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Summary: What happens when Erin- a girl with a not so happy past, gets sucked into her favourite TV show and figures out she has something to do with the Coming? Will she ever get home? Or will White get to her first? Get ready for one hell of a ride…

Characters: Lots of 'em- you'll have to read to find out.

Rating: R

Spoilers: Includes mentions from the book 'Before The Dawn' but does not include anything from the other two Dark Angel books.

Warning: This story is not for Logan lovers and it isn't a Max/ Alec fic (sadly.) However, there will be an Alec pairing as well as a pairing for Max later on in the story.


The Story Of Erin

By Yodes


Chapter 1: To Be Free


'You don't have to tell me to be afraid. I'm already there'

- Max (Red)


'I can't find the rhyme in your reason

I've lost sense of time and all season

I feel I've been beaten down

By the words of men who have no grounds'

- Creed (What If)


"Once upon a time there was a girl named Erin, who went on a grand adventure…"


Seattle, Washington 2021:

"It has been two weeks since the beginning of the transgenic stand-off with police here in Seattle. Crosses of burning wood burn day and night outside the fence, put there by the crowds gathered outside as a symbol of their hatred." The news reporter gazed solemnly into the camera lens, just as she had done since the start of the situation. "No one has spoken to these creature or heard their demands, an it's estimated that there are several hundred of them within the 20 block area known as Terminal City. Their leader, known as 452 or Max, has not been seen and the bounty on her head has risen to $50,000. The only transgenics to be witnessed are the armed sentries keeping watch…"

There was silence in the headquarters of Terminal City as everyone stared between Max and the television screen.

"$50, 000?" Alec was the first to speak up as usual, "Raise your hand if you wanna hand in Max now?"

Barring Original Cindy, Logan and Joshua, everyone raised their hands.

With a scowl at their smirks, Max smacked Alec upside the head with enough force to make the others wince.

"Okay, okay" Alec shrugged, mock wincing and rubbing the back of his head. He met Max's eyes innocently, "We'll wait to see if it gets any higher, 'kay?"

He got another smack to the head in reply and the hustle and bustle of headquarters soon started up again as the television was turned down but not off.

"Right, back to business." The playful scowl on Max's face disappeared as if it were never there, and with the usual brisk attitude returning, her friends' moods plummeted.

Alec sighed inwardly. He had been trying to cheer her up as usual, if only for a minute. She was letting the whole situation get to her far too much. She was a SIC not a CO, and she wasn't used to leading others like this. She hadn't come close to leading this kind of operation before and what training she did have was given to her when she was 9 years old. After the age of about 12, training was upped radically, the X5s were expected to absorb even more information, more difficult and more advanced than that which they'd been previously expected to learn.

As Alec leant against a table, his eyes travelled around his friends faces.

Cindy and Sketchy were still here. They had refused to leave for the time being, staying instead to help out anyway they could. Cindy tended to gravitate towards the women (naturally), acting as an unofficial counsellor and all around agony aunt for many of the soldiers. While Sketchy tended to act as a gofer boy, passing along messages, doing whatever job was needed of him, and, of course, acting as entertainment for many of the soldiers in Terminal City. Overall, it was safe to say that as morale officers, and well, examples of 'good Ordinaries', both of his friends were liked in TC.

Alec's eyes fell on Logan Cale at that moment to see the older man glaring at him from behind his glasses. It was also safe to say that the cyber journalist was not like in Transgenic Central. Logan hated Alec for his ability to make Max smile, he hated that he tended to make jokes- even in tense situations, and he hated the fact that he wasn't considered a leader in TC. As usual, Alec ignored him. The man was getting on everyone's nerves lately.

Alec turned to look at Joshua, the first ever transgenic, dog-man and well, artist of Terminal City. Joshua was the guy new arrivals got introduced to before going around the chain of command. He got them set up in different areas of Terminal City, explained things and acted as a friendly face for the weary. He could be found all over the city acting as a babysitter, organising rations or simply painting on rooftops as Alec had discovered several times. Yep, Alec was proud of the big guy. He was turning into quiet the transgenic.

Next, Alec glanced at Mole and Dix.

Mole. Ah, what could be said of Mole? Well, for one, he was a giant walking talking lizard designed for desert warfare. He was continually smoking stinking cigars and making wisecracks about X5s as well as being an overall pain in the ass. Alec liked the guy, even if he was far too fond of shooting things. Mole tended to deal with the anomalies and their problems, acting as a liaison between Max and the other ordinary looking freaks.

Then there was Dix. It was hard to say what Dix had designed to look like, with his monocle over one eye and weird mashed up head. He was shy- most of the time, but a whiz at computers, electronics and surveillance. Definitely a big help in TC.

Alec swung his eyes back to the boss-lady as he chewed his lip. This leadership thing was getting to Max whether she admitted it or not. It wasn't obvious to the other transgenics- they didn't know her as well, but it was blatantly obvious to him.

Max approached Dix as he sat at a computer terminal and desk that was covered in papers. "Do we have an estimate on the number of transgenics in TC yet?"

Their kind were constantly trickling passed the fence, looking to rejoin their units and mingle with their own kind. Despite being a loner, Alec could relate.

Dix looked through the stacks of papers and spoke in his usual nervous voice, "Yeah, all together there's an estimated 400 of us- mostly X series. There's an estimated 50 or so pregnant females who should be giving birth at pretty much any time."

"Okay…" Max smiled encouragingly at him, "Now, we need a more specified list. I want a list of all types of anomalies and X series. I want to know what they are, what they can do, what they specialize in, their ranks, units, ages and names. If White makes a move against us, we need to be prepared."

"Already on it" Dix gave her a grin and was rewarded with a pleased smile in return.

"Also, if anyone doesn't have a name, they should get one quick and have the list updated. I don't want anyone going around with designations- this isn't Manticore. I'll need two copies of this list. One will go in my office, the other" Max gestured to a large grey looking brick wall, "will go up on that wall. Consider it the new notice board."

"I can help with that as well as the numbers thing" Mole spoke up after taking a long drag from his cigar, "Nothin' else to do in this dump but sit on my ass and see how many ways I can piss you ordinary looking' Xs off." He gave both amused looking X5s a small shrug, "It's so easy. I'm bored already."

Rolling her eyes, Max turned to Alec as he continued to lean against a table with his arms folded. "What's the supply situation?"

Alec pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from the pocket of his leather jacket, glanced at it and put it away again. "We're okay with the food we have for about a month, but that'll change with the kids, obviously. We'll have to begin serious rationing once the women startt giving birth. 'Cause of the rugrats poppin' out all over the place, we're gonna need diapers and all that crap. We're okay for gas for a few weeks. Water is gonna be a problem in about a month- like the food. We've got enough stuff to burn in the generator so that's not a problem. What is a problem is the weapon situation." Alec folded his arms again as Mole nodded in agreement.

"What about them?" Max looked up from the copy she was making of supplies needed.

"We don't have enough" he shrugged, "not to the ratio of soldiers we have anyway. We've got about a hundred and fifty guns with a very limited supply of ammo- including all the stuff I got from my contacts before this shit happened. They were a bit suspicious so I had to keep the numbers low. We've got squat in the explosives department so if they decided to storm us with the same kind of cult wacko's like at Jam Pony, we're dead."

Max straightened with a frown on her face thinking. "Okay… this is what we need to do… Dix, Mole- I want you to organise a cleanup crew. Get them to put all the flammable stuff they find in rooms or whatever. That'll be our stockpile of fuel for the generator and fires. As soon as they start getting low, inform me. Anything you can find that can be recycles, put in another supply room and stick a list on the door. Anything sharp like wires and stuff- salvage. I want traps made. Put the list of locations up on the main board for everyone to see. I want everyone to memorise this list- we don't need anyone setting them off on accident. Josh, Sketchy- I want you to get the streets named and put into sectors. You know what I mean, Sketch- like we're used to. It'll help us later on."

Sketchy straightened up self-consciously and beamed at Max- glad to be included in her plans.

Max continued, "O.C., I want you to see if you can get a delivery area set up for the mothers, I'll recruit some others to begin setting up an infirmary next to it so make sure it's somewhere near the centre of TC and has lots of space. You also need to check out the female situation. We need to find out when exactly the kids are due, and if and when the rest goes into heat. That could cause problems."

The males smirked and noticing, Cindy glared at them all, "Any perverted comments from any of you and Cindy will put the smack down on y'all, understand? Soldiers or norms, you'll get your asses kicked."

Sketchy and Alec smirked and saluted. Cindy simply huffed in return, too used to their antics to be offended in any way.

"Alec" Max continued as if nothing had been said, "I want you to check out the water pipes."

"What?" Alec stared at her open-mouthed, she couldn't be serious! Could she?

Max smiled sweetly at him, "The sewer situation. That's your job. Then, afterwards, you can work out a training program fro the 6s and 7s. You were a CO and everyone likes you."

They heard a snort from Logan but everyone chose to ignore it.

"And what will you be doing oh great leader?" Alec replied sarcastically, his mood plummeting even further.

"I'll be helping O.C., you aren't exactly suitable for the job" Max gave him a small grin.

That got a smirk from Sketchy and a snort from Cindy as Alec glared at his friend.

"Logan will keep track of the news and try to keep up on the polices' movements."

"I also want everyone to keep an eye out for computer parts- I want to get connected again" Logan spoke up.

Both Alec and Mole turned to glare at him. Logan thought that he had some authority over them. He thought that he was important here in Terminal City. He was wrong. Things had gone downhill since he moved into TC with them. Slowly but surely, everyone had cultivated a huge dislike towards the cyber journalist. Even Max had begun to get annoyed with him- her answers becoming short and clipped every time he attempted to question her on her decisions. Yep, no one really liked Logan Cale in TC. It probably had something to do with the huge stick up his ass.

Max's lighter mood immediately plummeted though Alec knew it was probably only partly due to Logan's comment. "It's important that we get this done and fast. We're sitting ducks here, people, and I don't want anyone else's blood on my hands. Too many people have died already and the war hasn't even really started yet…"


The woods, several miles from Seattle:

Erin ran. Foliage suffered as her feet pounded out a relentless rhythm on the mossy earth. Her short dark hair covered her hot sweaty face as her breath came out in puffs of air in front of her as she scanned the trees. Her legs were aching, her lungs burned and her body screamed in protest, but she kept on running through sheer stubbornness… and fear. She had no time to think- only act. This instinct had just saved her life and she wasn't about to give up now. She didn't want to die.

She was sure beyond anything else, that if she stopped she was a dead woman. She wasn't even sure how long she'd been running, but it felt like her heart was ready to explode. She knew it must've been well over an hour.

Darting behind a large tree, she stopped and sagged against it. Her grey combat trousers were covered in bits of bark and leaves, her black sleeveless top was soaked with sweat and her trainers had aged 50 years. If she wasn't so scared and exhausted, Erin would've laughed at the thought. They'd only aged 20 years.

Trying to slow her breathing, silence her gasping and ignore the pounding of her heart in her ears, she froze and listened. The distant sound of dogs barking could be heard and Erin wanted to cry but she wouldn't. She hadn't done that in a long time. Instead, she allowed her eyes to focus on something beyond the trees to her right. A hundred yards away, a road. She looked up at the canopy of green above her and she thanked whatever Gods were listening before she ran towards it, zigzagging through the undergrowth to give the tracking dogs a harder time.

When she got to the edge of the road, she crouched down, making sure that there were no soldiers with guns or dogs keeping a look out for her this far away from where she'd begun this hell ride. There weren't any. What there was, however, was a truck heading straight towards her. It looked like luck had finally decided to improve. She jumped up and ran onto the road, flagging it down. The driver stopped and she ran up to his window.

"Please" she gasped out, knowing that she looked a wreck, "Can you please help me?" She also knew that her English accent might 'open doors' for her, making her seem even more helpless in a different country. It also helped that she looked a lot younger than her actual years.

"I need a life to Seattle- I was robbed!" She looked around her back to the woods with no fake fear, "They took my bike and jacket, and they tried to hurt me!" She forced tears into her eyes and added a lip tremble and whimper for good measure.

The guy looked genuinely concerned for a minute before narrowing his eyes, his hand going to something beside his seat, "You one of those transgenic freak kids?"

"N…no sir" Erin stuttered with large innocent tearful eyes before she turned around and lifted her hair to show her barcode free neck.

The drivers hand drifted back to the wheel as he nodded behind him. "Get in the back, I'll drop you off within city limits" he grunted and rolled up his windo.

Erin nodded, ran to the back of the truck and jumped in. She collapsed against the back of the cab as they began to move.

They drove away quickly, Erin staring at the spot in the tree line she'd left. Just as she expected, in moments, White and several men came bursting out o the trees and stopped in the middle of the road. White's furious eyes found Erin's just before she turned a corner, bestowing upon his a small smile. But it was too late. She was free.


In no time at all, she was standing on a poverty stricken street in Seattle. Erin dusted herself off and ran he fingers through her tangles hair to straighten it. Wandering around, taking in all the sight and smell of it all, she allowed everything to finally sink in. This was Seattle. The Pulse was real. White was real. Transgenics were real. She felt like she was going insane! Erin found herself in an alley and collapsed against a wall. Her body was tired and aching, and the shock was beginning to set in.

Not only had she been sucked into a different reality, she'd been sucked into her favourite TV show- Dark Angel! This was bad. Very bad. She was SO dead.

For some reason, White knew she'd be there in the woods. She'd head the soldiers calling White by his name. She'd heard him telling them to look for a girl- not a transgenic. Erin was scared. She was in a different country with no money, ID and no place to stay.

As it was, she was incredibly lucky that she'd guessed right and the driver was driving into Seattle. For all she knew, she could've been in another part of the country and then she'd be in even more trouble!

Erin suddenly straightened up, gritted her teeth and pushed away from the wall. She could handle this, she had to be or she'd be dead within a week easily. Her mind began to work overtime, thinking about what she could do, what she needed to survive. She was smart, she could do this. She had to do this.

Right, there wouldn't be many jobs for someone who looked as young as her, so she'd have to steal. She'd also have to sleep rough. She shrugged that off, she could handle that. Most people stole in this reality, they had to if they wanted to survive. As for sleeping rough? Definitely not a problem.

Erin considered her options. One, go to the police. Um, no. They'd lock her up in a loony bin- if she was lucky. White would probably find her first. Two…um… what was two? Live in Seattle, forget her family and friends back home and make a life for herself here. There was no chance in hell that was going to happen.

Erin began to think about what she knew about this reality. She was in 2021- everyone here was afraid of transgenics. They were in an economic depression. Another thought struck her. If White was looking for her, then the cult would be looking for her. Maybe she had something to do with the end of the world… situation that was coming. Situation. Yeah, THAT explained in right. Erin rolled her eyes at herself. It wasn't everyday that someone got pulled into a weird blue light and dumped into a different reality.

What Erin needed was food and shelter. She needed a safe place to think and figure things out. A place where White and the other bad guys couldn't get her. What she needed was an option three. What she needed was to go to the place that people feared to go and where the Conclave despised thanks to its occupants. Terminal City. Erin smiled grimly, walked out of the rat infested alley, and into the busy streets. She began to plan…


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