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"Doctor, did that thing just…"

"For the last time, Brigadier - it's not a thing, it's an Egabrag - a highly developed species from your world's future."

"Be that as it may, Doctor; that still doesn't answer my question. Did it just…?"

"Yes, it did. Is that really such a shock?"

"Well, I just didn't expect it to look… quite like that."

"And what's wrong with the way it looks?"

"Oh, nothing. Is it always that…vigorous?"

"Of course - how else would it successfully take place?"

"…I see."

"Oh, come off it, Brigadier! One would think you'd never seen a creature give birth by vomiting up its young before."

"No, I can't say as I have, and quite frankly, I hope to never be witness to it again."

"It's a natural cycle, Brigadier! Nothing to be ashamed of. Why, one could discuss the subject for hours..."

"…good day, Doctor."