An alternate ending to S04E06; what I would have liked to see occur…

"I'll never trust you."

The Morrigan smiled, her eyes locked onto the doctor's. "I wouldn't respect you if you did. But do remember, I let you see me eat pizza. You think I just let any schmo do that?"

Contrary to popular belief, there was something soothing about the presence of the leader of the Dark Fae. Her tone was gentle, her words hitting the perfect key to every note. Lauren couldn't help but notice the fluidity of the dark-haired woman's movements as she reached into her purse.

"Here are the keys to your new condo. Call me if you need anything else." There was a moment's hesitation as the doctor came to terms with the fact that her newfound friend was leaving. "This was, ah, what do they call it…? Fun. Right?"

Lauren stood, a bottle of Dark Belch in her right hand. "Evony."

Very aware of the unusual tone in the doctor's voice, The Morrigan's hands ceased their fumbling through her purse, and she turned to face the blonde. Not a moment too soon, Lauren's hand cupped Evony's cheek, and their lips touched. The kiss was soft, perhaps even tentative, but there was no doubt that a hidden passion lingered behind the intimate contact.

"The pizza's our secret," the doctor whispered.

Evony's expression was almost incredulous as the two women parted, and the corners of her full lips twitched into a smile. "I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful… something."

Timidity crept its way into Lauren's conscious mind, and she averted her gaze. "I still don't trust you."

The Morrigan laughed a throaty chuckle. "You don't have to, Doctor Lewis. You are team dark, now." She paused, running her tongue over the fleshy tissue of her bottom lip and clamping her teeth down onto it. "I can taste it. 'Ta, darling."

The steady click of thin heels resonated against the hardwood floor of Lauren's ex-home as Evony walked out, her hips sashaying provocatively as she did. The doctor's hand reached out towards the threshold, and her mouth opened in silent protest to the departure of the powerful woman. The sound of footsteps was fading away, replaced with the heavy thump thump thump of the human's irregular pulse.

"Goddammit," she whispered under her breath, inhaling deeply before shouting out: "W-wait!"


Lauren took another deep breath. "Evony?"

All that could be heard was the thrumming of her own heartbeat against her temples, amplified by the adrenaline coursing through her chest. The blonde muttered an unladylike profanity, downed the rest of her bottle, and turned to resume her packing. As she reached for her box of Star Trek collectables, she noticed a very familiar set of black heels scattered on the floor a few feet from her.

Brows furrowed in confusion, Lauren bent over to touch the expensive-looking material that the footwear was made of. Before the tips of her fingers could reach, however, she felt the invading presence of a figure behind her, nimble hands grasping at her hips without the slightest bit of modesty. She gasped in surprise, intent on standing up straight to see the perpetrator, but a harsh pressure between her shoulder blades prevented her from doing just that.

With deliberate calculation, the hand against her back descended the length of her spine; perfectly manicured nails raking the sensitive flesh through the doctor's thin shirt. "You called, love?"

The blonde couldn't help but grin as the hands against her body became more and more gentle, the harshness of nails replaced by the delicate trailing of fingertips. This allowed her to rise to her full height and turn to face The Morrigan. Eye-to-eye, Evony's hands snaked their way around the younger woman's waist, interlocking her fingers behind her back to cage her in.

"Those shoes aren't the best when it comes to stealth," the Dark Fae made a motion towards the heels, and Lauren noticed her feet were now bare, "so I improvised. Voilà."

"And the surprise attack against my buttocks was—?"

"Just a tease." Evony smiled, her dilated pupils roaming the doctor's visage. "I'm going to have to remember you're human if I don't want to hurt you."

The doctor tried to pull away from Evony's embrace, but ceased her attempts when she noticed the amused expression crossing the dark-haired woman's features. Instead, Lauren allowed her weight to lean back, her body held upright by The Morrigan's strength alone.

"You don't think I can take care of myself," Lauren spoke the words as a statement, pointing an accusing finger towards her newfound friend. She realized then that the 25% alcohol level of Evony's self-brewed beer was beginning to affect her motor skills. There was also a slight slur to her words. "I can take care of myself, thank you very much. Though I do appreciate the concern."

"You're very welcome."

The sensual undertone of the older woman's words washed over Lauren's rational inhibition, and for but a moment, she was void of responsibilities. Bo eluded her, as did the Light Fae and the dangerous boundaries she was overstepping by her mere dialogue with the leader of the Dark. Nonetheless, there was something inviting about Evony; even more than the way the succubus made her feel with a touch charged with chi. It was confidence, it was power, and it was the alluring idea of freedom that the dark-haired woman promised.

"Well then?" The demanding tone came as a surprise to the blonde, her cobalt irises colliding with the dark bronze ones of The Morrigan's. "You didn't really call me back here simply to have a talk, now, did you?"

"No," Lauren's tone was devoid of confidence, despite the engulfing tattoo of her pulse thrumming in her ears. "I didn't. I…just wanted to—"

At a lack for words, the doctor was unable to finish her sentence without the possibility of a childish eloquence seeping into her utterances. She had never before had an issue with seducing women, but there was something unique about Evony that intimidated her. Lauren was infatuated. The dark-haired woman's eyes bore into her own, and there was nothing she could do to cease the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

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