This started off as an English assignment two years ago. Then, last year, it became an assignment for me in Introductory Acting. It's based on the thoughts of Max Puckett, one of the main characters in the Rama series.

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Disclaimer: I know, I know…I don't own Max, the octos, nobody and nothing in this monologue. Arthur C. Clarke does, and he kicks ass!



All we are to the octos are goddamn prisoners. Or even better yet, zoo animals for them to poke their grubby tentacles at. We're like pets for them to toy with. The guinea pigs in their damn experiments.

Seems like only yesterday that I actually wanted to escape New Eden, flee from Nakamura's reign of terror. He threatened us with treason, almost putting Nicole to death. I thought that his tyranny was wrong. But now, after seeing how those damned aliens react to us and other outside interference, I wonder if maybe I was wrong.

We all wanted to escape New Eden. But when we had to decide whether or not to live with the octospiders, we had to make a very difficult choice, one that I regret. I always knew that it was a bad idea. Maybe we all did.

That was our mistake. We were too trusting and we were desperate. We had nowhere else to go. That's why we went with those ugly creatures. That's why we crawled to them.

Of course, Ep has a damn good reason why they are so trustworthy. They did save her life. Without their help, she'd be dead. Hell, none of us would be here, most likely. Maybe Robert would be…

I still don't think that they have the right, however, to treat us as if they were our overlords. They may be superior technologically, but culturally, we are.

I fear mostly for Marius. He's my only son, three weeks of age, and he's in danger of his life. I will not let those fucking beasts take his life. He doesn't deserve it.

Maybe I am being a bit eccentric. I doubt it; I do have perfectly valid reasons to react as I am. I feel like I'm being exploited. Like I'm being condemned.

I feel like a prisoner.