There were others like him. Beta males who had gone unbonded well past the age of 20, and were comfortably considered no longer viable options for alphas, young or old. With the numbers of beta-males and females being almost twice times the number of alphas, it wasn't much of a surprise.

Heck, sometimes they were even allowed to mate with each other, and on very rare occasions, such matings even produced offspring. All sterile of course. God wouldn't allow such errancy to continue.

Kari had gotten married at 14. Now she was 19, mother to 3 kids already. Plenty to carry on the Kamiya bloodline. So Tai was a content bachelor at 25; his parents had long stopped harassing him about bonding with an alpha. He even had some aspirations to meet a nice spinster female. His job as head gym teacher at Odaiba high was more than enough to provide for a wife.

He'd even stopped having those insufferable heats. The science books called it a fform of menopause. When an unwanted beta's body realizes it cannot attract an alpha through the heat, it simply gives up trying after a while.

So things were going quite well as far as Tai was unconcerned.

What hehadn't expected was for that18yo transfer student alpha's blue-eyed stare to trigger such a reaction in him and force him to 'present' like a wanton harlot during gym class.