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Prologue: Lost (Re-Uploaded)

"Elsa! No!"

I turned and saw Anna running towards me. Behind her, I also saw a man raising a loaded crossbow at her.

"Anna!" I cried, jumping in front of her. The arrow pierced my chest and I fell to the snow covered ice below, staining it red with my blood. I looked up in time to see a blond, muscular man kiss Anna just before she turned into solid ice. Tears blurred my vision as they fell from my eyes.

But then Anna started to thaw and I could feel relief that she was safe wash over me. How? I wanted to ask, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to breath and my eyesight was becoming nothing but endless black. I couldn't feel the snow I knew I was laying on.

The last thing I heard before darkness took over me was, "An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart. " Love, of course.

When I woke up, it was night and I was floating in cold water as snow fell down around me. In the sky, the moon shone beautifully. Bigger and brighter than ever. I was Elsa, the Snow Queen. That is what the moon told me.

My body came out of the water and I looked down to see myself standing on a giant, floating snowflake. Looking around, I saw that I was at the fjord. I had to get to the castle, if only to make sure Anna was alright. Then I would go back to my Ice Castle on the North Mountain.

I flew to the castle, hovering outside Anna's window. She was sleeping, with the blond man who had kissed her by her side. In the corner of the room I saw two cribs and gasped. They had kids? My panic only grew once I started to think. She would have had nine months of pregnancy, plus getting married and the time it would've taken for them to conceive. No, that can't be right. I was the queen and whether the people thought I was evil or not, they wouldn't have left me there for nine months! There's no way I would've survived! I would've drowned! A thought struck me and my hands were grasping at my chest. There was no arrow nor any sign that there ever had been.

My breaths started coming out in rapid pants. Was I going crazy? What was happening to me? This had to be some kind of crazy dream! All of the sudden, Anna shot up into a sitting position, screaming my name causing the man to also wake up suddenly and the babies to start crying. I watched as Anna realized it was only a bad dream and hurry over to calm her children.

"Bad dream again?" The man asked as she returned to bed. She nodded and curled into his side, sniffling.

"Oh, Kristoff, it was so REAL."

"I know," the man, Kristoff, whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. "But she's been dead for ten years, Anna. It's time to let her go. Elsa wouldn't want you spending the rest of your life grieving her death."

"I know," Anna cried into his chest. They fell asleep like that, oblivious to my floating form outside their window.

I couldn't take it anymore. I landed back on the ground and ran up to one of the guards.

"Excuse me!" I called, but he continued as if I wasn't there and walked right through me! I stared after him with wide eyes before I saw snow falling a little bit harder. My emotions were getting out of control.

Making the giant snowflake again, I flew to the North Mountain.

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