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A/N: .I have rewritten the entirety of Off Track, and every chapter have been replaced already. You may read them if you want but if you don't, I have short summaries completed below for convenience.

There are differences but otherwise follows the original chapters. (If anyone remembers them, haha). I've made some non-sensible choices that I would like to fix. I've increased the quality a bit, changing a few things. Below is a quick summaries of what has changed, or you may go back and reread it.

List of changes below.

Another time traveler. Killer Bee, has not appeared in story yet.

Naruto is 17. Wardrobe change. Red hooded jacket, sleeves are orange.

Mikoto is 16

Nagato is 10, Konan is 13, Yahiko is 13.

Naruto keeps his name. Made Naruto less 'idiotic'. Disturbed by failures. A 'disability' more time needed to recover, tires more easily. result of time travel.

Kurama is more Sassy, less interruptive.

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Summaries of chapters. List of changes.

Chapter 1: Appearance change, old clothing too worn out. Naruto is drained by usage of time travel, lower lifeforce, chakra. Slowly recovers for x amount of days. Killer Bee also traveled back with Naruto. Meet's Konan, Figures out he's in wrong time, wrong place. Panic attack.

Chapter 2. Encounter's Konan, undertakes her as ally to bring peace. Go to town, it gets attacked. flee and meet with Yahiko.

Chapter 3. Nearly unchanged, Infiltrates town but does not take any jutsu. Naruto battles Mikoto, and flees. Naruto takes her sword, forgot to give it back. Mikoto learns shadowclone from him, with aid of her eyes.

Chapter 4. Nearly unchanged. Konan idly thinks about Naruto's goals. Mikoto reflects on lasts night's events, finds Naruto's back pack. Konan decides to join in on Naruto and Yahiko's dream. Naruto reflects on an occurrence with his father.

Chapter 5. Cave, Naruto teaches Konan how to cook. Starts teaching the two on how to access chakra. Shows them Sasuke's headband, that he still kept on himself. Konan makes him a paper crane.

Chapter 6. Nearly unchanged, only how Naruto rescues Mikoto. Mikoto runs into ambush, Finds Akira, stays behind. Fends them off before Akira returns, only to killed and herself captured. Naruto encounters the shinobi and rescues her.

Chapter 7:The most altered chapter out of all. Mikoto's and Naruto's exchange is drastically different. Recommend rereading.

Chapter 8: Same with Chapter 8, Mikoto and Naruto interact more, much differently than original.

Chapter 9: A new chapter, read it if you want.

Anyways, enjoy.

Chapter 1

He felt drained, physically, spiritually, just everything actually. He felt the rush, being thrown somewhere at high speeds. Feeling the pulses of pain shoot up his body, the stinging and burning sensations appeared across multiple points on him.

He knew he came to a stop. The seemingly simple task of opening his eyes to inspect his surroundings was a monumental objective.

Naruto's eye's fluttered open. Like timid agonizingly slow opening of doors. It was then when he realized that he was soaked to the bone. Rain had been pouring down on him. The obvious thing was that he had been laying down in the mud for hours, unless it was raining hell.

Drained. Was what he felt. He lifted his head, to inspect his body, but that act was too tiresome to attempt anymore than a few seconds.

He was content with simply staring at the bright grey sky, a few rays of golden light escaping through.

He had been told that this jutsu was dangerous, too unpredictable. An attempt might mean his life. It was worth it, just for a small chance, no matter how pitiful it was. It was not like he had anything to return too. Killer Bee took that chance too, he must be in a similar state somewhere nearby.

He felt only capable of simple non-demanding movements. Flinches of toes and fingers or brief second movement from his legs or arms. He never felt so exhausted in his life, feeling nothing came close to the fatigue he felt now.

He heard the patter of rain land on his forehead, rest was out of the question. Yet, if he fell asleep would he die? It might be possible, yet he didn't care. He might drifted in and out of unconsciousness, but he would never fully know that.

He felt a raging battle of wills begin to settle within him. To merely lie still and accept oblivion? Or fight with nearly every last ounce of his strength? One of them seemed such a wonderful prospect. He continued to entertain the idea.

All this thinking made him tired than ever. He was in a dream-like state, debating whether anything else was real. A single word formed continuously, act. Act.

"Kurama...Kurama..." The only sound was the thunderous roars in the simmering skies above.

The melancholic sky shifted. The overall grayness formed into a steel ceiling, tinted red for whatever reason. The yellow rays turned into the rusted pipes sprawling the sides of the walls. It took a moment to discern that he was inside the giant fox's seal. He was still laying in the water and even he felt tired inside. The giant gate was still open, that unspoken form of trust between them.

He crawled toward the gate, until the dark within was vaguely illuminated for him. There he saw Kurama laid within, and even he knew that the proud nine-tails himself was drained of chakra. Deep, loud breathing was heard, a state of sleep. Yet, when he called out there was no answer.

He reached a hand out. "Just...A little chakra...enough for me to get somewhere" He wasn't sure if Kurama gifted it for him, or whether he took it. Yet, he felt himself absorbing the small source of chakra. A pleasant source pooled inside of him.

His mind cleared slightly from the source of energy. He was cold, shivering from the all the time spent in the gravel and rain. The sky seemed darker than before, his surroundings only partially lit. He was near a wall of rock, and observed a small crawl space where he might recover for the time being.

He needed chakra, and weakly reflected upon absorbing Natural energy. He decided against it however, feeling that the pitiful amount of chakra he had would be overwhelmed from the more powerful unstable source.

He attempted to move his limbs, finding them more compliant than before. He was missing no limbs nor did he feel any different than before; Other than the general heaviness. He could only ponder about the mystery about why he felt so empty. He should've regained some chakra by now, perhaps Kurama being out had something to do with it. Even his Uzumaki genes should've helped, if his mother seemed so certain of it.

He tried to stand, but that was an impossibility. "Come on...You've faced harder stuff before"

He couldn't however, and knew it was precious waste of his energy. Crawling however, was something in the realm of possibility. He committed to a slow crawl towards a safe heaven, to get dry and recover. One hand placed after the another. his feet and knees digging into crackling gravel.

He was unconcerned about how much time had passed when he reached the small crawl space. Hardly large enough to cover him and the backpack he had. The small hole in the wall was dry however.

He tiredly discarded his soaked clothes and opened his pack to find numerous supplies for different situations. He pulled out a thermal blanket, along with a special coated stick to light a fire that would last for hour and provide some little heat. He forced himself to snack on some food he had brought, even that made him tired.

When he finished, he devoted himself to rest. Sometimes, he would awake in pitch black, where nothing could be seen, an all consuming darkness. Only, the sounds of falling rain made him at ease; reassuring him that he hadn't passed on. There would be light out at times, and he would continue to eat whatever food he found to regain his strength. He wasn't certain if hours passed, or whether it was days. The only thing he could discern was that he slept a lot.

Each time he awoke, he still felt that perpetual exhaustion. Much like the rain, which gave no indication of stopping. It might've stopped at some points in his sleep only to resume, it didn't help his passage of time. Every time he awoke, he found himself less delirious. It became apparent that he was alone, he saw no sight of his fellow companion. 'Damn, Where are you Octopops?'

Then, finally, Kurama stirred from his slumber.


Finding himself in the familiar walls once again. One of his last remaining companions, a giant nine-tailed fox.

"Hey, you're awake" Naruto tiredly reflected. He was sitting down within the seal staring at Kurama.

It gave a massive yawn, bearing it's fangs as it did so. "How long?"It stretched its limbs out, but still stayed in the same position.

He didn't know how to answer that. "Fuck if I know, I've been waking and passing out, It could've been days or hours."

Kurama looked perplexed, his deep imposing voice bellowing in the air. "You've got hardly any chakra, the same could be said of myself...How much do you think?"

"It might've been two days, at the very least" He replied.

"If it's been that long we should've been back to full power" Hearing the damaged pride in his voice was almost funny if it didn't affect him too.

"I know! It's like, I don't know, my chakra recovery had been disrupted. but we're still getting some of it back, more slowly maybe. I was so exhausted I probably would've died If I didn't take some of your chakra to get inside here"

He was quiet then, and Kurama seemed to know a question he was dying to ask. There was a silence before it roared loudly.

"It better have fucking worked"

"I hope so too" His mind was bothered however. If it truly had been a few days since he arrived, he still felt the chakra exhaustion. It was like overworking himself to the state of just plainly passing out. The difference was that he still felt it days after, when normally a day of rest was enough.. "You said it would painless, It wasn't that at all"

"I said dying would've been painless" Kurama spoke again. "The jutsu required colossal amounts of chakra, We also heavily distorted time and space. Those are some possible factors with some consequences. It could have taken some of your vitality and with the space and time disrupted our chakra regeneration. Theories obviously. What's expected with lower vitality is shortened age expectancy and stamina"

"Oh...Well that sucks" What else was he supposed to respond with? There was nothing said for a long while as he processed this information. The more he thought about his predicament just made it feel funny.

He chuckled once, in relief, and many other mixtures of emotion. It evolved into a full blown laughter. A deep throaty, almost maniacal kind of laugh. It continued until his chest hurt and it got difficult to breathe. He started to pant until Kurama broke the silence.

"I think it might have fucked up your mind too kid"

"No, No...Heh, I'm fine...Just glad" He looked over to the rain following chaotically to the earth. He sighed sorrowfully. Flashes of those days before echoed in his mind. He had placed a self-imposed mission on himself, now he had to make certain that he would complete it.

"Even after that, there's nothing that will stop me, If it's true then I'll just adapt to it. You know what Kurama, Thank you, There's nothing I can do to appreciate what you helped accomplished"

Kuaama just looked at him, his ear twitching."Shut up...Idiot"

He still heard the gratitude and welcome in his voice.

Kurama also detested the Genjutsu placed world. It sat wrong with the both of them. The plan was to stop Obito when he revealed himself when he broke Kurama out when he was born.

The day began to darken, signaling the end of day. "We'll go when it get brighter out" He didn't get a response, but it didn't matter. He had to find a specific date first before any more rest could be made. How much time he had left to wait.

His opened his eyes to find that daylight had broke out. He had promised himself, so he had no choice but to force himself to get up.

His black and orange jacket had completely been decimated in the war. So he wore a hooded red jacket, A thick orange stripe on his sleeves. He had taken it from an empty store, he lucked out since it had a hood, protection from the seemingly unending rain.

He shuffled through his bag, finding the week's worth of food he had stored were practically gone. It might have been an indicator at how much he slept, or just how much he ate. That wasn't counting on the ramen he brought with him, which he had a few for breakfast.

He walked out, still feeling tender and exhaustion. He spotted some tracks from where he had landed. He could see some marks of the several places he had fallen and had skipped across from where he originally landed.

He found a road nearby, and decided to take a random direction and set himself on the path. "Where's Octopops?"

'Maybe back where he was at this time, you wouldn't exist yet, still in your mother's belly'

"I don't want to hear about that" He shivered and focused on walking. "We'll have to meet up with him eventually somehow."

The longer the time passed by he noticed, the more he grew anxious. The landscape, and the weather all pointed out that he wasn't anywhere near the Land of Fire. It was all too unfamiliar, he couldn't recognize any sort of surroundings.

It became apparent that he did not wind up anywhere near the Leaf Village. Especially after when he saw a sign that pointed towards a town he didn't recognize. He rubbed the nape of his neck, wondering how much time he had left until Obito made his appearance.

He pressed on towards the site of the town, to find any indication on his whereabouts. He once again heard the rumbling of the thunder overhead...which oddly, didn't really sound like thunder at all. He focused on the sound, the unnatural length and randomness of it. His anxiety strengthened, realizing that it was distant explosions sounding beyond.

His pace quickened, slow steps into a jog. The faster he got to the town and figured out where he was the better. His eye sight caught a scuffle being exchanged in the center of the road. A smaller figure with a more larger one. He sprinted as fast as he can towards the two. The rain gliding passed him.

"No! It's mine!" Hearing the cries of a girl. The larger one harshly kicked her in the stomach, knocking her to the ground. He ransacked the pack that had fallen, clutching it desperately.

"Get the hell away from her!" As Naruto flung a small stone directly at the figure and hitting him squarely in the head. He was knocked over, yelling obscenities. His picked himself back up, clutching his skull as he stared at the direction the stone was thrown.

Naruto placed himself into a stance in preparation for a fight. Suddenly, the guy cowered and ran for his life, discarding the pack in his haste.

He took a deep breath, feeling almost slightly worn out from the running and sprinting. A fight with another shinobi would likely tire him out. Confident that the person wasn't going to return, he walked past the whimpering girl to pick up the pack.

He found nothing of interest in the pack, some empty wrappers and an half full water bottle. He closed it and returned to the girl and dropped it in front of her. She wore a large dark blue hood that hid her face.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly. She made no attempt to speak and only the rain was left to fill the void.

"Y-yes" So quietly he almost didn't catch it.

"Good, I got your bag back" He kneeled down and shook it in front of her to prove his point. She made no attempt to grab it, and continued to sit in the mud. He rubbed the nape of his neck, wondering what he should do. The right thing was to ensure her safety before he continued on his way.

If there was something that mostly cheered him up, it was ramen. It had been a while since he had eaten, and the girl might know the specific date. There was still a large distance from the town, so it would certainly shorten the time.

"Hey, do you want to gave some hot ramen?" He pulled up two cups of ramen, extending one so that she could see it. Having chosen not to reveal herself. "That always makes my day, might just be me though"

He had heard a gasp, and a flash of her blue hair appeared briefly. She reached out to grab it, only to hesitate "Are...Are you sure" Hearing the anticipation and fear in her voice made him frown.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I?" He asked incredulously Still, ramen was to be eaten with some hot water. "Come on, let's get out of the rain and eat this"

He inspected his surroundings and found the nearest tree large enough to shield them from the rain. It was close enough to the road. She was still staying in the same spot as he made a small fire to boil the water. Her gaze looking to where he was.

"Aren't ya coming?" He asked, she picked up her bag and made her way.

He heated up a metal canteen bottle he carried to boil it. All his gear was made for camping out, to hide away until the time was right. He also had some Ryo to replenish them. Up until October tenth.

She sat across from him as they waited for the water to boil. Another strained silence filled between the duo. "What's your name? Mine's Naruto"

"Konan" She replied. He knew that name, Nagato's comrade. It was a coincidence he guessed.

She didn't seem to be much of a talker either so he asked another question. "So where are your parents?"

"They're gone." She replied somberly. "I'm alone" She added silently, before he got the chance to ask another question.

"She's an orphan like you. hmm..." Kurama stated.

He started to feel this uneasy looming feeling settle over him. The things he saw and hints that didn't occur in his own time. 'Stealing from kids? Random explosions? Orphans? What is this?'

The water finally finished and he shakily filled their ramen cups. He was hesitant to ask his next question.

"Seems like war to me." Hearing the snarky reply from Kurama. Which wasn't very appreciated.

"War?" He questioned aloud, more to Kurama than to Konan, who nodded her head in response. Another, longer, strained silence.

"Do you know the date?"He asked, fearfully. She heard her mumble it, and he chose not to believe it. Yet everything pointed to the contrary, it was only confirmed when Konan pulled her hood back, revealing her facial features. He'd recognized her anywhere, her features were less pronounced, less mature than her older counterpart. There was no mistaking that they were both the same. Her clear amber eyes along with the short blue hair.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

His stomach dropped, His breathing began to go ragged, quick and fast. His vision began to blur, darkening. He felt his own despair and panic. All chaotically swimming around in his head far too fast for him to handle.

He mumbled an answer, one he wasn't exactly sure of. He knew this feeling, one that had happened to him before.

"Naruto, You need to calm down" Hearing Kurama shouting loudly. He barely registered it.

They had traveled way too far. Year's before he was supposed to be born, it wasn't even close. Panic continued to grip him. It was like his final act of failure.

"You moron, we can still accomplish everything we set out to do"

His words helped slightly, yet the non-sensible thoughts continued to race through his brain. He attempted to fight it, taking deep breaths to combat it. "We can still do it, We can..." He repeated like a mantra.


His heart still beat feverously, he was exhausted once again. Sleep was what he desired the most right now.

"Now that your pitiful human emotions calmed down, you should follow that girl. The one with rinnegan will eventually show up. We will change things eventually if we do"

He couldn't particularly think clearly, so he was thankful for Kurama's guidance. "Okay, I got it. Like everything will never happen right?"