Since I'm halfway done with the next Uprising chapter, I decided to take a break and write a little story that's based off of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood~


Red and The Gentle Wolf

Lovino had just gotten a call from his younger brother who had asked him to come over and help him bake a certain cake for their birthday that was coming up, which he had told him to not make one, but he just giggled and didn't listen.

He sighed and slipped on his boots, grabbing a small basket that he put his family's recipe book inside given down to him from his grandfather. He also put in a few other ingredients that Feliciano had mentioned he didn't have before opening the door along with a small pocketknife in case of any danger, but he made sure to grab his red hood and put the black button into the hole to connect the fabric so it wouldn't fly off because of the wind and began to walk his way towards his brother's house, keeping the basket close to him so it wouldn't get damaged or stolen out of from small animals that he passed by often.

Though, it would take about two days to get to Feli's house, which would be alright since he was going to stay over at his house anyway.

The boy paused when he heard a twig snap after he walked about a mile, turning towards the noise and watching the area for a few moments, his hand moving towards the basket and fiddling with the pocketknife to get it open. "Hello?" He called to not one in particular, thinking it could of been an animal or maybe just a person out in the woods.

"Show yourself!" he called over the wind that was making the trees quiver and shake, causing a few of the birds to move to safer places along with the mice and watch him. The animals in the forest were always fond of Lovino and would often follow him places or keep him company while he was traveling to places.

His breath hitched a bit when he saw a shape of something large began to move and the sound of something heavy and a rumble followed behind the shadow moving before it stepped half way out of the darkness, but continued moving a few steps after.

It was a wolf. A very large wolf to be exact, larger than Lovino by maybe a foot or two. It had a rich brown pelt, probably at least, since the rest of it past the torso was covered up with the bushes and shadows, and had a pale brown that covered its face in a heart shape, similar to a owl or sort, flowing down its chest and the paws were coated in it like someone had dipped the paws in a bucket of paint, it had a few darker brown markings on the ears and back to where it looked like he had a jacket on. The wolf had bright and elusive emerald eyes that looked as if they could reflect anything like a mirror as they stared into his hazel and olive mixed eyes. They seemed ... well, they almost could of looked human if it wasn't on the body of a wolf.

Lovino blinked from studying it when he noticed the rumbling and heavy noises had stopped, thinking it was most likely growling and the creatures paws. He looked up at the the wolf to see it staring down at him also, head titled and ears flopped to the side with the tilt.

He moved his hand that had the weapon in it, noticing it had flinched and a small growl rumbled in its throat when it caught sight of the shiny metal. The red hooded boy watched the large wolf as he slowly closed the pocketknife and put it back into the basket.

The brown wolf stared at the boy for a moment before stepping out of the bushed and towards him more until they were about a foot apart. It leaned forward to where its black nose was inches away from touching the hooded teenagers forehead, then moving its head around to sniff him and study him, though he noticed how tense he was and nosed his chest.

Lovino squeaked and backed up a little bit, but ended up stumbling over his boots and landing on the ground in surprise. He probably startled the wolf a bit also because it backed up a few steps with wide emerald eyes. He noticed the black collar on the canines neck and sat up a bit and took the black cross that was connected to the collar and saw the name 'Antonio' printed in white in the middle.

"Your name's Antonio? Then I'm guessing your a male by your name?" he asked, blinking up and seeing that the said wolf perked up upon his name and yipped happily and leaned down to gently bump his forehead against his chest, but sniffed the basket filled with things, then looked back at him with a curious glance.

Lovino removed his red hood and noticed this. "Are you hungry?" He stood up and dusted off his pants, walking over to the basket and opening it up, remembering that he had wrapped a few pieces of large meat for a meal that Feliciano wanted to cook.

Antonio watched him and wagged his large tail around, standing up and following after him, nudging his back with his nose at times.

"I guess one couldn't hurt.." he opened the wooden basket and unwrapped the large piece of meat, flicking open his pocketknife and started cutting off a sliver of the raw meat, but still big enough for him. After he was done, he closed the knife and pulled off the cut meat, draping it over his knee while he wrapped up the other pieces and pushed the pin in place so it wouldn't come undone, then closed the basket before grabbing the large sliver and standing, holding it up towards Antonio.

The said canine looked at the meat hungrily and took the edge of it, so that he wouldn't bite Lovino's hand, and pulled the large slice into his mouth. After he had finished the piece, he licked his chops happily and looked down at the boy, leaning down to give a sloppy lick to his cheek, but being his large size, it ended up on his whole face.

Lovino opened his eyes from their shut position and blinked a few times, wiping off the wetness that covered his face before picking up his basket again and pulling on the hood. "It's getting dark ... I should find a place to sleep.." He murmured to himself as he began walking, not noticing that Antonio followed behind like a lost puppy.

Antonio blinked down at Lovino and grabbed the red hood on his head, being careful not to bite his actual head or hair, and picked him up to his height and he began to walk for a few moments before jumping into some bushes and dodging a few low branches or roots, then he finally put down the protesting boy in front of a large and tall cave.

"Uh ... Thanks." he mumbled, walking into the dark cave, setting down his basket and grabbing a match and some strong thread before looking around for anything wooden to possibly light.

The brown canine took notice of this and went back outside, slightly getting on his hind legs to bite down on one of the branches before snapping it off, walking back to the cave and happily letting it roll to Lovino's feet, causing the said boy to turn around.

Lovino picked up the branch and swiped the match against the boulder. No luck. He tried again. No luck again. He glared at the wet rock , but didn't notice Antonio walking towards him and sit down in the tall cave, lifted his paw and managing to swipe at the small match to light it without knocking it out of his hands. He instantly turned towards the match to see it covered in a bright flame before bringing it to the branch and the tip of it began to glow and radiate the cave into a orange hue also.

Antonio noticed a smile on Lovino's lips and couldn't help but stare at him, a small jolt shot through his body when he realized that he was smiling at him. He wished he could smile back so badly. He ignored the thought and nosed his cheek, causing the boy under him to chuckle and turn away to tie the branch onto a small sharp corner of the cave wall so it would stay up on its own while he slept in the night.

The teenager slid off the red hood and sat down, setting it down beside him. He stretched a bit and watched as Antonio sat looking outside the cave, his tail flicking and his ear twitching whenever a drop of water hit the tip or hit his nose.

"Hey you, Antonio." Lovino said, causing the large wolf's head turn towards him and watch him. "You don't have to stay that far away." He hid a small smile when he saw the creatures eyes brighten up when he said that and stand up, walking behind him before laying down, his hind legs cradling Lovino's form while his tail was laid over him to act as a blanket.

"I'm Lovino, by the way." the Italian mumbled, about to say something else before pausing. "Why am I talking to a wolf? Are you even a wolf or are you a creature? I definitely know wolves aren't as big as you." He stopped talking whenever he saw Antonio staring at him, mirth clearly in his emerald eyes as he thumped his tail gently on Lovino's lap.

"You know what. Never mind, let's just go to sleep so I can go to Feli's in the morning." Lovino huffed and turned so he was on his side facing the large dog. He rolled his eyes when he heard a small whine come from Antonio whenever he buried his face into his sleeves.

"What?" He moved his head out from his arm's and watched as the wolf stared at him for a moment before leaning forward slightly and gently licked his nose. Unlike the first time he had tried to lick his cheeks and ended up on his face, it was a gentle and careful lick.

Lovino blushed a little and sighed. "Goodnight. Now go to sleep." He leaned forward also and pressed a quick kiss to the wolf's muzzle before going back into his laying position and began to doze off under the heat of him.

Antonio's ears perked up at the kiss and he growled happily, nuzzling Lovino's hair before yawning and laying his head beside the boy's legs, making sure that his tail was over his body so he would stay warm with the cold wind that pushed against the cave or sometimes inside. He felt that same strange tingle feeling in his body but shook it off and went to sleep with Lovino beside him.

Well that's the first chapter.

Spoiler: There's only two chapters I'm going to do, since there's not much to happen with it. And Antonio won't stay a wolf, he'll become human also~

This is pretty much a little two chapter one shot story that I just thought up~

Anyway, until chapter two~