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When Anna had asked her sister's blessing for marrying Kristoff, Elsa knew her baby sister had made a good choice. When she heard the news her sister was pregnant, the Queen was almost as ecstatic as the new parents. She was present for Gunter's birth, and refused to hold her nephew at first, afraid she would freeze him solid with her shaking pale hands. The tiny baby was born the first day of summer, a fitting day to be welcomed into the world.

When Anna asked her to be Gunter's godmother, she already knew what Elsa's answer would be: An emphatic, if sharply squealed, yes.
The time then came for the new baby to be christened, and Elsa was not nervous for the first time in ages.

The giddy excitement permeating the air was no less broken by the arrival of the nobles and royalty of the neighboring kingdoms. If anything, the air seemed to be buzzing with joy over the Princess's new child. The high council of Osasia, which was the largest country to the northeast, had traveled across the Northern Sea for a month just to be here for the baptism. They were all remarkably tall and of varying skintones, both men and women, and all wore thick chains about their necks, from which dangled large pendants inscribed with esoteric symbols.

The leader (Elsa presumed, since the bald priestess had the most pendants weighing down the chain about her neck) greeted her with a lofty smile and a gentle incline of the head. The rest of them followed suit, bowing deeply.

"Your highness." The monk glances about. "A thousand pardons, but I must inquire about the whereabouts of your sister, the Princess. "

The queen lifted her hand to gesture to where Anna and Kristoff were standing, further in the crowd, where the infant swaddled in a pale blue blanket embroidered with tiny snowflakes was barely visible in her sister's arms. The tall monks departed, shiny bald heads visible towering over the rest of the crowd as the group parted to let the honored mendicants see Anna and the child. A few others passed Elsa by, and she extended her greeting to them as they ventured toward her sister.

The Queen sighed, both relieved and feeling a little wary to not be the center of attention for once. A shiver went down her spine despite the warm room and Elsa felt as if something bad was going to happen. That was when she spotted a noble looking woman in red. And beside her— Elsa inhaled sharply, suddenly feeling almost panicked. Fear for her sister and nephew flooded her senses. She had to turn away. Hide the fear. Keep it inside. At the same time, the duo approached her.

A thickly accented voice called out, "Ah, your majesty. It is quite nice to meet you in person after all my son has said about you."

Elsa did not have to look up to see the face of the tall woman who had addressed her. She had curtsied and so had the one beside her. Elsa had no choice but to return the gesture, feeling vulnerable as she exposed her neck to them.

"I am sure you have met my son before, your grace."

Elsa's expression hardened. "We've met."

Hans bowed shallowly, taking the Queen's gloved hand.

"You have not changed in the time I haven't seen you." He added a knowing smile, and brushed his lips against the top of her hand. Despite the glove, it was ice cold and frost gathered on his mouth in the split second it touched her, taking a moment to melt afterwards. He licked his lips, "My queen."

"Prince Hans.." Elsa looked to the other Queen. "You must be—"

"Queen Dowager Jekaterina." She offered her hand to Elsa. She did not accept it, instead bowing again.

"I am sorry for your loss."

Jekaterina let out a haughty laugh. "Of course," She turned to Hans, and squeezed his chin in her hand, long red fingernails digging into his flesh. "My little boy is only another step closer to the throne."

The prince gently shook off her touch and bowed once more. "I thought to offer my most humble apologies for the wrong I have done and have come to right whatever I have caused."

Elsa bit her tongue to keep from commenting rudely, in case the Queen Dowager had a sharp wit to match her fingernails.

"Your apology is misplaced. It's my sister you should be speaking to." She finally managed to coolly speak, gesturing to where Anna was kissing her husband fondly.

Hans stiffened for a moment, realizing Anna had found someone she actually loved, before shifting uncomfortably. "I had attempted to kill the both of you, I am formally apologizing to both of you."

Jekaterina tutted softly, but did not comment. Elsa looked at her sideways for a moment, but the Dowager only flashed an enigmatic smile and slipped past her in a whirl of translucent crimson fabric, leaving Hans alone with her. The Queen tensed at the idea of the man who tried to kill her being so close.

"You should have followed your mother." She managed to get out through clenched teeth, frost climbing up her sleeves, and along the edges of her skirt, and trailing across the floor where she stood.

"Your sister wouldn't want to see me on such a happy day." Hans replied softly, his back to Elsa. He watched Anna smile to the crowd and Kristoff pull her closer, his hand very tenderly on her back. She could not see Hans' expression but if she had, she would have seen a kind of sadness as he followed every gesture Anna performed with his eyes.

Elsa found herself distracted by how open her sister was in every way. The ground around her boots thawed as she watched Anna chat with each visitor, almost forgetting Hans was right beside her.

"The celebration is supposed to last all week, isn't it?" Hans had finally turned back toward her. Elsa snapped out of her reverie, face heating at the fact she was so vulnerable for that one moment before she caught herself.

"Y-yes. It is." Still too warm, she fanned herself with her hand. "Anna, of course, organized the whole thing."

Hans had stepped closer. That had to be why she was so warm. The man was like a furnace.

Fighting the urge to impale him on an icicle, Elsa walked away. "I need some air. I'm sure you can occupy yourself without bothering my sister. I believe you met her husband last time you were in Arrendelle?"

Elsa found a tiny smile crossing her face as she stepped out the door, toward the courtyard and away from the furnace that was Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. The sun had gone down and it was blessedly cool for a summer evening. The only sound was Elsa's shoes tapping on the cobblestone in the pale moonlight as she walked slowly and peacefully, breathing in the air that soothed her warm face. She closed her eyes and leaned against the rock wall that bordered the path, only to be disturbed by the sound of someone else's footsteps.

Elsa turned sharply, to discover a certain Prince had followed her outside. However, he seemed unaware she was right in front of him, until he leaned against the rock wall beside her.

"Nice night, isn't it?"

Elsa turned from him, and looked up at the full moon. "Why are you making conversation? Haven't I made it clear I didn't want to have anything to do with you?"

Hans remained with his back to hers. "Clearly, I'm the bigger person here since I've apologized and have not been forgiven."

Elsa made a noise of utter indignation and disgust and turned to look at him. Hans faced her, as if he spun to do so the exact moment she had turned.

"Do you really think I'm going to try to kill you again? You must be an idiot to believe that." His brow was furrowed, and he had bent forward to be face to face.

Elsa's hands were up before she had realized it and her ice magic acted of its own accord, sending a blast of freezing air to blow him back and sending him flying. It worked so much as causing his hair to frost over, little ice crystals gathered in it and glistening in the moonlight. His eyebrows and eyelashes were dusted with a fine white powder, but beyond that he had been unhurt. That is, until he toppled backwards and landed on his behind on the stone. Elsa wasn't too concerned for his safety, but she didn't want anyone dying at this celebration so she offered her hand to help him up, knowing fully Hans would get a mild case of frostbite if he accepted.

He did not take her hand, instead standing up on his own and running a hand through his hair to brush the snow free. "Are you always this stubborn?"

Elsa tried to fight it but a laugh bubbled up her throat and she had to cover her mouth to keep from erupting into enough giggles fit for a young child. "You look ridiculous."

Hans dusted off his shoulders as well, blithely adding. "I'm glad someone appreciates this."

The Queen managed to recover her stern countenance, silently chastising herself over letting the monster beside her actually cause her to laugh.