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When I started writing this, I expected it to just be a oneshot but I got really into writing this story.

A little background first, I used to be a badminton player so that's the sport I chose. I don't want to write a sport that I have no knowledge of at all. This is probably set in the 2012 London Olympics if you're wondering but you can make up a place or something. Happy reading!


Chapter One out of Three

"I just wanted to thank for you for the great game. It's the most fun I've had for years now"

Anna watched the Norwegian beauty smash the shuttlecock to the opponent's side of the court. As the opponent missed to throw it back, Elsa already smirked to herself knowing she had won. The crowd clapped and cheered for the Norwegian beauty. The Norwegian beauty had won herself to the next round, against USA.

The opponent lost badly, 11-21.

Anna gulped, this was her next opponent.

Elsa and the opponent from whatever country made their way to the middle of the court and shook their hands. "Good match" They smiled and then simply walked away.

Elsa sat down, placing her racket on the bench, opening her water and gulping down to hydrate herself.

Anna touched her toes, stretching her legs as far as she can. She got up and twisted her upper torso. Moving her neck side to side while jumping up and down slightly to get her into the game.

"C'mon, Anna, you got this… I'll be right here rooting for you, okay?" Kristoff stood behind her, he rubbed her shoulders to relax her, not get her too hyper.

"Thanks, Kristoff" Anna smiled at her best friend.

"Now, go kick so Norwegian ass" He handed her racket to her and slightly gave a push to go on to the court, where Elsa was already waiting. Elsa watched the younger girl jogged her way to the middle of the court.

Anna went to the net and greeted Elsa, they shook hands and said their good lucks to each other. Anna kept her eyes on hers but Elsa only kept things to herself.

Choosing heads, Anna got to serve first. With a strong start, Anna waved her hand then released the shuttlecock letting it fly above the net.

A rally filled with intense back and forth throws of the poor shuttlecock, Anna already noticed that the feather was starting to wear off because of the strong clashes.

It was only the first rally and it was intense.

Expecting Elsa to hit hard, Anna move back a little. Elsa hit the shuttlecock very lightly, just enough to rise above the net then fall, not giving Anna enough time to move forward to catch it.

Anna nodded to herself studying Elsa's strategy on the game, she moved to her position and posed to get ready. Elsa swept the shuttlecock off the floor using the head of the racket and brought it up to her hand. With delicate fingers, she fixed the feathers to make it look new again.

Elsa had started the rally off.

Anna was losing. Not too and much though. 19-20. Maybe if Anna could get the next point, it would turn the game to a deuce and it would give her an opportunity to catch up.

Anna noticed Elsa's professional aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. Elsa also had a developed of sophisticated racket movements. This was the olympics, of course the all the opponents should have those qualities, but Elsa's was above and beyond.

There are no ties in this game, there was only a winner and a loser.

Anna served a forehand to Elsa, with swift movements, she threw the shuttlecock back at her. A continuous movement of two women throwing a shuttlecock at each other, making sure that it does not touch the ground.

Elsa jumped and totally sent herself to the ground just to catch the shuttlecock and send it back to Anna. Anna was shocked that Elsa was going above and beyond. The next thing Anna knew was that the shuttlecock was heading towards her then hit her right in the forehead. Anna gasped as she felt the hard tip made contact with her forehead.

"Ouuuuch~" Anna whined rubbing her forehead with her fingers.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to" Elsa stood up quickly after returning the shuttlecock to make sure she's ready for the next blow. Elsa ran over to the net and clung on to it apologizing to the hurt American girl.

"C'mon, Anna, don't be such a baby!" Kristoff shouted at her, Anna turned around and blew a raspberry at him.

Anna only smiled at the Norwegian beauty and nodded, emphasizing that she is totally fine. Anna looked at the score, 19-21. Anna lost. With that, the opponent, Elsa, was advancing to the semi finals.

Anna sighed in disappointment.

"Hey…" Anna heard coming from the other side of the court.

"Me?" Anna pointed to herself with her racket and accidentally hitting her head with it. Anna groaned as the light metal made contact with her head again.

"Great game" Elsa offered her hand out to Anna.

"You were amazing" Anna nodded and took her hand, shaking it slowly as they looked at each other in the eye this time.

"Thank you" Elsa pulled back and walked to her bench. Anna stood there watching her retreat, watching the sway of her hips.

"C'mon, Anna, don't be the idiot standing in the middle of the court!" Kristoff once again shouted, Anna turned around and threw a curse at him.


Anna looked up from where she was tying her shoes and saw Elsa towering above her. "Oh, hey!" Anna stood up right after tightening the knot on her shoe. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to thank for you for the great game. It's the most fun I've had for years now" Elsa nodded to herself and gave a warm smile to Anna.

"Really? Me? Please, I should be the one telling you that! You were amazing" Anna gesticulated along with her speech. "Man, the last one, it was intense, I didn't think you would go above and beyond but you did.

Elsa rubbed the back of her head as she awkwardly laughed about it, "It was nothing, my coach pushes me to do that. Always hit the ball no matter what"

"I always get myself into some sort of physical pain because of my clumsiness that my coach tells me not to be stupid and hurt myself. He's pretty sure that the cause of my death will be because of my clumsiness"

"That would explain the shuttlecock and the racket hitting you in the head" Elsa laughed timidly, placing her hand right in front of her mouth.

Anna only shrugged her shoulders and smiled awkwardly.

"Oh," Elsa exclaimed, pulling her shoulder bag to her front and pulling something out. "Can you sign this?" Elsa gave Anna a shuttlecock and a sharpie.

"What for?" Anna didn't wait for a response, she signed the head.

"I just want to remember out game"

"Aww, how sweet"

"Thank you. This is also the same shuttlecock that hit you in the forehead, by the way"

"Oh, woooooooow!" Anna laughed, not caring about anybody hearing her bursting laughter compared to Elsa's timid one.

"One more thing, I'm wondering if you want to go grab something to eat tomorrow before the semi-finals?" Elsa rubbed the back of her head and smiled, blush forming on her face. "I mean, it would be—I would love to talk—uhm—to you about—badminton—and yourself—and yeah"

Anna could sense the nervousness on Elsa's … Was Elsa asking her out on a date? Did she think Anna was possibly lesbian or was she just taking her chances because maybe she found her attractive. Not that Anna didn't, Anna was basically lost with her in their own world playing badminton.

"Sure thing" Anna grabbed the sharpie again and wrote down her hotel phone number and hotel number from a piece of paper that she had grabbed out of her back. "Give me a call anytime"

"A-Alright" Elsa smiled looking down at the piece of paper.

"Seeya later" Anna cheerfully said as she walked out, waving one hand at her, she saw Elsa wave back.

'I just agreed to go out on a date with a girl'

Elsa actually did call Anna, early in the morning, Anna grumpily picked up the phone, with a grunt, she murmured a 'Hello' to the person on the other line.

Wiping off the drool off her face and taking out the stand of hair stuck in her mouth, she got into a more comfortable position.

"Anna? It's Elsa, I'm sorry, did you just wake up? Maybe I should just call back later" Elsa said with slight panic from her voice as Anna heard.

"Oh!" Anna immediately sat up and checked the time. 10:45. Goodness gracious. "No, it's fine! I was just about to get up anyways"

"Are you sure? I'm not disturbing your sleep or anything?"

"No, no! It's late morning, I should be waking up earlier anyways." Anna rubbed her eyes, standing up, she brought the wireless phone with her to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, "So, what's up?"

Anna wiped the drool off her face with the sleeve of her shirt.

"Well," Elsa said uncomfortably, "I'm actually standing outside your hotel door right now"

Anna took a moment to process it until she ran towards the door and saw Elsa standing outside, one hands rubbing her arm that held the phone.

"Hi" Elsa examined the girl, clearly just woke up. With her disheveled hair and slight traces of drool still on the side of her mouth. "I think I should come back later" Elsa press end on her phone.

"No, I—You can stay… I'm just going to take a shower and then… we can grab something to eat?" Anna asked opening the door wider for Elsa to come inside.

Elsa walked inside as she slid her phone into her pocket.

"You can sit somewhere, watch TV, something" Anna shrugged her shoulders, she went to her luggage sitting by the closet and pulled out clothing. "I'll be back"

Elsa just smiled watching the younger girl awkwardly make her way to the bathroom.

"Well, it was in middle school, we were playing badminton during PE and I was interested. I begged my parents to let me join the local badminton club a few cities away. I don't know, all that hard work paid off since I'm here competing in the olympics" Anna shrugged her shoulder, she took a bite off her sandwich, with her mouth full, "you?"

Elsa blinked a few times and answered, "My papa played badminton and I've been playing since I was a young girl"

"No wonder you're so good" Anna took a drink.

"You're good too. It's been a real challenge. I haven't had a challenge like that in a while now" Elsa smiled to herself and took a small bite.

"What do you mean? You're in the olympics"

"I mean… After my papa passed away, it's just a game to me. There's no fun."

"I'm sorry to hear that" Anna whispered.

"It's okay. As I said, it's the most fun I've had for year now"

Anna smiled cutely, her leg accidentally brushed against Elsa and pulled back being a little uncomfortable.

"I'm going to be honest with you… Do you like me? Like… A—you know?" Anna can't find the correct words to her sentences, looking at Elsa directly in the eyes hoping to find an answer.

"Yes" Elsa said. Her fingers fidgeting on top of the table, "I mean… I'm a closeted lesbian. I always had interest in girls. Before we started playing, I said to myself, 'Oh, she's cute but is she good enough'. That's what I was thinking. When were on the court, it's just like… I felt a connection" Elsa mentioned, squinting her eyes and leaning a little bit to show some body language to her feelings. "I don't know… Maybe I'm crazy" Elsa pulled back and leaned back. "I'm sorry if you're not exactly lesbian, I don't know what made you say yes to going out with me"

"No, Elsa. Don't hurt yourself. I never really explored my sexuality that much. But I can tell you one thing, I think I felt that connection too"

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