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Chapter 81--Vows For Life

The weather was beautiful the day of the wedding. It would be held at midday. Syri was both excited and nervous. She watched as a bath was prepared for her. Someone knocked on the door. She went over and opened it. "Good morning, Lady Galadriel," Syri said. "Please come in."

Galadriel glided gracefully into the room and sat down. "I thought you might like some company and someone to talk too," she said.

"I am so nervous. I love Boromir and I never thought I would love anyone, but…" Syri began.

"You wonder if you are really in love," Galadriel asked.

"Yes, in a way, but I want my baby to have a father," Syri said.

Galadriel smiled. She also knew there would be twins, but she would also keep it a secret. "Follow your heart instead of your mind in this. It will not lead you astray. If it is any comfort Boromir is even more nervous then you are," she said.

Syri laughed and felt some of the tension ease. "That is some comfort," she admitted.


"I cannot believe I am actually doing this!" Boromir complained. He paced nervously.

"It will be over in a couple more hours. Relax, Boromir," Aragorn said, trying to hide his amusement.

Boromir stopped short and scowled at Aragorn. "Easy for you to say, you are not the one going through this!" he snapped.

"I will be if Arwen accepts," Aragorn said. He stood up. "I will leave you to get dressed and do not worry, Boromir. Only everyone that fought with the Elves will be there." He left and closed the door, hearing something hit the door. He headed off down the hallway, sniggering.

Finally the time came. Boromir looked like a prince himself in black tunic, boots, breeches and a burgundy shirt, gifts from King Thranduil. He stood before King Thranduil waiting for Syri.

Whispers of admiration heralded the bride's arrival. Syri was lovely in a green gown that had many shades with emerald jewelry. She carried a bouquet of white lilies. Qui escorted her to Boromir's side.

Thranduil looked sternly at him. "Do you give this Lady's hand to this man?" he asked.

Qui nodded then placed Syri's hand in Boromir's. Galadriel stepped forward and took the bouquet from her so her hands were free.

"Join hands and kneel facing each other," Thranduil said.

They obeyed, looking directly into each other's eyes.

"By the grace of the Valor, two souls will become one. Together you will face the many trials that come with life. Will you face them together?" he asked.

"We will," Boromir and Syri together.

"Boromir will you swear before the Valor your heart, soul, and body to this woman for eternity? Never to stray from her side and love her and only her?" Thranduil asked.

"Before the Valor I swear all my being to her and her alone for eternity," Boromir said.

"Syri, will you swear before the Valor your heart, soul and body to this man for eternity? Never to stray from his side and love him and only him?" Thranduil asked.

"Before the Valor I swear all my being to him and him alone for eternity," Syri said.

Thranduil raised his gaze to those that watched. "Does anyone speak against this binding?" he asked. No one did and he nodded then returned his attention to the couple kneeling before him. "Then this binding will be completed," he said.

Jadriel stepped forward and handed Thranduil a length of gold cord then stepped back.

"With this cord I bless this union in the Valor's eyes and in the eyes of those who have witnessed it," Thranduil said. He bound Syri and Boromir's wrists together. "You may rise and face the witnesses as husband and wife," Thranduil said.

They did so and grinning, Boromir raised their bound wrists. Everyone cheered loudly. The cord was cut and each of them were given half. They were to keep the cord for one year.

"Now let there be feasting and merriment!" Thranduil said.

The celebration was unrestrained and loud, unlike the wedding.. All the companions shared embraces and wishes for the best. Qui hugged Syri enthusiastically then shook Boromir's hand. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli did the same.

Everyone danced with the bride at least once before Syri and Boromir were called over to cut the cake and feed each other the first bite.

Grinning, Boromir managed to get frosting on Syri's nose and chin before she got a bite.

"Think you are clever do you?" Syri said with a wicked gleam in her eyes. She shoved the whole piece of cake into Boromir's face.

Laughter filled the air as Boromir mock-scowled at Syri then they kissed.

It was midnight before Syri and Boromir slipped away from the party, but it would continue until dawn.

There would be a new order in Middle Earth and an alliance between Men, Dwarves and Elves. All felt that and knew it would be good…


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