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I'll keep everything mostly English, merely out of laziness on my part, I don't want to waste time on looking what it is in Japanese.

"Oww...Kami it hurts!" Naruto said hoarsely. He heard the patter of rain falling on the ground, as well at annoying wet droplets that fell on his face and clothing. He groaned as he tried to move, the sound of gravel crunching hit in his ears. His limbs felt entirely odd as he struggled to move them, and he slowly he opened his eyes. His blue eyes met the dark thunderous sky where the rain fell, small bouts of sunlight escaped through tiny cracks of clouds that covered the sky. Slowly but surely, he felt movement in his limbs as he struggled to sit himself up. He ignored the gentle rain while he tried to gather his thoughts, all pointed in the same direction. "Did it work?" He asked himself, not expecting anyone else to answer.


He heard the Kyuubi call out to him with his dark and deep voice, which surprised him. Naruto processed this for a moment. "Holy shit" He yelled out in surprise. Another moment of silence came for him as he came to the reality of it. "...So...Are we back to the day before you attacked the village?" He heard the fox growl. "Right, forced whatever...just tell me" He looked around at his surroundings, he had no idea where he was. Nothing reminded him of what he called Konoha as he was surrounded by trees, boulders and to his left, a road.

"Nope... went completely off course, not sure how much" He heard within his mind.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked. Before another question popped in his head. 'Why the hell do I sound younger?'He looked down at his hands and clothing, He noticed his hands were smaller and the clothing he wore was much more baggy than usual. 'The hell is going on?' He asked himself. He saw a puddle nearby, taking a gulp he slowly dragged himself towards. 'Oh please don't tell me...' As he inched himself over the puddle, he closed his eyes in reluctance as he struggled to even open them.

"Oh just get it over with already" Kurama said impatiently. Following his command, Naruto forced his eyes open and gaped at what he saw. He noticed the lack of whiskers he had, along with his black hair. Buy what shocked even more was that he was younger, he looked like he was about to graduate the academy. It was the last thing that Naruto realized at what he had done, it was then that reality set for him.

"Ahh!" He screamed as he fell on his back, getting it wet. He looked at the raining sky for a moment. "Ahh!" He screamed once again.

"You better shut up you idiot, we have no idea where we are!" He mostly ignored the fox, but he kept his screaming inside. It wasn't even close to satisfying when he heard it himself. After several longs minutes of calming himself or much as he possibly could, he turned to Kurama for answers.

"Why the hell did I turn younger?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Dunno, I never time traveled before" The fox lamely replied. The now black haired individual hit his head on the gravel in frustration.

"I was totally prepared for this! I even dyed my hair and cut off my whiskers for this Y'know!" He once again yelled at the sky before Naruto remembered he still had no idea where he was. "Now where the hell am I?" Feeling his energy returning, he rose to his own feet, he felt entirely awkward in his smaller body when he took his first steps. He picked up the small pack he had brought with him.

"Figure out where we are, and how far we went off track" Naruto nodded. He felt entirely lost and was glad he had some direction at the least. He got on the road, except he had no idea where which direction to take. Deciding to take a right he walked on with his baggy clothes, that was a few sizes too large for him.

"We could only go one time..." He said depressingly. '...Not like there's much to go back too' He sighed, he had to at least hope he didn't go back too far or not far enough. If how he looked now was an indication, he would have already failed his self imposed mission. It was also the reason why he had changed his appearance, to mostly not be recognized. He shivered as he felt the ice cold rain crawl down his back. "Kurama..." He heard a grunt for him to continue. "Thanks for doing this by the way..." He slightly smiled at his reaction.

"Shut up you idiot, I just didn't want to be part of that!"He heard him yell. 'Me too Kurama...'. He walked for hours as he thought over the events that forced himself here. A world under a genjutsu was an entire lie, it completely sat wrong with him. They were far too late in stopping Madara and Tobi initiating their plan. He was somehow able to break the genjutsu, but he couldn't do it for anyone else. He also lacked the power to destroy the genjutsu plant, which was sealed by a barrier that didn't show any signs of being broken in the constant days of attacking it. He lacked the power to destroy the moon, and thought destroying the moon would be a terrible idea, which Kurama agreed with. Simply put, he had failed everyone and quite miserably too. Luckily with the help of Kurama, they devised a plan to take out Obito. The only thing, he would have shown himself at the attack on the leaf village, since he wanted to save his parents as well. He sighed, now he just had to hope that he went too far instead of not far enough.

"No! That's mine!" He heard a girl yell out. Knocking from his brooding, he looked up to see a girl wearing a dark blue hood fighting over a thin man over a pack, at some distance. He narrowed his eyebrows in anger at the act.

"I don't care bitch! I need to eat!" He raised his hand and slapped the girl, which knocked her down. He desperately held onto the pack to check its contents to make sure it was food.

"Get the hell away from her!" Naruto yelled out as he sent the thief flying with a kick to his jaw. He scrambled on the gravel a meter away before clutching where he was kicked in pain. The pack was scattered between them, but the thief made no motion towards it as he picked himself up and ran without looking back. Seeing as he wasn't going to return, Naruto picked up the bag that was still closed and turned to the girl. The blue hooded girl looked at the ground, her face hidden from view by her hood. She heard some whimpers from her as he set the pack down in front of her. "Are you okay?" He asked. A moment of silence went over them and the sound of rain hitting the stones and dirt was left to fill the void.

"Y-Yes..." He heard a quiet reply, he almost didn't catch it.

"Good...I got your pack back" He replied softly. He kneeled down and lightly shook the bag to prove his point.

"T-Thank you" She replied. Although she made no move to grab the pack in front of her, another silence came over them. Naruto was at a lost at what to do, he wanted to at least ensure her safety before he went on his way."...I'm just hungry" she added.

"Oh" He quickly looked inside the small pack, there was nothing. Just some small supplies like a water bottle or empty wrappers. He frowned, 'Bastard attacked her for nothing' He restrained his anger before she caught wind of it. He took off his one strap bag and peered inside to see some rice balls along with some cartons of juice. 'Heh it's from the future' He thought to himself as he took out one of the rice balls. "Here!" He replied happily, he extended his arm to her, rice ball in hand. He heard a slight gasp and he saw her blue hair briefly.

"Are you sure?" Naruto saw her reach up to grab it before hesitating, but he heard the barely restrained anticipation in her voice.

"Of course!" He said once again, filled with vigor. He moved the rice ball he still held in front of her, it was starting to get soaked from the constant rain. 'Wow, when will it stop raining?'. He stopped his contemplation as the rice ball was snatched from him, and she hungrily devoured it. It was almost enough to rival how he ate ramen as she quickly finished the rice ball.

"Umm, do you..." She let it trail off, unsure whether to ask for more.

"Yup" He replied, he was about to grab his pack before the rain starting baring down with more gusto. "How about we get away from the rain before I give you more" He grinned. She wasn't able to see it as her hood still covered her face. She took a another moment to answer.

"Okay" As she stood up and grabbed her bag that was on the ground. Naruto led the way off the road and under tree large enough to shelter them. It was partially hidden but the road was still in view, enough that any passerby wouldn't notice them. He sat down and opened his pack once more to grab another rice ball, along with a juice box. The girl sat down on the dry grass, but still didn't reveal herself to him. He was starting to wonder how what she looked like. He gave the items to her and she helped herself to his food.

"I think we should wait until the rain calms down" He suggested. She nodded vigorously and starting to eat the food she was given. Naruto listened to the rain fall as he thought of his predicament.

"Thank you" She replied. She was able to finish eating her food once again. Naruto smiled, which was once again missed. Another strained silence met the duo and Naruto wondered what he could say to her.

"Where are your parents" He asked hastily, hoping to break the deafening silence between them.

"T-they're g-gone" She struggled to say. "I'm alone..." She added quietly, Naruto opened his mouth to protest and shout them off for abandoning her before Kurama intervened.

"She means that they're dead you moron" He said disapprovingly. "She's an orphan like you" He finished. He shook his head at how idiotic his jinchuuriki could be.

"Oh" He simply replied, towards both of them. "Can I ask you something?" Before another awkward silence came. He saw a timid now for him to continue. "Where are we?" He asked her. "I don't remember" He added, with some advice from the fox.

"Oh...Well we're in Ame" she replied.

"Oh ok.."He nodded. He thought long and hard about this at this information, along with what happened right before they met. 'Why would they fighting over food?...Orphans?... I thought Nagato said they were able to stabilize their home...' He tried desperately to figure where the hell he was. He tried to find any indication from his age, which yielded nothing.

"War" Kurama replied. Naruto eyes widened at what he said.

"There's a war?"He said out loud. He didn't even know he said the words until he saw the girl faintly nod, he looked away from her to stare at the ground between his knees. 'We went too far but...the last war was even before I was born...'. He started to hyperventilate at the new information. They were entirely off course from where they were supposed to go. He tried calm himself. 'Maybe I don't have to wait too long' He thought to himself.

"Are you okay?" He heard the girl, concern evident in her voice. He nodded and closed his eyes. 'I just need to calm down...' He tried to control his breathing with deep breathing.

"What's your name?" He asked. Trying to distract himself by asking her name. It didn't help. Not when he heard her say her name. His eyes opened wide, still staring at the ground. His breathing hitched, and he didn't exhale. "What'd you say?" He asked. He heard the name loud and clear. There was no denying it this time. He looked up in shock as he took a look at the girl in the blue coat, her hood no longer hiding her face. The most noticeable feature was her amber eyes, which was filled with concern over the hyperventilating boy who gave her food. Another was her short damp blue hair that clung to her face. What surprised him was that she was young "I'm just tired..." As Naruto fell backward against the tree. 'Konan...' Was his last thought before he met darkness and fainted.

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