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Chapter Four

It took all of Reborn's will for him to stay rooted in his spot. He really didn't want to talk about his love life and never would. Regardless, Luce kept trying to set him up with random people. It was aggravating.

The last time this had happened, Reborn had ended up in the hospital. As it turned out, the girl who he was set up with last time was a horrible cook. He vaguely remembered her name as Bianchi. He had taken one bite of her home-cooked dinner and had ended up on the floor unconscious seconds later. It was not an experience he would like to repeat. Suffice to say, he never saw nor heard from her again.

Due to his past experiences, Reborn wasn't eager to try dating again anytime soon. Even if said dating included the cute boy beside him. At that thought, Reborn had to wonder when the word 'cute' had entered his vocabulary. It probably had something to do with the puppy dog eyes.

Breaking out of his musing, Reborn noticed that Luce was now standing on the table right in front of Tsuna and asking the boy all these weird questions. Reborn felt sorry for the boy, although, Reborn was amused when she asked Tsuna if he was single, which the boy answered by choking on thin air and furious blushing. Reborn took that as a yes.

Fortunately for the small boy, luck was on his side today. Tsuna was looking for a way out of Luce's interrogation when Dino came barging into the cafeteria, effectively ending all conversations there and then. Reborn considered a saying he often heard, 'saved by the bell'. Although, in this case he thought it was more accurate to say 'saved by the idiot'. At least, Reborn got the impression that Dino-sensei was an idiot.

Whatever the case, the idiot was now looking around as if searching for someone specific. His eyes lit up when they landed on Tsuna, belying his target. Within moments, Dino was in talking distance to Tsuna.

Reborn shifted his attention back to Tsuna, and had to stifle a laugh. The brunet was once again shaking his head at Dino as if to say 'no, don't get any closer'. Sadly, it didn't work.

As Dino called out, "Little bro, little bro", towards Tsuna, Reborn couldn't help but notice that Tsuna was blushing at all the attention he was getting from the students.

Tsuna turned resignedly towards Dino, greeting him with a nervous, "Hey Dino".

Dino dramatically swayed with his hand going to his cheeks, "Tsu-kun," he started, "We've known each other for such a long time. Haven't I told you to call me big bro?"

At that line, Tsuna's face scrunched up into an expression that could only be described as 'not happening'. His eyebrow was twitching, and his lips were drawn downwards in a grimace. If Reborn had to guess, he'd say that Tsuna's reaction was not because of Dino himself, but how embarrassing it'd be to call someone big bro, especially if he was your teacher. Tsuna seemed to want to avoid embarrassing situations at all costs.

Tsuna waved off Dino's questions and instead asked one of his own, "What are you doing here, Dino?"

The blond teacher paused for a moment at that, and seemed to be thinking. Evidently, he had forgotten, and everyone wasn't too impressed by that, judging by the sweat drops appearing on their heads. Eventually, he turned back to Tsuna with a sheepish grin, and handed him a folded up note. By way of explanation, he said, "Your mother asked me to deliver this to you."

Even with his job done, Dino looked like he was going to stay for a few more minutes. As chance happened however, he was almost immediately pulled away by a group of girls seeking his attention. Apparently they had questions about the earlier lecture, but somehow Reborn found himself doubting that. They were very likely some of the girls swooning over him earlier.

With Dino gone, Reborn focused his attention once more on his new roommate. Tsuna was currently reading over the note from his mother. When he was done reading, Tsuna's face held a mixture of emotions. From what Reborn could make out, given that Tsuna was like an open book, the kid was feeling what was probably surprise, joy, a little bit of anger, and some confusion.

Curious, Reborn was just about to open his mouth to ask Tsuna what was written in the letter, however, Verde beat him to it. "Tsunayoshi, do you mind telling us what the letter said?"

It was a bit surprising to see Verde acting civil for once and not demanding something, but Reborn guessed that he didn't want to risk Tsuna not answering his question.

Tsuna nodded and replied, "Here, I'll read it to you guys. My mother wrote this."

Tsuna took a deep breath and focused on the paper once more, "Dear Tsu-kun," he started, sounding a little embarrassed. "I know that the new school year just started, and that you actually have a roommate for once. Please try to get along with Reborn-kun."

Tsuna stopped for a moment to catch his breath, "Also, I have some important news for you. Your father is going to visit soon. Apparently, he's overdue for some vacation time and his boss is making him take time off work. I'd appreciate it if we could go home together for the weekend when he visits. It's been awhile since we've seen him. Love, Mom."

The Arcobaleno took a moment to let this sink in. They were expecting something dramatic based on Tsuna's reaction, not this. However, Reborn did have to wonder why Tsuna had so many conflicting emotions because of the note.

A few minutes later, amidst the chatter of their companions, Tsuna told Reborn, "Dad almost never visits. It's strange really. I think the last time I saw him was when I was fourteen, it's been that long. I'm happy I'll see him again, but I really wish he'd visit more."

Reborn nodded in understanding of Tsuna's wish. He too wished that his own dad would spend time with him more often, although he never expressed this wish out loud. In fact, the primary reason the Arcobaleno became friends was because their parents worked together and they all had one babysitter to look after them all. It would be ironic at this point to say that Reborn had known all the Arcobaleno since they were infants, but it's true.

As Reborn stared into space thinking of times long past, the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. Immediately, Reborn sprang out of his seat, remembering the five minute interval from lunch until his next class starts. It wouldn't do to be late on the first day; he had his reputation to uphold after all.

Reborn didn't even bother checking his schedule, he had already memorized it. His next class was Battle Magic, and it was situated in room 400.

As he made his way to class, Reborn couldn't help but notice that both Tsuna and Verde were accompanying him. He knew that Tsuna had the same schedule as him, but Verde too? Reborn had been expecting one of his other friends to share classes with him, but at this rate it didn't seem to be so.

Tsuna noticed this soon after Reborn and commented, "Eh? We all have the same class again?"

Reborn and Verde both nodded. Verde then observed, "I've taken a look at all of the other Arcobaleno's schedules. Basically, it seems that there are eight basic different schedules for the whole school. There are two chunks in everyone's schedules; one is Spell Theory and Summoning, and the other Battle Magic and Healing Magic. Those are separated by lunch of course. Basically, what they're doing is having two classrooms right next to each other and having the teachers switch out. So, the two classes in one chunk can be in either order for a student. Also, the chunks can be in either order.

"However," Verde soon continued, pushing up his glasses, "It's a bit surprising that we all have the same classes and that none of the other Arcobaleno share a class with us. This is an outcome with a low chance of happening if the classes were assigned randomly. Therefore," Verde adopted a smirk as he revealed his big deduction, "Someone wanted us all in the same classes together without any of the others."

Reborn considered Verde's explanation, even as he saw Tsuna nodding to it as if it was truth. It was only speculation though, and Reborn was not one to just accept Verde's speculations without due consideration, even though they were very sensible and correct most of the time. It was a matter to think about later, he decided, when he had more free time to consider it. After all, class was about to start.

A few moments later, the three entered the classroom and once again made their way to the back. A couple minutes of idle chatter later, and the classroom was filled with students. It took a while for the teacher to arrive though. He was about seven minutes late.

The teacher did make quite an intro though. The door was kicked open, demanding instant attention and quiet. He was an imposing man, and many of the students started to look slightly fearful. He had dark hair and quite a few scars marring his face. He introduced himself as 'Xanxus' to the class, and addressed them as a whole as 'scum'.

Reborn, interested in his Tsuna's reactions, glanced over to the brunet. Surprisingly, there was a look of surprise and recognition adorning his features. It seemed as if Tsuna knew this teacher as well.

Reborn raised an eyebrow in Tsuna's direction, and the brunet got the message. Quietly, Tsuna whispered, "He's my cousin."