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Red and The Gentle Wolf

The next day, Lovino got up early and was surprised to find Antonio still asleep, curled up around him. He huffed a bit and stood up, moving out from Antonio's legs that tangled and cradled him until he was sitting outside of the cave on a rock, munching on was bread he packed for the journey.

The brown wolf woke up a little bit later to find Lovino sitting on one of the stones eating something. He blinked and stood up, walking outside also and shaking his fur out, giving a yawn and a few stretches.

"Hey 'Toni, hungry?" the boy smiled towards the large dog and opened the basket and took out a small piece of meat, which got taken by the canine hungrily.

Antonio licked his chops and nuzzled his black noise against the Italian's cheek and moved into his hair, growling happily whenever he got a scratch under his cheek or behind his ear.

"Alright, alright, today we have to get to Feli's house or he'll probably freak out about me not being there." Lovino murmured and stood up, putting a paper in the basket before standing up and patting his neck, "I just hope you are friendly to him like me.." he was responded with a gentle nip to his hair.

While Lovino was walking, Antonio noticed a squirrel that managed to grab some bread from his basket and growled, causing the rodent to panic and scurry away on a branch while he was snapping and hissing up at it.

"Whoa, calm down Toni.. It's just a little hungry, It won't do us any harm." Lovino said, placing a hand on his furry muzzle and scratched under his chin, which made him smile as the canine began to lean into his touch and growl happily again.

Birds noticed this and chirped around while the rodents murmured in their incoherent language to the humans, but it caused Antonio to snap in their direction and stay close to Lovino while they walked, taking the basket in his mouth so the human didn't have to carry it.

After a few hours of walking, they came across a small log cabin that was rather bright inside, along with the chimney spitting out some smoke from the fireplace. Whistling was heard from inside and a young boy was seen through the open windows, he was definitely making something by the sweet smell coming from inside.

The light auburn haired boy blinked up when he felt eyes on him and noticed his brother, not seeing Antonio in the shadows from his house yet. He grinned and set down the bowl and quickly scurried over to the door, taking his older brother into a crushing hug.

"It's so good to see you fratello! You haven't visited me in a long time~" Feliciano smiled up at his brother, but was met a glare that said 'I can't breath with you hugging me'. He knew this look and laughed, letting go of him and apologizing to him.

"That's because your stupid boyfriend is always over." Lovino muttered and crossed his arms, hearing a whine from his brother.

"He's not stupid, Lovi~" the smaller boy said, noticing the basket seemed to bounce and turned to the thing holding it, squealing when he noticed the dog that had perked up on the nickname. He took the basket and lifted his hand to scratch the wolf's forehead and giggled when he bumped his head against the hand.

"Aw~ he's so cute! What's his name?" before Lovino could respond, he found the collar and grinned up at the brown wolf, "So it's Antonio? That's a bit odd for a wolf to be named that .. sounds more like a human name." he murmured and turned to his sibling who scoffed and rolled his eyes.

Antonio perked up again and gave a whine, nudging the boy's shoulder.

Feliciano giggled and patted his head and took the basket, "Come inside when you're ready~" he chirped and went back inside the house, leaving the door slightly cracked open so it wouldn't creak when someone opened it and scare him.

Lovino nodded and turned to Antonio, scratching under his chin and behind his ear, "You're going to have to outside for now, I'll bring you something out when I can." he said, giving a final scratch under his cheek before beginning to walk back towards the house.

The wolf whimpered and grabbed the back of Lovino's red cape, gently pulling him back to him, giving a small apologetic look towards him after.

"Antonio! Hey now.. I won't leave you out here for too long. I love you, but I can't stay out here.. I'll come back out, I promise." the Italian smiled down at him and gave his head a small pet before going inside, this time not being pulled back by him.

After a few hours, Lovino took Feli's advice to take a bit of the cooked meat out to Antonio. He opened the door to find nothing but a dirt path in front of him, causing him to look to the sides of the house and around back.

"He'll come back, I'm sure of it~" Feliciano said whenever Lovino had told him, patting his shoulder affectionately and trying to get the subject off the line so his brother didn't feel worse.

The two brothers talked and munched on small snacks at the table, sometimes bringing up their other brother, Marcello, when they talked about vacations they had when they were younger.

A sudden knock interrupted their conversation, which Lovino stood up to go answer it and Feliciano munched rather noisily on the small snacks he made.

Lovino gave a grumble when the person knocked again, "What do you want?" he finally yanked open the door to have a face of roses. He stepped back and coughed a bit, "Listen, if this is for my brother he already has a boyfriend." he growled, pushing down the bouquet of roses to meet a olive face with dark curls and bright emerald eyes, though they looked almost fake at how bright they were. He also had a short, black cross necklace hanging off his neck and a grin on his face, maybe about a few years older than himself.

"Lovi~ Just the person I wanted to see!" the boy chirped and smiled, pulling back the roses a bit so he could see him better.

The Italian noticed he also had a Spanish accent, most likely from Spain or with its heritage. "How do you know my name? I don't recall seeing you anywhere." He growled, glancing over at Feliciano who popped his head from behind the wall to watch.

The boy's face fell, "You really don't remember me? Antonio?" he asked softly, tilting his head to the side a bit, is if he was confused.

"Antonio? No way you could be him, the only Antonio I've met is a wolf. Nice trick." he snorted and started to close the door, but a foot stopped it half way and pushed it back open gently.

"That's me! Please, I can prove it!"

"Fine, just this once, if you get it wrong, you leave." he paused and frowned when he got a eager nod, "How many brothers do I have?"

"Two younger ones~" Antonio answered with a grin.

Lovino scowled, "Born?" he crossed his arms and set his foot to the tip.

"March 17th."

"When did we meet?" Lovino was almost positive he couldn't get this one, and if he did, he was either following him, or telling the truth.

"When you were walking on the dirt path North from here, carrying a basket and you pulled out a pocketknife when you saw me." he smiled faintly and put the flowers behind his back neatly.

The younger boy moved his mouth but no words seemed to come out, gaping like a fish out of water for a moment, about to respond, until Feliciano gasped and ran over, jumping and giggling.

"Are you fratello's boyfriend?" he grinned up at the taller man and clapped his hands together, practically jumping in his spot.

"Hoping~" Antonio whispered and grinned when he heard him squeal, despite his brothers sputters and shouts at him as he began cheering and giggling again while running off to the kitchen.

"Anyway~ So, Lovi, will you let me say I love you back?" the former wolf smiled and held out the flowers again, grinning when he saw the smaller boy glance up and down to him and the roses.

Lovino rolled his eyes and took the flowers and walked back into the kitchen, setting them down on the table and helping his brother begin to take out the cooked cake base.

"So.. I'll take that as a yes~?"

"Come inside before I kick you back outside the door and make you stay outside."

The two were now sitting at the table, it was now night time and Feliciano was sound asleep in his bed a few doors down while the two were talking.

"How exactly did you become a human?" Lovino blinked over at him and nibbled on the small snacks he made for the two.

"Let's just say, it's a long story~"

Not a very good ending, I know~ xD

I was thinking Antonio as a Iberian wolf since they come from Spain.