A/N: Okay, here is the 'preview' for the upcoming sequel to 'The Story Of Erin'. Also, I was looking over earlier chapters of the first story, and realized how many mistakes there were (I think of it as 'Before the Betas') so I decided to go over them. Then, of course, I started to add bits on to the previous chapters. Basically, this means that several chapters are in the process of being added too in some way while others are having - hopefully all- of their mistakes removed. If you want to reread these chapters when they've been altered or had their mistakes removed, look out for the chapter titles with REWRITTEN next to them. Thanks, Yodes.

Coming Soon In 'The Wisdom Of War'…

All she wanted to do was go home. In her search for safety from the world of Dark Angel, Erin has made new friends as well as enemies:

"You go against us" White sneered, the shadows on his face making him look like a living corpse, "you'll die."

Then White and the Phalanx attacked and Erin did the impossible to save the transgenics. Now Erin knows she's a freak and a killer, how will her friends react?

"Dude, I'd slap you right now if it wouldn't give you brain damage."

Erin can no longer sit at the sidelines cheering for her friends. She has entered into a war between transgenics, Familiars and Ordinaries. Erin doesn't know what to do, what she is or why she's there. All she knows is, if she's not careful, she could die in the Dark Angel world:

"My life sucks."

So, who do you trust when you've got everything to lose?

"That's it isn't it? It's all about power and control. You hate the fact that I was accepted into TC when you weren't. You hate the fact that people like me, and you hate me because I have these abilities."

Will this story have a happy ending? After all, the hero can only be saved so many times:

"Erin?" Erin turned to look at Max. "Thanks for saving my life."

More importantly, what IS Erin and is she a danger to herself and those around her?

Max was in pain or Erin was, it was hard to tell who was who. There was blood, so much blood it looked like there had been a massacre. Max felt sick but Erin was indifferent. She was used to it. Most of it was hers.

Will Erin have to choose between her life in her world, or her life in Dark Angel?

"I…I can go home?"

Erin's dreams get worse and her past has decided to come back and bite her in the ass:

Max watched in horror as the scene played out in front of her. Images of Ben and Tinga in her head, Max knew that she was silently crying. She was watching history repeat itself all over again, and to someone who had already lost so much.

The stakes are raised and lives are on the line:

"If you do this" Alec took a step closer "they'll win. They said you were a killer and you'd prove them right. You'll be giving them everything you denied them. They don't deserve that, Erin. They can't win."

Erin got on the bike and slung the bag over her shoulder "The game's already over. They lost."

But really? The game's only just begun…

Her gaze rested on something behind the crowds of people staring at her. Her eyes were dark, cold, inhuman. A smile touched her lips "Get ready for extinction."