Chapter-1 In a place like this

When I begin my life of those days, it can be best described as poor, miserable and hopeless. I mean not hopeless, but helpless. My name is Elinor Eyre. I'm actually speaking of those days when I was 13 when I use to live with my aunt and cousins too unlucky to be an orphan.

That morning, I stayed inside the house. Usually, I preferred to stay outdoors, but today it was unusually cold outside. The outside was covered with mist and the sky was dark too, seeming like a rain.

I had nothing more to do; so I went to my favorite place-the library. Books! The real true friends of my life. Indeed the saying is true. I took out a book called The Sorcerer's Apprentice. After all, it was reading, not studying. I never was interested in studying.

But then, suddenly, I heard a shout that almost gave me a jerk.

'Oh shit!' I murmured. 'It's Jon again.'

Jonathan Reed was my 15-year old dreaded cousin who probably liked to fight. He was always known to be a big bully in his school and was always up to something. And as I'm telling you, the blame was always Elinor.

'You brat!' he shouted.'How dare you take away my phone?'

I couldn't believe my ears. How could I take away his phone?

'God!' I thought.

Jon reached near me and asked, 'Why did you take away my phone? '

'Your phone?'I laughed lowly. 'When I'm not allowed to touch an inch of the house, how the hell can I take away your phone, Jon?'

'Now, I do not want any stories, alright? Just give MY PHONE BACK,' He commanded.

'Let's see then, if really, it's in my room, ' I said confidently.

Then we went into my room and searched for Jon's mobile everywhere. Suddenly, Jon cried, 'Here it is. No matter, you've taken it.'

I was surprised.

'Jon, I really didn't take it. Someone must have kept it by mistake-'

He interrupted, 'Last chance. If you dare to do it again, I'll take action.'

'OK, Your Highness,' I said, 'I do not have the slightest respect for your damn Tab for which you are so showy. God!'

'How dare you speak like this to me?' he asked holding me by the collar.

'If you can, why can't I?' I said.

'Wow!' he shouted. 'A mouse has suddenly transformed into a tiger. You brat, you eat what we eat, you sleep where we do, you study what we do and now, you're insulting us! It would be better if you were on the streets.'

Jonathan went away.

Really, you know, I didn't take his phone. I guess, it was his two younger siblings, those twins, Eliza and Georgy.

I then proceeded to my room.

I felt so bad that day as I reminiscence back to the past when I used to live with my parents.

A five year old kid was I born from the kindest mother and the most supportive mother that you would ever find. But alas! That plane crash! Mum and Dad were on their way to Sydney. I was left at my aunt's. And at the middle of the road the plane-it crashed and my parents were never found again. That was the saddest day of my life.

Within a week, Uncle Samuel Reed, my mother's uncle, pitied on me and took me to their home. But unfortunately, my uncle was suffering from a deadly disease called AIDS from before. He died eight months after.

From then on, I was very badly treated from my aunt and cousins. They would scold and insult me unnecessarily. I wish uncle was here.

Nothing did I wish now except for betterment of treatment to come over me.