To say that he wasn't the least bit tempted to start running into the great unknown in front of him wouldn't be a lie. The young boy stood in the forest just outside the village gates slightly out of breath. He was getting chased by yet another mob that wanted to beat him sense less. Luckily he had found a secret passage to use to get away from the idiots. Usually, on this day every year, they would wait until sundown to start the attacks but this time they started earlier. Apparently they just couldn't wait to get started.

Today was October 10th, his birthday. Usually when someone has a birthday you celebrate. It was a joyous occasion with your family and friends. Maybe even share a slice of cake. However this was how he saw other families celebrate it. For him, however, he was different, he had no family and he had no friends. For him today was the day he dreaded more than ever, for today was the day the great Kyuubi attacked.

The whispers and the looks that the people gave him started to mingle around his mind.

"It's him."

"Did you hear…?"

"Child, you must never speak to that boy."


"Get lost brat!"

For reasons he couldn't understand, it seemed everyone in the village hated him, save for the Sandaime, Iruka-sensei and the two people who own the Ramen store. These people were the only people who saw him as person not as a 'demon.'

Everyone else either insults him or ignores him. Even his classmates avoided him, most likely through the influence of their blind parents. This is why he resorted to pranks to get noticed by others, be it good or bad. It didn't matter to him as long as he was acknowledged.

The nine year old Naruto sighed. He was really tempted to do it. Now that he was outside the gates with no one to stop him why not? He could leave now and try his luck out in the real world. Every person in the village hated him; it was not like he was going to be missed.

He took one step forward and eventually another. Was he really going to do this? He should at least said goodbye to the few people who accepted him and he cared about. He started walking at a brisk pace. He couldn't tell them because they would try and stop him. It was better if they didn't know.. He began to jog which later turned into a full sprint.

Naruto felt ecstatic. For the first time in his life he felt free. He was finally away from the village, from the mobs and it felt great. He would no longer see the looks of pure loathing on the people faces. He kept running through the foliage of trees, through the grassy plains and up a massive hill.

Naruto looked forward and the sight welcomed him with open hands, in front of him was a beautiful meadow full of flowers and trees. Beyond that was just a cluster of trees.

He looked back and could just make out the silhouette of the Hokage mansion in the distance. He felt a pang of guilt as he thought of all the people he was leaving, but what saddened him more was that he had abandoned his dream of becoming hokage which caused him to also abandon his ninja way.

I won't run away anymore. I won't go back on my word. That is my ninja way.

He started to blindly run down the hill. Naruto was so into his thoughts that he failed to notice the-out of place-hole that was exactly in his path. However even after he saw the hole he couldn't manoeuvre around it and was soon falling through a pretty large hole.

Naruto couldn't stop screaming while he fell.

By noon Naruto had stop screaming and was waiting for his imminent doom. He had been falling for about two hours and he fairly sure that if he hit the bottom-if there was a bottom-he would be flattened instantly, dead.

'Flare your chakra.'

Naruto turned his head at where he thought the voice had come from but saw only darkness. Frantically he closed his eyes and thought of all the possibilities of where the voice had come.

However when he opened his eyes again he was in a completely different area.

He was standing in what seemed like a sewer with what seemed like a cage in front of him which contained what seemed like a giant fox with nine…


"KYUUBI!" Naruto screeched as he fell on his bum. What the hell was Kyuubi doing in a sewer but most of all wasn't the Kyuubi meant to be dead?

"Gaki calm down…remember that you are falling to your death and if you do not listen we are both going to die. Flare your chakra and it will save you!" Kyuubi said.

Naruto did not know what the Kyuubi meant so he voiced his questions. "What do you mean that we are both going to die? How does your life rely on mine? I thought the Yondaime killed you? What are…?"

"SHUT UP!" Kyuubi roared. "Listen carefully…the yondaime didn't kill me he sealed me in you. This sewer is your mindscape. Gaki I do not like you but this is necessary so…FLARE YOUR CHAKRA NOW!"

There was silence before Kyuubi let out a ferocious roar at Naruto, the water around them being pushed back by the force of it.

Naruto felt his entire body rattle from it as it began to die down.

Then suddenly he was back in the real world falling down the hole, the floor now visible.

"Wow…What's up his ass?"

In the last moment, Naruto formed the ram sign and flared his chakra to the max, pure blue energy burst out Naruto as he tried his hardest to prevent his fall.

Then, to his ultimate surprise, his chakra began to take a form, a physical manifestation. The closer he got to the floor, the more distinct his chakra became. He could just about make out spiky hair and a coat with a fire pattern at the figures ankle.

Of course Naruto had no idea who this was because the figure was in blue. Naruto looked down as the floor rushed to meet him.

His chakra figure went under him and hit the oncoming floor first. But as Naruto went through the coated chakra figure he felt resistance at his feet. He then realised what was going on; the chakra figure was actually slowing down his fall. Kyuubi said 'Flare your chakra and it will save you…" Naruto now understood what the Kyuubi meant. He didn't mean that flaring his chakra would save him; he meant that once he flared his chakra his chakra will save him.

'Thanks Kyuubi,'

Naruto felt his feet touch the floor and a breath of relief escaped his lips as stumbled out of the chakra figure.

He looked around to take in his surroundings. Luckily for him there was light so he could see. To his left there was nothing but darkness, to his right there was a letter perched on a podium sort of thingy, with 9-10 scrolls surrounding it.

Naruto took a step forward towards the scrolls but heard a cracking sound beneath him; he looked down and saw the floor littered with bones. He somehow knew that he was the only one to have found this place and survived.

Naruto shook off the gruesome images that circulated his mind and continued towards the letter.

Upon reaching the scrolls and the letter, Naruto took the opportunity to open the letter first.

Dear Naruto, my son.

If you are reading this then that means you have tried to leave the village. I cannot say that I am disappointed in you because I would have done the same thing if my own father had sealed the Kyuubi in me.

If you hadn't figured out who I am yet, I am Minato Namikaze Konoha's Fourth Hokage. Your mother was one of the strongest Shinobi's I have ever had the fortune of meeting. She was feared both for her Uzumaki lineage and because of her renowned kenjutsu around the world. Your mother's name was Kushina Uzumaki.

In the scrolls beside you lay all of my technique, shinobi attire s and my knowledge about politics, geography, tactics etc. Take them for they are truly yours to keep.

Naruto if you are wondering what that Chakra figure was; it a figure of me. You see me and your mum put chakra seals in the tunnel so when someone of my blood releases chakra, their chakra takes my form and slows the fall for them. I am afraid it is only a onetime thing and will fritter away once it takes you to the surface. Just step inside it and concentrate on where you want to go, just make it somewhere where no one can see you.

Naruto I am sorry for what you have been through. You shouldn't have had to feel what you have felt, especially after I told Hiruzen to make you a hero, but alas there were too many lives lost that they could never feel that way.

During my lifetime my second goal was to restore the Namikaze clan to its former glory. During your mother's lifetime her ultimate dream was to restore the Uzumaki clan to its former glory. But sadly we passed on before we could accomplish our dreams so we ask you, the Namikaze and Uzumaki heir, our son, to restore our Clans to the Shinobi world and fulfil our dreams.

I honestly feared how the villagers would treat you after I sealed the Kyuubi in you, but I had no choice. How could I do something to another's child that which I will not do to my own? I truly am sorry for the burden I have given you and I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me and your mother.

Naruto we ask of you to live long, be the strongest shinobi you are able to become, continue our legacy and make me and your mum proud. Remember that whatever choices you make we will always stand behind you.

We love you with all our hearts.

Minato Namikaze, 4th Hokage of Konoha.

P.S: Tell Hiruzen that you know who your parents are before you tell anyone else. Take care when you tell anybody because it could leak out and sadly I have made a lot of enemies which will turn on you now that I am longer part this world.

Naruto dropped to his knees, letter still in his hand. Wet droplets splashed on the paper as tears of joy and sadness streamed down Naruto's face. He was ecstatic that he had finally found out who his parents were but more to the point, what he was truly happy about was the fact that his father was the fourth Hokage; his hero.

However what saddened him was the fact that his own father was the cause of all the pain he had suffered in his life just because he sealed the Kyuubi in him.

Naturally he resented his father for that, but deep down he understood why his father had done it. The impossible question his father faced, 'How could I do something to someone else's child that which I cannot do to my own?' Naruto truly respected his father for his decision.

He stood up, brushed his clothes and pocketed all the scrolls and the letter then walked over to the still active chakra figure. A renewed look of determination shone across his face while he pictured his apartment in his mind. He stepped into the blue figure and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again he was in his apartment. He had to blink a few times to get accustomed to the light before jumping out of the window, rushing over to the old man to tell him the news.

Like every other day, he received the usual glares by the villagers. As he passed the pubs, the adult males rushed back in and came back out with a few more carrying knifes, shuriken and any sharp things.

Naruto had somehow forgotten today was still his birthday, and as every year he knew what happens on this day.

His walk quickened then turned into a jog, which later turned into a full sprint. Naruto raced through the village streets and right up the hokage mansion, ignoring the protests of ageing secretary.

He burst through the door, completely out of breath startling the old Hokage. "What wrong Naruto-kun?"

"I…need to…talk…to you…in…private." Naruto said between breaths. It took a moment for Hiruzen to understand that he meant without any Anbu, and so signalled them to leave.

Once Naruto's breath returned he took a seat in front of the old man. "I know everything…"

Hiruzen was shocked at this sudden approach of conversation. "Care to tell me what you know?"

"I know who my parents are and why the villagers hate me."

Hiruzen again never expected Naruto to say this. "So tell me who your parents are?"

Naruto simply pointed to the 4th picture on the wall behind Hiruzen. The 3rd Hokage's eyes widened as he followed Naruto's finger to the picture of a spiky blond haired male with blue eyes.

"My, my Naruto-kun, I never expected this day to come so early, but you are right, I would also like to know what else you know." Sarutobi sighed.

"I know that my mother is Kushina Uzumaki, I know that the Kyuubi is sealed in me and as time grows by I will know everything my father knew and more." Naruto let out a breath of relief, happy to be able to finally let it out. He subsequently fished through his pockets and brought out his scrolls and laid them on the table.

Hiruzen took a deep breath from his tobacco pipe. "Do you know what is in the scrolls?"

"No…not really." Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head for his idiotism. He couldn't believe he had forgotten to check the scrolls when he reached his apartment. How stupid.

"Then what are you waiting for, open it." Hiruzen exclaimed, interested for once. Naruto stood up and walked over to the table. Naturally he chose the one to his right as it was closest o him. Carefully he rolled it open but was shocked when it was empty.


"Send it over here Naruto." Hiruzen said. Once he got the scroll he inspected it and came to the conclusion that it works with chakra. As if to prove his theory Hiruzen added chakra to the scroll. After a few seconds, a seal came up on the paper, with the kanji for Namikaze on it.

The old man, again, came up with a hypothesis that you need blood to open it but chakra to see the seal. Hiruzen looked up at Naruto. "Naruto, I cannot open it." Hiruzen began before he was interrupted by Naruto.


"Naruto let me finish…I said I cannot open it, but that doesn't mean it cannot be opened." Hiruzen explained.

"I…don't understand."

"See here Naruto," Hiruzen said as he pointed to the seal. "This is a blood seal, and only works for those with Namikaze blood in them. Naruto just bite your thumb, draw some blood and wipe it across the seal. I am sorry if it hurts but you'll have to deal with it, and think of this like a game to prove that you're the Fourth Hokage's son."

At the last part the old man's explanation, Naruto was thrilled. "Of course it will open for me, you silly old man. This isn't even a fun game when the player knows the answer!"

Naruto bit his finger, drawing blood from the wound and wiped it across the seal. He winced at the pain but otherwise continued until he had drawn a diagonal line across the seal.

He then waited…

…and waited...


…nothing happened.

"WHAT WHY ISN'T IT…" A burst of smoke exploded out of the scroll, effectively shutting Naruto up and making him land on his bum with a scared expression on his face.

Once Naruto had calmed down, he shakily got up and examined the thing that came out of the scroll.

Naruto saw that it was a white long coat with red flames on the bottom. Carefully he picked it up and tried it on; obviously it was way too big for him considering that Minato was at least in his late twenties while Naruto is only nine.

"Whats so good about…" Naruto stopped as he recalled his father's letter. "Don't tell me this is…"

"Yes Naruto that is your father's coat as is everything in these scrolls." Hiruzen said as he stood up to inspect the jacket. 'Hmm this fabric has chakra in it, that means it re adjustable. No wonder Minato kept the same jacket for ten years."

After Hiruzen finished his mental theory of how the Jacket works, he sat back down and instructed Naruto to add chakra into it.

Once Naruto had done so, the jacket shrunk and fitted him perfectly.

'Bingo' Hiruzen thought as he grinned profusely because his theory had worked out. Well, he wasn't called the professor for nothing.

Naruto checked himself out in the mirror and smiled, a genuine smile not the one of a prankster but one of an honest child that finally got something good in his life. Naruto began to tear up as he thought of the childhood he could have had and the childhood he experienced.

"Okāsan I promise to fulfil your dreams and revive our clan, Otōsan I promise to be the strongest ninja there is and I will be much better hokage than you someday. I will revive both my clans and make you both proud, you just watch, mother and father. I forgive you for everything." Naruto said at his reflection while wiping away his tears.

He turned back to the old man only to see him crying as well. "Jiji why are you crying?"

Hiruzen laughed at Naruto. "It's nothing, you just remind me too much of your father."

"Duh, I'm his son! Well anyway I am heading home for now to get some sleep." Naruto said as he headed for the door.

"Naruto wait!" Hiruzen called. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He said as he pointed to the scrolls on the table.

"Oh yeah."

Naruto walked back to the table and collected his scrolls, then went for the door.

"Naruto, what about this one?" Hiruzen called pointing to the one left on the table.

"I am wearing what is in it so why would I need to take the scroll." Naruto answered dully.

"Because Naruto, on the back of that jacket it says Fourth Hokage, and you could never be the Fourth Hokage because it has already been taken by someone with lots of enemies. So if someone saw you, they would think that you are the Fourth Hokage because of your blonde hair and blue eyes. So they would kill you because your father had lots of enemies. So it would be better if you sealed it away."

Naruto sulked. "I guess you're right Jiji. " He said as he took of the coat as he thought today would be his last day wearing it.

"Don't be disheartened Naruto, tomorrow I will pick you up at noon to get new clothes and get rid the 4th hokage sign at the back of the Jacket and replace it with another word or phrase. Also I have assigned a teacher to teach you every day when you come back from the Academy."

Naruto looked up true happiness visible in his eyes. "Really, you would do that for me?"

"Of course Naruto-kun, you are like a grandson to me and it is a grandfather's duty to spoil his grandson." Hiruzen said serenely to the young boy. "Say Naruto…what would you like your jacket to say."

Naruto walked towards the door and opened it. Wind rushed in the open door ruffling the young Namikaze's hair. "The Will of Fire." Naruto said as he walked out leaving a very shocked old Hokage to his thoughts.

A smile slowly crept on to Hiruzen's face. 'Naruto you have already made your parents proud and you will become the strongest Hokage out of all of us. That of which I have no doubt.'


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