Something should probably be clarified. Over the 12 years they had been gone, Harry and Severus' appearances had changed during that time. No longer stuck in a dungeon with potions fumes all day, Severus' hair had once again become silky, his complexion healthy. He now didn't have sneer lines on his face, having been around his family with the ones he loved for the past 12 years, he did more smiling now. He kept his shoulder length hair in a ponytail at the base of his neck now, only letting his bangs hang out, this of course freely displayed the silver stud in his ear. He also wore actual color now and not just black. He was very different from the last time Hogwarts saw him.

Harry had let his hair grow out to his shoulders as well, now it was more wavy and curly then the rat's nest it had been previously. He had gotten stylish frames for his glasses, they framed and brought out his eyes more, making the avada kedavra green pop even more. He had also gotten his ears pierced several times, and he had a tattoo on his shoulder of a dragon and a phoenix swirling around each other. As he finally had clothes that fit him he looked very attractive, or more like his good looks were now noticeable. He also laughed freely and truly now, not forced as he had while he was here with his destiny hanging over his head. He looked happy for once. Among these things there were also their wedding bands. Both were platinum, with gold and onyx swirls flowing around them.

So it was as they walked into the Great Hall that they wondered what the fuck would happen. At least those were the words Harry's mind came up with.

Holding onto his daughter's hand, he led her along with himself behind his husband as Severus made his way up to their seats at the head table. Apparently there hadn't been as many staff changes as he thought there would be. Minerva was Headmistress, Flitwick was still charms, Slughorn was still there as potions, Hagrid was there, and so was most of the teachers, even if he hadn't had most of them. Now Severus was back and it was really beginning to look the same. It appeared that Neville had taken over as the herbology teacher, and that Luna had been instated as the divination instructor. And apparently Draco had been placed as transfiguration professor. Well all in all this was a pretty interesting table of teachers. Harry had actually felt guilty about not talking to Neville and Luna. He was really glad he would have a chance to see them, he knew they would understand, as they always seemed to before. That was one of the reasons he trusted them more than any of his other friends.

As Severus pulled out a chair for him, Harry was pulled from his thoughts, as he sat down he sent a grateful smile towards his husband. Picking up Lilleva, he then conjured her a chair in between his and Severus's chairs that would help her reach the table better. As they had made their way up there the room had gone silent.

Aside from Minerva, he noted bemusedly, it seemed no one knew who they were as they hadn't figured it out. The fact that most of these people had worked with Severus for years made it pretty pathetic that they didn't recognize him. Sensing that people were getting no where, Minerva cleared her throat.

"Well as you all seem to be struggling I'll clarify things. Returning to the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts we have Severus Snape." She said, pausing until the exclamations ceased, as they didn't stop after a minute or two she cleared her throat again. "He has brought his family with him, as you can see. I think we should use the time before students get here to ask questions so people aren't squirming during dinner." Minerva said, amusement clear in her tone.

Many of them had shock written across their face. Draco looked a little betrayed, his own godfather hadn't spoken with him in 12 years. Neville and Luna looked pleasantly surprised, Luna, Harry knew, would know who he was. Harry wasn't displeased that people didn't recognize him, his bangs covered his scar (on purpose) so that made it a tad more difficult. A lot of the women were cooing over Lilleva, of course he had known they would, his daughter was friggin' sweet as donuts, anyone who didn't love her was a terrorist. Severus saw that some of the others were gearing up to ask their questions so he braced himself.

"Severus, we all thought you to be dead. Where were you?" Filius squeaked, nearly toppling out of his chair.

"I was with my family." Severus answered simply.

"And who is your wife?" Sinistra asked. Severus paled slightly while Harry's face reddened. Wife? Did he really look like a chick? what, did they just think he was the most flat chested woman ever?

"Ah-" Severus started, attempting to correct the situation before it escalated. He might be able to intimidate basically everyone but after he had gotten with Harry they younger man had stopped being scared of Severus' temper, while Severus learned to be frightened of Harry's.

"I'm not his wife. I'm his husband. And for your information I do understand human language so I am capable of answering you if you choose to treat me like an intelligent person and ask me instead of asking Severus for me." Harry said coldly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize-" Sinistra started.

"Yes, well it's clear you don't realize much." Harry snapped, and despite himself Severus laughed earning himself many startled looks.

"Dear, best if you don't make too many enemies too soon." Severus advised, smiling slightly. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Making enemies is kind of my M.O., just ask Draco." Harry smirked, looking at the blonde that sat on the far side of the table. The initially startled look turned into one of recognition then shock and then disbelief.

"Potter?" Draco gasped. Harry just sighed exasperatedly.

"Honestly, what will it take for people to recognize me here as a Snape? It's always Potter this, and Potter that. I'm married now. Geez. Maybe I should just send out a memo." Harry said, getting stunned looks from around the table. Then almost everyone said "Harry?" at the same time. Again Harry just sighed. "Yes it's me. Ask what you will." He was soon enveloped in the arms of Luna and Neville.

"Harry, we missed you so much!" Neville said.

"The nargles told me you were happy so I knew you were alright but I still wish I had had your company." Luna said dreamily.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't contact you guys, I just had to get away, you know? And the past couple years have been a blur with raising the kids and all." Harry explained, gaining nods from both his friends.

"We understand. You did defeat him for us. We owe you. But we are glad that you're safe and happy, no matter who it's with." Neville said, nodding approvingly towards Severus who smiled appreciatively. "And don't we know about kids. Our Nim is a first year this year."

"Oh, you too? Our Soren is a first year this year too. That's why we came back. We didn't want him in a different continent without us, as cheesy as that sounds." Harry replied. That got the three of them wrapped up in a discussion about raising kids.

Meanwhile a certain Malfoy had approached Severus slowly.

"So did you really marry Potter?" Draco asked.


"Why didn't you tell me you were alive? I was devastated." Draco said brokenly.

"I had to protect my children and my husband. While it may not seem it, Harry would never have been able to become as happy as he is now if we had stayed. The people from the Order weren't the best to him. They never properly cared for him. He grew up abused and alone. I was the first one to truly care. That's how we bonded in the first place. And although it may be hard for others to see, I love him so much. Our two kids are amazing. I do want you in their lives. I regret not contacting you. But I had to separate us from the equation in order for us to be safe and happy, at least for the time. Now Soren is a first year and we deemed it a proper time to come back. I hope you forgive me." Severus said, looking his godson in the eyes.

"Of course I forgive you, and I understand doing what you need to for family. I just missed you so much. I would really like to be a part of your family again though." Draco admitted. Severus smiled.

"Well you can start by meeting my daughter," Severus said, picking up Lilleva and settling her on his lap. " This is Lilleva, she's four." Lilleva looked up at the blonde curiously. Deciding that he passed her test she stuck out her little hand.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance." She told the man who looked surprised.

"The pleasure is all mine." Draco replied, smiling and accepting the offered hand. "You are adorable."

"I'm aware, thank you." The little girl answered seriously, making her papa and the blonde man laugh.

"I'm Draco, but you can call me Dray if you so wish it."

"I shall refer to you at the moment as Sir Draysington, as the title draws my fancy." Lilleva said regally. Feeling a poke to her side she turned and saw the laughing face and sparkling eyes of her daddy.

"Daddy I made a friend. He is my knight at the moment and will serve me as I wish." She told him happily, causing him to laugh more as he picked her up and transferred her to his lap.

"Oh really? What if I want to serve you instead? Will I have to battle him?" Harry challenged her. She thought for a moment.

"That wont be necessary as I will allow two people to be my slaves, ah, I mean my noble steeds." She said, smiling cheekily.

"Nice save princess." Harry laughed, hugging her tight. Looking up at Draco he smiled.

"Thank you for being so tolerant. I appreciate it a lot. I hope we can put our past behind us and be friends." He said hopefully.

"I'd like that." Draco said smiling, turning back to Severus he addressed his godfather once more. "I should probably go back to my seat. I'll talk to you all later." And with that he went back to the other side of the as he sat back down there was a resonating knock through the hall.

"Guess it's show time." Harry sighed, putting Lilleva back in her seat as the others sat down and Minerva went to open the doors.

"Dear Merlin, why did we come back?" Harry mused.