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Ah Jesus my head is spinning and everything is so blurry, and dirt is flying everywhere? and everything is on fire! oh Jesus Christ!

"Campbell! Campbell! On your feet marine!" I felt a hand roughly grab me by the shoulder before hauling me to my feet, then an assault rifle was thrust into my hands. "Batarians are swarming this place, make moves sergeant."

It was then that I realized my body was not my own, it was responding by itself. It was like being in a cinema except I was directly connected to the persons eyes, I saw my reflection in a broken piece of glass confirming that it was indeed me, if a little disheveled. Was I inside a dream of some sort, currently it was impossible to tell.

"Campbell" I turned to the voice of a man, much older then myself, he had a fresh cut going round his right cheek and one of his eyes looked damaged. "We've got to get to that goddamn control tower" Holy shit Zaeed? I guess it was him that picked me up "If we can, we can shut down their goddamn defense grid so the frigates can move in. If that happens Torfan is as good as ours."

"Roger that" I said, well this person of me.. this one? Now I sound like a hanar. There was a loud explosion in the distance and I turned to see this behemoth of a defense gun firing. It tore through an Alliance Frigate that flew to close to the facility. hundreds of lives ended in an instant.

"Goddamnit Campbell we need to get up there now!" We began sprinting up a rocky slope, it was difficult with pieces of the rock falling away as I made my way up closely followed by Zaeed. Suddenly a batarian appeared at the top snarling at me, shotgun in hand. He raised ready to blow my head off when a flurry of shots slammed into his chest, his shields fissled out around him and he fell back. I looked back and gave a nod to Zaeed, he grinned wide. We reached the top and charged forwards.

At first it was clear but quickly pirates starting appearing behind rocks and defensive placements hampering our progress.

"Ignore them, we have to keep goddamn moving!" Okay seriously does he use that in every sentence? I thought whilst firing on the move, I skidded to halt however as we approached the entrance to the defense tower as a full squad of batarians formed up in front of us.

"Campbell, throw em!" Understanding immediately my right fist glowed blue as a glowing orb flew out and blasted two of them off the walkway. The others were quickly brought down by combined fire from my and Zaeed's rifles.

Once the squad was dispatched we moved in, we passed a few dead marines on our way to the top. More than one squad had been sent to disable the defense grid. We passed a few guards quickly taking them down before reaching a promising looking door.

"About goddamn time!" Zaeed said as he opened the door. He was immediately hit by a rocket and he flew past me in the resulting explosion.

"Shit! Zaeed!" I said running to him.

"Ah.. relax kid I'm fine" He said struggling to sit up. "I'll just slap on some medi gel and be right as rain. Look out!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me down to the floor as a second rocket flew by my shoulder. I looked back to see one big, angry, ugly batarian with a rocket launcher in one hand and a shotgun in the other... ugly? .. Like ugly for Batarian standards.

"Ha ha ha" He gave a disgusting guttural laugh "Pathetic humans" He dropped his rocket launcher and got both hands on his shotgun.

"Come on then ugly" Zaeed said now standing, admittedly unsteadily on his feet. "Lets dance"

Following his Que I brought up my rifle and unloaded a flurry of shots into the brutes chest. He shuddered from the impact and fell to one knee. Leveling his shotgun he blasted Zaeed back to the floor again. I looked over, this time he was out cold.

"Looks like it's my turn" Where did this confidence come from? I sprinted forward firing as I went before charging my biotics in one fist and slugging him in the face. He flew back and slammed into the floor with a metallic bang.

"You'll pay for that little human" He dropped his shotgun and full on rugby tackled me into the wall. I thought my spine might snap, I took two fingers and jabbed them into two of his four eyes. He howled in pain, I looked at my armoured gloves and saw a little of blood on the ends of my fingers. I looked back at the batarian as he floundered covering his face as blood dripped by his hands.

I picked myself up before charging my biotics in both arms and lifting the brute into the air before slamming him into the floor.. hard, I almost felt bad for the guy. Seeing him sprawled on the floor he had to be dead or out cold.

"That was goddamn brilliant Campbell" I turned to see Zaeed sat up one hand on his head. "One hell of a party we must have had eh." He said as he clutched his head in pain.

"You wish Massani" I replied, which surprised me to see myself so friendly with him. Ignoring that I walked into the towers control room and approached the glowing interface. I looked at it with absolutely no idea what anything on it did. Luckily for me the actual me.. the me in this weird dream thing I was having knew exactly what to do. Pressed a few glowing icons here and there, opened another interface, pressed a few other buttons. The finally there was the satisfied sound of the centre powering down, outside the large windows ahead of me I could see the defense guns powering down and returning to there default positions.

I turned away and brought up my omni tool. Damn still haven't worked out how to do that! And I opened a communications channel. "Command, this is Torrent. Objective 2 is secure, i repeat objective 2 is secure over." Torrent is my company's name, pretty cool if you ask me.

"Roger that torrent" A female voice came over the channel. "Main battle cluster is moving in, good work gentleman. Report to the Trafalgar for further orders out." Oh well that was abrupt. Oh no everything is going dark! As I'm drifting away!

Ah whoa I'm back! Since when was I lounging on a sofa in just a t shirt and pajama bottoms. Wait this is my apartment! Woo I'm back home.

Better tell my mum how much I love her before I randomly disappear again! I pick up the phone and look at the display. It's blank hm that's weird, oh and dead..

Well I'm hungry anyway, I pull open the fridge only to find it's all.. rotten. Aw why me, now I've got to go food shopping! I hate food shopping I cry, in my mind that is as I pull on my jacket and head for the door. I pull it open and come face to face with a husk.. Or should I say husks. Because there was hundreds!

Jesus Christ, I pull back as it lunges at me grabbing me by the shoulder and dragging me to floor. It lets out an ear piercing before ripping into my neck with its teeth. Then another began ripping at my other side. Then another and another, more than I can count tearing me apart. I scream but no noise comes out, then suddenly they all stop and stand up, before beginning to fade before my eyes. Soon enough I'm alone in my apartment, on the floor bleeding profusely from the neck.

I try to stop with my hands but there's just too much, I stand a flail around my house trying to find something, but to no avail. I grab my t-shirt and pull it up to my shoulders and try to use that as a makeshift blanket but soon it's saturated with blood. And my consciousness begins to fade as everything goes black.

"Look, Chakwas he's coming too" said a voice, female, Shepard or Ashley hard to distinguish. I slowly open my eyes to a blinding light to see four sets of eyes peering back at me. three human, one turian.

"Welcome back to the living Campbell" Shepard says pulling me to a sitting position.

"You gave us quite a scare there lieutenant" Nihlus says his mandibles forming into what i can only assume is a turian smile.

"Oh you've no idea" I reply

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