by Gunman

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Summary: A battle against the Masters of Evil has unforseen consequences for the heroic Avengers and the heroes of another universe, as dark forces conspire to bring them down.

Story idea from Crazyboi23.


Chapter 1

(Sovereign Nation of Wakanda, Marvel Universe)

For centuries, the sovereign nation of Wakanda had been protected by the panther warriors, lead by their king, who bore the mantle of the Black Panther. Strong, quick, agile and cunning, the Black Panther was the personification of strength that had been the source of security for the nation. Even unto it's isolationist attitude.

Yet, for years since it's discovery, and even it's inclusion into the UN, Wakanda had been besieged by numerous enemy forces, such as AIM, Hydra, and various super villains, who all desired the same thing: Wakanda's most sacred resource, vibranium.

Believed to be of extraterrestrial origins, Vibranium possesses the unique ability to absorb all forms of energy, everything from sound to kinetic energy, and was even used to create Captain Americas virtually indestructible shield.

The king of Wakanda, T'Chaka and then his son T'Challa, sold off small amounts of the vibranium in order to fund their nations education and modernization.

While this had made Wakanda a wealthy and prosperous nation, it was anything but peaceful.

The Masters of Evil, a group of deadly costumed super villains who had once been formed to oppose the planets premier superhero team, The Avengers, had come to Wakanda for several nefarious reasons.

Kidnap the King and Queen of Wakanda. Pillage the Vibranium. Steal whatever they wanted.

Naturally, however, this intricate plan of action had one major obstacle:

The Avengers.

Due to the large assortment of villains that were swelling the ranks of this newest incarnation of the Masters, the Avengers team had been forced to diversify their own ranks.

Captain America's team of Avengers had gone to the royal palace to deal with a group of strange battle droids that bore the color and markings of Hydra.

Caps team consisted of Thor-the God of Thunder and warrior prince of Asgard; the Lady Sif-Warrior Maiden of Asgard and Wielder of the Flying Sword; Spider-Man-arachnid hero, scientist, teacher and adventurer; Black Widow-deadly redheaded secret agent, spy, assassin and hero; the incredible Hulk-gamma powered behemoth and scientist; and War Machine-Air Force Colonel and armored adventurer.

Sif was filling in for Brunhilde the Valkyrie, who had gone back to Asgard on 'official business'.

Iron Man's team, which some people called 'The Pleasure Avengers', was dealing with the first group of Masters of Evil, known as The Wrecking Crew, as well as a group of battle droids, who were attacking from the outskirts of the country of Wakanda. His team consisted of Moondragon-the beautiful bald-headed telepath, bio-geneticist, and martial artist; Ms Marvel-the blond-haired energy-wielding female powerhouse; Hercules-the super strong Son of Zeus; Sersi-the matter-altering Eternal; She-Hulk-the gamma-powered lawyer and adventurer; and Tigra-the talented werecat investigator.

To the East of the palace was Dark Spider and his team of Avengers: X-23-the razor-clawed assassin and clone of Wolverine; Gammazon-clone of She-Hulk from the far future; Rescue-the female Iron Man; Free Spirit-the female super soldier; Thunderstrike-substitute Thor from another dimension; and Black Goliath-size shifting hero from another universe.

Dubbed 'The Extreme Avengers', they were dealing with the other Masters of Evil: The Hood, Moonstone, Grey Gargoyle, Blizzard, Hydro-Man, Jack O'Lantern and Boomerang.

However, within the royal palace, the leadership of Wakanda was worried.


(Wakandan Royal Palace, War Room)

"This battle seems like a diversion." T'Challa said as he looked over the battlefield reports and the video feeds that were being pumped into the War Room on dozens of monitors.

"This isn't a battle. It's an invasion." Mubaru, a Wakandan cabinet member who represented the Mountain Tribes, said.

"Without an army? That seems redundant." N'Gassi, adviser to T'Challa and acting regent when he goes away on missions, said.

"Something is wrong, at any rate." T'Challa said to his advisors.

"Two groups of superhumans are attacking Wakanda's boarders from two sides. A battalion of Hydra battle droids directly assaults the palace. And that's it." Storm, the weather-controlling Queen of Wakanda, mused as she stood next to her husband.

"What do you mean, my queen?" W'Kabi, T'Challa's competent second-in-command, asked.

"Where are their tanks, their armor divisions, their air support? I see none of that." Storm said.

"You think there is another game afoot?" Shuri, T'Challa's younger sister, asked.

"I just think we're missing something."

"What about satellites? Orbital bombardment weapons?" Shuri asked.

"Our tracking systems do not see anything over Wakanda, sir." Jiru, assistant to N'Gassi, said.

"I don't like it." T'Challa said.

"Our forces are holding them back, sire." W'Kabi said.

"I'm afraid my queen is right. This is a diversion." T'Challa said.

"I have already called Wolverine and the X-Force for assistance, but there seems to be something else headed our way?" Storm said as she pointed to one of the monitors.

"Friend or foe?" Shuri asked.

"Unknown. But it's heading for Wakanda at incredible speed." Storm said.

"Cosmic in nature? Mechanical? Is there a radiation signature?" N'Gassi asked.

"We detected an unusual type of radiation signature. But... it doesn't seem to be generated by mechanical means." Jiru said.

"A missile?" Mubaru asked.

"Not like any we've seen." Jiru replied.

"How close?" Shuri asked.

"500 miles out and closing." Jiru said.

"Iron Man! Come in!" T'Challa said as he activated his Avengers ID Card.


Just inside the royal palace courtyard, a strange machine is activated. The object in question looked like a large black box, ten square feet and with several green-ish glowing circles on all sides. What's more, is that it had appeared in the courtyard during the Avengers battle against the robots.

Captain America and his team were inside the courtyard dismantling the Hydra robots as quickly as possible.

"What the heck is that thing?" Spider-Man gasped as he hurled another Hydra robot against a thick stone wall.

"Looks like some kind of bomb! I don't recognize the design!" War Machine shouted as he fired at a squad of Hydra robots.

"Spider-Man! Disarm That Thing!" Captain America shouted as he slammed his shield into another Hydra robot.

"On It!" the amazing webslinger shouted as he raced towards the device.

It took the webslinger nearly a minute to locate and open the hatch for the large device, only to stop when he got a good look inside it. The hatch was approximately two square meters, so that was helpful to him, the only problem was that what he was looking at was not.

"What's wrong?" War Machine asked, landing near the webslinger so as to provide him cover.

"I... don't know what the hell this thing is!" Spider-Man replied to his armored ally.

"You mean you can't disarm this thing?" War Machine asked.

"If it was made on Earth I'd have a better chance. This thing is... it looks alien to me." Spider-Man replied to him.

"What do you mean?" he asked, his guns turning to fire at a new group of advancing robots.

"Half the components in this thing look organic. I see a dozen crystals of various sizes inside here that don't seem to have a function. The core of this device looks like a beating heart. And there's a force field protecting what would normally be an unimportant part of this machine!" Spider-Man explained.

Thor blasted another group of robots with a bolt of lightning, as Sif sliced through the greenish metal of her own squad of Hydra droids.

"Who could have made it?" War Machine asked as his shoulder-cannon blasted the last of 'his' Hydra robots.

"Galactus?" Hulk asked as he was crumpling and reshaping a Hydra-bots arm.

"He wouldn't make something this small." Spider-Man said.

"Dr Doom?" Black Widow asked as she appeared from behind the webslinger.

"No, I've seen his work. This looks way too advanced." Spider-Man said.

"Thanos?" War Machine asked.

"Nope. Too simplistic." Spider-Man replied.

"What about Loki?" Thor asked as he approached the group.

"Machines aren't his thing. And I don't see any Asgardian symbols in or on this device. He usually leaves a signature like that."

Captain America and Lady Sif were fighting back-to-back against the last of the Hydra robots, while the rest of the Avengers had gathered around the red and blue webslinger.

"Can you shut it down? Or... sabotage it or something?" Black Widow asked.

"I... think so." Spider-Man said as he began tinkering with the mechanics inside the large black box.

"Or he could make it blow up sooner." Hulk mused.

"Not. Helping." Spider-Man hissed at the green goliath.

Pulling several of the crystals out of their sockets and plugs, Spider-Man tried to cause a backwards power surge through the device, hoping to overload and short-out the device, causing it to shut down.

However, the entire incredibly complicated system began to charge, even as the webslinger grabs the illuminated circuits, which only results in sending an energized charge through his body.

"AHHHHHH!" the webslinger screamed as the group was suddenly encased in white light.


T'Challa and Storm were looking over the reports, seeing the Avengers team had defeated both the Masters of Evil and the Hydra robots.

However, there was still the strange device in the middle of the courtyard to deal with.

Storm looked up from the balcony of the palace and saw the members of X-Force arrived.

Storm was relieved to see Wolverine, Warpath and Archangel all wearing their black and white uniforms. But she was confused at seeing Bishop, Psylocke and Domino, as well as a woman who looked like Fantomex.

"I know, 'Ro. I'll explain later." Wolverine said to the Wakandian Queen and X-Man, seeing the look of confusion on her face.

"I look forward to it, if you believe you can trust all of them." Storm replied.

"They'll do their job." the razor-clawed mutant hero said.

"There may not be a job for them to do." T'Challa said to the mutant heroes.

"What do you mean?" Logan asked.

"Hey! What's that light?" Warpath shouted.

"Oh, hell!" Domino gasped.

The entire team and the palace itself was suddenly encased in bright blinding white light.


Out side of Wakanda, the strange missile-like object continued to fly towards the center of the country, heading straight for the royal palace.

It flew towards the courtyard of the palace, heading directly for the large black box that had been teleported to the middle of the palace itself, and was then itself engulfed in the blinding white light of the device it was heading for.


"Cap? CAP! Steve, What's Going On In There?!" Iron Man shouted into his communicator as soon as the white light was seen from the boarders of the Wakandian country.

There was no reply, and that made Tony worried. Worse, his communication from T'Challa had also been cut off during transmission.

"What's going on? What's that light?" She-Hulk gasped as she covered her eyes.

"Where's the mountain? Where's the palace? I could have seen it from here!" Tigra shouted.

"I'm not sensing anything from that area." Moondragon gasped as she tried to use her telepathy to reach her teammates.

"Steve? Natasha? James?" Ms Marvel gasped, trying to reach her friends with her own Avengers ID card.

"Where are they?" Sersi the raven-haired molecular-transmuter asked.

"I... don't know. I really don't know." the armored Avenger said as he took off to investigate closer.


"Spider-Man! What's going on? What's happening?" Dark Spider asked as soon as the light died down.

"It's... the whole country is..." Black Goliath gasped when he saw a gigantic hole where Wakanda's royal palace and it's mountain of Vibranium was supposed to be. His gigantic height allowed him a much more extensive view of the surrounding area. And right now, he found it lacking.

"It's gone!" Rescue shouted as she flew back down to the group. "The whole area is... it's just... gone!"

"That's impossible!" Gammazon shouted. "The whole mountain? The palace? Just gone?"

"I'm not getting anything back from Peter." Dark Spider whispered to X-23.

"Hydra isn't capable of this. So... who is?" X-23 asked.

"How is this possible?" Free Spirit gasped.

"I don't know, I... I've never seen anything like this before." Thunderstrike said as he took off his helmet to see it for himself with his own eyes.


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I love superheroes, so I just had to write up this idea that Crazyboi sent me. Though there were a few problems with getting it out earlier, I hope this was an enjoyable read.

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