by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Avengers, Justice League, or their characters.

Summary: The X-Men meets The Amazons, and the heroes take on the Nazis and gain new allies because of the Green Lanterns.

Story idea from Crazyboi23.

Authors Notes: This is the chapter that I went a little overboard with. Hence why it took so long.


Chapter 4
Battle For The Future

(Island Nation of Wakanda, DCAU)

Storm frowned as she took in the sight below her.

Wakanda, once a landlocked sovereign nation located in Northeastern equatorial Africa, surrounded by the nations of Narobia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia, and seemingly smaller than the nation of Uganda, had now been decreased in stature.

While Wakanda had been approximately 83,000 square miles in size, the landmass that was currently floating around in the middle of the ocean, was less than a third of what it had been. With the royal palace being the center of this new island, Storm figured that the floating landmass was about 20,000 square miles.

The strange device that had suddenly disengaged them from Africa had unceremoniously dropped them into the middle of the ocean, which Storm had no way of knowing which ocean, as the only other landmass in sight was now their new neighbor.

From what she could see the other island held multiple buildings, of a more ancient Greek design, as well as statues of the Olympic pantheon.

The gap between the two islands, separated by sea water, was only about three feet in distance.

Storm was flying around along with Archangel, trying to get some degree of their bearings and what had just happened to them.

They had little way of knowing that they had been, in fact, transported to another universe.

"Where are we, Storm? I don't recognize the island that is next door to Wakanda. And how is Wakanda now an island?" Archangel asked.

"I do not know, Warren. However, I have my suspicions." Storm said, seeing a group of people assembling at the border of the new island and Wakanda.

"Looks like we have company." Warren said.

Storm and Archangel flew down to the shore. On the Wakanda side stood Black Panther, a small contingent of his advisors, his sister, and two of his bodyguards, Okoye and Nakia. On the shore of the other island, a group of women dressed in Greek-styled armor, and led by a blond-haired woman in an elegant white dress and a gold crown on her head, was approaching them.

Storm landed next to her husband, while Wolverine and his team stood on Storm's side with the Wakandian group on the Panther's side.

The blond-haired woman was looking at them with curiosity, noticing the dark-skinned, white-haired woman who was flying on the winds.

"Who are you?" the blond woman asked/demanded.

"I am T'Challa, king of Wakanda. This is my queen, Storm." he said, indicating the white-haired woman who had landed next to him. "My advisors and my sister, Shuri. And our allies, The X-Men." he introduced the others.

"And you are?" Storm asked the blond woman.

"I am Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira." the woman said.

The X-Men and the Wakandian people looked slightly confused.

"You doubt my word?" Hippolyta asked, seeing skepticism on their faces.

"Until today we didn't even know you existed." Storm said. "In our world you and your amazons were wiped out. Centuries ago. But, if our nation has suddenly been transported out of the middle of Africa..."

Hippolyta looked at her amazons and advisors, seeing that they were just as confused as herself. She then noticed that a couple of her warriors were standing next to a strange object that had landed on their island.

"I suppose that that object belongs to you?" Hippolyta asked.

"Unfortunately, I am afraid it does." T'Challa replied. "It was heading towards my palace when we were suddenly teleported here." he explained.

One of the amazons was staring at the strange missile that was half-buried in the sand, before kicking at it with her sandal.

"Don't do that!" Bishop shouted to the woman.

"It could still explode!" Domino shouted.

"Oh, my, god! Piotr!" Psylocke gasped.

The group of mutant heroes looked at the purple-haired psychic ninja.

"What?" Warpath asked.

"Piotr! He's inside that missile! I can sense him!" Psylocke shouted.

The door to the missile suddenly opened up and the amazon who had kicked it gasped.

"There Is A Man Inside This... Thing!" she shouted.

"What?" Hippolyta asked.

"Who is it?" Storm asked, having not heard Elizabeth state who had been inside the missile.

The amazons pulled the man, unceremoniously, out of the missile.

"Piotr!" Storm gasped as the other members of X-Force seemed to look worried as well.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, code-named Colossus, dressed in a ragged version of his Phoenix Five costume, was unconscious. He had several injuries on his body, but he was breathing. Steadily.

"He is your friend?" Hippolyta asked.

"Yes." Storm said.

"This is not good." the amazon queen said.

"Why?" the mutant queen asked.

"Men are forbidden to set foot upon Themyscira. Upon pain of death."

"Pain of Death?" T'Challa asked.

"He is one of our own, and his being on your island is not his choice. Therefore he cannot be held accountable." Storm said.

"Whatever his circumstances, he is a man and therefore he must die." the amazon queen insisted.

"I beg of you, your highness, do not do this." Storm said, trying to be diplomatic. "Piotr is our friend and comrade. He has proven his valor time and again. There will be retribution if he is harmed."

"That almost sounds like a threat." Egeria, Captain of the Amazon Guard, said.

"It is a promise. He is one of us, and we want him back." Storm said.

"And you are prepared to go to war over one man?" Penelope, the high priestess and Oracle of Themyscira said.

"Some men are worth fighting for. Especially those who value life and peace." Storm said.

Hippolyta looked at the large man his amazons were hauling over to them.

His physical appearance seemed to remind her of Hercules, the man who had betrayed and enslaved herself and many of the amazons of her kingdom.

"I wish I could be so certain of your sincerity, and of this man you appear to care for." Hippolyta said.

"And what would satisfy you?" T'Challa asked.

"Perhaps a test of your mettle." Philippus, Hippolyta's personal bodyguard said. "Your best warrior against ours."

"A fight to the death?" Storm asked.

"Yes." Hippolyta said.

"Very well." Storm agreed.

The amazon bodyguard looked at Hippolyta. The queen could only nod.

"Artemis!" Philippus shouted.

From the group of amazons, a fierce-looking woman with long red hair, dressed in a white and green 'swimsuit' with skull-patterned armor plating on her arms, legs, knees, and shoulders emerged, carrying a spear in one hand and a sword in another.

T'Challa was about to call one of his warriors to bear, when Storm stopped him.

"Piotr is an X-Man, my husband. Allow one of my friends to handle it." she said.

"You doubt the skill of my warriors?" T'Challa asked.

"No. But I would prefer to have an edge in order to win." Storm said with a smile. "If the legend of these amazons are even somewhat true, then we will need a warrior who can match them."

"Logan?" he asked.

"Logan." she replied.

The cigar-chomping mutant agreed and stepped forward, and onto the Themyscira side of the two islands.

"You're shorter than the others." Artemis stated as she looked Wolverine up and down. "Are you their best?"

"Honey, I'm the best there is at what I do." Logan said. "And what I do best, ain't very nice."

"We shall see. No weapon?" she asked, holding up her sword and spear.

Wolverine smirked as he held out his arms, then clenched his fists.


Artemis's eyes twitched for a second. She hadn't expected this.

"That trick will not save you." Artemis declared as she stuck her spear into the ground before charging at the mutant brawler.

Wolverine grinned as she lunged at him, slashing at him with practiced moves. His claws reacted, slashing at her with experience. His claws slammed into her sword, their metals proving to be almost equal in quality. Though Logan's claws were unbreakable adamantium, Artemis's sword had been forged using mystical properties.

The pair slashed, punched, kicked and struck at each other for what seemed like hours, drawing blood was very difficult for the pair, but they did it. It went on like this, until the amazon's strength forced the mutant brawler back. She brought her sword up and struck downwards upon Wolverine, the mutant hero crossing his claws and catching the blade between both of his claws. He grunted under her physical strength, eventually being brought down to one-knee.

He grunted as he dropped down to his back, kicking out his legs and knocking Artemis off her feet.

The redhead growled as the mutant hero lunged at her, looking to impale her with his claws. She tried to slash at him with her sword, only for Wolverine to knock it out of her hands. She quickly grabbed his wrists and tossed him away, onto his back. She sprang to her feet and grabbed her spear before turning around and hurling it at Wolverine with all her might.

The spear slammed into his chest, the tip of the blade emerging out his back. Wolverine fell to his knees while his claws retracted into his hands.

The amazon smirked victoriously at the mutants and Wakandian people as she turned and walked back to the group of amazons who were waiting.

However, their expressions turned to shock and slight fear as they stared behind her.

Confused, the amazon turned around and gasped when she saw Wolverine stand up, spear still in his chest, as he slowly pulled it out from where his heart should have been.

"You want this back, or can I keep it?" he asked as he examined the spear. "Fine craftsmanship."

"What? How did..." Artemis gasped.

"Healing factor, babe. I've had worse than this." he said as he held the spear tightly in his grip. "Haven't had anything go through me in a long time, so congrats on that."

"Enough! This contest, I fear, will see no true winner." Hippolyta said, standing at the edge of her island.

The king and queen of Wakanda approached the Queen of the Amazons, also standing at the edge of their island.

"There is much we need to discuss." Storm said.

"Yes. I believe so." Hippolyta said. "In the mean time, you can have your... man, back." she said as she gestured for her amazons to bring Piotr over to them.

"And I would like my spear back." Artemis growled at Wolverine.

"Yeah, I'm sure." the mutant brawler said as he tossed it to her.


(Normandy, France, June 6th, 1944. D-Day)

The portal opened up and dropped the 22 human-shaped figures into the middle of what looked like a large hotel.

Everyone was disoriented and sore from their time-traveling into the past.

Sif and Captain America were lying next to each other, their fingers intertwined, almost like they were holding hands.

Superman and Maxima were in a very compromising position, the man of steel spooned up behind the warrior queen, his arms unconsciously wrapped around her waist.

Lois and Jimmy were on their backs next to each other, no physical contact between them.

Hulk was lying on his back with Soranik lying across his massive stomach.

Spider-Man, Batgirl and Supergirl were in another tangled mess of limbs. Not that the Argosian female was complaining when she woke up. Batgirl's face was buried in her cleavage, and Spider-Man's arms were once again wrapped around their bodies with the arachnid hero on the bottom of them.

War Machine and Vixen were behind Hulk and Soranik, the African-American supermodel lying on her back atop an uncomfortable armored bed that was War Machine.

Thor and Wonder Woman were also lying in a compromising position, the amazon princess lying atop the son of Odin like she was his blanket.

John Stewart, Arisia and Laira were a mass of limbs next to Thor and Wonder Woman. John lying face-down on the pavement with Arisia and Laira lying atop him.

Black Widow was glaring at the half-conscious Flash, whose hand had once again found its way to her rear end.

Hawkgirl was lying next to Jonn Jonzz, the pair face-down on the floor of the hotel, even as the avian heroine gripped her mace tightly.

"Oohhh... where are we now, Mr Peabody?" Flash groaned.

"You tell me, Sherman." Spider-Man groaned in response.

"What happened?" Lois asked. "I feel terrible." she whispered.

"Is everyone alright?" Captain America asked.

"I'm perfectly fine." Maxima smiled as she looked up at Superman, who quickly recoiled from his embracing the sexy warrior queen.

"Sorry!" Superman apologized to the redhead.

"I'm not." she smirked.

"Did it work?" Vixen asked.

"Where are we?" Batgirl asked, shaking her head slightly.

"You mean, when are we?" Spider-Man asked as the blond and the redhead got off of him.

Flash rushed up towards a large hole that looked out over the city they were in.

"Great Jumping Hera!" he gasped, unconsciously using one of Diana's favored expressions.

The rest of the Justice League, the Avengers, and their allies all rushed over to where the scarlet speedster stood. They stood almost shoulder-to-shoulder, the taller heroes looking over the shorter ones, the Green Lantern ladies and Supergirl hovering over the others. They looked out across the city, seeing hundreds of soldiers fighting and shooting against each other. Allied soldiers fighting against Axis soldiers amidst a ruined city with every building around them destroyed, damaged, or otherwise decimated.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now history." Spider-Man said.

John Stewart just shook his head. He must be the Flash of their world. He thought.

"It's just like those old documentaries." Flash said as he stared out at the fighting.

"Not quite." Hawkgirl stated, turning her gaze to the center of the city.

The group followed her gaze, and saw a truly strange sight. A gigantic machine, in the shape of a large, reddish wheel rumbled and crashed through several stone walls, revealing itself to the world. It had metal spikes along the inside of the wheel, two large gun turrets on both sides of the wheel, manned by at least three or four soldiers beneath thick protective glass domes. The cannons looked to be at least 70 millimeters in size, like the kind you would mount on a battleship. It was at least three stories tall and appeared to be very well armored as it rolled through the streets and buildings with ease.

"Well, now we know how the Axis won the war." John Stewart said.

"What is that?" Laira asked.

"Some kind of... War Wheel?" Arisia stated/replied.

"Whatever it is, we have to stop it." Superman said.

"Not yet." Maxima said.

"What?" the man of steel asked.

"You, you, you, and you, come with me." Maxima said, pointing to Supergirl, Lois, Jimmy and Batgirl.

"What? Why?" Supergirl asked.

"It is important. The rest of you can go ahead. I only need a minute." Maxima stated to the group.

Captain America looked out amongst the decimated and destroyed battle field that was once a city. The Allied soldiers were getting blasted by the War Wheel's cannons.

"Here I go again." he muttered under his breath as he raised his shield. "Avengers Assemble!" he shouted as he rushed forward into the fray.

The Avengers followed him straightaway.

"Really like that battle-cry." Flash grinned.

The Justice League and their allies rushed forward following the star-spangled avenger.

"So, what's so important that we have to stay back?" Supergirl asked as she saw the others head into battle.

"You all need a make-over." Maxima said to the group.

"A what?" Jimmy gasped.

"Do we have time for this?" Batgirl asked.

"It will only take a minute. Here, let me show you." Maxima said to the quartet.

Maxima places her hands on Supergirl's shoulders, her body starting to glow with a white/yellow light.

Her outfit suddenly changed. Gone was her white t-shirt and blue mini-skirt. In its place was a long-sleeved blue shirt with a red and yellow 'S' shield on the chest, a bright red skirt with a yellow belt, her boots now more streamlined and stylish.

"Whoa! I look more like a 'Supergirl' now." she gasped as she looked at the outfit, the color and style matching Superman's better than her old outfit.

Jimmy whistled as Lois glared at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Your turn." Maxima said, turning to Batgirl.

She touched the shoulders of the Dark Angel of Gotham and used her powers to transform her suit. When the glow stopped, Batgirl's suit looked only slightly different. Her formerly dark blue suit was now a dark gray with a black cape and cowl, gloves, boots, a different bat-symbol on her chest, yellow belt around her waist, the inside of her cape now a pale yellow.

"Neat!" Batgirl gasped, seeing and feeling that the material was far stronger than her old costume had been. Bulletproof if nothing else. "Feels stronger and lighter than Kevlar."

"It is." Maxima said.

"How are you doing this?" Lois asked as the Warrior Queen approached her.

"The royal bloodline of my people possess the ability to transmute inorganic materials at the molecular level. I find it quite useful in changing my attire at a whim, but it can also be used to create weapons. Swords are my preference." she said as she touched Lois's shoulders, transforming her Resistance fighter outfit into something more streamlined and functional. It was mostly dark blue in color with a black backpack, gloves and boots. "More convenient than anything else."

When the glowing stopped, Lois's outfit looked much like Batgirl's costume, but with a backpack that seemed different than the one she had before.

"I hope you do not mind. I altered your flight pack as well." Maxima said as Lois pressed the button on her belt, causing a pair of large black wings to shoot out along her arms until they were extended at least four feet out beyond each hand.

A blue visor suddenly flipped up from the pack and over her eyes, giving her a reddish targeting symbol over her left eye. She then noticed that the gun she had been carrying was now mounted on her shoulder, swiveling around in whatever direction she looked.

"This thing didn't come with wings before, did it?" Lois asked.

"It did not. I... added them." Maxima exclaimed. "And now for you." she said as she approached Jimmy.

"Uh, this isn't going to hurt, is it?" the redhead asked, nervous.

The other three women just gave him a sour look as Maxima altered his Resistance Fighter suit to something matching Lois's suit.

It was dark blue in color, streamlined with black boots, gloves and a backpack. His gun, however, was in his hands unlike Lois's.

He pressed the button on his belt, a soft hum emanating from the pack and projecting a golden-colored force field around his body.

"Whoa! Cool!" Jimmy gasped.

Maxima then pulled her sword from its sheath.

There were dings, dents and a chip or two in the weapon, until a glow from Maxima's hands caused the blade to change and reform. It looked smooth, polished and like it had never seen a day of combat. Ever.

"Cool. Re-forging without a forge." Jimmy said.

"Like I said: more convenient." Maxima said as she waved the group on. "Now come! Our allies are waiting for us!"

Supergirl took off into the air as the others ran along the ground following Maxima.

Lois paused as she looked at her suit, then noticed that both grip-handles that were attached to her wings also had two small buttons on both grips. There were two buttons in the grips of both hands. She pressed the button in her left hand and the gun from her backpack sprang to life, the targeting scanner letting her see where it would shoot. She pressed the button down and weapon fired, blowing holes in one of the building's columns.

"Ah! Okay! Good to know what that does." she said as soon as she depressed the trigger, causing the gun to stop firing, and looked at the button in her right hand. She pressed it, causing the engine on her back to roar to life. "WHOOOAAAAAA!" she screamed as she was unceremoniously rocketed into the air.

Fortunately she was heading directly to a large hole in the roof, so she didn't slam into anything as she exited the building.

High above the city itself, Lois was able to regain control. She stretched out her wings as her thumb depressed the button and cut off the engine in her pack. The wings caught her and she found herself gliding through the air. Turning back and forth she was able to control her gliding, then looked at the button in her right hand and pressed it again. The rocket engine roared to life, propelling the woman faster and faster through the skies.

While she would have normally enjoyed the sensation of freely flying through the air, understanding how Superman could enjoy all this, she was brought back to reality as the sounds of explosions caught her attention.

Below she saw Superman and the others valiantly fighting it out against the Nazi forces, as more War Wheels were beginning to arrive.


Superman was pushing against the massive spiked wheel of the Axis war machine. The monstrous vehicle was continuing to roll through the city streets, though at a slower pace than before.

Maxima looked to see Kal-El straining against the War Wheel and fearing that he would be crushed by it, rushed to his side quickly. Her sword was gripped tightly in both hands, as she leapt at the large rolling tank, slashing at its armor plating with all of her strength and the skill of her heritage.

"The armor is too thick! I cannot stop this machine in this way. But perhaps... from inside!" she grinned as she energized her blade with her own energies, and slashed at the War Wheel again, cutting open a sizeable hole for her to climb inside.

The warrior queen quickly leapt around inside the rolling machine, jumping from cog and gears until she saw what she was looking for. A central box just underneath the main underbelly of the machine that could be reached by a human being. She ripped open the panel and reached inside, pulling out several circuits and wires. She had no real idea what they did, but she knew it was important to the vehicle's operations.

This was proven right when the machine sputtered and sparked, then ground to a halt.

Maxima climbed back out of the hole where Superman was waiting for her. He offered her a hand and helped her out of the machine.

"Good work, Maxima." he said to her.

"You're welcome." she smiled back at him.

"Now, let's finish this." he said as he flew up to the cannon.

Maxima saw Green Lantern John Stewart fly over to them and use an energy blast to blow out the right side of the War Wheel's cannons, even as Superman flew up and bent the other cannon into a crude C-shape. He then punched the upper top of the War Wheel, getting it to tip. Maxima joined him and struck at the lower base of the machine, the pair's strength knocking it down onto its side.

The Allied Soldiers cheered as they saw this.


Captain America and Sif were to the South sector of the city.

A group of American soldiers were pinned down by gunfire, and the Nazis were prepared to lob grenades at them.

The 7 American soldiers were backed up against the high wall, about 10 feet tall, and surrounded by a smaller wall, less than three feet high. It was enclosed, giving them cover, but also making for a good basket to catch incoming bombs and such.

The Nazis hurled their grenades at the Allied soldiers.

"Incoming!" the Sergeant shouted to his men, who all took cover.

Suddenly, a man dressed in a patriotic blue outfit with red and white on his suit, carrying a red and white circular shield on his arm, sprang over the taller wall, landing in front of the soldiers on the edge of the smaller wall, and lashed out his shield arm, striking three metallic objects and sent them flying away from the American soldiers, right before they exploded.

The soldiers looked up and saw the blue-garbed man with the shield on his arm, a white star on his chest, a white 'A' on his forehead.

"You men alright?" the blue-garbed man asked.

"Yeah. What are you?" the American Sergeant asked.

"I'm an American!" he said, right before he turned and jumped off the wall.

The soldiers looked on as the Captain rushed towards the Nazis who were firing at the star-spangled super soldier. He deflected their bullets off of his shield, charging until he was right upon them. He jumped into the middle of the Nazis' nest, the sound of blows landing and the sight of Nazis flying out of the nest seen by all.

Captain America stood up from behind the small wall, nearly a dozen Nazis lying around him, all unconscious.

While the soldiers cheered the star-spangled avenger, the Sergeant looked perplexed.

"Who the heck is that guy?" he asked.

"He is Captain America. Warrior, leader, and hero." a voice behind him said.

The Sergeant turned around and flinched, seeing a gorgeous raven-haired woman in red and silver armor, a long red cape flowing behind her, a silver headdress on her head, broadsword in hand, her upper thighs exposed and her smirk on her face.

"Wha... who are you?" he asked.

"I am the Lady Sif, of Asgard." she introduced herself.

"Never heard of that country." he replied.

"It is no country of Midgard."

"Midgard?" he asked.

Just then, a Nazi tank, a Panzer III, rolled around the corner, its machine gun pointed at the soldiers.

"Look Out!" the Sergeant shouted, pointing behind her.

Sif turned towards the panzer and gripped her sword tightly, before raising it up and hurling it at the German tank.

The Sergeant gasped as he saw the sword fly towards the tank and cleaved the 37 millimeter cannon right down the middle.

Sif rushed towards the tank, her hand outstretched as the sword suddenly flew back into the woman's hand as she continued to run towards it. She dodged to the side and slashed at the metal treads, severing them instantly. She raced around the tank and slashed at the other metal tread as if it were nothing but butter. She gripped her sword with both hands and began hacking away at the tank, slicing through the armor in a matter of seconds.

She pulled open the tanks armor with her bare hands, reaching inside and pulling out three German men, tossing them away like rag dolls, and knocking them out upon their landing.

The Sergeant just stared at what the woman had done. He didn't even notice that the sword she was carrying didn't have a single dent or chip in its blade.


Thor and Wonder Woman were to the North of the city.

A trio of soldiers had been pinned by a large wall, the large slab covering them like a blanket, with only a small demolished wall propping the slab up enough to give them room to breath.

"It's too heavy! We can't even move!" one of the soldiers grunted.

"Relax, Max! We'll get out of here!" a second soldier huffed, straining to breathe.

"Oh, God! Please help us." the third soldier whimpered.

Suddenly, the slab started to move. The soldiers were released from their confinement and looked up to see their savior. They froze when they saw who it was who was lifting the huge stone block off of them. A stunningly beautiful raven-haired woman in a patriotic swimsuit, red boots, gold tiara with a red star, a pair of silver bracelets on her wrists, and a gold rope on her hip. She was taller than they were, athletic and shapely, and hefted the stone slab over her head like it was nothing.

She tossed it away as she turned to address them.

"Are you alright?" she asked them.

"Uh... yeah." the first soldier said, staring at the woman.

"Thanks for the save." the second soldier said.

"We're not out of this yet." the woman said as a second large, red War Wheel broke through a building and aimed its gun at them.

"MILADY!" a booming voice shouted as a muscular man with short blond hair, dressed up like a modern-day Viking, complete with red cape, dark gray and silver armor and boots, a winged helmet on his head, and a large rectangular hammer in his right hand landed right next to her. "LOOK OUT!" he shouted, pushing her lightly to the side as he turned to face the Axis weapon.

The War Wheel's cannon fired, striking Thor in the chest and knocking him back into the building behind him.

"THOR!" Diana shouted in panic.

"Thor?" one of the soldiers gasped as they heard the name. "Did she say his name was 'Thor'?"

"Yeah." another said.

Seeing that he had dropped his hammer, Diana quickly scooped it up. She turned towards the large War Wheel as it fired off another round. Gripping the Asgardian battle hammer with both hands, Diana swung at the incoming projectile. The explosion knocked her back, sending the amazon tumbling back several feet even as she found her footing. She brushed off the dust from her face as she stared down the War Wheel again.

"I will have vengeance for Thor's life!" she declared.

"And I appreciate the gesture, milady." a voice behind her said.

The amazon and the soldiers looked on and gasped as the blond-haired Asgardian walked out of the hole he had been shot in to. His chest plating looked slightly crushed in and shattered and with powder burns upon it. Otherwise, he looked unharmed.

"However, the son of Odin is not yet ready to enter Valhalla this day." he said as he stood next to Diana.

He then noticed that his hammer, Mjolnir, was clutched in Diana's hands. He looked at her with a pleased expression on his face. A look that made Diana self-consciously blush.

"Thou art truly a warrior maiden, worthy of thy heritage." he said to her.

"What?" she asked, clearly confused.

The War Wheel crew loaded another round into its cannon and took aim at the pair.

Thor quickly snatched the hammer from Diana's hand, jumping forward to twirl it in circles by its strap, faster and faster it spun, until it built up a powerful energized charge. With a forceful effort, Thor hurled the mighty hammer directly at the War Wheels right cannon.

The hammer and the cannon shell impacted against each other at the end of the cannon barrel, the power of Mjolnir proving to be the most powerful of the two, as the hammer continued through the barrel, shredding it. Thor readjusted his arm as Mjolnir flew out the back of the cannon, turned around and flew back towards its master, striking the second cannon from behind and erupting out the front of the vehicle before returning to Thor's hand. The two impacts caused a fierce eruption within the War Wheel itself, destroying it and causing the massive machine to explode and die before the eyes of the soldiers.

"An impressive weapon." Diana stated.

"Aye. And only a handful have ever wielded it. You, Lady Diana, are one of those few." Thor stated.

Diana felt honored, though she wasn't sure why that was exactly.

Off to the side, one of the soldiers, who happened to have a camera, had been taking pictures of the whole affair. Though he was sure no one would ever believe him.


The three female Green Lanterns were to the West, using their rings to protect a group of Allied soldiers from the third War Wheels onslaught. They were helping to evacuate a group of soldiers away from the cannon fire.

"So this is what Earth weapons are like, huh?" Laira asked as the bullets and cannon shells impacted her ring's force field.

"Earth weapons, at least 60 years behind what they should be." Arisia said as she fired a bolt of energy from her ring and blasted a tank, knocking it onto its back.

"If someone from the future managed to come back in time and set up future weapons here in this time, then this isn't something that they had even in the present that we came from." Soranik said as she hovered over The Hulk.

"It isn't." The Hulk growled as he picked up a large slab of what was once the foundation of a building and hurled it at the War Wheel, smashing into the right-side tank drivers section.

The left-side tank driver took aim with his cannon and fired.

"MOVE!" Hulk shouted as he pushed the red-skinned Green Lantern away, right as the large cannon shell slammed into his chest. "ARRRAGGHH!" he groaned in pain as he was blasted off his feet. But was knocked back only a couple of feet.

"HULK!" Soranik shouted as she raced over to see if he was alright.

Laira and Arisia suddenly gasped in shock. Not from what had happened to the Hulk, but from seeing him rising to his feet and glaring at the War Wheel that had shot him. Soranik gasped when she saw the large wound in his chest heal up, leaving only powder burns on his emerald skin.

"RRRARAAAAAHAHHAHHHHHHH!" Hulk shouted with anger and force, before leaping at the War Wheel.

The three Green Lanterns had to avert their eyes at seeing the full carnage of the gamma goliath unleashed upon the Axis forces.

On the ground, the soldiers the trio had been protecting were also shivering in their boots.

Within less than a minute, the three-story War Wheel had been torn apart, ripped and rent and smashed with a fury no one had every imagined. The cannons were bent and crushed, the spikes on the wheel had been pounded flat, and all the circuits and gears that had been inside the large armored vehicle were now lying in pieces outside the machine itself.

No one even wanted to know what had happened to the drivers.

While the Green Lanterns were in awe of the Hulk's strength, the soldiers were scared for their lives. Until they heard something that made them breathe a sigh of relief.

"HULK SMASH NAZIS!" the gamma-powered brute shouted as he leapt over towards another War Wheel.

The Green Lanterns flew after him.

"Man! I don't know who or what that thing was... but I'm glad he's on our side." one of the soldiers said.

"Not sure he's on our side, Kowalski." another soldier said. "But better the Nazis than us."


Spider-Man gasped when he saw that a nearby hotel, that had several American soldiers both inside the building shooting out windows and on the roof itself, had its foundations blown out from under it. Realizing what was going to happen, the webslinger raced over to the building as it started to tilt and topple towards him.

"EVERYONE! GET OUT NOW!" Spider-Man shouted as he leapt forward and planted his feet, grabbing the brick and stone building by the support struts and pushing up on them.

All at once, the three story building stopped leaning forward.

The soldiers inside gasped, even as their commanding officer gave the order to retreat.

"Spider-Man!" Supergirl shouted as she and Batgirl raced over to help him.

"Here, let Supergirl take the weight!" Batgirl shouted.

"No! Get The Soldiers Out!" Spider-Man shouted with a groan.

"But Supergirl could..." the redheaded heroine argued.

"She can fly... and get them out faster. I've got this!" he said, straining.

"But if you just..." she continued to argue.

"Stop! Arguing! GO!" he shouted at them.

Supergirl didn't waste time arguing and quickly flew up and got as many of the soldiers out as she could. Batgirl used her grappling hook to snag the upper floors and had the soldiers still inside slide down it using their rifles as ziplines.

Within seconds the building was cleared of soldiers, all of whom were shocked at Spider-Man holding up the entire building on his own.

"That's impossible!" one of the soldiers gasped.

One of the soldiers pulled out a camera and snapped a picture of it.

"He's amazing." Batgirl muttered to herself.

Suddenly, a pair of loud explosions caught everyone's attention. Batgirl and the dozen soldiers they had saved looked around and caught sight of a pair of large War Wheels heading towards them.

"Everyone get clear!" Batgirl shouted as a round from one of the War Wheels blasted the hotel.

The explosion caught everyone off guard as Supergirl suddenly rushed towards the collapsing hotel and the guy who was holding it up.

"SUPERGIRL!" Batgirl shouted as the building collapsed upon both of them.

Just then, a bolt of lightning split the skies and slammed into one of the War Wheels, causing it to explode from the inside out.

Thor and Wonder Woman suddenly flew down towards the soldiers and led them away.

Batgirl then saw two of the Green Lanterns, Arisia and Laira flying towards them, and using their rings to protect the soldiers and stop the War Wheels from shooting them.

"We gotta go!" one of the soldiers shouted.

"But what about..." Batgirl asked, turning back to the hotel, only to see the rubble shift and Supergirl emerging from the debris with a red and blue garbed figure in her arms. His costume was a little torn in some places, but other than that he was alive. He shook his head and coughed a little as proof.

"Thanks." Spider-Man coughed. "I owe you one."

"Dinner and a movie." Supergirl said with a smirk.

Spider-Man just looked at the blond heroine.

"Persistent, aren't you?" he asked.

"I like to think so." she smiled.

"GUYS!" Batgirl shouted causing Supergirl to fly over to where the dark angel was, the webslinger still in her grip.


A group of soldiers were pinned down by machine gun and bazooka fire. There were three positions scattered around the ground and the buildings surrounding them. Two were in elevated positions in buildings on both sides of the street, while the third was on the ground in the building to the right.

"We're pinned down, Sarge! We can't get out!" one of the soldiers shouted.

"We need back-up!" the Sarge shouted.

Suddenly, a large rock was hurled through the air above their heads, and smashed into the building window to their right. The Nazis inside scattering.

The group of five soldiers looked up and gasped when they saw a shapely dark-skinned woman in a yellowish costume that was skintight hurl another large rock at the other nest of Nazi soldiers.

"Who the heck are you?" the Sarge asked.

"Name's Vixen! My partner and I are here to help." the woman said.

"Partner?" the Sarge asked.

The soldiers and the Nazis who were attacking them heard a loud roar, as a lone figure came into view. Decked out in a gray and black heavy-armored metal suit, with guns on his arms and shoulder, War Machine came flying down into view, and landed hard on the ground before them.

"Glad you could make it." Vixen said.

"Had to clear a nest out of the West Side. They had bazookas." War Machine said as he turned his scanners towards the three Nazi nests. "I've got their positions."

War Machine angled his weapons, the guns on his arms aimed at the Nazi nests.

His left arm aimed at the nest in the building to the left, his right arm aimed at the nest that was on the ground to his right, while his gatling gun was aimed at the building window to his right.

Simultaneously the guns opened fire, shredding the buildings and the nests, either killing or causing the Nazis to scatter in panic.

Within seconds, it was over. The street was clear and the Nazis were gone.

"Whoa." one of the soldiers gasped.

"Are we clear?" Vixen asked.

"Yes. But we should get going. We need to clear the beach so that the other troops can advance." War Machine said.

"After you, flyboy." she smirked.

War Machine took off, which Vixen called upon her hawk-power to give her flight. She leapt into the air after him.

The soldiers looked confused, wondering where the pair had come from, but grateful for them being there to help them.


John Stewart was protecting a group of soldiers from the cannons of the War Wheels while Hawkgirl was trying to evac as many soldiers as she could.

Jonn Jonzz was lifting up a truckload of soldiers that were about to fall off a damaged bridge.

Black Widow and Flash were helping injured soldiers away from the path of the War Wheel, which John Stewart was successfully keeping back.

"Get those soldiers out of here! I'll cover you!" John shouted as the War Wheel fired at his shield.

Hawkgirl easily grabbed a pair of injured soldiers and took off.

Flash had two more soldiers in his arms as he sped off away from the bridge.

Black Widow helped get another soldier into the truck as Jonn lifted it off the ground and flew into the air. The Russian super spy fired a small cable from her right wrist and caught the underside of the truck, lifting her off the ground.

The group left John to deal with the War Wheel even as his shield was beginning to break.


Across the way, Green Lantern Arisia suddenly felt that something was wrong. Looking down at her ring she gasped as she saw it was beeping rapidly. The pattern, like old Morse-code, was sending her a message.

"Girls! John's In Trouble!" Arisia said.

"But what about The Hulk?" Soranik asked.

"He can handle himself. Let's go!" Laira said.

Arisia and Laira took off as Soranik looked back at the green-goliath.

"Hulk! John's in trouble! We'll be back!" Soranik shouted.

"Right." Hulk said, waving her off as he advanced towards the next Nazi tank. The tank opened fire, to no avail.


Looking down Lois saw Jimmy Olsen using his force field to protect a pair of soldiers from enemy fire. There were three Nazi soldiers firing at them with machine guns, and one of the soldiers had a bazooka. So far they were unable to get past Jimmy's shield, but that didn't mean he would be able to protect the soldiers that were behind him for much longer.

"Time for me to get into this fight too." Lois said as she triggered her gun to activate.

Flying down near to Jimmy, Lois opened fire on the Nazis that were repeatedly attacking her photographer. However, since Lois was not one to take a life, any life, no matter the situation, she was able to wound several of them and drive them off.

"Ms Lane!" Jimmy gasped as the woman flew down next to him, as his force field dropped.

"Thank you, miss." one of the soldiers said.

"Who are you guys?" the other soldier asked.

Jimmy looked at the soldiers, and realized he hadn't told them his name.

"I'm..." he started to say, only for Lois to preempt him.

"His name is Shield." Lois said to the soldier. "And I'm Blackbird." She said, introducing herself.

Jimmy looked at Lois in confusion, who only put a finger to her lips, urging him to keep quiet.

To Lois, it was important to keep their real names and identities a secret. She didn't fully understand it, but she knew it had to be done. The way Batman and the others kept their secret identities. Even though Lois and Jimmy hadn't been born yet, it would be too complicated to explain why there had been two people in 1944 who looked like them and had the same names. For now, code-names were necessary.

Though, if they couldn't get back to their time... well, she'd worry about that if and when it did happen.


John's ring had given out. His powers had vanished. His last act as a hero was to make sure that the lone survivor soldier he had found didn't get run over by a War Wheel. He had handed the soldier off to Hawkgirl, who already had two soldiers around her neck. He was impressed that she could carry so much weight.

Now, he was running and hiding from the Axis forces, relying only on his soldier training.

Fortunately, he was soon to be joined by other heroes whom he knew.

Laira, Arisia and Soranik flew over the destroyed city and eventually found him.

"There!" Laira shouted as she flew ahead of the trio.

"JOHN!" Arisia shouted.

"Arisia? Laira? Sora?" John gasped in relief.

"We thought you were in trouble. We came to help." Arisia said.

"My ring's out of juice." John said.

"Can we recharge it with ours?" Laira asked.

"I don't think we have enough power to split between the four of us." Soranik replied.

"What about trying to summon up one of our lanterns?" Arisia asked.

"It might not work. The Corps existed in this time, but we didn't. We don't have our own rings and lanterns yet." John stated with concern.

"So what do we do? Summon up someone else's lantern?" Soranik asked.

"Is there another option?" Arisia asked.

"Well... there might be." Soranik said.

"What?" the blond Green Lantern asked.

"If we use our rings, to create a tunnel directly to the central battery on Oa, we might be able to siphon enough power to recharge our rings." she said.

"But won't the Guardians detect that?" Laira asked.

"They might. Which means they might send someone here to investigate." Soranik said.

"We'd have some explaining to do." Arisia said.

"Maybe, but we'd also get some help here." John said.

"Fine. Let's do it." Laira said.

The three Green Lanterns formed a circle or sorts, aiming their rings at a central spot between them.

"Will this work?" John asked.

"We've never done it before." Laira said.

"It might work, or... it could open a singularity." Soranik said.

"A what?" Arisia asked.

"Look, our lanterns are usually kept in a pocket-dimension to protect them from being discovered or taken. But since we don't have lanterns of our own, and we might not have enough power to reach Oa, we could be opening up a pocket dimension to... who knows where. Or it could backfire on us and create a black hole of sorts, which could consume this city before it dissipates." she explained.

"These are really depressing options." Arisia said.

"I'm just being honest." Soranik replied.

"Who taught you this stuff?" John asked.

"Kilowog." Soranik answered.

"Oh." he replied, remembering that the large Bolovax drill instructor was also a genius in his own right.

The three Green Lantern's aimed their rings towards the center of their circle, and fired. Their energy beams collided and pierced the fabric of time and space, their focus was on reaching the central power battery on Oa to draw in enough power to recharge their rings.

However, in the midst of their attempt to connect to the battery, their rings suddenly lost power.

"What?" Arisia gasped.

"No!" Soranik shouted.

"What's wrong?" John asked.

"We misjudged the power level of our rings! We're out of juice!" Soranik said.

"But the hole to Oa is still open." Laira stated.

"Is it going to become a black hole?" John asked.

"I... don't think so. It looks like something else is happening." Soranik said.

The portal that they had opened was starting to warble and waver. It changed color rapidly, from black to gray, to purple, to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange, to red, and then back again.

Suddenly, the portal started to build with what looked like an explosive charge. Electricity around it starting to swirl and build up even as the hole seemed to expand for a few seconds.

"Look Out!" John shouted as he tried to pull the trio away from the singularity.


The portal blew, knocking the quartet off their feet, even as something incredible happened next.

Several seconds passed, then a minute. After the dust had cleared, John Stewart looked up, his eye sight coming back into focus at the sight before him.

"What? No. It can't be." John gasped at what he was seeing.

"How's it going son? Looks like you could use a hand here." The Streak said as he stepped forward to help the dark-skinned Green Lantern up.

Standing before John Stewart, was the red-suited, helmet wearing speedster called The Streak, leader of the Justice Guild of America. Behind him was the white-haired, green-costumed hero Green Guardsman. Tom Turbine, the shortest of the five, was behind him, still dressed in his yellow shirt, blue pants, with his energy-belt around his waist and a large blue T on his chest. Catman, dressed in his black suit with a yellow cat's head on his chest. The last of these heroes was Black Siren, blond-haired, athletic, wearing a domino mask over her eyes and dressed in fishnets over her legs and arms.

"It... it can't be. You... The Justice Guild?" John gasped, seeing the five heroes from the alternate universe surrounding him, the other Justice Guild members helping the female Lanterns to their feet.

"I'm glad to see you still remember us." The Streak said as he helped John up.

"But... how, I don't..." he gasped.

"We don't understand it either." Black Siren said.

"The last thing we remember is fading out of existence in Seaboard City after defeating Ray." Catman said.

"Then this strange hole opened up, a light to lead us away from the place we were in." Green Guardsman said.

"As if we were stuck inside a parallel-dimension ourselves." Tom Turbine said.

"That was us." Soranik said. "We tried to open a portal to our home planet of Oa, in order to recharge our rings, but... we didn't have enough energy to get there, so..."

"The singularity you created somehow opened up to where we were, and allowed us to emerge here in this world." Tom Turbine deduced.

"But you were all dead. An illusion created by Ray." John said.

"Perhaps we were. But... that doesn't seem to be the case now, son." Streak said.

"We all feel different. Even... better than before." Black Siren said.

"Something about that singularity we passed through, something about its unique energy signature, seems to have given us new life." Tom Turbine said.

"And who are those guys?" Laira asked.

The group looked over and saw five other people walk up to them. People that John didn't recognize but there was something about them that made him wonder.

There were three men and two women.

The first man was young and athletic, dressed in a red bodysuit with yellow boots and gloves, a yellow fire-symbol on his chest, short black hair and blue eyes.

The second man was tall and athletic, dressed all in black with a red cape and faded yellow boots.

The third man was the tallest and most muscular, dressed in a pair of black pants, a black sleeveless vest that was opened in the front, and a pair of gold bands on his wrists. His most distinguishing features were his pointed ears and the wings on his ankles.

The first woman was athletic and shapely, dressed in a yellow bodysuit with red gloves and boots, a red mask over her eyes, and long blond hair flowing behind her.

The second woman was also athletic, with long brown hair, dressed in a red bodysuit with white boots, a blue cape, belt and headband, and a patriotic shield on her chest.

"Who the heck are you guys?" John Stewart asked the new five.

"We're the Invaders." the man in the red bodysuit said. "I'm Toro, the human torch."

"I'm The Black Marvel." the man in the black suit and red cape said.

"Namor, the Submariner." the muscular man with the wings on his ankles introduced.

"Call me Spitfire." the blond woman in the gold bodysuit said in a British accent.

"And I'm Miss America." the brown-haired woman said with a smile.

The three groups looked at each other for several seconds, before The Streak spoke up.

"You folks wouldn't have happened to come from another dimension, would you?" Streak asked.

"Well, maybe." Toro said. "What's the date?"

"June 6, 1944." John said.

"What? But that's..." Miss America gasped, as did the other Invaders.

"D-Day. But that was more than a year ago!" Black Marvel said.

"Then how..." Namor started to ask.

"An alternate universe? That strange portal that the Nazis created using that generator-like device. They were trying to make contact with the Nazis of another universe. We shut it down but..." Black Marvel said.

"The singularity we accidentally created must have pulled them here as well." Soranik said. "Through the portal they had found."

John then looked at the Invaders as a thought struck him. A strange and unusual thought that he would never had normally thought of, but somehow did.

"You people wouldn't happen to know 'The Avengers'?" John asked the Invaders team.

"The who?" Black Marvel asked.

"What about 'Captain America'?" John tried again.

The group looked shocked at hearing the name.

"You know Cap? Where is he?" the name named Toro asked.

"Somewhere in this city, fighting the Axis forces alongside his team, The Avengers, and mine, The Justice League." John said.

"His team?" Toro asked.

"Justice League?" Spitfire asked.

"The Avengers?" Namor wondered.

"He couldn't have gotten himself a new team if we've come back in time." Black Marvel wondered. "What happened?"

"We'll have to worry about that later. Can you take us to him?" Miss America asked.

"Sure." John said as he looked at the Justice Guild. "You guys coming?"

"Absolutely, son." The Streak said.


Authors Notes:

I wasn't sure how to go about this chapter, and a lot of things just seemed to crop up. They were such good ideas to me that I couldn't help but write them up. If nothing else, I think it's the longest chapter in this story so far. And yes, I've brought The Justice Guild back, and I've brought in The Invaders, but this version of Captain America's old team is from an alternate world. I'll get more into that later.

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