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Chapter 1: Raven Black Meets Scarlet Red


He was hurt. And for a very good reason. He stared at the couple in front of him. He knew that she had been cheating on him, and he tried to push that aside. He kept telling himself over and over and over again that he didn't care. That he had moved on. But seeing the scene in front of him just broke him into a million pieces. His former girlfriend, Ultear Milkovich, was kissing non-other then Jellal Fernandez.

She looked much more happier then when she was with him. So he left her. He left her so she could be with the sky blue-haired man. He still remembered how she had spoken to him that day he left her so she could be happy with another man.

"Are you sure Gray? Are you going to be alright?"

And he always answered with a yes. Always. But deep down, he knew he wasn't. As he walked away, he looked up at the sky. He smiled sadly. The sky was so gloomy today. Perfect weather to match his mood.


Gray Fullbuster knew he was never going to fall in love again. He just knew it. October fourteen. He'd probably remember this day for the rest of his life! He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking. A cold breeze past by him and he didn't shiver. Not one bit.

He entered a small café, and ordered his usual. "Here you go Gray!" Mirajane, his friend since the first grade, said sweetly as she handed him the warm coffee filled cup. He smiled, "Thanks Mira..."

She smiled softly as he sat on a booth near the window. The door opened and in came a woman with waist-length scarlet hair in a loose braid. She rubbed her glove-covered hands together. She smiled as Mira waved at her. "Erza! Nice to see you around!"

"Hello Mira. I'm busy with work and all. But now I'm not so..."

"The usual?"

"You know me soo well." the woman said as Mira nodded and smiled.

As Mira came back with the woman's order, she couldn't help but ask, "So's the life of an artist?" Erza took a small sip before answering.

"Pretty good so far. Lucy loooovvves to buy the ones with stars in them. Same thing with Levy except with books and fictional characters. And maybe other people we happen to know bother to stop by my house and buy some too..." Erza answered simply.

Mira nodded. She suddenly got an idea that she knew she would enjoy. And the next thing Erza said just made it go perfectly.

"Hey Mira...who's that guy over there?"

"Oh! Gray? He's a friend of mine. But I just don't understand why he's so...gloomy today." Mira answered. She was glad that Erza, Gray, and one other person were in the café.


"He happens to be a sculptor. And a very good one at that! you mind trying to cheer him up?"

Erza shook her head, "Not at all!" Mira thanked her and Erza sat across from Gray. He didn't notice her presence until she cleared her throat.

"Hello...I am Erza. What's your name?" Erza asked. Gray stiffened in his seat and cleared his throat, "Gray."

An awkward silence fell upon the two. Erza decided to break it, "So...I hear you are a sculptor."

Gray nodded, suddenly into the conversation, "Yeah. I mostly like to sculpt with ice. Problem melts. But I take pictures before it actually does."

Erza nodded and smiled, "That's good. Do you mind if I see one of them?" Gray shook his head and pulled out his phone before showing Erza one of the ice sculptors he has done.

She looked at him in a way of saying if she could grab his phone. He nodded and let her look at the picture that was taken. It was a figure of a woman. Waist-length hair and a flowing dress.

Erza was awestruck.

Never in her life had she seen such beautiful work. "It's beautiful. Might I ask who she is?"

Gray's eyes looked outside, "She's my ex-girlfriend. We only broke up recently..."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Anyway...what do you do?" Gray asked her. Erza handed him back his phone and answered, "I am an artist. I enjoy painting. Especially with calm colors." Gray looked at her with such interest. All the hurt in him just up and left.

There was something about her. Something about her just made him happy. "Do you want to see a picture?"

Gray nodded and Erza pulled out her phone before handing it to him. He looked at it and he was awestruck just as she was with his sculptors.

"You are talented." Gray couldn't help but notice that the person she had painted looked so familiar. It hit him. It was Jellal Fernandez. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Erza answered with a, "Thank you."

"Who is he?" Gray already knew the answer to this though.

Erza looked at him as he handed her phone back. "He's my ex-boyfriend. Funny. We both showed pictures about our ex." Gray chuckled.

"I guess so. I'd draw or paint if I wouldn't be so interested in sculpting." Gray admitted. Erza looked at him, "'re saying that sculpting is better then drawing or painting?"

Gray slightly shrugged his shoulders and nodded, "Yea. I guess so."

"I'd have to disagree with you on that."







Mira noticed the two and quickly ran to their side, "What's going on here?"

"He's insulting me. I feel like he's insulting me." Gray looked at her as if she were crazy, "Excuse me? You started it by asking if I said sculpting was better then drawing or painting. If you hadn't asked this wouldn't had happened!" Erza gasped.

"Are you accusing me of something I didn't do?!"

"Well what if I am?!"

Mira quickly stepped in again, "Okay. Okay. Lets calm down and be friends. No need for the hatred now." Gray and Erza nodded. After a while they started chuckling.

Mira raised an eyebrow and looked at the two, "That's odd. You guys became friends just like that!" Erza shrugged while Gray shook his head.

"Sculpting and painting are both art related. There's no reason to fight." Gray explained. Mira nodded and went back to work.

The two looked at each other. Gray found Erza Scarlet annoying and quite bossy. But he knew that behind that personality, there would be a good, funny, and nice one. He just had to know her more. Another part of him though...found And maybe even awkward.

Erza found Gray Fullbuster annoying and awkward as well. But that's what made her have the sudden urge to know him. And the person she had seen earlier was in a gloomy mood. Meaning she had to try harder to find the true one. Besides...she wanted to know the guy better.

Gray noticed the engagement ring and smiled. "Well...I'm off. I'll see you soon. Hopefully." Gray said. Erza nodded and waved at him as Mira did the same. As Gray left, his smile disappeared. Everyone had someone to love, yet he didn't.

What he didn't know...was that a person in that café...was also lonely...

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