AN:So, I don't know if a previous gold medalist can participate again. But, for the sake of the story, let's just assume that she can compete again.

The original three chapters are mostly focused on Anna, now, we get to see the story more focused on Elsa.

The setting is four years after the 2012 olympics at London, now it's 2016 olympics at Rio.

This is the epilogue to the story. I received an overwhelming demand that I make an epilogue because I left chapter three in such a bad note with everyone who expected a happy ending. (See AN below)



"Three weeks, Elsa… We have three weeks to make this work"

Elsa looked at the shuttlecock that Anna had signed four years ago. It still sat, untouched, on her night stand.

Elsa could still remember what she looked like in her head, strawberry blonde hair, worn in braided pigtails. Those freckles that reached down to her shoulder.

After the end of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Elsa headed home to celebrate her victory. Though, she didn't really have a family, her parents had died on a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, leaving her alone.

Once in a while, she checked how Anna was doing simply by google-ing her name, one time she stumbled upon her Facebook. She had spent a whole night looking through her visible pictures.

They weren't friends. She never added her. But she could see most of Anna's profile because it seemed like Anna's facebook profile was open for anyone to see.

Elsa spent her nights looking at all of Anna's pictures: Profile pictures, cover photos, albums. She read all of her status updates that dated up to 2011.

Elsa never admitted it to herself but she is a facebook stalker. Once in a while, for four years, looking at Anna's facebook profile. She wanted to be part of her life, the activities that she do with her friends and family.

What did Elsa have? Nothing.

There were pictures of Anna with family during family reunions, Christmas, Thanksgiving, any time that she wants to snap the moment. She looked at her spending time with her group of friends, riding bikes at her hometown, flying kites at the beach, going to amusement parks.

There was a moment that broke Elsa's heart though. She did notice that Anna had an arm around another girl though, though at first she thought that they were close friends. When Anna had changed her relationship status to dating a girl named Rapunzel, somehow, everything seemed like she didn't have a chance anymore.

The girl was ravishing, long golden blonde hair. Elsa had seen a picture of them looking at each other smiling for a picture, which seemed to be in a badminton court too. The next few pictures featured them playing a one-on-one badminton match.

It was 6 moths before the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Anna had updated her profile to single once again. Knowing that Anna was going to be at the 2016 Olympics, she planned that she was going to rebuild her life once again. Whatever it takes to get Anna back. Without Anna, she was nothing but a wreck.

A wreck, facebook stalking a girl from four years ago.

Elsa walked in the badminton arena and saw different teams throwing the shuttlecock at each other as warm ups.

Elsa looked around the arena looking for one particular girl. Looking to her right, none, in a blink of an eye, a golden haired girl passed by right in front of her and Elsa's eyes immediately opened.

Elsa blinked as she watched the golden haired girl pass by, familiar golden hair that she had seen in pictures. Her eyes followed the girl, hoping that she could lead her to where Anna was. The golden haired girl wrapped her arms around a tall, handsome man.

"Punzie, hold up" Elsa turned around hearing a familiar voice coming from her left.

Elsa watched Anna run towards Rapunzel, upon passing Elsa, Anna gasped, stopping right on her tracks. Elsa's heart stopped.

Anna turned around upon seeing a familiar platinum blonde with distinct sky blue eyes. Easily, Anna already knew, she turned back around to see if it really was her.

"Elsa…?" Ana whispered. Slowly walking towards the platinum blonde. "Hey… Remember me?" Anna made a cheesy smile, flying her hands behind her back, and shrugging her shoulders.

"Anna… Of course" Elsa whispered taking a step closer to Anna, "I—uhm—" Elsa rubbed the back of her head.

"Anna, there you are" Rapunzel stood next to Anna and looked at the beautiful, slender girl in front of Anna. "Oh" Rapunzel's eyes widened upon realization on who she was standing in front of.

"Punzie, this is Elsa. Elsa, Rapunzel" Anna introduced. Without asking, Rapunzel took Elsa's hand, who's eyes widened at the sudden touch, and shook her hand.

"Wow. I'm such a huge fan!" Rapunzel said, upon realizing that Elsa wasn't really moving, she retreated her arm and apologized for over reacting. "You and Anna had a history together too…" Rapunzel looked back and forth at Anna and Elsa and saw both their faces blush. "I'm going to find Flynn"

When Rapunzel left, Anna bit her lip, she sighed. "That's my doubles partner"


"Yeah, I'm competing for women's doubles this year. Are you still doing singles?" Anna asked trying not to kill the conversation.

"Yeah… I am" Elsa nodded to herself, her finger fondling together, she took a gulp before changing the subject.

"I'm sorry" Both had said at the same time. "I shouldn't have—" they said again together.

"Mental synchronization… You go first" Elsa said.

Anna looked at her for a second then back to regular. "I was gonna say—"

"HEY, ANNA!" A man called, a handsome man came over to Anna and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "There's a Snuggly Ducking branch here, who knew, right? Wanna come?" The man said. He looked at Elsa and smiled, "Hi there, name's Flynn Rider"

"Don't associate with him." Anna glanced to Flynn as she warned Elsa. "I'll be over in a minute, Flynn"

Flynn walked away, Elsa only looked down at Anna. "Can I…" Elsa started, she bit her lip thinking if this was the right thing to do. "Can we meet again later?"

"Yeah… I—5 o'clock, there's a called coffee shop called Encantador, it's just a mile away from here… I'll see you then?"

Elsa only nodded as her smile grew.

Elsa arrived 30 minutes before 5, she ordered coffee for herself, rubbing her sweaty palms together. She looked up every time somebody entered, disappointed that it was not Anna.

Right at 5, Anna entered the small shop looking around real quick look then her eyes landed at Elsa's.

"Hey" Anna said, pulling a chair out for herself, "I'm really glad you gave me a second chance to explain myself… Even after four years"

"Of course. I think we both made mistakes." Elsa smiled, taking her cup of coffee in her hands, "Oh, I'll be right back"

Anna watched Elsa walk away, immediately walking into the line to grab Anna a cup of coffee too.

"Thank you" Anna blushed as their hands touched upon giving / receiving the hot cup of coffee.

"Anna… Can I ask you something?" Elsa asked, she received a nod from Anna. "Do you still love me… even after these years?"

Anna stared up at Elsa, cupping the cup in her hands, looking directly into her piecing porcelain eyes. "I thought that I moved on… But, you're here in front of me…" Anna took a deep breath, "Yes"

Elsa raised her hand up to the table, her fingers sliding on the smooth wooden flat surface, letting her fingers touch Anna's. She smiled.

"I want to make this right" Elsa whispered as she continued to watch their fingers play. Slowly intertwining together. She looked up and saw Anna smiling at the two hands fitting perfectly together.

It's not easy to find the words to say but Elsa knew that her heart was saying the right thing.

"Three weeks, Elsa… We have three weeks to make this work" Anna said, giving a light squeeze, "What'll happen then?"

"Give me a chance… please. I know I can make this right" Elsa leaned forward in her chair, showing to Anna how desperate she was to make this relationship work. "I love you, Anna"

"You again?" Elsa turned around from the bench on team USA's side. She took a bite out of Anna's half-eaten sandwich, facing the big man behind her.

"Oh, Kristoff, nice to see you again" Elsa turned back around to watch her girlfriend throw a few smashes at her doubles partner, Rapunzel.

"What are you doing here?" Kristoff sat down next to Elsa.

"Let's see… where do I start? Oh, I'm dating Anna again" Elsa continued watching her girlfriend reach for the shuttlecock and throw it at the other girl, as Anna leaned down, she stared directly into her ass.

Oh, how Elsa missed that.

"Seriously? Are you going to keep playing her?"

"No… Trust me"

Kristoff looked at Elsa straight in the eye to try and intimidate her. "If you break her heart once again, you are to never… ever… see her again"

"Wow, how scary" Elsa said, not really paying attention to Kristoff's unnecessary threats.

Anna came skipping down to Elsa, Elsa raised her sandwich up and faced it to Anna. Anna took a bite out off the sandwich, "Hey, Krishtoph" Anna said with her mouth full, placing her hand in front of her mouth to make sure no bits of food comes out. Elsa took a bite on the sandwich but remained silent.

Anna kissed Elsa's cheek before running back to the court.

Flynn Rider sat down next to Elsa. "Hey, you know… I know who you are now" Flynn started.

"And… who am I?"

"You're the badminton gold medalist from Norway. Winner of the singles badminton last time."

"Yeah, that's me"
"Also, you and Anna had a history together"

Elsa remained quiet.

"I mean… are you guys back together?"

"Yeah… We're working things out"

"Well, we haven't 'properly' introduced. I'm Flynn Rider, I play singles men for badminton. That's my girlfriend over there" Flynn pointed at the golden blonde girl playing with Anna, Rapunzel. "She and Anna used to date too, but… after they broke up, I decided to jump in the chance, you know?"

"Yeah… I—I did the same. I got the chance to talk to her a week ago and we're here again… Taking our chances"

"Anna talked about you back then" Flynn admitted, "She used to be depressed upon her return from the last olympics. Rapunzel was there for her, they developed a relationship when they became partners, two years together, they threw it away six months ago"

"Do you know why?"

"I don't think I'm the right person to talk to about that"

Anna pulled Elsa in with her down to the bed, kissing her fiercely, already pulling her jacket with rapid speed.

"Stop. stop" Elsa panted looking down at the younger olympian, she pulled herself off

"Did I do something wrong?" Anna asked, sitting up, placing her hand on top of Elsa's.

"No… I just… I want to take things slow, I mean, I want to show you that I am committed" Elsa took hold of Anna's hand, bringing herself forward again, "That I want to get to know you better" Elsa let their foreheads touch, "I want to open myself" She kissed the top of Anna's nose.

Anna laid down on one side of the bed and patted the other side. "Then tell me"

Elsa looked at the open space and laid herself down, she laid on her sides to be able to talk to Anna freely. "Can I ask you something first?"

Anna nodded in response.

"Flynn told me that you were depressed after the 2012 olympics. You started dating Rapunzel and then broke off a two year relationship with her six months ago… Can I know why?" Elsa brought her hand up and pushed Anna's little fringes off her face.

"I—I knew she had a thing for Flynn and… I wasn't over you" Anna awkwardly smiled, "When I found out that you were going to be here again… I asked Rapunzel if she had feelings for Flynn, she admitted yes. We broke things off but we're still friends and partners"

Elsa stopped her there, she kissed her fully in the mouth, bringing their bodies closer to each other.

"What was that for?"

"Because you still love me" Elsa shed a tear instantly falling to the pillow. Anna wiped the fallen tear off the side of Elsa's face.

"Can I know something about you?" Anna cradled the gold medalist in her arms.

"I… I was a wreck without you for four years… I—I found your facebook, which reminds me, you need to set your profile a bit more privately. But, anyways, I may sound like a creep but… it made me feel like I never drifted away from you"

Anna laughed slightly, "You creep" Anna placed her lips on Elsa's forehead.

"I want to be part of that" Elsa admitted. "Your life is filled with color while mine is grey. You have people who love you, supporting you whichever way you go. I have no one"

"No one?"

"It's just me"

This time, it was Anna who placed her lips on Elsa's. Sucking on it, "I'm here for you"

Elsa closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I want to make a proposal to you, I mean… kind of like a plan… I know you don't want a long distance relationship…" Elsa looked at Anna and the eyes, she nodded. "I want to move to America. I want to be close to you. I want to be part of your world. I want you"

"A part of me says to slow down. But, I already know you, Anna. If I don't start, when will I? When I lose you again? I'm not going to let that happen." Elsa kissed Anna with all her heart, she wanted to show, not just verbally, how committed she was in this plan.

"I'd love that"

That's it!

Let me just say something real quick before closing it off. Not everything will have happy endings, I purposely made it like that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, not all relationships work and that's actually the message I'm trying to send at the end of chapter 3. But due to an overwhelming demand, harsh cries, angry mobs, and all you dying readers, I 'm forced to make an epilogue. Not that I want to, I actually planned on writing an epilogue about Elsa and her real feelings for Anna but no actual interaction

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