It had been 12 years since the final battle at Hogwarts. People had mourned and celebrated and finally been free to start their families without fear of death hanging over them anymore. Harry Potter had saved everyone by killing the dark lord Voldemort, truly a feat to be proud of. However no one knew where the-boy-who-lived was. After the battle he had simply disappeared. No one was sure on what had happened and his friends were extremely worried about him. The Weasleys and Hermione were going crazy trying to find out where he was and what had happened to their favorite bespectacled boy. After a couple years though, they lost hope of finding him. They moved on with their lives and started their own families. Little did they know, they were in for a surprise, and it would shake up their world.


Harry cursed under his breath as he stubbed his toe on his trunk. He had forgotten how heavy it was in all the time he hadn't needed or used it. As he hopped on his other foot while he tried to soothe his injured one he felt a presence all too familiar to him come up behind him. As his pain subsided into a dull throb he lowered his foot to the ground an turned around, automatically he was embraced in a pair of strong arms belonging to the person he had fallen in love with a long time ago. His husband chuckled as he felt Harry burrow himself into his chest, snuggling into his husband's warmth. Severus Snape smiled to himself as he thought about how amazing his life had gotten after the final battle.

With the freedom that came with both of his masters being dead he had found himself able to run off with his young lover and able to live his life to the fullest. Severus and Harry had been together since Harry's 5th year, having realized they had feelings for one another during the occlumency lessons. They hid their attraction from everyone else and after successfully slaying the dark lord and managing to stay alive miraculously, they decided they had had enough of Britain and so they decided to run away together to somewhere less hectic. They moved to a home in Boston, MA. They got married shortly after, then they were blessed with a son, and a couple years later they had a daughter.

Their son Soren was a perfect combination of both of them. He had Severus' silky black straight hair that went down just past his chin, he also had Severus' height but he was lithe like Harry. His eyes were Harry's, as well as his nose (Severus thanked God for that). His personality was a mix of theirs as well. He was very sarcastic and probably had the sharpest tongue on any child ever, he loved books and quidditch. Soren was also kind though, and much as his father he was kinder when he thought no one was watching. He was a very intelligent child. Soren had just turned 11 and was very excited to go to Hogwarts, even if he pretended he wasn't.

Their daughter Lilleva was only 4. She had clearly inherited more of Harry's attitude. She was the biggest sweetheart, she cared about everything and everyone. However she was also probably one of the most hyper 4 year olds ever. She was constantly in motion, always smiling and laughing. one thing was for sure, if you didn't immediately fall in love with this kid you were clearly blind, deaf, and brain dead. She had gotten Harry's wild hair and bad eyesight. She had Sev's onyx eyes though. Other than that she was all Harry. Lilleva was usually recognized by a shriek of laughter, the scurrying of feet, and a flash of a wild mop of hair and a glint off her glasses.

Because Soren was starting school they had decided that it was probably in their best interest to return to Britain. As always Hogwarts was looking for a new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. Seems that even after most of the school was reconstructed its Defense teacher position was still cursed. Severus had applied and been accepted to the position as he was a previous professor of the subject. Harry and Severus had laughed at the thought of Minerva's reaction to seeing his name on the applicant list. They figured that they would live in the quarters provided to staff and their families during the year and return to Boston for summer. They really didn't want to part with their home, it was full of so many happy memories that Harry and Severus who had had such miserable live couldn't bare the thought of parting with it. Harry had been packing some of his things for the upcoming year when the incident had happened. And now there he was in his beloved husband's arms.

"What have you done to yourself now brat?" Severus said, feigning annoyance but smiling anyway.

"'S not my fault the trunk is so damn heavy." Harry murmured into the dark clad chest he was smothering himself with.

"Ah, but it isn't the trunk's fault that you are so weak." Severus teased, smirking.

"Arse." Harry shot back, pouting.

"Child." Severus replied, ruffling Harry's already messy hair.

"Love you too." Harry answered cheekily, smiling.

"I don't know why I put up with you." Severus mock sighed.

"Well I'm pretty amazing so how could you not? I am the Chosen One after all. Slayer of Evil, Seeker of Virtue, Defender of the Peace-" Harry was cut off by a pair of lips connecting with his own.

"Are you quite done now?" Severus asked, raising a delicate eyebrow in question.

"Yes." Harry answered smugly, leaning up to peck his lover's lips. "Are you done packing yet?"

"Yes, have been for a couple hours. I've been helping Lilly pack her things, as she is a "big girl" and had it handled mostly herself."

"Aw, our baby is just too cute!" Harry squealed, sounding very much like his daughter.

"Just like her daddy." Severus whispered into his ear.

"Well Soren reminds me of you more everyday. I helped him pack yesterday and I had to extend his trunk 5 times just to fit his books."

"Literature is very important." Severus stated.

"Indeed it is, and if I remember correctly then I know a certain someone who bought half a book store." Harry smiled.

"Anyway, I think we should be ready to leave in about half an hour. All we have left to do is pack your stuff, shrink all our boxes, find Lilleva, drag Soren out of the library, and then we can leave. Everyone has eaten and is dressed so we just have to get Soren on the train and then apparate to Hogwarts. Though it might be easier if we drop him off first, then we come back and pack some more. Lilleva can have her nap so she wont be tired when we go to the feast." Severus said, mentally picturing how each option would go.

"I think it will work out better if we come back and let Lils sleep a bit. Yeah how's that, then I can at least take a shower before we leave." Harry said, nodding his head at the thought. Severus nodded his head too, signifying he agreed. They shared a lingering kiss before reluctantly separating so that they could carry out their plan.

Harry opened the trunk that was lying on the floor where he had left it, he waved his wand and automatically all of his possessions that he wanted to take began zooming into the piece of luggage. He then turned around and head to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on his way. After quickly the quick wash harry spelled his hair and the rest of himself dry, then he went out to check on how everybody else was fairing in the getting-ready-to-leave department.

"How about the pink ones?"
"Can I have the lime ones?"
"Excellent choice princess."

As Harry heard this exchange he walked over to his daughter's room and peered through the doorway. What he saw made him smile. There was Lilleva sitting on the edge of her bed sticking her feet out as Severus put her lime-green converse on them. Sometimes Harry just couldn't fathom how amazing his life was. He never thought he could or would ever be this happy. He, the boy who grew up in a cupboard under some stairs, who thought his name was freak until he was 5 years old. How was it possible that he was gifted with a loving husband and two beautiful children? How had that happened? He was happier than he thought was possible. It just astounded him sometimes.

"Daddy! Papa's helping me with my shoes, will you help me pick a tutu?" Lilleva asked, spotting him in the doorway. She looked up at him with the same eyes as her papa. He never could say no to those eyes.

"Of course baby. What colors did you have in mind?" Harry asked his daughter, stooping down to her level. Lilleva had a fashion all her own. She always wore a combination of leggings or tights with a tutu, a pair of converse, a t-shirt, and either a hoodie or a jacket. Frankly, Harry thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen in his life.

"Purple or orange." She answered.

"How about we go with purple this time, k?" Harry advised.

"K daddy." Lilleva agreed, smiling her cute 4 year old smile.

"You picked your jacket yet sweetheart?" Harry asked.

"Yes. I did it all by myself too." She beamed proudly.

"Which one was it?" Harry asked smiling.

"My sparkly jean one." Lilleva said.

"Good pick, that'll go smashingly." Harry said, helping her put it on.

"Now how about you go find your brother and make sure he isn't sneaking more books into his stuff again ok? It's going to be your mission." Severus said, wisely making it seem very critical that she was the one to do it. She nodded, puffing out her chest and running off to complete her task. Severus and Harry stood up and started putting away the rejected clothing choices. One thing about both of their children that surprised most people when they first met them was the fact that despite their ages both of them were extremely well spoken. If it was one thing Severus wouldn't tolerate with his children it was being poor speakers.

"Well I think that's everything so I think we can get ready to leave. What do you think?" Severus asked, looking around and making a mental checklist.

"Yup, pretty sure we're all good. Well lets go round everybody up." Harry went over to Severus and gave him a quick kiss and then grabbed his hand, as they walked down the hallway to find their children Severus gave his hand a quick squeeze and Harry gave him an answering squeeze back. When they walked into the library they found themselves witness to a scene they hadn't expected. Soren was standing on a chair holding onto one end of a book. On the other end of the book was little Lilleva clinging onto it with all her might trying to pull it out of her older brother's hands.

"Let go!" Shouted Soren.

"No, papa told me to stop you smuggling books!" Lilleva shouted back.

"I wasn't smuggling it, I was reading it you twit!" Soren snapped.

"Hey now don't speak to your sister like that. And Lilleva it's ok you can let go, we're here now." Harry said sternly to both of them.

"Yes daddy" "Yes dad"

"Good. Anyway it's time to go, so huddle up everyone." Harry summoned. They both put the book down and came to stand next to their parents. Severus picked up Lilleva while Harry took hold of Soren's hand.

"What about my stuff?" Soren asked, looking up at his fathers.

"Don't worry, we are going to bring it with us when we go. You're going to have to visit us anyway before you go to sleep, we'll give it to you then. And even if you don't come to see us before you seal yourself away for the night, your dad knows where all of the houses are except Hufflepuff, and I know where all of them are. So we can get it to you either way. And if you're too embarrassed to have your parents seen bringing you stuff then we'll get a house-elf to do it." Severus explained calmly. Soren nodded, feeling better knowing he wouldn't have to worry about his trunk.

"Ok, hold on." Harry said, and he turned on the spot.