There was a detention facility hidden deep underground in the heart of Ottawa. A place that was built during World War II. It had been maintained for two reasons only since those days, both as a place to put suspected international terrorists should any be caught within Canada's borders, and as a safe bunker in case of nuclear war. It was heavily guarded, both inside and out.

Matthew struggled to get inside.

"Let me in!" The little blond cried, trying to push away the guard who was blocking the door. The guard wouldn't budge. He was dressed in a red jacket and black pants. The uniform of a mountie.

"I'm sorry, Canada." The mountie said, his eyes facing forward and straight ahead. "There is no admittance. Authorized personnel only."

Matthew made a frustrated sound and stomped his foot. This was not right at all. This was HIS country. The entire situation concerning the safety of Canada and the threat from Russia had everything to do with HIM. That was HIS Russian being held somewhere down below. If Matthew wasn't authorized personnel then NO ONE was.

He was so tired of his whole life being dictated and controlled. He'd had enough. He was going to do as he pleased with himself and one thing he could be sure of was that he was going down underground to find Ivan.

"Ok, listen hard because I'm only going to say this once." Matthew grabbed the mountie by the collar and pulled him down to eye level. He glared into the man's eyes.

"You standing here every day, looking big and touch in that uniform? It's because of me. You feed your family something good every night for dinner? It's because of me. You feel safe when you walk around the streets at night? It's because of me. I AM CANADA. You will let me through this door. Right. Now."

Matthew let him go. The mountie's eyes were wide. He stammered, his face red. He swallowed against his collar which he tried to loosen with a finger. Without another word he stepped aside and allowed Matthew to go in.

The deeper Matthew went into the facility, guards were there to try and stop him. Each time Matthew intimidated them and they let him through. Eventually he found the place where they had the Russian detained. It was a large grey room. There was a metal desk with a switchboard that could control the locking system of the doors, the lights and the air filtration system in the room. One half of the room was taken up by a cell. Heavy steel bars kept the two halves of the room separated. The only way in and out was a sliding door which was controlled mechanically. The cell had a cot, a small table, a sink and a toilet.

It also had a Russian.

Matthew rushed to the bars, his eyes misting over with tears. Ivan.

The Russian was seated on the cot. His jacket was hanging around his shoulders. His arms were folded neatly in front of him, his elbows resting on his knees. He was sitting calmly, but Matthew could tell by the way one shoulder was held at a strange angle that he was hurt. He was wearing a black sweater, but Matthew imagined there were bandages wrapped around the Russian's chest, protecting the gunshot wound that was still healing.

Ivan stood when he saw Matthew. His eyes lit and he looked relieved. He met Matthew at the bars and reached through to try and hug the little Canadian, but the bars were thick and prevented him from doing so.

"Ivan.." Matthew whispered. The Russian slipped one of his hands through and Matthew took it. He nuzzled his face into the hand, wetting it with his tears. It was so good to see his Russian. It was so very good to see that he was alright. And here. In Canada. With him.

Two guards sat at the control cable. They shifted nervously. One cleared his throat. Matthew turned to them.

"Leave the room, please. Both of you."

They began to protest. Matthew shook his head and pointed to the exit. "I will be fine. I need to ask Mr. Braginsky some questions and I would prefer to do it alone. Please leave."

Grudgingly, the guards left their stations at the control panel and left the room. The door clicked closed behind them. Matthew and Ivan were alone.

Matthew went to the control panel and eyed it for a moment. Then he pushed one of the buttons. The heavy steel door to Ivan's cell made metallic squeaking sounds as it slowly slid to the side. Ivan backed away from the doors, staying in the cell.

Matthew stepped inside with him, his eyes never leaving the Russian's. Dark blue, almost purple eyes met light, gentle violet. They stood facing each other, gazing, waiting. Ivan had his smile, tho it seemed to be masking something else. Something that hurt. Something sad and lonely. Matthew felt nervousness gnawing at his stomach, but he pushed it away. Eventually the little Canadian took in a deep breath and worked up his nerve to speak.

"Why are you here?"

Ivan's expression remained the same. A smile that allowed him to hide. Tho his eyes were going glassy and bright.

"For you, Matvey."

"You've come to kidnap me back to Russia?" Matthew asked.

"No." Ivan took a step towards the little Canadian. Matthew shook his head, stepping back. He held his hand up. Ivan stopped. The Canadian had to get all of his questions out first. And the Russian had to answer everything honestly, or he would turn around, lock the cell doors and walk away from this place forever.

"Tell me the truth.." Matthew spoke softly. His eyes were downcast now. He couldn't look at Ivan. His voice shook as he spoke.

"Did you kidnap me and try to make me part of Russia.. so you could get at America?"

Silence. Total silence. The facility was soundproofed. There was not a single sound other than their breathing and the beats of their hearts. Matthew thought he'd never heard anything so loud.

He stole a peek through his hair at the Russian. Ivan's eyes were on him, but not looking at him. He looked to be struggling with himself internally. Fighting some metal battle inside his own head. Finally.. he spoke.


A sledgehammer could not shatter something so delicate and fragile as the little Canadian's heart as that single spoken word just did. He heard Alfred saying 'I told you so' somewhere in the back of his mind.


Matthew could barely register what he'd just done. The palm of his hand tingled, stinging sharply. The Russian's face was snapped to the side. An angry red handprint was glowing against the pale white skin of his cheek.

The shock of the moment only lasted a few seconds. Matthew yelped when Russia suddenly grabbed him about the neck, shoving him backwards against the wall of the cell. He hit the sore spot on his head with a yelp of pain, and he opened his mouth to cry out apologies.

Ivan held him in place and drew back his fist, ready to punch the little Canadian into submission. The fist was held in the air.. Matthew closed his eyes and drew his arms over his face to protect himself.. but then.. the fist relaxed.. and the Russian's arm dropped to his side.

Ivan's body was around him then, leaning against him. The Russian's forehead was against the wall and his eyes were closed. He was breathing hard, and he was trembling.

The atmosphere in the cell gradually eased from anger and fear to something else. Something sad and sorrowful. Matthew's terror slowly slipped away. He carefully wrapped his arms around the larger man's waist and nestled his face against Ivan's chest. Another long time passed before either of them spoke. When Ivan did speak, Matthew thought that time had stopped and forgotten them both.

"That was plan in beginning." He said so softly that Matthew had to hold his breath to hear him. "Take Canada for Russia, then America would not be so insolent. So.. arrogant. He would be afraid without Canada. Vulnerable."

"...You wanted to start World War Three." Matthew's bottom lip trembled. He didn't want to hear these things.. but he knew he had to. In that moment he hated Russia.. but he did not move his arms from around the larger man's waist. He couldn't. Through all the pain, the fear, the abuse and the heartache. He couldn't let go.

"No," Ivan said, "No war. Only.. upper hand. Put America in his place."

Matthew clenched his eyes against the tears he felt were on their way. His poor, battered heart took yet another hard blow. So it was true. Russia hadn't wanted Canada for himself. He didn't care. He didn't.. love. Matthew hicupped, trying to keep a sob inside. Ivan drew them away from the wall and buried the little Canadian in a warm embrace. This time when he spoke, his voice was stronger.

"I learned alot while you were with me, Matvey. I learned who Canada is. I learned how special, how precious.. how lovely."

A large hand pet back the little Canadian's blond hair, tucking it behind his ear.

"I learned that I need to be with Canada. I am lost without Canada. That day.. on the river.." Ivan's voice broke. Matthew found himself in shock, listening as the mighty Russian began to cry. His words stumbled out, thickly accented. "...on river.. when they came.. when they took you away.. I thought I would die. Not from gunshot.. not from blood.. but from heartache."

Ivan bent to press his forehead against Matthew's. The little Canadian felt their tears mixing together, dripping down onto the scarf he was still wearing.

"I am not sorry for kidnapping," Ivan whispered, "I would do it again. But America be damned this time."

Matthew kissed his Russian. It was soft and sweet. Ivan pulled him close and tilted his head back, drawing his tongue in circles in Matthew's mouth, nipping softly at his bottom lip.

He reached up to bury his hands in Ivan's hair, pulling the man down into a deeper kiss that began to sear at them both. He felt the familiar hardness pushing against his belly, seeking him out.

Ivan picked him up and Matthew was against the wall again, trapped betweeen hard concrete and hard muscles. He wrapped his legs around Ivan's hips and clawed at his sweater. They tusseled in the heat of it, madly trying to shift clothing around, their mouths never breaking contact. Matthew's pants were halfway down his hips, leaving just enough of his bottom bare for proper access. Ivan's length was pushing at him, the mans hips thrusting awkwardly, trying to find the right spot..

The door burst open. In walked America.

"Mattie! Where the he-..."

Authorized personel only? Not in Canada, apparently.

Matthew and Ivan froze, locked in their passionate embrace. Alfred stared at them, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped.

The Russian slowly lowered the Canadian to the floor. Matthew wiggled to pull his pants back up. Russia tucked himself back into place and did up the zipper.

Matthew's cheeks were red. He sheepishly waved to his brother.

"Hi, Al.. uh.. I can explain.."

The American looked as he'd seen a ghost. For once in his life.. he had nothing to say. He turned around.. and left the room. The door closed behind him.

Matthew blinked, confused. Ivan just laughed and pulled the little Canadian close, zeroing in for another kiss. "Where were we?"

"No, wait." Matthew shook his head and gently pushed the Russian away. Ivan raised a brow, but let his hands drop to his sides. Matthew gave him a very serious look. He was aching to make love with Russia again, but this was important.

"I have every right to hate you," he began, "or at least be very, very angry with you."

Ivan looked pained. Guilty. He hung his head. "I know that."

"I don't hate you at all." Matthew quickly stated. "In fact.. I.. I.." He loved him. He loved the Russian. There was no denying that, but it was still too hard to say out loud. He felt his cheeks burn with flush again. He lowered his eyes, embarassed.

"What can I do, Matvey?" Ivan tilted his chin back up. "How can I prove to Canada that I love him?"

Matthew stared into Ivan's violet eyes. His own welled up with more tears. Happiness dripped down his cheeks and he smiled as the Russian bent to kiss them away. So his feelings were mutual. A warm feeling grew in his chest that Old Man Winter could never hope to freeze away.

"Stay here." Matthew said, putting his hand on Ivan's cheek. "Stay here for as long as I stayed there.. in the cabin."

"Here in cell?" Ivan asked, tilting his head.

"Yes," Matthew answered, "At least until I can convince my boss to let you stay with me under house arrest."

The Russian thought about it for a long moment, then nodded. "I will stay. As long as Matvey visits me every day."

Matthew smiled, then giggled when the Russian grabbed for him again. "Conjugal visits?" He squeaked when he was tossed onto the cot. Ivan followed him, then covered him with his body, pinning his wrists above his head to prevent him from getting away.

"Oh yes."

The latest world meeting was being held in China. The better part of the morning had been spent arguing over oil reserves and greenhouse gasses. Italy somehow thought the problem could be solved with pasta. Japan was passive about everything. England and France couldn't agree on anything, and Germany shouted for everyone to shut up. It was business as usual.. with the exception of a much quieter America.

Alfred now waited for his turn to speak and even offered some ideas that weren't completely insane. He discussed diplomatically and was very respectful to everyone.

Canada was proud of him.

Time had passed. Ivan stayed true to his promise and he stayed with Matthew. He dealt with Russian business via a laptop his boss sent to him. When a few months had gone by he returned home.. and Matthew went with him. They travelled back and forth between their countries together and established a working trade agreement that benefited both their economies.

They kept each other warm during long, cold nights.

Russia started attending world meetings again. Canada was always at his side.

No one objected to the new Canadian-Russian alliance. In all honestly, not very many nations even noticed it. Matthew was as quiet, polite and docile as he'd ever been and was ignored at meetings as usual. The only real change anyone saw was that Ivan seemed happier, healthier..

And maybe even a little less scary.

The end.

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