Type: Multipart fic
Characters: Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Jenna, Alaric, Elijah
Main pairing: Damon/Elijah
Other pairings: Stefan/Elena, Bonnie/Jeremy, Caroline/Tyler, Alaric/Jenna
Genre: Romance, Humor, Family, Friendship
Summary: She only wanted to know if they were a perfect match, a couple meant to be, and casted a spell. However, the spell bonded all of them, with a few consequences. Time frame is around season two, before the sacrifice. Multiple pairings. (Delijah)

DISCLAIMER: Don't own TVD, but I do own my OC's


AN/ He, he, he. Another story. As you can see, a Delijah one, with multiple pairings. I hope you'll like this one. Just a heads up, the characters might be a bit OOC. For the sake of the story, Stefan's and Damon's mother didn't die giving birth to Stefan, but years later.

Chapter 1

It was a quiet day in the Boarding House. Bonnie was reading the Grimoires Elijah brought to her, collected from many witches he knew. She was searching for the way to save her best friend Elena from being sacrificed for Klaus. They were all surprised when he showed up unannounced at their door, his minions carrying the Grimoires to the front door. Even Jenna was there, with Jeremy and Elena. They told her what was going on a few days prior, and at first, she was very upset they've been lying to her all the time, but she calmed realizing they did it to keep her from worry.

She surprised them by how calm she was after learning Stefan, Damon, Elijah and Caroline were vampires, Bonnie a witch, and Tyler a werewolf. Her only comment was that Damon was too handsome to be human. At that, Damon flashed her his trademark smile, and Stefan rolled his eyes, saying.

''Yeah, keep feeding his ego, that's exactly what he needs.''

''Brother, are you jealous by any chance? It's no secret I'm dashing and gorgeous. And irrrresssistible.'' Damon smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. ''You would be handsome too if you stopped with your constant brooding. You'll get wrinkles.''

Everyone chuckled at his words and Stefan rolled his eyes, but said nothing. Since Elena practically spent every moment at the Boarding House for protection, Stefan suggested Jeremy and Jenna should come too, and they agreed.


That day when Elijah came, Tyler was there as well, coming a couple of hours later, and they locked him down in the basement, since it was a full moon. They chained him and waited. Caroline was there too, wanting to be there for him, but when it got too hard to watch, she went upstairs to be with everyone else. Elijah was reading a book he found in the enormous Salvatore library, well, he was trying to read, since he spend most of his time watching Damon underneath his lashes, fighting the jealousy since Damon and Alaric were drinking and playing cards on one of many sofas in the room, while Stefan, Jenna, Elena and Jeremy watched TV.

On her fourth Grimoire, Bonnie stumbled on a spell that intrigued her. It was a spell that could show her if she and Jeremy were a perfect match. It was a relatively simple spell, and she had all the ingredients for it, so she mumbled the words. Suddenly, the candles placed around the room started to glow brighter, the air in the room warmed, causing everyone to look at her. The Salvatore clock that for more than a century hadn't made a sound, started ringing, then stopped.

''What the hell?'' Stefan asked, looking at his brother, who was stunned as him.

''What is wrong?'' Alaric asked.

''The clock that we just heard. It was dead for more than a century, but we kept it because it belonged to our mother.'' Stefan explained, and Damon left the room.

''It is working now, all right.'' Damon announced, returning to the den. ''It is 6.16 in the afternoon. Witchy, what did you do?'' He asked suspiciously, looking at Bonnie.

''Nothing. I just wanted to check something. '' Bonnie answered, blushing.

''Leave her be, Damon.'' Elijah said calmly, not moving his eyes from the book he was pretending to read.

He knew the young human witch was curious about the spells, being new at this, and even if this wasn't a good time for anything else but to find the way how to immobilize his brother, he wasn't mad at her.

He was curious why the clock that was dead for so long would start working now, but he saw a lot of strange things in his life, and he knew that what ever it was, it would be explained. Eventually.

Strangely, being here, among this group, gave him peace. He had to hide the smirk hearing Damon's silent huff as he sat down on the sofa. He didn't know why, but he was intrigued with the older Salvatore brother since the day they officially met, he even liked him. A lot. Even though his arrogance drove him crazy sometimes. And he couldn't forget that kiss and everything else that happened between them only a few hours earlier. And the promise of what will happen. 'Could it be I'm falling for him?' He suddenly thought, looking at the man in question, who raised his head and their eyes locked.


Elijah remembered the day when they officially met by Carol Lockwood. He saw a spark in Damon's eyes when he looked at him. If there was one thing he liked, it was a challenge. And, even if he wasn't aware of that, Damon was challenging him to do, or say, something. When they were alone in one of the rooms in the Lockwood mansion, the challenge continued. However, the older Salvatore also had the lack of respect, so he had to teach him a lesson and he pushed the pencil into his neck. He was surprised Damon hadn't feared him when he pined him against the wall. Both of them were well aware he could easily kill him.

The spark in Damon's eyes never wavered, or that smirk on his lips. He was also surprised when he smelled the arousal. When he came to Damon's rescue, two weeks later, he was surprised at himself, at the protectiveness he felt after seeing Damon chained to a chair. He killed three werewolves with ease, watching Damon's reaction from the corner of his eye. He wasn't disappointed. He saw surprise, envy, and a small trace of lust in those blue orbs of his. And the same spark. After breaking the chains and ripping Damon's shirt in the process, he asked smugly.

''You realize this is the third time I saved your life now?''

He wasn't disappointed seeing the smirk going wider after his words. And the challenge was visible in Damon's eyes. He took a moment to look closely at Damon's naked chest, satisfied to hear the fast beating of his heart, the smell of the arousal, the visible bulge in his pants... However, that one moment that his eyes lingered on Damon, told the young vampire everything he needed to know. That he wanted him as well. Elijah was well aware Damon knew he was hot, hell, that was evident in everything he did, and he smiled cockily at him. Feeling he had to get out of there before he did something, Elijah left in a hurry.


And now, here he was, pretending to read, not far from Damon, fighting back the urge to kiss the young vampire senseless. Since he arrived, Damon was flirting with him, subtly of course, but flirting nonetheless. And when ever they were alone in the room, somehow they couldn't stop kissing or touching... It was Damon who opened the door when he rang the bell.


''Elijah. What a surprise to see you around here.'' Damon smirked, leaning against the doorframe, checking the Original vampire up and down, clearly liking what he saw.

''Damon.'' Elijah greeted him casually, not betraying the sudden hardness he felt. ''Aren't you gonna let me in?''

''You have already been invited in, as I recall.'' Damon replied, but not moving from his spot.

''Well, unlike some, I do not like to barge into someone's home. It's not very polite.''

Damon smirked at that, but then he took a step back. ''Please, do come in, Elijah.''

Elijah looked at him sharply, because the way Damon said his name, send shivers down his body, making him hard in an instant. It was almost a whisper, a sinful promise, with a matching challenge in his eyes. And Damon knew it.

''Is Stefan here as well?''

''Why?'' Damon asked sharply, narrowing his eyes.

''So you and your brother can take the Grimoires from them.'' Elijah answered, pointing at two men behind him. ''Or are they invited too?'' He smirked, amused, noticing the jealous streak in Damon.

Damon was spared the answer, because at that moment Stefan appeared and they took the Grimoires from Elijah's minions. Elijah then explained to all of them why he was there, and then Stefan said something that surprised all of them. Including Elijah.

''If you want, you can stay here. We have enough rooms. Besides, it will take Bonnie at least four days to go through all of the Grimoires you brought.''

Stefan wasn't stupid. He saw the way his brother was acting around Elijah, for weeks, and that the Original vampire was intrigued. And he heard their conversation at the door, noticing the way Damon said Elijah's name. He was surprised at first, surprised Damon had stopped flirting with Elena as soon as Elijah came to Mystic Falls. It was like nothing and no one existed for Damon anymore, no one but Elijah. He wasn't the only one. Caroline noticed it too.

''Very well. I appreciate the invite.'' Elijah said after a moment, then looked at Damon and smirked. ''See? Politeness.''

Damon rolled his eyes. ''What ever you say, Elijah.'' He said his name seductively. ''Come, let me show you the best room in the house. Nothing but the best for you.'' He winked, whispering the last part, passing by the Original vampire, and for a short second their hands touched. Elijah followed him without a word.

''Did you see..." Caroline whispered to Stefan in shock, after Damon and Elijah went upstairs, and he nodded.

Oh, yeah, he saw. His brother was definitively flirting with Elijah. And openly so.


''Like I said, the best room in the house.'' Damon said when they arrived to their destination. ''Does it meet your approval?''

Elijah looked around, and he was quite surprised at how cozy it felt. It was spacious, not overly crowded with the furniture, and the best part was the enormous bed in the middle. However, something was off, he was certain of that, especially when he looked at Damon, who was smiling at him like he knew something he didn't. Then it hit him.

''This is your room.''

''Well, one of my rooms. This west wing of the house is mine, and it's also the best part. You know, the privilege of being the older brother and all.'' Damon smirked.

''What game are you playing, Damon?'' Elijah asked, appearing in front of him in a flash, but the young vampire wasn't fazed by it. As far as he could tell.

''I'm not playing any game, Elijah.'' Damon answered, locking his eyes with Elijah's, then asked cockily. ''Do you want me to play a game?''

Elijah was silent for a moment, looking at Damon who was leaning against the closed door, and found himself lost in the bright blue cocky eyes, seeing the challenge again, but this time, he was powerless to fight. He leaned and pressed his lips hard on Damon's. Damon gave him access the second their lips met, and their tongues fought for dominance. He pushed Damon hard toward the door, pressing his body alongside the young vampire.

Damon wrapped his hands around Elijah's neck, tangling his fingers in his hair. They started rubbing against each other, and the kiss was never broken. Wanting to feel the skin beneath his fingers, Elijah ripped Damon's shirt with only one finger, and Damon glared at him. But the glare soon vanished as he felt gentle caresses over his chest. Elijah trailed his lips down Damon's chin, then started sucking his neck. Feeling the sharp points of Elijah's teeth on his neck, Damon started rubbing himself harder on Elijah's crotch, feeling he was near his release, moaning in ecstasy.

''Yes, Elijah. Do it. Please.''

Not wanting to be told twice, Elijah vamped out, and to Damon, that was the most beautiful sight. He plunged his teeth in Damon's neck, sucking the rich taste of the vampire's blood. He could tell and feel Damon was at his peek, and he stopped, closing the wound then kissed the young vampire just in time to silence the cry of a release that everyone downstairs could hear.

Damon was still in Elijah's arms, breathing heavily, then he looked up and spoke. ''It doesn't feel right.''

''What doesn't?'' Elijah asked, feeling a sudden flick of pain when the thought that Damon was regretting what happened, crossed his mind.

''You didn't find the release like I did.'' Damon answered frowning.

''Oh... And here I thought...'' Elijah was touched Damon was thinking of him, he didn't even realize what he was confessing. Luckily, he stopped in time.

''You thought what?'' Damon asked, looking straight into Elijah's eyes.

''Never mind. It's nothing.'' Elijah tried to drop the subject, but he should've known better.

Damon was silent for a moment, watching Elijah carefully, then the realization hit him, remembering what he said. 'It doesn't feel right.' His eyes widened, and then he narrowed his eyes at the Original vampire, anger washing over him.

''You thought I was regretting what happened?'' He asked in anger, pushing Elijah away, then walked toward the bathroom, that was conveniently placed between this and his room. ''Great! Just great!''

''Damon.'' Elijah said after him, but Damon didn't stop, less alone turned around, and Elijah sighed, somehow knowing he managed to hurt the young vampire. He used his super speed and found himself in front of him. ''Damon.'' Suddenly, he didn't know what to say. For the first time, after seeing the hurt in Damon's eyes, he was lost for words.

''What?'' Damon spat, hurt and anger visible in his eyes and his voice. He didn't care that what he was saying didn't have anything to do with Elijah. He didn't care he was baring his heart. ''You know, you are just like everyone else. You play with someone's heart, then when you're done, just rip it out, not caring one bit... I wanted this. I wanted it from the moment I shook your hand. I felt something for you. I felt drawn to you. Did I show you in any moment I was regretting what happened? But, obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn't have said it like that. You won Elijah, I'm regretting it now.''

Elijah was shocked hearing all that, and he wasn't the only one. Stefan and Caroline, who were shamelessly listening, were shocked as well. Damon practically admitted he fell in love with the Original vampire. Elijah felt pain hearing the last sentence. When Damon tried to side pass him, Elijah grabbed him by the elbow, and spoke the most sincerely he could.

''I'm not regretting it, Damon. And I'm sorry you thought otherwise. I guess I was scared. Please, believe me. I feel something for you too, and I wanted this to happen as well, from the same moment you did. I'm sorry I hurt you. Let me show you I'm not like everyone else. Let me show you I won't break your heart. Let me show what I feel for you. Tonight.''

Elijah waited patiently for Damon to say something and he was rewarded with a smile that caused his heart to flutter. Every single fragment of hurt and anger in Damon's eyes vanished like with some kind of magic.

''Tonight.'' Damon said, then kissed Elijah. ''Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a shower and new clothes.''

''I'll wait in my new room.'' Elijah smirked.

A few minutes later, they came downstairs, Damon freshly showered. Thankfully, no one but his brother and Caroline noticed he changed clothes, since almost everything he owned was black, and he send them both warning looks. Stefan merely grinned at his brother, satisfied at seeing him squirm.

Damon couldn't stop with flirting, or with touching Elijah. When the Original vampire looked through the enormous library, he pushed Elijah down on the sofa and started kissing him again. Elijah wrapped his hands around the young vampire, returning the kiss with the same passion. They couldn't get enough of each other. They separated after hearing a discreet cough from the door.

''What do you want, brother?'' Damon growled at Stefan, who was grinning.

''Just letting you know Tyler arrived with enough chains for an army. You wanna help secure the basement cell with us or do I have to lock up you too, since you are obviously in heat?'' Stefan smirked.

Elijah choked hearing that and looked at the younger Salvatore, but then he calmed. Stefan was just messing with his brother, it had nothing to do with him. He noticed Damon scowling at his brother, and surprisingly, found that amusing. However, knowing Damon, he would surly reply smartly to his brother, and he wasn't disappointed.

''Stefan, Stefan.'' Damon stood in front of his brother in an instant, then patted him on the shoulder in a patronizing way. ''You, playing human, for over a century had obviously messed with your head and your body. You forget we are vampires with a constant need for sex and great libido. Once a week for half an hour is nothing. If you continue in that way, Elena will leave you. You should learn from the master. But, on the other hand, you are too young for that kind of sex escapades. Better you leave that to the grownups, okay?''

''I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer, Damon.'' Stefan said in anger, glaring at his brother. ''And Elena is quite satisfied, thank you very much.'' He started to leave, then stopped, looking back at his brother. ''If you are a grownup, I'm the Prince of Persia!''

''That was a bit overboard, Damon, don't you think so?'' Elijah asked disapprovingly, and Damon scoffed at him.

''Oh come on! He knows I'm joking. We do this all the time. He will mope for a few days and then it will be like nothing had happened.''

''You sure about that?'' Elijah asked, raising an eyebrow. ''That part about Elena was a little harsh and uncalled for. You two just got on the right track, don't ruin that with this. Sometimes, words can hurt more than anything else. He is your younger brother, and even if he doesn't see it, or wants to admit it, he looks up to you.''

Reluctantly, Damon had to admit Elijah was right. ''Fine.'' He huffed dramatically, then yelled. ''Stefan!''

Unknowingly to both Elijah and Damon, Stefan was nearby, stopping after hearing Elijah's voice. He was shocked noticing how a good influence Elijah was to Damon. When he heard Damon yelling after him, he took his time, placed a neutral and bored expression on his face, then leaned on the doorframe.

''You yelled?''

''Don't pretend you don't know why I called you.'' Damon scoffed at Stefan. He so didn't want to say it aloud.

''Actually, I'm not pretending anything. I blocked you out.'' Stefan lied, praying his brother would believe him.

''Oh.'' To Stefan's amazement, Damon started fidgeting on his spot, realizing he really did hurt his brother. ''I'm sorry.'' He finally spluttered.

''For?'' Stefan tried to milk this situation more, but then he caught Elijah's look, and sighed. ''Apology accepted.''

''Come, let's take care of the wolfy problem.'' Damon smiled, then saw Elijah's tie on the sofa. ''I'll take that.'' He smirked at the Original vampire, placing the dark purple tie in his pocket. ''Who knows when I would be needing it.''

Stefan choked and Elijah raised an eyebrow, but both Salvatore brothers could see a traitorous twitch in the corner of his mouth.


AN/ Okay, I've decided to stop here. Hope you liked it, especially the Delijah part, so please review.