Chapter 4-New Divide

That evening, sitting on the bed on my room, as I went through the pages of Gone With the Wind (one of my mother's books), Aunt Fiona came to me and said, 'Elinor, you're gonna go to a boarding school soon. Mr. Brocklehurst's school. So, start packing all your things.'

I was glad. Going away from this house was like a dream. I would be free from those unnecessary beatings and insults from now on. But that Brocklehurst! Whatever, he was not FIONA REED or JONATHAN REED.!

The next week arrived like a flash of lightning. I was to leave the Reeds. I was so glad!

After a light breakfast, I had to proceed inside a car waiting outside which was probably sent by the school to pick me. My entire luggage was kept inside the car.

Then we started to go.

It was about 10 AM when we reached Lowood School. It was London now.

A woman came to receive us. 'New Student?'

'Yes, ma'am,' I replied.

'Okay. Bring the luggage and follow me.'

I did as told.

'Okay,' she said going through a register, 'Elinor Eyre. New to 7th standard.'

I was allowed to sit on a high chair. Then the woman who happened to be the headmistress asked me several questions.

She was really almost brushing up my entire history-what was my percentage of last year's exam, what games and sports I liked, who are my parents etc etc.

Nevertheless, the woman happened to be so pretty that I almost was staring at her-golden curls and beautiful green eyes. She deserved three letters-WOW. Amy Temple was her name.

I was helped by Miss Miller to settle down on my room. I was very tired so I was allowed to attend the class from the next day.

Lying on the bed, I just wondered what would happen to me in Lowood.

Next, after about three hours, someone came to the room as I lay on my bed.

'So, you're the new student,' she said sitting down on the bed.

'Yes. I am,' I replied.

'Well, I'm Sybil Burns. You?'

'Elinor Eyre,' I replied. 'So, you're my roommate?'

'Yes,' she nodded.

Sybil Burns looked serious indeed. She wore high-power spectacles. Well, her physical features were regular. She had auburn hair and blue eyes. She look very thin.

Then we both talked about each other.

I just hoped everything would be all right in Lowood.

At the Reed's.

'I'm so glad she isn't here,' said Fiona Reed.

'Yeah,' agreed Eliza and Georgy.

'She was really a burden to us,' said Mrs. Reed.

Jon too nodded.

'I'm taking a fresh breath today,' said Mrs. Reed.

'Mr. Brocklehurst was really helpful to us,' said Eliza to her mother.

'You're right,' agreed her mother.