orb shot out ahead of it. It propelled it's way forward and slammed into the chest of a random batarian forcing him off his feet and he flew back a good 5 or so metres, damn that was cool! Right Aaron your a marine now, got to get your head in the game I told myself. I brought my rifle up and sighted the Batarian now sprawled out on the floor, I compressed the trigger and hundreds of tiny projectiles fired out at the speed of sound, peppering him as he rived in pain before falling limp.

Holy shit! I just killed someone! A batarian maybe, but a person none the less. I fell on my ass in shock of my own actions. I looked over at the corpse, full of tightly placed perforations all over his body, blood seeping out, eyes staring out in silent horror.

Before I could react a batarian clambered over the barricade and jumped on me waving his shotgun in my face, snarling at me in some indistinguishable language. How crap am I at fighting? What the hell! I'm gonna die already, at the hands of some angry batarian slaver no less. Fuck!

Before I could curse in my head any further, tiny projectiles the size of grains of sand ripped through his kinetic barriers and turned him into something more akin to Swiss cheese. I looked at my fellow marine with a smoking assault rifle. "This is no time to get sentimental sarge, they won't stop coming!" Christ that was close, come on Aaron get it together, it's kill or be killed. Pushing my negative thoughts away I hardened my resolve and raised my rifle to face the oncoming Batarian charge.

They fell in droves, little trouble for professionally trained marines. Regardless though we were losing, as one fell 4 more would take their place, more and more lead was coming our way. I looked to my right to see all three of my marines get hit by shotgun blasts at close range, ripping open their armour like some sort of morbid can opener. My blood boiled, I may not know these people but they obviously knew me and they fought with courage to protect this colony. Now I had read up on mass effect enough to know what those Batarians would be doing to any civilians they found. Now all their attention was all me but I was glad for it.

I stood up and raised my glowing blue arms, I pictured in my mind levitating a batarian in the air and slamming him into a wall. I couldn't stand for long, the bullets started flying. I quickly focused on one unfortunate pirate, lifting him into the air. He struggled to no avail and I forced him into a nearby sky car, he hit it head first, he dropped to the floor limp, his neck at a unnatural position.

But my angry display had cost me, my shields were breached and I took a round in the shoulder. I collapsed behind the barricade, the adrenaline lessened the pain but I had never experienced something like this, I could the Batarians coming closer firing away to suppress me. I can't die come on! Not like this. Wait could be worse, I could be captured shit! I began panicking uncontrollably.

"Need a hand there trooper?" I turned to my right and my mind was blown a second time in an hour. There she was, just as I had envisioned from her blonde hair, to those emerald eyes, down to the shape of her nose. Caroline mother fucking Shepard!

She ran and combat rolled beside me, assault rifle up. This a was a trained professional no doubt. "What's your name soldier?"

"um Campbell, Sergeant Aaron Campbell" I stuttered slightly but I managed. She looked at my armour, "Biotic right?" I nodded she smirked "Excellent" She peeked up behind our cover firing a few bursts to keep the Batarians from getting to close. "Cam, you reckon you can use your biotics to throw this grenade further?" I nodded. I guess I could, it was pretty small. She quickly produced a grenade, pushing the detonator she launched it forward. I quickly sprang up and forced it further on it's course, It was heading straight for a sky car. It exploded the car in flames in seconds the thing erupted, two pirates were engulfed in the flames and disintegrated, others were shredded by shrapnel their kinetic barriers being to weak to stop them from embedding themselves.

"Time to let loose marine!" She stood up and ran forward, assault rifle up, she fired in accurate controlled bursts, in comparison to my fervor with full auto. I quickly joined her side adding in my biotics. One fool ran to close and I threw him back, slamming him into one of his buddies before Shepard shot them both with precise hits to the head. I began pouring fire into them, one batarian went into a blood rage at the extent of their casualties from just two Alliance marines.

He slammed into my torso and brought me to the ground, he began laying hits into me, my armour absorbed most of his hits. I managed to get one of my arms out from under him, I began channeling my biotic energy into my clenched first before biotically punching him in the side of the head. Least to say it did the trick as he flew off me. As I got to my feet I realized there were only three batarians left.

Shepard was concentrating on the largest one, a big brute. I took the right one and in seconds his shields were down, I biotically forced him into a wall before putting a short burst into his torso, his slumped down as he sat against the wall. The final Batarian saw sense and ran, Shepard turned to me.

"Not bad marine, damn fine biotics" She said with a grin. Then her grin turned to a look of concern. "Your wounded" She said gesturing to my shoulder, in the heat of the fire fight I had forgotten about it. "Don't you have any medi gel?" Umm no? how do i tell? I don't have a hud! I just shook my head. "Here" She said as she opened her omni tool to apply it, I felt relief almost instantly, wow that stuff really is good. "Thanks" I said with the best smile I could manage considering the circumstance we were in. "I'm Lieutenant Caroline Shepard" She said reaching out an arm. "Pleased to make your acquaintance Campbell" I took her hand in mine "Likewise" Then my eyes turn to horror as I looked past her. She turned and a similar expression adorned her face. A Pirate frigate was coming straight to out position, fast.

Shit we haven't got firepower to deal with that! It neared and I could see it's external turrets were targeting us, a shuttle emerged from the side no doubt carrying more slavers.. pirates whatever they were. Well it was fun while it lasted I suppose, but before I could say goodbye to my new companion I heard a great shrieking like a jet plane flying over and to my astonishment, a genuine Alliance frigate soured over us, It's main gun fired and split the inferior Batarian craft in half. On the side I could the inscription "SSV Hastings" To think Pressly was on board that somewhere. Soon after Alliance shuttles were flying over dropping off marines all over the city.

"That was cutting it close" Shepard said beside me, I turned and grinned. "That was a damn fine shooting Campbell" She said turning to me. "I'm sorry for the loss of your squad" She said gesturing to the three corpses, I nodded solemnly. "What were their names?" Oh I wasn't expecting this, quick think she might think your a spy! "Um Robert, Mike, and Sam." That'll do right, sorry unnamed generic Marines.

"... One of them is a Woman" She countered with a skeptical expression.

"Uhhh Sam short for Samantha!" I quickly corrected, perhaps to quickly but she didn't seem to notice and she nodded. "Well we should get them back to your unit" She said I nodded in understanding.

We walked to the corpses shutting their eyes. Then I felt it again, the heavy eye lids. What I'm going back again? Already? Before I knew it I was falling, light rushing by me as I spiraled in an endless abyss.

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