Well, here it goes--the sequel--A note to those looking for A/L romance--there won't be one. Sorry, this is a friendship fiction; I hope you'll read it anyway though.

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Soul Of The Healer

Chapter 1--Missing A friend

Aragorn watched Syri and Boromir spar on the practice field along with Qui who sat nearby. He was to spar with the winner. Three years had passed since they'd left Mirkwood and another year had passed before they rejoined each other in Rivendell.

Aragorn's mind drifted back to Legolas. He wondered if the healer had recovered from the ordeal he'd suffered. He sighed. There was no way to find out, there hadn't been any communication with Mirkwood for years.

Gimli laughed, drawing Aragorn's attention back to the fight. Syri had disarmed Boromir and had her sword to his throat. "Surrender, lover?" she asked.

'I gladly surrender to you, beautiful," Boromir returned, winking roguishly. He stood up and left the field.

Syri gestured to Aragorn with her sword. "Your turn," she said.

Aragorn drew his sword and entered the field and the fight began. As they fought Aragorn's mind began to wander and he lost track of the fight. "Oww!" he yelled as his arm got sliced.

"Are you all right?" Syri asked. "I did not mean to cut you."

"It is just a scratch and it was my fault for letting my mind drift," Aragorn said.

"You were thinking about Legolas," Syri said.

"I wish I could find out if he is safe or not," Aragorn said. "Such a trauma can kill an elf."

"Aragorn!!" someone called before Syri could speak. It was Elrohir, one of Elrond's twin sons. "Father wants to see all of you in the council chamber!"

"Thanks, we will be there right away," Aragorn said.

Elrond smiled in greeting as they entered. "I received a message from Lady Galadriel. She invites you all to come to Lothlorien as her guests," he said.

"But why?" Aragorn asked.

"Because Legolas is there and wishes to see you," Elrond said.

"Why is he there instead of Mirkwood?" Aragorn asked.

"King Thranduil was concerned for his emotional health so he sent him there for help the very night you brought him home. The Lady said he is much better and has regained his spirit. Do you wish to go?" Elrond asked.

"I would, yes, but Thranduil forbade me to see or speak to him. I do not wish to cause trouble," Aragorn said.

"Lady Galadriel is in charge of Legolas right now and she has given permission for you all to come. Lothlorien is legendary for its beauty. I am sure you will enjoy the visit," Elrond said.

"Then I do wish to go, I have been worried about Legolas," Aragorn said eagerly. The others agreed though Gimli grumbled a bit.

Good, she is expecting you," Elrond said.

"We will leave in the morning," Aragorn said. They left to get ready for the journey.


Legolas sat on the riverbank watching the water flow pass. It was very soothing to the young Elf. He had regained the weight he had lost and the haunted look had faded from his eyes. He could sleep without foul dreams. His hair had grown back out and fell to his hips. He hoped Aragorn and the others would come. Lady Galadriel had sent the message all he could do was wait.

"He will come, young prince. I am sure of that. He is your friend," Galadriel said softly from behind him.

"I hope so--have you heard from my father?" Legolas asked hopefully. He had heard nothing from his father for two years.

"No, young one, not yet," Galadriel said gently. "I am sure we will."

Legolas bit his lip and nodded, trying to hide his worry and hurt before returning his gaze to the water, wondering if all was well at home.

Gladriel left the clearing and returned where her husband waited for her.

Lord Celeborn frowned in Legolas' direction. "Is the young prince all right?" he asked.

"He will be fine--the soul of a healer is strong," Galadriel said. "That is why the ordeal he suffered did not kill him. Let us go." Arm in arm, the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien strolled off….

And the journey begins anew--I hope this does as well as Hands Of The Healer--R/R everyone!!